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The World of the Married: Episode 9 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 9 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ye-rim looks at her couch, Da-kyung is sitting there with a tea. Da-kyung tells Ye-rim that Tae-oh and Jae-hyuk met each other. Ye-rim asks, what about it?

Da-kyung says that in the woman’s association, even if I do not like it, we have to see each other. I know that you do not like me but I want to have a good relationship with you eunnie.

Ye-rim asks, what are you going to do as a good friend of mine? Do you want to meet with me and talk bad about Sun-woo every day?

Da-kyung asks, why did Sun-woo join their woman’s organization? You opposed it, I think you know why she did it.

YR – Your husband, how much do you trust him? I know that it was difficult for you to visit me so I am telling you this honestly. I hate Lee Tae-oh more than you. I told my husband that I want him to be distant from Tae-oh. I do not want to be involved in your family issue.

She sips her tea calmly.

Da-kyung walks out nervously. She looks at Sun-woo’s house and blinks back angry tears, then gets in and drives off. Ye-rim watches from her window.


High school kids are starting to notice that more and more things are turning  up missing from Hae-kyung. It ws expensive, by appa gave it to me. Another kid talks about how things are turning up missing a lot. They ask Joon-young if he had anything stolen? he says nothing and walks away looking angry and guilty. No-eul overhears and looks at Joon-kyung.

In art class, Joon-kyung knocks over his paint on purpose and asks to use the restroom to clean it off his shirt. No-eul looks at him leaving. He goes to the classroom and might have stolen something from one of the kids. He goes to the tennis courts and throws whatever he has as far as he can. Then he sees No-eul looking at him.

NE – That is Hae-kang’s.

JY – No it isn’t.

He walks past her up the steps.

NE – Why are you ding this?

JY – You don’t know anything, do you have evidence?

He walks away. She looks worried.


Jae-hyuk works hard and does not take any phone calls from his mistress anymore. He sends her a text saying, lets stop meeting, goodbye. She looks slighted.



At the school, No-eul texts Joon-hyuk that he should tell Hae-kang, otherwise I will tell him. Joon-kyung ignores her and walks down the steps. In-kyu takes photos of him secretly.

Elsewhere, Tae-oh heads out of the office. The spy looks at him leaving and then looks at his office.

In the hospital, Myung-sook asks the director how the conversation was? The director tells her they will know soon, but does not give her anything else to go on. Then he tells Sun-woo that they are ready to go. 

Sun-woo starts to head out but gets a quick service package. She signs for it and puts it on her desk. She is about to leave, but then looks at the package curiously and walks back to it. There might be a tiny mark of blood on it? Or something red.

She ends up opening it.

Tae-oh  checks his phone and looks psycho. Though he might also look pissed.

I the office, Sun-woo opens the package and sees a dead bird inside. She hops back. But she composes herself enough to open the envelope inside, there is a picture of her son.

tae-oh flips through his phone and sees pictures of his son as well. He immediately calls In-kyu and asks what he is doing. Why do you have my son’s picture. But In-kyu might have hung up. tae-oh drives off.

At the hospital, Sun-woo calls someone and frantically heads to her car. But she looks composed enough for no one to wonder what is the matter. Sh heads off quickly.

In his car, Tae-oh keeps calling and yells for In-kyu to pick up the phone you a-hole!


The Director goes to dinner with BK. It is a traditional dinner at a traditional Korean restaurant. BK asks where the Vice Director is. The director asks where his son in law is? They both says that the other will be here.

Sun-woo gets to the hogwan and sees some of Joon-young’s classmates. She asks where he is but they do not know. She asks, did he not come to the hogwan? They tell her no. She answers her phone. TO asks where he is? She says Joon-young is gone. I need to call the police. He asks if she searched everywhere first? But she hangs up.

In the dinner, The director and BK sit awkwardly, but the director is much more uncomfortable. BK says something must have happened. The Director thinks that his son-in-law is also late, it could be traffic, but maybe something happened with the two of them?

Meanwhile, Sun-woo has told the cops everything and gave them her son’s photo. Taw-oh gets to the station and sees her and the cops hurrying off. He finally gets on the phone with In-kyu and asks tells him that they need to talk face to face.

Sun-woo keeps searching for Joon-young. She goes to a PC bang with is like a fancy arcade where everyone has a personal chair to play video games or look on the internet.

Tae-oh also looks around for Joon-young everywhere. He tries to hit p all the spots he goes to often.

Yoon-ki calls Sun-woo frantically and asks if she found Joon-young and where she is now? She starts to cry and keeps looking around for Joon-young.

Someone pulls her arm and twists it around. it is Tae-oh. She tells him, if anything happened to Joon-young then I am going to kill you! He asks, what are you taking about! But she gets a call right then from the police who says that they found him. She goes running off.

TO father-in-law calls right then as well. He debates whether he should answer and looks at Sun-woo running off. He does not answer and runs after her.

Sun-woo walks to where Joon-young is, he is standing with the police looking very normal and fine. The police tells her that he was just hiding because he did not want to go to the hogwan. She thanks them and they drive off.



She asks her son if he really didn’t want to go to hogwan? He says he just skipped it one day, is it really that serious. But then a man in all black bumps into Sun-woo. He apologizes, but he lifts up his head to show Sun-woo who he is. It is In-kyu. He smiles and walks off.

Yoon-ki shows up right then and asks Sun-woo if she is okay? She frantically looks off where In-kyu walked. Yoon-ki asks if they ate dinner?

In the dinner with the chairman, BK tells the director that maybe today is not a good day. We can reschedule. The director tells BK that he had one thing to tell him. Thank you for your donation, but there is some trouble, Dr. Seol does not deserve to be VP. Can you consider it one more time.

BK tells him that they have a lot of good doctors. The Director says that they do, but VIce Director material is a different story. 

BK – I heard that the doctor from Seoul has a good reputation.

The director looks at him, worried.


Joon-kyung locks himself in his room like a teenager leaving Sun-woo talking through him through his door in the hallway. She asks why he is behaving badly? He says to leave me alone! No mom called the police just because I skipped hogwan one day.

She tells him that she can’t call him, of course she will worry about him. Yoon-ki comes up and asks if he can talk to him. Your anger like this will not help. So Yoon-ki asks Joon-young if he can talk to him and tells Sun-woo to go downstairs.

Yoon-ki tells Joon-young to tell him what he is most angry about and what he hates the most. Tell me all the negative things in your mind and I will sit here until you come out. After that, you can talk to me man to man. 

Joon-young opens the door. Yoon-ki smiles warmly and goes inside. Sun-woo peeks around the corner and lets out a deep breath.

She waits downstairs and thinks about in-kyu’s face smiling at her on the street. Yoon-ki touches her shoulder which makes her hop. Yoon-kii tells her that Joon-yong had an argument with his friends, it is nothing too bad. He wants to tell you he is sorry for being angry at you. Why don’t you work a little less at the hospital?

Sun-woo says, don’t you know when the VP works less, something can happen to the hospital. Yoon-ki tells him that spending more time with her son is more important than the VP position. Sun-woo tells him that she has to be the father also in order to raise him with enough. So I cannot give up work.

YK – Eventually, you can have to choose prosperity or his emotions. 

SW – Are you telling me that because I am divorced? You don’t know, Dr. Kim, you are not a father.

The doorbell rings.


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