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The World of the Married: Episode 9 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married Recap Episode 9 - Part 1

The drama continues! Now the husband has gone and got his fool self involved in that crazy ex-boyfriend. You know that is going to be his downfall. But I am most looking forward to seeing what the Chairman’s wife and Sun-woo have planned. Because you know it’s juicy!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The chairman’s wife and Sun-woo sit in the tea room together. CW asks, so you want to join our woman’s association? Sun-woo takes a deep breath and says, yes.

CW – I did not expect that, I thought you came for work related things. I heard that people are interested in your vice director position.

SW – i should not make you worry about that.

CW – It’s none of your business so I shouldn’t step on it?

SW – i want to do something for the community.

CW – Are you planning on facing the problem directly?

SW – It is not that big

CW – I do not think it is a good idea to bring your family matter to the public Dr. Ji.

SW – I cannot avoid it anymore. I think you will understand my situation better than anyone else.

CW – i understand, but I do not want to be on someone’s side. I shouldn’t do that.

SW – I would appreciate it if you did not oppose.

CW – What is your plan after joining the woman’s association?


Cut to the skeet woman’s association meeting. Da-kyung raised her hand and said that she was in. She is the final vote. CW welcomes her to the group and other people welcome her as well. 

Da-kyung stands and puts her hand out to shake. Sun-woo does. Sun-woo thanks her for accepting her, Da-kyung says there is no reason to oppose her.

Suun-woo washes her hands in the bathroom later. Da-kyung stands next to her and asks what she wants. I should at least know that. Sun-woo says it is a warning to Lee Tae-oh, I think he will be more careful with his behavior if I join.

DK – Why should my husband be careful to you?

SW – Your husband is stalking me.

DK – *laughs* 

SW – Even though you don’t believe it, it is the truth

DK – I worry about you, you need to get some kind of treatment.

SW – I worry about you. I told you, you do not know Lee Tae-oh.

DK – Maybe you want to shake me but~.

SW – I am not arguing with you. I am just telling you something that you do not know. Get ahold of your husband. I am begging you.

DK looks at her seriously. Sun-woo walks out. Ye-rim is waiting for her in the lobby and asks what she wants? Can’t you just live quietly? Sun-woo says no and leaves.

On the way back home, Hyo-jung asks her daughter if she is crazy? Why did you agree back there? I tried so hard to form this woman’s association! I didn’t want people to talk about you snatching someone else’s husband!

DK tells her to stop, you think my marriage is like that so how do you think other people will think about it. Their phone rings. Hyo-jung asks if that is him? DK tells her that she has to take care of her own things and answers the phone.

TO is on the phone and asks if they can have a nice date tonight? I reserved a place. She answers so he puts his phone on the desk and pulls out another one. The spy sees it. TO secures this phone in his drawer.


Yoon-ki tells Sun-woo at dinner that the police are right. You cannot just suspect that your husband is coming into your house. She asks if he thinks she is overreacting? He tells her to just wait for the police report first. he also mentions that he can stay with her at her house. Why don’t we do it, I am okay with it.

He chuckles and she does too.

But then we see To and DK walking up, they are ushered to sit right next to them. TO asks, maybe we can sit somewhere else? DK asks if he is uncomfortable with it? He says no, not me. So she asks Sun-woo if she is. Sun-woo says she is okay.

So they sit on the table over from the table next to them. Yoon-ki tells Sun-woo that the pinot noir is good in this restaurant. Want to try? She says next time, it is better not to drink tonight. he holds her hand. She is momentarily taken aback, but smiles.

TO seethes in his seat. DK looks at him watching Sun-woo and asks him if he would like to join their table? He asks her what she would like to eat today? they both look at their menu.

Sun-woo smiles and happily eats one of the finer foods.

Later on, Tae-oh and Yoon-ki pass each other in the bathroom. TO asks her if they come here often? Yoon-ki tells him to stop, Sun-woo is not your wife anymore. He walks off and escorts Sun-woo out. TO looks super jealous. DK watches him from a distance.




DK is bothered on the ride home. She asks TO if it bothers him that his ex-wife is dating? He says he does not care about her, he just does not want to see her. 

DK says that they are both doctors so they look like a good couple.

All of a sudden, a car cuts them off. TO starts to curse a lot which shocks DK. She asks why he just doesn’t say that he is mad because his ex-wife is dating someone else? He asks why she is so cranky? She says that he bothers her.

They both seethe.


Yoon-ki and Sun-woo sit in his car outside her house. She asks, you were uncomfortable right? Even though you said you were fine. He tells her that it was nice tension. He wraps his fingers with hers and says that when you climb a mountain you calculate where you are going. I thought that this kind of thing might happen when I decided to date you. So just hold my hand, you are the one that had a hard time today.

The son watches from the window.

Later that night, Sun-woo takes snacks and a hot drink to her son’s room and sets it on his desk. Joon-young asks if he said what they talked about. She tells him that he said secrecy is the most important thing in consultation. Don’t worry, he isn’t telling me anything.

He asks why they came home together. She tells him that they are coworkers. Don’t worry. You are the only one for me okay? She lovingly rubs his cheek. He smiles. Then she gets a call and tells her son to study hard. She goes out to take it.

Cut to TO on the phone. He asks her what she was doing leaving their kid alone. She tells him it is none of his business. He asks, are you in a deep relationship with that guy?

SW – None of your business

TO – No, it is. If you are married again then I will need to take Joon-yong with me

SW – What do you want?

TO – Don’t be around Da-kyung at all

SW – Are you afraid I may tell her what you did to me?

TO – Watch your mouth Do not create things that didn’t happen.

SW – You are afraid that I will tell her what happened exactly.

TO – Don’t involve DK between you and me.

SW – If you dont do anything to me, then that is all that we need.

She hangs up. I

In the mansion, we see that Da-kyung overheard it all. She walks away quickly.

Sun-woo has a flashback to what Yoon-ki told her. He says that worrying about something too much can be delusional. It means that you are thinking of him. She asks, do you still think that I have some feeling to my ex-husband? He asks, whatever it is, can you forget about everything and restart?

She says, it was difficult for  my Joon-young to see the divorce and see his appa get married. I do not want to add more to it.


Da-kyung cleans up one of their sitting areas when she sees TO walking out. She asks where he is going. He sys he is going to have a drink with a friend.

She drops what she is holding and looks at the empty space he just left.




Jae-hyuk flirts with the bartender that he slept with. Tae-oh comes in and knocks on the bar. He says he is here to drink and he saw him. The bartender excuses herself. Tae-oh smirks at her and Jae-hyuk. 

She comes back with food on the house for Jae-hyuk since he is a regular customer. She smiles at him. But he doesn’t smile. Tae-oh is so happy and asks Jae-hyuk if he is dating her?

Jae-hyuk says no, I just spend a lot of money here so that is why she is doing this.

TO – You already slept with you.

JH – No. Stop talking about nonsense. I want to hear about your business. I heard that you are setting up a movie set.

TO – I invited you to the tape cutting.

JH – You are successful now.

TO – You are still the same. Inferiority complex.

JH – Of course, it is not easy to live off of your wife.


Sun-woo drinks alone at another bar. A woman from the woman’s association is there drinking with two other women. She notices her. It is  senator Cha’s wife.

She gasps as she sees the director of the hospital sit with Sun-woo. 

Meanwhile, TO is super drunk and asks if Jae-hyuk had fun sleeping with his wife. JH is super drunk too and says she is not your wife, why are you wondering? TO drunkenly tells him to tell him. JH drunkenly mutters that she is cool and hot. TO calls him an a-hole, JH chuckles.

TO – You are an a-hole

JH – Better than abandoning your own kid and wife, isn’t it?

TO stands up and punches JH then tries to hold him by the neck, but he is super drunk and they stumble around the crowded place trying to beat each other up but they really just looks like drunken fools. 

Two waiters ends up pulling them apart. But TO breaks away and jump kicks JH. They start to pull each others hair. Da-kyung’s mole watches from a car outside.

Cut to Ye-rim helping Hae-hyuk into their home. She asks what happened? Did you fight with someone? He says with tae-oh. We just ran into each other. Ye-rim tells him to wait a moment and walks away. She comes back with something to drink and says she will get some ointment. She hurries upstairs.

He looked at her lovingly for a moment and then remembers TO asking him if he is happy with his wife? Then be better to her. Divorce is a bad thing. This conversation is after they just fought. Jae-hyuk tells him that he became successful after divorcing.

TO says that is one thing, your wife is enduring you. How long do you think you will be young? Change your ways before you get too old. When you get older, having a kid is the best thing you have. TO walks away. Jae-hyuk thinks about that.

That night in bed he asks his wife, would you like to have a baby? She rolls over, surprised. He tells her, you might have a more difficult time if we have a kid because I am a selfish guy. She rolls back over and starts to cry. He cuddles with her and holds her hand.


Da-kyung helps her baby walk down the steps and sees that Tae-oh sleep on the couch and is all busted up. 


Sun-woo has a meeting with all the other doctors. She tells OBGYN that their success rate with infertility is pretty good. Myung-sook says that people must talk about her because she has more patients.

Sun-woo says more people complain as well. So don’t over diagnose people. Myung-sook says she is not that kind of person. Sun-woo tells everyone to be careful so they do not have a misunderstanding. This is the end of the meeting. Good job.

Myung-sook is a bit shocked, she looks at the director as if expecting to talk about the next VP. She tells everyone, um, does Joon-young still come for consultations? Everyone stops and looks at her.

SW – I think this is not the place to talk abut that Sr. Seol. 

She heads out and everyone else leaves. Myung-sook scoffs. Then she hurries back to call TO and ask what happened, why isn’t the director doing anything? TO tells here that he will get his word today. I know that we have to take care of it quickly.

While he is talking he is actually walking through the lobby of the hospital and tells MS that this is just a problem of one person leaving so we don’t have to make other people suffer, we just need to cut them out. He walks right past Sun-woo when he says this and heads to the directors office.

TO asks the director what they are going to do about the VP? The director says  that he is going to meet chairman Yeo tonight. Sun-woo requested it.

Flashback to the bar where Sun-woo told the director that he will meet him and talk to him. The director said that he is telling her that he cannot give up the hospital donations. You know that right? She says she knows. He asks if she thinks she can do it? She says, if you do not want to kick me out.

he asks, what are you talking about? Of course it should be you, not Dr. Seol. You are the most patient and do the best job running the hospital. If he pays all the donations and keeps you, then I have no other requests.

Sun-woo says that she will try. He smiles and says this has been a big headache for him. I will set up a meeting with chairman Yeo (Da-kyung’s father).

In the present, Tae-oh lets himself into Sun-woo’s office. He tells her that she will not change anything. 

SW – I have a patient meeting in 5 minutes.

TO – Do you think I am the only one thinking about removing you? Don’t you think the chairman also wants it?

SW – maybe you sent that person, right?

TO – No one will be on your side in Go-sun. Leave before you are humiliated.

SW – Are you worried about me?

TO – You will be the one hurt.

SW – Can you leave if you are done?

Tae-oh walks angrily to his car, he talks to the bad guy, In-kyu, on the phone. He says he told him not to make any noise! Do you know that the CCTV has your face.

In-kyu tells him to give him his money first. TO tells him that he shouldn’t’ ask for money, you are not doing a good job. Do not call me anymore, I will kill you if I get involved. he hangs up and races off. Yoon-ki sees him driving off.

In-kyu is watching Hyun-seo working at the spa. She is putting clothing away and he looks at her like he really messed p his life. She looks off to the side and sees him, but he ducks behind the building.


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