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The World of the Married: Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

This crazy show is about to begin! I love it so much, hopefully everything continues to go well in this crazy show and unfold with the kind of tension that makes me spill my popcorn on the floor in amazement. I cannot believe they came back to the town successful and lauded! The nerve!

After this show we will be recapping The King: Eternal Monarch! We watched the opening thirty minutes and let me tell you, this show is AH-MAZING. I was captured from the jump. So, we will try and recap it right away after we finish this show. See you there!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sun-woo and a realtor walk around a house from the new neighborhood. The realtor tells her that the best house in the neighborhood is sold. That family brings a lot of expensive foreign furniture. All the material we used here is top of the line. There are only a few left. Would you like to put down earnest money?

She tells him that she will think about it over the weekend. When she starts to leave, she sees someone people moving in. But she does not recognize what is going on. 

However, we see Da-kyung looking over her furniture looking as gorgeous and fabulous and happy as ever.


Myung-sook and Sun-woo are both at this event. They switch places so that Sun-woo takes over behind the booth. She asks her if she is okay alone? Sun-woo says yes and sits. Myung-sook sees the woman who had the STD walking around, maybe she is over this event.

Elsehwere, Joon-young’s friends ask him if he saw the movie his father made? The other friend asks, can we have free tickets? The other friends reminds him that he does not live with his father. Joon-young walks away. 

The friend runs up to apopoogize and asys he won’t watch the movie. But then Joon-young stops. He sees his father waiting for him in his path with his fancy expensive car. The other kids are very impressed that the director of that movie is here.

The father opens the door to let him in.

back at the pro-bono event, Hyo-jung brags about the movie and her daughters husband and how he is so talented. So super talented. A group of ladies are there listening. Ye-rim is one of them, though she is not that happy to be listening along. She is very quiet and doesn’t smile as brightly.

Hyo-jung runs off to talk to other ladies. Another woman comes up and asks Ye-rim if they were good friends? Ye-rims ays no, the husbands were good friends, after they got divorced, we have nothing to talk about. it looks like they are talking about Sun-woo. The woman mention that it would be awkward. Then the ladies start to talk about the invitation.

Sun-woo keeps working  but then Jyo=jung walks up to Sun-woo’s booth with the invitation. She smiles as she walks. All the other ladies look on with anticipation as they wonder if she is actually going to give Sun-woo the invitation????

Hyo-jung continues smiling at Sun-woo, but she passes her right by and doesn’t give her the invitation. The other ladies giggle at the slight.


Tae-oh asks Joon-young if he watched appa’s movie? Joon-young asks why he is a producer now and not a director? He tells him that the producer is the one that governs the entire movie. Didn’t you miss me? Appa really missed you.

Joon-young tells him that he never even tried to contact him, so you think I will beleive this? Tae-oh tells him that he knows that he was not a proper appa in front of him and disappointed him. I am different now. I want to be a cool confident appa and come back. You shuoldnt’ be ashamed of appa. It took me some time, two years.

he reaches down and gives Joon-young a huge long gift. He tells him to open it.

Joon-young opens it. it is a fancy new baseball bat. Tae-oh asks if he still plays? Joon-young says he quit a long time ago. Tae-oh asks if umma stopped him because he can’t study? JY tells him he is a middle school student now.

Tae-oh tells him that he will introduce him to [famous baseball player] he will come to appas house that day. Joon-yong asks what day? Tae-oh asks didn’t you see the invitations?

Cut to Sun-woo holding the invitation at home. She sees the wedding photo and the gorgeous family and that they ae the ones that bought that fabulous house. Her phone rings.

She answers it, it is Joon-young’s teacher at the hogwan, he did not go today. She says he didn’t tell her anything. So she races out to the car and takes off. But then she screeches to a halt when another car pulls up in front of her.

It is Tae-oh! Joon-young is in the car. He tells his son bye. Joon-young goes inside without talking to his mother. Sun-woo looks at him with concern and then looks at Tae-oh who walks around to the front.

TO – It is nice to see you again.



Ye-rim cleans her floors and peaks out the window. She sees Sun-woo and Tae-oh together.

TO – How were you doing?

SW – We are not in that kind of relationship to ask how we are.

TO – I wondered how you were doing and if you dated anyone.

SW – The kid will be cofused

TO – He is just meeting his father, it is nothing to be confused about. Not seeing each other is strange.

SW – DO not even think about meeting him without my permission.

TO – you look good. I knew you were always cool.

Inside, Ye-rim frets as she watches them and wonders what she should do. She goes back to bed with Jae-hyuk. It looks like they have a good relationship now. He smiles and tells her about his clients. Then he asks how the probono event was.

Ye-rim says it was good and asks if he knows that Tae-oh has a good life now. He tells her that he has no time to watch movies. How are you now, when is our homework day? He smiles knowingly. She asks why he is swaying the conversation. Everyone in town talks about Lee Tae-oh’s new movie and his comeback.

He tells her not to think about it and just talk about their own life. If it bothers you then we can move out. She says they don’t have that kind of money. Then she reminds him about the consultation day tomorrow. He tells her that he knows, he emptied his calendar. 

She leaves. He looks off worried and lets out a deep breath.


at home, Sun-woo talks to Joon-young about his school. he tells her that appa sent him an invitation. Sun-woo tells him that she removed it, are you mad? Joon-young tells her no, he didn’t want to go anyway.

She tells him that he didn’t sign up for baseball camp, I can go with you. He tells her it is okay, you don’t know baseball. She asks if he really is not going? So what should we do during vacation? Travel together?

He says no, he will go to the hogwan to the place she mentioned. She says that it sounds like he is giving her a break. That hogwan is not for moms. He tells her that he will go to bed and leaves. She tells him that he can o English and math only and says she can set it up tonight! Good night son! She calls after him but he shuts his door.

She looks happy to get the hogwan set up though and runs to her phone. But she sees the invitation and sighs.

In his room, Joon-young looks at the baseball bat. In the car, his father told him to bring the baseball bat and he will get that famous ball players signature. You can come to appas house. Don’t worry about umma.

In the kitchen, Sun-woo pours herself a glass of wine to relax. she takes several long sips and then washes the glass and puts it away. She looks like she needs something else to do. But the kitchen is clean so she goes upstairs.


While on her morning run, everyone looks at her.

VO – Did you hear that the vice directors husband is coming back? It is a bit issue everywhere. The husband who had an affair comes back in front of her super successful. I would go crazy if I was her.

She goes to the grocery store and everyone looks at her.

VO – How can she be normal like that? She has a super great mental strength.

She puts on jewels at home and perfume.

VO – Do you think she is okay? She is doing it because people are watching her. She is pretending.

She heads out for work.

VO – Yes, recently her clothing and make up are heavier.

Sun-woo asks the nurses who they are talking about. They say that they are just talking about an entertainer. She asks if they have time? They tell her that they have an appointment today. She awlks away and one of the nurses says that she is wearing full makeup, see?

Another nurse mentions that she is so pitiful.

Sun-woo stops on her way to her office. She sees Jae-hyuk standing there. Ye-rim comes up and dusts his jacket. he bows slightly to her and then they walk off to Yoon-ki’s office.

Later on, Sun-woo stops by Yoon-ki’s office as well and asks if she can have a cup of coffee if he is not busy? he says she can come in and tells her that he heard he is back.

Sun-woo says that everyone is having fun, they talk about it all morning.

Yoon-ki gives her a coffee and asks if she is okay. She asks if she looks okay?

YK – it looks like you are okay  or not…

SW – if you look at me that way then I am successful

YK – What are you really thinking?

SW – That son of a b*, I don’t know why he is coming back. he said it is for Joon-young. But it seems as if he does not care that Joon-young is having a hard time.

YK – Maybe it is really becasue of Joon-young. No other reason.

SW – I need to go, thank you for your coffee.

YK – If you think about it, you can come by anytime. 

SW – About him?

YK – No, the coffee.

She stifles a smile and then leaves.




She goes to her office and sips the coffee. Then she checks google. She starts to look up his movie company and his movies and all those things. He is super successful. he has his own movie set near Go-sun. Wow, that is what Da-kyung’s father’s money can bring.


Hyo-jung call all her friends to come to the house warming party. Da-kyung sits and gets her makeup put on. Da-kyung tells her mother to stop calling. if they don’t come then they won’t come. But her mother keeps calling and says that all the most important peopl ein Ko-sun are coming, see you there.

Her mother says that she is all done, she called enough people. The hair dresser and makeup people leave. Da-kyung checks the outfits she might wear for the party.

Hyo-jung says that she hopes enough people come. Da-kyung says it is fine, they have enough people from Seoul coming. Hyo-jung tells her that she spent enough money and effort to make that woman society, do you think I did that for Seoul people.

DK says they talked bad about her because she stole someone else’s husband, so I don’t care if they don’t come.

Her mother yells that she did not steal that husband! They were already having trouble! To think about what she did to us, I am so embarrassed. You are the lawful wife. Okay. So be confident and show her that you are the one.

She pats her on the hand and then walks off. Da-kyung looks at herself in the mirror then accepts a call from Tae-oh. he is outside grabbing the champagne and flowers and making sure all the things for the event are showing up well. She awnts him to make sure he makes sure it is okay.

The mother calls ye-rim and asks if she is coming. 

Cut to yerim and Jae-hyuk. Ye-rim hangs up and tells her husband that she really didn’t want to go. But that woman is persistent. they are really saying that they are a proper couple to the people here? Everyone here knows that their marriage started with an affair. This won’t clean them up.

Jae-hyuk says that he knows how much money they spent for this. Ye-rim tells him that it seems like Yeo Da-kyung will be part of the woman’s association what is she is going to do? He tells her, you are good at pretending that nothing happened.


Myung-sook asks Sun-woo if they are crazy? They were embarrassed and kicked out of the town, but not they are back and invited all thepeople from Ko-sun? 

Sun-woo tells her to go there and have fun. She says that she is not going. No one will go there. Everyone knows they got kicked out.

Sun-woo asks her if she would liket o have dinner together? Myung-sook says that she has an appointment with her hubae, it has been more than a month. Sun-woo says okay, of course you should go.

Myung-soo tells her that if she wants to have dinner with her just call her in advance. She is a busy person. She smiles and leaves.

After work, Sun-woo walks off. The Director asks her if she is going home? he says that he has a friends meeting today. She tells him okay. He says he is late and hurries off.

So it looks like everyone is going to that event and lying to her about it.

She calls her son to ask if she can pick him up. The son tells her that he is busy and can go home alone.

She calls checks another person’s number on her phone. 

Cut to an expensive looking woman checking her cell phone. On the cell phone it says – thank you for today, I will do it next time at my place.

The woman is headed to this huge event. her husband asks what is going on. The woman says nothing and they pull up to the neighborhood. There is huge traffic outside. All the VIPs of the town are lined up to get in.

Sun-woo drives home. It starts to snow.

She gets out and tries to touch the snow, then she goes to a small diner. jae-hyuk is actually there as well. he sees her but she does not see him. ut she does see him when she looks around.

She orders Gukbap soup. He keeps looking at her.

He decides to leave.


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  1. KK
    April 18, 2020 / 10:44 am

    DK’s mother is a piece of work. No wonder DK herself is that kind of bitch. 👏
    The walk by.. I almost wanted SW to call out to her and say hi and pretend to be nice and then get back to work like nothing happened. Don’t give her the chance to walk by like that. URGH I’m so mad! “They broke up because they had a horrible marriage” wow bitch.

    The bystanders are like that, but not wrong.. SW really is all made up now. Kinda sucks. She looked better simple and nice before, now she just looks like she’s trying too hard.. I feel bad for her..

    And can we talk about that bitch TO?? The talk with SW, his dumbitch smirk at YR about being worried, AND sending that pic. Wow. This whole family is really.. Wow.

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