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The World of the Married: Episode 9 Recap – Part 3

The World of the Married Recap Episode 9 - Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for The World of the Married!

Part 1 | Part 2

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




TO is outside and tells Sun-woo that he just wants to see Joon-young! Why are you doing this! He tries to walk past her. She stops him. He asks, how dare you do this? it is not my fault that you couldn’t contact our kid.

Sun-woo tells him that it was Park In-kyu! He is the one, I am not doing this just because. The dead burd with blood and Joon-youngs picture. He followed Joon-young around after threatening me! I saw him where I found Joon-young, I saw his face! Was it you, did you involve him. Did you ask him to threatenn me and touch Joon-young.

TO – Nonsense, why would I do that.

SW – you should know better. Why would you do that!

She tries to hit him. He stops her.

TO – it is not me.

SW – you excuse that you didn’t think that Joon-young would be in danger. Don’t think that it will work. If he comes to us one more time, I will kill you.

Yoon-ki watches them from the kitchen. 

Elsewhere, Da-kyung meets with her spy. he gives her a card. She tells him that she will go in alone. He says it is the second door on the desk. She walks inside nervously. The building is empty.

She geos to his office and checks the second drawer of his desk. There is a secret phone inside. Her whole body deflates. She picks it up and turns it on. All the while worrying about what she will find.

She thinks twice about looking, but then decides to go to the photos and sees tons of photos of Tae-oh stalking Sun-woo. She can’t beleive it and remembers Sun-woo tells her that her husband was stalking her.

She flips through all the photos and starts crying in disbelief.


Hyun-seo looks at her CCTV when Sun-woo calls. She looks nervous and answers. Sun-woo asks immediately, it is Park in-kyu, right?

HS – I don’t know, the face is hidden

SW – you know he is out of jail, right? Has he visited you?

HS – No, he doesn’t know I am here.

SW – He came in front of me and threatended me, he might come see you. You should run away.

HS – I told you he does not know I am here. We are all done. Don’t call me if it is about that thing.

She hangs up. Hyun-seo puts her phone away and then accpets a drink from In-kyu who just brought her one. He asks who she is talking to? She asys her roommate eunnie, she asked me when I am coming back. She looks nervous.

He asks how her work is? She says its okay. He tries to think of more to say and tells her that he is happy that she is well. That is all I want. Do you still hate me? I don’t blame you. I missed you. Hyun-seo, didn’t you miss me?

She says she worried about him. That makes him smile. He asks if they can get back together, I will be nice to you this time. I am a different person now. I will never hit you. She asks if he thinks they have a future? he smiles again.

Then we cut to him walking away happily. But then Tae-oh gets out of his car. In-kyu smiles. Tae-oh throws him against his car and tells him not to touch his son. In-kyu says he did not do anything – yet. But the police know about me so you need to pay me.

TO tells him that he should not touch his son. Our deal will end if you do. IK asks if he is removing their deal? I went to jail once, do you think I can’t go there twice? Should I go to the police and reveal everything? It will be in the news that a famous movie producer asked a thug to stalk and hit his ex-wife.

he pushes TO against his own car and tells him, hey Tae-oh, my real threatening has not even started now. i need to get twice the money you promised me. That is our new deal. He lets him go and walks off.




Tae-oh gets home looking in over his head. He breathes in the dark living room a few times and then goes upstairs. But Da-kyung is not there so he looks for her and fins her with their toddler. She puts the toddler to bed. He asks her where she went?

DK tells him to be quiet to not wake up Jenny. She walks to their room. Tae-oh asks what happened? She tells him that she met her friend. What about you, what happened to you?

He explains that something happened to Joon-yong. She asks what happened this time. He tells her nothing important. She looks at him blankfaced and asks if there is any problem with him? His mom can’t control him alone?

He tells her not to talk abut him like that.

She asks why he goes there? Do you miss her that much? Then she holds her tongue and turns around. He says that he just wants to get rid of her, you can check with your father.

VO – How much do you trust your husband?

Da-kyung turns around and looks at tae-oh who is seething and looking away.

VO – How much do you trust your husband?

Da-kyung tells him that she trusts him. I trust you. I trust you. 


Tae-oh goes to his father in laws office and tells him that something unexpected happened. Sorry about last night but something happened with my son. We could nto contact him and that never happened before. I did not know that you called me. BK says that if nothing happened then it is okay, you do not have to explain anything to me.

Tae-oh asks what they should do about the Director? BK tells him they will talk about it later. I have a meeting now, you should go to work. He leaves.


The director tells Sun-woo that she should be very surprised. that happens to kids. My kids were a big headache when they were in puberty. Sun-woo apologizes and says that she will not affect her work with her home life.

The director tells her that it is not that easy, you did not even know that your son was in consultation for 6 months. That is why kids need a father. It does not seem like you will get help from your ex-husband.

She looks at him.

Director – I was thinking about the work, I didn’t care too much about you. You should not work that hard. Take care of your son. Even though Dr. Kim is helping you, he is not as good as a real father. That is why is is hard for a woman to be alone, right?

She can’t believe he is bringing this up.

She goes to Myung-sook’s office and tells her that she told her not to talk about her family things. You should show up with your ability, but you are cowardly. 

MS – I am not the only one who knows that your son had a consultation with Yoon-ki. Why don’t you suspect him at all? Don’t you think that is a little strange? Don’t make me sad Sun-woo. Maybe I am the only one person in Kosun on your side.

Sun-woo thinks about Yoon-ki telling her to spend time with her kid, that is better than being Vice Director. 

In the hallway, the Director asking Yoon-ki if he knew chairman Yeo? Yoon-ki says yes, everyone knows about him. I have been here for two years after all. 

The director asks if he has a personal relationship with him? Yoon-ki says no. He leaves to go to work. The director looks at him, scheming.




Sun-woo drinks her drink and looks at Yoon-ki. She looks suspicious. Yoon-ki asks her if she talked to Joon-young. She asks how he can control him so well and smiles. He tells her that he is a professional and sips his drink.

SW – How did you start the consultation with my son?

YK – Actually, I have a secret that I did not tell you. When I was Joon-young’s age, I was a trouble maker. I stole things and caused trouble. I left home. But of course, later I straightened up and went to medical school. I saw Joon-young on the street one day and realized, ah, he is very insecure right now, I should talk to him. that is why I started to talk to him.

SW – So you are telling me that you did not start consulting him because he is my son?

YK – Of course not.

Elsewhere, In-kyu sits in a car with Tae-oh and checks out the money. He asks if he is joking? I told you two times. Tae-ohh asks if he thinks he is easy because he is talking to him? Just leave today. That is it.

In-kyu tells him that he will still need him. You did not do half the things you wanted to do. You want to have her. Don’t you?

Cut to Sun-woo at home getting ready for bed. She opens her drawer and takes out medicine.

IK – You wanted to have her as much as you want to kill her. You hate her so much but you don’t want anyone else to take her. You want to destroy her so she can’t go anywhere. You want to watch her beg you to save her. You want to get confirmation by destroying her. Confirmation that you are the only man for her.

Sun-woo takes her pills and looks out the window. She also drinks a cup of wine.

Cut to the chairman asking someone what he thinks they are? Yoon-ki is sitting across from him. (Ahhhhhhhhh!)

YK – They have a little feeling towards each other. it means that they are not done yet.

Tae-oh angrily drives his car away.

Sun-woo looks down, her wedding rings are on the side table by her bed.

Fade Out



Tae-oh might become a murdered because In-kyu is about to ruin his reputation t the point of no return exactly like he did with Sun-woo. But he is so stupid that he deserves it! 

And, um, okay so Da-kyung is choosing to believe her husband instead of believe her own eyes. Or maybe she is choosing that her own eyes might be wrong and she doesn’t have the entire story? Or maybe she will just go along with everything to not be the laughing stock of the town, similar to how the elder of the woman’s group was. Either way, she is s t r e s s e d.

And what about that big twist with Yoon-ki? Is he possibly two-faced? I don’t think so. The actor who plays Yoon-ki is usually the bad guy in all his dramas. This was the first one where he was a good guy! So I kind of feel like the casting director put him in this role so that we think that he will betray Sun-woo but that he actually will not. But that’s just me hoping.

See you tomorrow for everyone following along with this crazy drama!


SW – Doesn’t it matter if your wife knows that you keep visiting me?

BK – If they have any little fire left, then we have to confirm it even if we pour oil on top.

IK – Hey, that is love.

MS – They happily came together for the checkup and then Ye-rim just disappeared.

DK – Someone told me that if a man has an affair once, he will do it again.

JC – In the name of TO pictures, we will get a ten year donation of $100k per year.

SW – I believed [him] that is why I showed everything that I have

YK – It sounds crazy, but we can’t help it now because I need to protect you Sun-woo.

TO – Whenever I see you, I can’t help but to get angry, so can you disappear in front of me?

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  1. Poppie
    April 24, 2020 / 11:54 am

    Thank You for you great recap 🙂

    • V
      April 25, 2020 / 7:44 am

      Your welcome, Poppie!

  2. Diane
    April 24, 2020 / 1:09 pm

    ooooohhh, it’s looking so good! thank you!!!!!

  3. Lhae
    April 24, 2020 / 2:50 pm

    Thank you for this detailed recap. Episodes with English subtitle are a little bit delayed, yours is a big help for those like me who cannot wait much.

    • V
      April 25, 2020 / 7:46 am

      So happy to hear, Lhae! This show is so nuanced, but now it is really getting into the nitty gritty of having to understand the dialogue!

  4. Shrala
    April 24, 2020 / 3:01 pm

    You are an angel

    • V
      April 25, 2020 / 7:47 am

      Aw, smiling so brightly over here, Shrala 🥰

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    April 24, 2020 / 4:16 pm

    Thank you for the recap so quickly.

  6. KK
    April 25, 2020 / 10:22 am

    Thank you for this! I actually read your recap first and then finally found the subbed episode up. I will definitely come back to read your recaps first and then get back to the episodes.. I’ve found that this helps significantly, compared to actually watching it first.. Everything just pisses me off even more if I do. lol

    I finally found Doctor Foster and omg.. I am freaking out. So much similarities.. I am sincerely freaking out at how psychotic TO’s characters, the Simon character is.. In terms of, well, everything! Wow. But the kid in the Korean series kid is worse (as of ep 9) than the English one, imo. I felt bad for the Tom kid but this JY kid in this series just pisses me off being him lol I am sincerely praying that this series won’t go the Dr. Foster way.. That was terrible for me. I was more stressed even just hearing the dad character than I usually am with TO and boy, does that say a lot about their characters. *shivers*

    Anyway, again, great recap! Very helpful and as always, really enjoyable. Looking forward to Ep 10’s recap tonight/tomorrow. Thanks~ ^^

  7. Grusnav
    April 27, 2020 / 11:04 pm

    Where can i find this series online? I watched episode 1 and could not find the rest. I read the rest if the recaps though.

    • V
      April 30, 2020 / 10:31 pm

      Hmm, I’m not sure. I think someone posted a couple links in the comments of one of the earlier episodes.

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