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The World of the Married: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Tae-oh greets everyone as they come into the party. Everyone is there including all the key people that work with Sun-woo. Everyone has on their best attired and their bright smiles and go inside to the party.

Ye-rim smiles as well and shakes Hyu-jung’s hand. Then she says hello to Tae-oh. TO asks where Jae-hyuk is? She tells him that he is busy. He asks how they are doing?

She tells him that they have a nice life. He sys okay, that is good, I worried about you. She smiles politely.

 the baby comes in. Ye-rim tells Da-kyung that the child looks like her. DK tells her no, eveyone thinks that she looks like her father, 100%. Tae-oh plays with his daughter happily.

All theh gorgeous women come out and play with the baby and Da-kyung. Ye-rim is left alone and looks at all the women around the baby. But then the women’s association people call her over so she happily goes to sit with them.

The men are in another area toasting to the peace of Kosun. And the camera scrolls away showing the very fancy mansion lit up for the night.


The psychiatrist, Kim Yoon-ki, sees Sun-woo eating and drinking alone so he goes inside. he tells her it is good to eat gukbap on a snowy day (it is a Korean thing to eat gukbap on days like that). he sits with her. 

She looks miserable. He starts to pour her drink for her, but it is all out so he asks the owner for another soju and cup.

She asks him why he is not out on a date on Friday. He tells her that it is not the kind of thing for someone to say who is eating gukbap alone. She thinks that is true. She did the best in her life and now she is drinking alone on a day like today.

He asks what today is?

She tells him that it has been two years. What do you think about two years. Is it too short to forgive someone? I hope he lives with the at least a small amount of guilty feeling. But I really can’t understand.

TO – Time is different for everyone. Maybe he thinks the past is the past.

SW – The marriage ended. But divorce for me is still going on.

She lifts her glass to Yoon-ki and drinks.

Then she gets a text from Tae-oh. In it is a photo of him and their son smiling together. He tells her that Joon-young is having fun.


Joon-young get the signature from the famous baseball player. he tells him to practice hard. He also tells him that his appa is cool. Tae-oh thanks him. The baseball player tells him, hyung, it is nothing. I love your house. Tae-oh tells him that he will buy him dinner.

Tae-oh takes his son to another room. Da-kyung looks on from the downstairs area.


In the soup place, Sun-woo gets up quickly. Yoon-ki asks where she is going She says she is going to go get her son back. he asks if going to his appa’s house is that big of a problem?

She tells him yes, it is cheating. I told him that he cannot even think of seeing Joon-young without my permission. he took Joon-yuong.

Yoon-ki says that Joon-young might have wanted to go there. But Sun-woo says that she knows her son, he hates his father.


Tae-oh shows Joon-young a nice large empty room. het ells him it is his room and gives him a hug. This is appa’s house so I should have a room for my son. I will get it ready so you can come by anytime. You are my family. He tells him he can get him a desk and bed and computer with a lot of games.

That perks Joon-yung up. But then he sees Da-kyung from the door. Da-kyung asks if she can talk to Tae-h. tae-oh leaves. Da-kyung smiles and then closes the door.

In the hallway she asks if this is Joon-young’s room? You did not tell me that. 

TO – it is an empty room, I thought it was a good idea.

DK – [complains}

TO – is there a problem? We already talked about seeing Joon-young when we came back.

DK – it is a different story that he is coming to my house. I hope you don’t make these decisions without talking to me.

Her mother calls for her so she heads away.

Sun-woo calls Joon-young, he looks at it on his phone but does not answer.

Sun-woo is freaking out. there is no taxi available. Then Yoon-ki rolls up and tells her that it is difficult to get a cab on a day like today. Hop in. I didn’t drink. He opens the door for her.

She thanks him and they head off.




the ladies of the women’s association all talk with Da-kyung there as well. They tell her that she still looks like she is in shape after having a baby. You should be happy that your woman is so successful. So you will stop giving your mother a hard time.

Da-kyung says that she was sure from the beginning and her parents honored her decision. if I was worried about some strangers talking about me then this movie would have never happened in my life.

The ladies all have different expressions. Hyun-ki asks if they all accept Da-kyung as a member? the STD woman says that she doesn’t know…but then she says that is just a joke of course. They all toast. Hyo-jung is so happy.

In the room over are the men drinking. BK knocks on the window so Hyo-jung excuses herself with Da-kyung.

The ladies mention that Da-kyung is confident. She is not that girl that left town crying and embarrassed. They say that she was always like that. The ladies say that is true, she was a little brat. That is why she took a married man.

Ye-rim looks up and stops in her tracks. Then the other women look over and gasp. Soon all the people look over and gasp. All the people that know whats up anyway.

Da-kyung’s face turns to a frown of annoyance. 

Sun-woo is standing at the door with Yoon-ki. She is resolved. Yoon-ki tells her that there are a lot of guests here. Sun-woo tells him that they should have called all the influential people in the area.

Myung-sook accidentally walks up on her and jumps. She asks, um, Sun-woo, how come….~. 

Sun-woo asks where Joon-yong is. Myung-sook says that she does not see him now, I think he came. Then Tae-oh comes down and asks what is going on. Everyone looks at him.

he walks to the front. 

Da-kyung is about to walk out to him, but Her father stops her and then lightly pats her on the shoulder signaling that he will take care of it.

Tae-oh goes to the front and tells his wife, even if you wanted to come, yo should not have.

SW – is this what you wanted to show me? That is why you sent me the picture.

TO – Maybe you wanted to come using Joon-young ask an excuse?

SW – Well, we can take it like that.

TO – Just go, do not ruin my party. I will bring him to you later?

SW – I cannot. 

Everyone is staring at this quiet discussion like the building is about to explode.

Joon-young sees it and goes back upstairs.

Da-kyung is still looking on disgusted. She walks off shaking her head.

Yoon-ki tells her that they should leave.

SW – No. I am not going home without Joon-young.

TO – Can you just stop.

Then Da-kyung walks up and holds his arm. Everyone in the room is all like !!!!!!!!!.

She tells Sun-woo that she knew she was a great person, but she did not know she was this great. How come you decided to come here?

SW – How did you even decide to come back?

DK – We decide where we live. Don’t worry that you are not even affecting our decision 1%, why don’t you go home. Today is invitation only.

Sun-woo pulls out the invitation. All the ajummas gasp.

SW – you sent this to me. Or who sent it to me?

Da-kyung tries to hold back her surprised and anger. Sheh looks at Tae-oh.

SW – I am not here to see how you live. I do not care about that at all. I am just here to pick up my son and leave.

She starts to walk through the room and call Joon-young’s name. Da-kyung glares at Tae-oh. Yoon-ki is all like, wow, why am I in the middle of this, this is crazy. But he holds his composure. All the expensive ajummas are all like, this is some crazy ish!!!!!



Da-kyung goes to the bathroom and runs some water to calm herself down. Tae-oh knocks on the door and asks if she is okay. Da-kyung yells KICK HER OUT RIGHT NOW. Everyone in the vicinity hears this. Tae-oh walks away.

he starts to look for Sun-woo around all the people. Then he looks upstairs. 

Sun-woo is actually upstairs looking around at all the rooms. She checks all of them and sees the baby room. She closes that door. Then she sees a door ajar. it is possibly the master bedroom? She walks in and looks around. Her eyes settle on a full length mirror. She stares at herself for a moment then looks to the right were a full length wedding picture sits.

She starts to hear other women approaching and looks at if she should hide. So she runs off to hide in the bathroom.

Hyo-jung walks in with the association women and tells them that this bedroom is just like how a newly married couples bedroom should look. Of course they have a good relationship. The ladies ask if this is from Italy? Hyo-jung says it took 6 months. We ordered it first and they custom made it.

The ajummas say that this is why things from Italy are not furniture, they are art. They all talk about how pretty it is and how if the Vice Director sees it then she would be jealous. The STD ajumma looks around, she does not look pleased.

But then Sun-woo gets a phone call. It is from Yoon-ki who is waiting in the car now. She frantically tries to stop it from buzzing and holds it to her chest. The ladies do not notice and head out to tour the next room.

Sun-woo slowly comes out. But she stops and stares at the bed. the world closes in on her. She turns around and turns on the light of this little area she was hiding in. Inside are hangers and hangers of lingerie and perfume and photos. Perhaps it looks just like theres? Sun-woo looks super shocked.

She starts to leave and runs right into Tae-oh in the bedroom. he asks her if she is crazy? Why are you in our bedroom.

SW – Why did you come back? Why not live successful in Seoul?

TO – My wife wanted to live near her parents.

SW – So you just follow what they say?

TO – They were the ones who accepted me when you kicked me out. Of course I will come back if the family wants it.

SW – You don’t forget me?

TO – Were you lonely, Sun-woo?

Downstairs, Da-kyung walks around the party trying to look pleased. But she looks off. She stares upstairs.

TO – I am super happy with Da-kyung. I don’t even remember my time with you.

SW – Are you sure?

TO – Don’t you see? You are nothing to me. Da-kyung is the only woman for me.

SW – So you came to my house using Joon-kyung as an excuse and sent me the picture all because you wanted to make me upset? It was because you wanted to see me. Isn’t that true.

TO – no, it is not.

He motions for her to leave.

TO – Can you be excused from my house before you are more embarrassed?

They stare at each other.

Da-kyung walks back upstairs and sees Sun-woo walking out of the bedroom. She stops in her tracks. Then she walks to the bedroom and sees Tae-h standing there. His back is to her. She stares back and forth between the two.


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  1. GCarlberg
    April 17, 2020 / 10:43 am

    Where are you watching this with English subtitles?

  2. allie
    April 17, 2020 / 11:23 am

    are we reading this as fanfic because the subs aren’t out yet?

    • V
      April 17, 2020 / 12:26 pm


  3. KK
    April 18, 2020 / 11:02 am

    I am dying~~~ The sheer audacity of Lee TO. Wow this show is crazy.
    And not just SW, everybody really be acting crazy in this now. Let’s be honest, is SW even wrong.. Did you see the end.. TO is like really all over her business. People are all crazy and I’m seriously enjoying it.

    And that ‘friend’ at the hospital. Why are these kind of people even alive lol
    For one.. I am so glad the kid heard his dad’s speech.

    • V
      April 18, 2020 / 6:52 pm

      Everybody in this show is crazy!!! Maybe the psychiatrist is sane. But I feel like he will be going crazy soon as well.

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