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The World of the Married: Episode 8 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 8 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ye-rim and her husband Jae-hyuk eat out at a nice lunch spot. The waitress is a very pretty woman that keeps looking and smiling at Jae-hyuk. He also looks at her. 

They are talking about things like playing golf or out things to do together. The waitress keeps looking at him. Ye-rim tells him that he should buy new golfing clothing. He looks at the waitress who is smiling at him.

He goes to check out. The waitress is the one to check him out. She asks if he enjoyed it? She looks at him seductively. He says that his wife enjoyed it. He checks her name tag, it is Zoe. She writes something on the back of the receipt and gives it to him. He takes it and then walks out happily with his wife.

Ye-rim dos not appear to have noticed or at least does not hint that she has. On the ride back, Ye-rim thinks that someone is looking at Sun-woo’s house. It is unfair for her to struggle like this alone. The world is so unfair. I worry about her.

Jae-hyuk asks why she worries about her? I worry about you. You should check your door when you are alone at home. She tells him okay, I will.


Myung-sook and the Director drink tea together. She asks him if he thought about it? He sys that this is not something that we can decide easily. Myung-sook tells him that he should talk to the chairperson first. DO you have another one in mind? He quietly tells her to keep quiet about this to Sun-woo. Myung-sook smiles and sys of course.

he leaves but hops when Sun-woo comes in right then. They both look slightly caught. Myung-soo asks if Joon-young is okay? Sun-woo says yes Myung-sook asks, if you need anything then tell me. Sun-woo asks what she can help her with? it is very direct.

Myung-sook cuts the niceties and says, nothing. Sun-woo leaves. Myung-sook scoffs.


Some ladies of the woman’s association are at the spa in a private room getting their toes manicured. The oldest member tells them that they have the wrong address (or wrong person). The hospital chairman’s wife and I are friends, but we don’t talk about those things.

Myung-sook softly says that her husband supported their clinic so long. Another woman asks if she met with the hospital chairman? The elder member says that he does not know anything about the new Vice Director. My husband is a careful person.

The other woman’s ays that he might not have said. The eldest member tells the directors wife that her husband is a careful person. She knows her husband is calculated though. But Ji Sun-woo is the best doctor in the hospital with the most patients.

The Directors wife and  Myung-sook stew a bit. We also see that the Chairman’s wife’s pedicurist has an arm. But we do not see who it is.

The three ladies head to their massage and rest area. The chairman’s wife is in the middle with her eyes closed and the other two whisper across her to do something.

MS – I heard that when the movie set is completed then more than 100 people will come. He is my long time friend so I wonder when started to be that good.

DW – First, everyone thought he was just trash, but actually he is a unscratched lotto ticket.

MS – That’s true

CW – We will see. he is using all his money following his ex-wife. I think he is crazy inside.

We see the tattoo on the masseuses wrist again.

MS – He shouldn’t be, he has an innocent purpose.

DW – It is embarrassing to donate to a hospital where the former wife works

MS – It is awkward, but what can we do.

CW – Hey, Dr. Seol, you are ambitious.

CW gets up to leave. The other women look like they screwed it up. Ms looks worried but DW says not to worry, the director told me that he will think about Ji Sun-woo or the donation. Myung-sook thanks her and they settle back in for their massage.

Then we see who the tattoo belongs to! It is Min Hyun-seo. She heard it all by accident this time. But it looks like she knows what she wants to do.


Tae-oh stands at his car and sees the security camera. he straight up stares at it. But then he puts on a happy face when Sun-woo and Joon-young comes out. He drives off with his son to spend quality time with him. Sun-woo eats alone at home.

She checks the clock, it is pretty late but the son is not back yet.


The son is still eating at his fathers place. Joon-young doesn’t look that happy eating there. He is pretty quiet. Tae-oh tells him that his sister likes him because he is eating so well. Da-kyung asks Tae-oh to grab something. SO Tae-oh leaves.

Then she tells Joon-young that he still feels uncomfortable with her, actually, I am uncomfortable as well. But Ii love your father and I am sorry about what happened among the adults. I hope you can feel more comfortable here. You have to be happy to make your father happy. She tries smiling.

The daughter drops her fork so Joon-young hands it back to her. Da-kyung gives him some more food and Tae-oh looks on happily.



Sun-woo drinks a glass of wine at home and thinks about what Yoon-ki said. That this is love-hate for Joon-yuong as well. He hates his father but he still wants to see his father.

She thinks about htat as she drinks her wine in the kitchen alone.

At the mansion, Joon-young plays with his little sister on the floor. She is super adorable. Tae-oh jokes that his daughter might like Joon-young more than him.

Da-kyung mentions that Joon-yong should sleep here tonight since it is so late. So Da-kyung shows him to a room that she made completely for him. Tae-h asks hr when she had a chance to do this.


But then we hear grating against the ground outside Sun-woo’s house. Some man has a metal pipe or something and is dragging it against the ground as he walks to the house.

Sun-woo checks the clock inside. It is late.

Hyun-seo sends Sun-woo a text to see how she is doing. Sh says that she thought about her today and just wanted to know how she is.

But then Sun-woo hears a crash outside. The man broke the CCTV and then broke into Sun-woo’s house. She hides behind her counter but he finds her and picks her up, then throws her to the ground.

Yoon-ki calls her. She manages to answer but the phone gets hit away. So she yells, HELP ME. Yoon-ki hears it and takes off.

Sun-woo gets manhandled at home by this intruder. She tries to escape but he drags her back in by the hair and starts to choke her in the kitchen. She screams, WHO ARE YOU! She reaches over and is just able to grab the wine bottle and cracks it over his head. He falls to the ground momentarily knocked out.

She falls to the ground, terrified. He starts to wake up and holds his head. He looks at her but the police siren alarms in the distance. It is approaching.

Outside, Ye-rim is holding her phone and looking worried. It looks like she is the one that called the police. The man runs out the house and pushes right past Yerim. She screams and sees him running away just as the cops drive up.

Cut to Ye-rim being interviewed by the police. They ask her if she saw the face. She says no. Yoon-ki comes in right then and goes right inside. He sees all the glass broken everywhere and Sun-woo sitting on the ground. He tells her that they need to treat her wound (she is bleeding from her head). But she says that she is fine.

The police ask if Yoon-ki iis her guardian? He says yes, they work in the same hospital. So the officer asks for Yoon-ki to answer a few questions. Yoon-ki tells Sun-woo to wait for a moment.

he leaves and right then Joon-young calls her. She tries to calm herself down to answer.


Tae-oh and Joon-young are playing video games as Joo-yong tries to call his mom. Tae-oh asks, what is it? Is she not picking up?

Joon-young says that she might be sleeping. She normally doesn’t sleep, she has insomnia. But then she calls back and sounds normal. She tells him that she was just taking a shower, did you eat dinner?

Joon-young says yes and asks if he can sleep there tonight. She says that if he wants to do it then that is good. Go ahead and spend the night. He asks if she is okay alone? She says yes she is fine. have a nice time sleeping there and don’t be late for school. 

She looks around her broken house and pleasantly hangs up.

Tae-oh looks so guilty. He asks if he mom said no? Joon-young says she said it was okay. Tae-oh tells him that is good. Then you can sleep here.


Outside, Yoon-ki goes tells Sun-woo that they can go be a witness tomorrow. He ran away and bumped into a woman in front of the house, she also called the police.

Cut back to Ye-rim calling someone and looking frantic in her house. She keeps looking out the window. Unfortunately, her husband is drinking with the bartender that was smiling at him at lunch. She asks him if he is rich? I heard that you are a rich man.

He leans in and tells her that he does not have money. She says that he should have enough to buy her an expensive bag. He asks why he should buy her a bag? She tells him it is so she can be his girlfriend from now on. Do you not like it?

Back at the house, Yoon-ki tells Sun-woo that he removed all the broken glass from her wound. She has a pretty nasty scrape on her cheek. She tells him that she is just pretty shocked. he asks who that person is, do you know him?

She doesn’t know. She says she was hidden under a mask. He tells her that he is nervous, they should go to his house. She says no, she wants to rest. She tries to stand. He tells her that she can go to the room to rest so he helps her up.

She also has a lot of scrapes on her arm that are now bandaged. She has a hard time walking back though and has to take a moment to catch herself. But there is a click clack on the door so she looks worried. Yoon-kii goes to the door.

But it is Tae-oh and Joon-young, they let themselves in. They are both surprised to see Tae-oh. But then Joon-young sees his mothers bandages on her arm and quickly runs to be with her.

Tae-oh says Joon-yong was worried about his mom and asks if it was a break in again? Sun-woo tells Joon-young that it is nothing, just go up to bed. She ushers him upstairs.

Tae-oh approaches her to find out what this is and if she called the police. But Yoon-ki gets physically in his way to keep him from walking closer. He tells him that she needs to rest, can you come back later?

Tae-oh looks like he doesn’t really like this that much, but can’t really say anything about it so he leaves.

Outside, Tae-oh looks menacingly back at the house.


Jae-hyuk is back now and lovingly looks at his wife’s wrist. He thinks it was enough to call the cops, why did you go over there? She says that she called him many times but he did not pick up.

He says he went to an old client. Doesn’t your wrist hurt? This bruise will last a long time. Don’t do anything for others, okay? She looks at him as if she thinks he is back to his old ways.


In her office, Sun-woo looks at the letter that told her to leave. She checks the CCTV footage and looks at the man who walked up and stopped to look at the CCTV. She tries to look closely at him, but he hits the CCTV before she can.


Hyun-seo leaves her new apartment. It is snowing out. She sees Sun-woo standing in the snow with an umbrella, waiting on her.

SW – it is nice to see you again.

HS – What up to come all the way here?

SW – last night, why did you send me that text?

HS – I though you were in trouble. 

SW – What?

HS – Lee Tae-oh came back, did you know that he is trying to kick you out from the hospital?

Sun-woo knocks on a door. It is Ye-rim’s door. Ye-rim comes bursting out so Sun-woo asks why she called the police. Ye-rim says that she saw a stranger looking at her house. Sun-woo asks, was it Lee Tae-oh?

Ye-rim says it wasn’t that person yesterday, but Lee Tae-woo went to your house the other day when no one was around, and looked around.

Sun-woo drives off in a rage thinking about Tae-oh wanting Joon-young to go to his house for awhile and telling her that her house without security is dangerous.

At the same time, we see that Tae-oh went to her house and went inside and looked around. he is the one that broke her wedding picture.

VO – You also do not know what could happen.

She goes to Lee Tae-woo’s company and bursts in. This place is way bigger than his last place. He tells these people to tell Lee Tae-woo that Ji Sun-woo is here. Tell him right now.

Everyone stares at her, A woman comes out and says that he said she can come in. So Sun-woo goes into his sunken office and asks what he wants? You want to kick me out as Vice Director? That isn’t everything.

TO – Why don’t you leave here before you become more pitiful? I can find you a good place in Seoul.

SW – That is what you wanted? You throw a rock and threaten me and break into my house and touch my things and attack me. DO you think II will just run away because I am scared?

TO – If you have those dangerous things happening then you should have told me. Joon-yong shouldn’t be there.

SW – Who is that person you sent to my house?

TO – don’t guess, that is not true. Anyway, you should leave the city before more dangerous things happen. I will take care of Joon-yuong, do not worry.

SW – DON’T EVEN DREAM ABOUT THAT. Whatever happens, I am not sending you Joon-young. Do not make Joon-young nervous by giving me a hard time.

TO – Didn’t you ever think that you are the one making Joon-young insecure? You cannot sleep without drinking every night? How can you make your son worry about you? And now you are calling a man over? You didn’t even know that Joon-young was seeing a psychiatrist. You don’t deserve to be a mother.

SW – Stop.

TO – Don’t give him a hard time, just send him to me. Do whatever you want. Drink and met men and whatever!

SW – Don’t touch me anymore. 

TO – you leave, that is it.

Outside, there is a man who is listening. He is one of the workers. he gets up and calls Da-kyung.


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  1. KK
    April 18, 2020 / 11:26 am

    Everybody’s messed up in this, I swear.
    With ‘friends’ like MS, who needs enemies, seriously..
    Thanks for this! After I finished Ep 7, immediately came here to rage but I can’t wait for the next one, just had to read your recap.

    But one thing I’m glad to know, DK is not in on this, she really just wanted to come back, be happy with her family and maybe rub it in SW’s and all those ladies’ faces and all that, but clearly.. That’s it. I strongly believe TO is batshit crazy. I wonder if DK knows she might end up in the same situation as SW some time soon. Wow. This series is by far the best and it’s getting hard to wait each week.

    Again, thanks! And keep up the good work. Keep dreaming about fixing those typos, but we still love all the content with or without lol Stay in and stay safe~ ^^

  2. JjK
    April 18, 2020 / 2:21 pm

    This drama is pretty insane~
    TO is one crazy psychotic mofo! And yeah MS is a backstabbing shifty eyed b*atch!

    Anyway glad I found this site. Keep up the great work!

    • V
      April 18, 2020 / 6:56 pm

      Yay! I’m glad you found us tooooooo!

  3. dha
    April 18, 2020 / 4:58 pm

    im from malaysia..im here too while waiting for the 8th episode! 😜 tq

  4. Anonymous
    April 20, 2020 / 2:31 pm

    mi piace tantissimo questo dramma , tiene sempre l attenzione alta …un po’ esagerate alcune reazioni dei protagonisti ma sicuramente ti tiene incollato allo schermo !!! la protagonista e’ stupenda mi piace e faccio il tifo per lei 😄 …l ex marito si consuma dal rancore e dalla gelosia verso di lei !!! e gli sta bene …comunque non vedo l’ora di vedere le prossime puntate .
    grazie mille !!

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