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The World of the Married: Episode 8 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 8 Recap – Part 1

Y’all! Y’ALL! All that happened yesterday was that her husband came back to town and threw a party and yet I was RIVETED! That was my most exciting hour of drama watching all year. I cannot believe it. He literally just threw a party and people went to it – and there was so much anticipation and stress you could cut it with a butter knife.

Like yesterday, we are going to recap The King: Eternal Monarch after we finish this show. We will try and get to it as soon as possible, but it most likely won’t be up until after lunch.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Police arrive to Sun-woo’s house. Ye-rim gets home and looks at what is happening at their house. Her husband asks if she is going home? She thinks something must have happened at Sun-woo’s house. 

Jae-hyuk goes inside but Ye-rim keeps looking.

At the house, the police tell Sun-woo that there isn’t any CCTV that shows what happened. They will patrol and not worry too much. Sun-woo tells her son that it is nothing, see, so don’t worry. 

The officers tell them that they will update their security system.

In Ye-rim’s house, Ye-rim tells her husband that this is strange. This happened just as soon as Tae-oh moved back. Jae-hyuk thinks it is a coincidence and heads to take a shower. But Ye-rim looks worried. She peaks house the window and sees a man in all black walking away with a baseball hat on.

Someone rings the doorbell at Sun-woo’s house. Sun-woo is cleaning the glass up and checks cautiously to see who it is. it is Tae-woo. Joon-young says he called appa so he lets Tae-oh inside. Tae-oh has his signed baseball bat with him.

Tae-oh sees the window and checks with his son to make sure he is okay with no injuries. Then he starts to fix the window. Joon-young looks happy to have appa around again.

Tae-oh adds bubble tape to the window so that cold wind will not come in. Sun-woo tells Joon-young that umma can do that as well. Tae-oh says that he can do these things for them, just call me.

She says it won’t happen so that is nonsense, we are okay. Tae-oh asks, why don’t you send Joon-yong to my house? A house without security is dangerous, you never know what will happen.

Sun-woo tells Joon-young that their house is safe and tells Tae-oh to leave if he is done.

Tae-oh gives Joon-young the baseball bat and then says appa is leaving. Keep the door locked. Joon-young goes upstairs. Sun-woo watches him.


Back at his house, Da-kyung plays with the baby when tae-oh comes back in. She asks why he is in so late. He tells her that he went to see Joon-young. Their window was broken so I had to fix it.

Da-kyung does not look pleased with this. But she doesn’t say anything about it. Tae-oh goes to another room to talk to Myung-sook about the hospital things. She tells him not to worry, their director is a greedy person. But are you really going to destroy Sun-woo? Are you sure?

He smiles and makes himself comfortable on his couch. He says he is not a bad guy, he is just doing good things.

Cut to Sun-woo looking worried at home and Da-kyung looking worried as she puts her baby to bed. 


Da-kyung shoots at the shooting range at a  clubhouse. They are shooting clay pots in the air. It is an expensive past time. Da-kyung sits with the group of ladies at the Women’s society and they all gush about how good she is.

Ye-rim gets up to shoot next.



The ladies go off to eat and talk about the movie set land price and how much it has increased. Ye-rim sits and listens to them quietly. One woman says that the mayor is going to come to the opening day of the movie set. Another one says that Kosun’s economy is doing well due to that, so of course he is coming.

Ye-rim tells them that she will pay today. But Da-kyung says that she is paying since it is her first day today. However, a waiter came and said that Tae-oh paid for it already. The ladies giggle but Da-kyung does not look happy about it. 

Then the waiters give the ladies gifts that tae-oh ordered in advance to give to them. Hyo-jung gushes about her son-in-law and how he only cares about her daughter. Da-kyung blushes. The other women thank them. 

But Ye-rim says that her house warming party was enough to tell everyone. This is actually too much. It is jsut a casual meeting between women. For the husband to pay for everything….that is against the meaning of our group.

The ladies look at each other. 

Da-kyung asks, was it too much for you? Hyo-jung tells Ye-rim should just look at it as a favor, don’t be too transparent. The older woman (who had the STD) smiles. She looks happy for the first time and says that it is actually not that wrong what Ye-rim said. Next time, lets exclude our husbands wallet. is that okay?

This chairman’s wife stands to leave and the other ladies stand slowly to leave as well. But they all leave the gifts there. One woman says that she will just take it as if she took it and leaves it there. Myung-sook happily takes her gift with her.

Da-kyung stews.

Myung-sook runs out and gives her gift to the woman that looked like she really wanted the gift. She looks inside and sees another gift which is from Myung-sook. It is a lovely brooch. This woman is Hospital Director Kong’s wife. 

The wife thinks she shouldn’t take it but Myung-sook says that this is just among women, he does not have to know. The wife says that someone like Myung-sook should be the Vice Director. Myung-sook whispers, you should help me.

The wife tells her that she will make a special meeting with Chairman Chae’s wife (the oldest woman in the group). 


On the car ride back, Hyo-jung and Da-kyung stew over what Ye-rim said. Hyo-jung mutters that she shouldn’t have included Ye-rim and basically only did it because she was nice. it looks like your husband spent a good amount of money due to this so compliment him.

DK sarcastically tells her that she didn’t like him before. The mother says it would be greater if he didn’t have a kid. DK says they already have one, what can I do? The mother thinks they need to cut the ties with that side, it is such a headache.

They both look out their windows and continue stewing.


Cut to Joon-young’s classroom at school. Joon-young goes inside looking bummed ans sits in his desk at school. Some other boys are talking about something that another kid lost. Joon-young looks quietly concerned. No-eul looks concerned too.


Da-kyung gets home. Tae-oh asks how the meeting went, was it fun? She says it was fun, she thought it would be boring to hang out with old people. She also mentions that her mother complimented him and gives him a hug. She thanks him for making her confident as well.

She asks if he is going to work? He sys yes, I won’t be late. DK brings up Joon-young and says that she doesn’t hate him, it just takes a long time to get used to him. Tae-oh understands and says that he will take care of it.

Da-kyung tells him that they should invite him for dinner. Tae-oh thanks her and heads out. While walking out, the chairman calls him so he goes to see him at his house. To-oh sits like a child about to get reprimanded and BK stands at his desk.

BK – I heard that you are donating money to the hospital, is that true?

TO – I wanted to tell you when it was finalized, sorry.

BK – I told you I gave you the CEO name but that does not mean that you can use company money. What money are you going to use for the donation?

TO – Of course I will talk to you.

BK – Are you sure you can take care of that? If you try then you should do it properly. (he is talking about his ex-wife)

TO – *stands* Yes, I will.


Sun-woo buys a lot of wine at the grocery store and casually goes looking through the isles. The chairman’s wife sees her. This is the eldest member of the group.

CW – if you break this easily then it is no fun *looks at her wine*

SW – What you see is not everything.

CW – I have one thing I want to thank you about. You know. Be careful. They are not easy.

She pushes her cart on.

Sun-woo gets home and looks around at the other houses. Then she goes her house. But she sees a letter sticking out of it, so she takes it in.

Letter – Ji Sun-woo, you should leave this place.

Sun-woo puts the letter down in quiet peeks up the stairs and out the window. But then her phone rings which makes her hop. She answers it.

Nurse – You left your document here, should I deliver it for you?

SW – Did I leave it? No, it is okay. I will do it.



Sun-woo goes back to work. She sees Joon-young walking around her hospital. He goes inside.

She walks up as well, though she looks a bit frantic and asks the nurse if she saw her son. The nurse looks like she is put in a spot and looks in a certain direction. Sun-woo heads off and opens the door to a person’s office.

Joon-young is inside, he quickly stands up. he is in the psychiatrists office. Yoon Ki also stands up and says that he thought she was off today. Sun-woo asks why Joon-yong is there.

Myung-sook peeks in.

Joon-young asks why she is here? Are you following me? She asks if he is hiding something from her? Yoon-ki tells her to calm down. Sun-woo asks Dr. Kim what happened, is there a problem with Joon-young? He is underage and does not have his guardians permission. 

Joon-young tells her to stop, when you do this it suffocates me! He storms out.

Sun-woo is about to run after him but Yoon-ki stops her. All the nurses and doctors are nosily looking at this conversation. Sun-woo asks him why he did not tell her. He says that if she knew he never would have come to tell him anything.


That night, Sun-woo knocks on Joon-yoUngs door to at least eat dinner. I can bring it to you. Or I can stay in my room. If you are hungry then tell me. She walks off.

he sits by his window and opens a drawer that looks like it houses his headphones? There are some different electronics in there. He puts one more in.

Appa calls Joon-young. 

Sun-woo is in her bedroom and looks alarmingly at something but I missed what it was. maybe her broken wedding picture. Joon-young comes in and looks at her. He tells her that he is going to eat dinner with appa and leaves.


Yoon-ki tells Sun-woo that he has talked to Joon-young for 6 months. He feels guilty over your divorce. She says that is nonsense. He knows what his father did. Why is he blaming himself?

Yoon-ki tells her that self blaming is common among divorce families. For Joon-young, he has a special case, he found his camera memory chip that he threw away. He found it in your room. That had the footage of appas affair. Because of that, umma knew about appas affair.

Sun-woo looks on worried and wonders what she should do. Yoon-ki says that he told him that it was not his fault and it is a lot better than before. Sun-woo tries to keep it together and says that she was taking care of herself, she didn’t know what he was thinking. it is all my fault. I should have just removed it properly.

Yoon-ki tells her to wait for him, he will get over it. He is a sensitive and smart kid. Just let him see his appa naturally for now. It will be good for treating his feeling of loss. Even though that might be difficult for you.


Sun-woo gos home and cries in her closet about everything.


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