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The World of the Married: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

Part 1 | Part 2

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sun-woo goes to her sons school and pulls him out of music class. She is hugging and puffing as she does. 

Tae-oh gets to the school and asks Joon-young’s teacher where he is. She tells him that his mother took him. She asks what happened. He cannot explain and leaves.

In the car, Joon-young asks his mother what is going on. She is too focused to respond. 

Tae-oh checks his sons cell phone locator and heads out. He starts to zoom up the coast to find them. he gets to a section where the highway is closed, but has been opened. He drives inside.

Meanwhile, Sun-woo has grabbed her sons phone, she knows that the father is going to locate him with it. Joon-young yells to give him his phone! He trie to take it away and the car swerves. She throws it out of the window. he asks what is going on? I am going to call appa! he takes her phone to call him. She tries to pull it away. He yells that umma is crazy!

Tae-oh answers the phone, Joon-young tries to yell for his appa. But then Sun-woo has to swerve to not hit construction workers. She slams on the breaks and the car goes screeching to a halt. She starts to compose herself and tells her son to turn off the phone. Tearfully, he does.

Tae-oh hops out the car and calls the police. he yells to them that his son’s mother took his son away. I can’t talk to them! I think they were in an accident, can you investigate it? What? I need to call you after the accident? Hello? Hello?

He pants a few times and kneels to the ground to think. But then he deiced to hop back in the car and takes off.

Meanwhile, Sun-woo is still driving up the coast with her son. She slowly rolls the car to a stop and tells Joon-young to get out. He does not, so she walks to his side and slowly opens his door. He hops out but doesn’t look at her.

She walks in front of him and tries to think of the best way to talk to him as she softly holds his hands.

SW – Joon-young….

She softly walks him to look at the sea (or maybe a lake).

SW – ….Umma is very angry. *she hugs him* I apologize for yelling at you and throwing your cellphone away. I am also sorry that I brought you all he way here. You know why I am doing this.

JY – Appa met another woman. What is the problem?

SW – Appa betrayed us. You know that. 

JY – He betrayed you, not me.

SW -She has a baby now. Appa does not need us anymore Joon-young.

JY – *shocked* So, is he going to live with her? Is that baby more important than me?

SW – *hugs him* It is okay, we can be happy together. It is okay without appa.

JY – *lightly pushes her away* No, I don’t want to live with you alone.

SW – you don’t want it?

JY – Don’t get divorced. *sobbing* You can just give appa a break. Forgive him.

SW – *shakes her head* I can’t. Appa decided to live with that woman.

JY – How can I live without appa? You are always busy, work is more important than me. Appa is always with me, not you.

SW – Umma live my life like that for who? It was for you. I wanted to do everything for you. You are the most important person to me. Don’t you know that?

JY – Don’t lie. I am going to appa. Where is appa?

He starts to run away. She grabs him.

SW – if you go to appa, then I am dead. Do you still want to go to appa? Do you not care about umma dying! *hugs him* Tell me that you will live with umma!

She starts to shake him and yells for him to tell her! He is dangerously close to the cliff and slips.




The police go to tae-oh on the mountain and give him his sons cell phone. They tell him that they checked the last available signal and found it here. There are no reported accidents. We think he is with his mother, why don’t you wait at home. they leave.

Sun-woo calls him right then and tells him to come home, let’s talk there.

He drives home quickly and parks next to her beat up looking car. She waits for him inside.

he goes in and yells, where is Joon-young! She doesn’t answer. he looks around the house for him and then comes back downstairs.

TO – Where is Joon-young?

SW – Do you really want to live with Joon-young? Does that B* also want that? He should call that affair woman mom? 

TO – I told you I am sorry, how much do I have to apologize to you?

SW – You don’t know? You never said that you are sorry. It is all done. You will not see Joon-young anymore.

TO – What are you talking about?

SW – I tried to forget about umma. You remind me of her.

TO – Just tell me where Joon-young is, stop Bull-sht’ing! What did you do to him?

SW – you are the one that is wrong. He was on your side.

TO – Stop talking about crazy things if you do not want to die by me.

SW – yes, just kill me, I do not want to live anymore.

he grabs her hair.

TO – No, you shouldn’t have done it. Tell me you didn’t!

SW – *Grabs him* If I can make you suffer, then I can do anything. *touches his face* So what does it feel like to live your entire life losing your son? You made me like this okay?

He starts to choke her, hard. 

TO – Die.

He keeps choking her and telling her to die. her eyes bulge out. he throws her against the TV, she goes falling to the floor. he starts to sob. Then he approaches her again. Her head is all bloody.

he pushes her against their wedding picture and starts to choke her again with one hand, then he punches a hole through their wedding photo. She falls to the ground and might have passed out.

he falls to the ground and cries. 

The door opens. Joon-young comes in and sees this craziness. he looks at his father who is crying on the floor. Then he looks at his mother who looks dead. Tae-oh sees him and happily thanks God that he is okay.

He starts to approaches Joon-young. But Joon-young looks at him and at Sun-woo. Tae-oh tells him it is not like that. Joon-young tells him not to call his name. I am not your son anymore.

Ye-rim comes in right then and runs to Sun-woo. She tries to lightly protect her head. Joon-young walks to her and lightly holds her hand. She passes out again. Ye-rim calls 911.


Sun-woo looks out the window at the law office. Her lawyer tells her that she got everything that she requested in the settlement. You also got a restraining order.

Sun-woo still has bruises on her face. She puts a stamp on the documents. He lawyer tells her congratulations, you did it. She lets out a breath of relief.

Tae-oh leaves the police headquarters. He looks like a broken man. he goes to his company office. Everyone is gone and the office is in complete disarray. In one of the envelopes is a court order for repossession.

Cut to Hyo-jung looking sadly out the window.

Then we see BK apologizing to Sun-woo about his wife posting all that information on her company website. He says she was just too shocked that day. Sun-woo listens to him quietly. They are both standing outside her home.

BK keeps apologizing.

BK – Can you stop, even though it is only on paper, can you stop suing Da-kyung for having an affair? What can I do?

SW – Are you suggesting a deal to me?

Everyone points their finger at Da-kyung as she shops inthe grocery store. She is very pregnant. She tries not to pay attention to them as she shops. When she goes to pay, the teller tells her that her card has been stopped.

Da-kyung goes to her father and tells him that he should not stop her credit card. He asks, you said that I should not matter in your business? Does you not give you money?

DK – Do you really have to do this! …. Appa…. Can you help Tae-oh? He is talented. He will be successful if you support hima little bit.

BK – That talented guy is a parasite on his wife! yeo Da-kyung, you don’t know how people are! If you are going to talk abotu that then just go away. I don’t have a daughter.

She gets on her knees to beg him.

DK – Appa, please….appa, please.

BK – *kneels with her* It is not too late, just finish things with him. If you do that then I will take care of you and the baby. Just listen to me, okay?

DK – I love him. I can’t end it with him.

BK – He hit his wife in front of his son! And he was arrested! Love? Are you crazy!

DK – It was not like that! She planned everything. Appa ….

he keeps looking away.

DK – Okay, you don’t have a daughter anymore. I will never come back.

She walks out.




Sun-woo sits outside at the lake. Hyun-seo sits with her. 

HS – I sued Park In-kyu for violence. He already has a criminal history so he won’t be out too easily.

SW – Good for you.

HS – Thank you for all your help.

SW – I didn’t do anything. You did everything.

HS – But you showed me how to get out of this situation. 

SW – I used your situation.

HS – I told you to use me for whatever. 

SW – Why did you do that?

HS – What about you doctor? You were the first person that helped me when I got hit. Can I ask you why you helped me that much?

Sun-wo doesn’t say anything.

Later on she meets with Yoon-ki. They sit on a bench together outside work.

SW – Our director made a big mistake. your psychiatric department will lose a lot of money.

YK – *smiles* Well, to keep my job should I go out and be a salesman? *chuckles* You know, getting divorced is like a war. There are no winners and no losers. I know that because I went through it. Whatever the process, now I know the basis of your trauma, so why dont you get treated? Actually, I was pretty acknowledged in Seoul.

SW – Do you have any experience with alcoholics? I have someone to introduce to you.


Sun-woo grabs her coat in her office. Myung-sook peeks her head in and asks how her wounds are. Sun-woo tells her that they are all healed. Myung-sook says, how dare he hit you, you can live with a man having an affair but not with someone who uses violence.

Sun-woo apologizes for being angry at her. Myung-sook says she is the one that is sorry. I did a lot of thins wrong. Did you hear that? Tae-oh is leaving Kosun. In this small world, everyone knows abut him so how can he keep living here. He is going somewhere no one knows him. Congratulations for your new start. Date a good man.

Sun-woo smiles and says she is sick and tired of men now. She leaves.

When she gets home she sees Ye-rim gardening outside her place. It is still a bit awkward between them. They look like they want to talk to each other but they don’t know what to say.

Then Jae-hyuk drives up. Ye-rim looks at him walking up. He helps her gardening. She sighs and walks off.

Inside her house, Sun-woo tells her son that she is back home.

They go out to a cafe on another day. They are both pleasantly enjoying their drinks.

VO – What was the time we spent together? What made us push each other cruelly?

She smiles looking at him. Then she sees Da-kyung, super pregnant and looking for a taxi. she stares at her holding her belly. Da-kyung sees her as well. Then Tae-oh gets out of his fancy car to pick her up. It is Da-kyung’s car.

He looks at Da-kyung looking across the street, so he looks as well and sees his ex-wife and son. The son does not see him. He helps Da-kyung in and they drive off.

VO – Love, hate, eventually there are a lot of questions in my head because we are human. Now I am not going to ask anymore.




A group of people start to get ready for Christmas at Sun-woo’s hospital. They are having an event with their towns woman’s association. it is a Flea market bazaar event that has a free health check up.

We see someone preparing invitations. It has nothing to do with this hospital event.

At the hospital, the patients go about getting their check ups. Sun-woo checks Yoon-ki’s breathing with her stethoscope. He asks if it is bad? Should I be hospitalized?

She tells him that he still has a fever. Let’s take the medicine for a few more days. He asks how her insomnia is. She says she is handling it, it does not affect her day to day life.

he asks if she is taking care of it with drugs? Do you diagnose this by yourself and self prescribe medicine? He talks about that for a moment and then tells her that dating is a healthy way to relieve her insomnia, what do you think?

She looks at him and asks, are you that good to take care of someone’s insomnia with one try? he confidently asks, why don’t you check it out? She says that she can try it out, but I don’t know when it will be. But anyway, thank you for your advice.

He smiles and heads out.


Joon-young happily plays his video games with his friends. Sun-woo texts him to see how he is and how his exam was and why he isn’t answering and if he is hanging out with his friends. he hasn’t answered her texts yet.

Sun-woo sends another text and then starts to head out. 

Someone sees the invitation on her desk that says “Welcome Back”. It’s Myung-sook? She runs out to talk to Sun-woo about it but hides the invitation behind her back.

She tells Sun-woo not to mistaken what she tells her and asks how long the restraining orer is with Tae-oh? It is two years and has almost ended. Sun-woo says that she did not actually notice. Why?

Myung-sook asks if Joon-young contacted his father? Sun-woo says that he hates his father. Myung-sook is holding the invitation behind her back and says that is good.

Sun-woo heads out.

Elsewhere, Ja-hyuk gets back home. It looks like he and ye-rim’s relationship is way better. She is happy that he is home and he looks happy to see her as well. he sees the invitation and asks what it is. Then he opens it.

She says that she is not going, what about you? He says he isn ot going, why should I? I will take a shower. He drops the invitation on the table and heads to the bath. She looks up as if deep in though.

At home, Sun-woo finally gets ahold of her son. They chat about school and a new neighborhood that Sun-woo says she went to to check out. he tells her that he likes their home, She says yes, I know I don’t want to move.

While talking to him she looks at the mail and sees the Welcome Back invitation only for Joon-young. And actually, the expensive neighborhood she just went to, is where the invitation is for. The house on the cover is that house.

Cut to Tae-oh getting out of his car in front of that house. he looks super successful.

Sun-woo cannot believe what she is looking at. her son asks if she is still on the phone? I need to hang up.

Tae-oh looks to the side, he is fabulous. 

Sun-woo looks at the invitation. It is a wedding invitation that shows a beautiful Da-kyung, Tae-oh, and their toddler baby.

Fade Out


Well shoot, this show felt all completed until that ending that throws everything up in the air again! How dare they come back successful and beautiful, lol. That cannot happen! BUT I LOVE IT.

Talk about makjang of makjangs. This show is so great. We basically get a thrill ride this entire episode with a nice resolution at the end which made me think that everyone was crazy in this show. And then everyone looked happy at the end, but it is all turned on its head again as our prodigal son comes back, more successful than ever with his beautiful young wife, gorgeous child, and to one of the biggest baddest new houses in the town all set to give people the money that he owes them for believing in him.


English Translation

Man – I heard he is back.

YR – The entire town talks about Lee Tae-oh’s movie and his comeback.

TO – Hey, you look good. I knew you were still cool.

SW – What do you want?

TO – Hey, we just met each other after awhile, we should not do this.

MS – They invited everyone from Ko Sung. Maybe no one will come.

*Everyone comes*

DK – I knew that you were a great person, but I did not expect this much.

Woman – If the vice director sees this, it will make her a little jealous.

SW – How can you plan on coming back here?

TO – There are reasons that i came back to Ko Sung. I have to return the favor to whoever I owe.

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  1. KK
    April 11, 2020 / 11:44 am

    OMG WOW.
    I’m 100% sure SW planned all that. I really believe that. But damn, that timeskip..
    The thing that sucks is, I feel kinda bad for wishing bad things on them but urgh, the bitches got their ‘happy ending’. He actually became a success. She got him and living happily with the man she loves. They have a happy kid. URGH.

    I hate that it all worked out way too well for these people. It sucks so much that they never got anything bad coming to them. They got their success, they got their happiness and they got their family. But at what cost..?? Nothing. DK doesn’t give two shhts about her parents. TO only cares about ruining SW further at this point, let’s be honest. Innocent baby knows nothing.

    Bad people never get their comeuppance, why? T~T

  2. Lovette
    April 11, 2020 / 11:59 am

    Agree!! Same like VIP drama..why always the victim became suffered..but the wring one live happily ever after.. but i believe, she will get her strength back with her son and the new doctor..and she will plan to destroyed everyone life especially her ex husband…i hope this time writernim will make this character live happily with her new family..please don’t make me regret to watched this series

  3. Abby
    April 11, 2020 / 12:37 pm

    Well if he coming back to give back to everyone he owes. Well he owes his 1st family everything. How could he do all of this and then come back. Hasnt he done enough to hurt them. It’s not over so I hope they get what they deserve. I hate it when the guy is like I have to stand by the mistress cause she pregnant. Like you had a son you didn’t stand by him. I dont want the mistress or the ex husband to get a happy ending. He doesnt even regret anything.

    • V
      April 13, 2020 / 11:25 am

      Right! He should give some to his wife who bankrolled him for years. I mean, I know things ended crazy with them, but it all started with his infidelity. But I’m sure he feels betrayed because his mind is on some other stuff.

  4. Adri
    April 11, 2020 / 8:11 pm

    I covered my eyes scrolling down this recap haha. I want to start this drama, but I’m scared. I watched the original British version and it gave me high blood pressure.

    Judging from the comments, this remake is also doing the same…

    • Anonymous
      April 12, 2020 / 12:42 am

      I wish I didn’t cause I dont like the way I feel after watching it. I didn’t know this was the remade. In the other one does she get her revenge??

      • Adri
        April 13, 2020 / 10:51 pm

        The British one has two seasons, and to be honest both were unsatisfactory. I won’t say anymore until the drama’s over in case they decide to take a similar route 😉
        (Although I hope not.)

        Here, step into my office. How do you feel after watching it? *puts on glasses and whips out a notepad and pen*

        • V
          April 17, 2020 / 12:30 pm


    • Nana
      April 12, 2020 / 11:48 am

      I just read the synopsis of Dr. Foster in wikipedia and it was totally complicated, make me dizzy.

      • V
        April 13, 2020 / 11:22 am


      • Adri
        April 13, 2020 / 10:53 pm

        It was two seasons of insanity, and by the end you didn’t really like anyone. But I guess that’s what usually happens with revenge.

    • V
      April 13, 2020 / 11:24 am

      LOL! It is a good one, but stressful!

      • Adri
        April 13, 2020 / 10:54 pm

        Okay, here we go!

  5. candicane
    April 12, 2020 / 4:37 am

    First, this drama is crazy. What SW did to get custody of Joon Young was totally messed up. Tae Oh is a crappy husband but a good father so Joon Yoong was right when he said Tae Oh didnt abandon him. I felt sorry for SW because I understand how afraid she was too lose everything including her son but she took it too far. Tae Oh wasnt wrong for kicking her butt, if you told me that you did something to my son, I would have done far worse..

    Tae Oh realized what SW did almost immediately after he saw Joon Young was alive. Now, I think Tae Oh is completely psycho and ready to get vengeance on SW. He moved back to town the moment that restraining order was over. I think the drama is about to go into high gear. Personally, I don’t think Tae Oh is happy with his “new” family, I think he is pretending to be. Remember, Tae Oh was never going to divorce SW until he saw that she was planning to take everything back from him. I think Tae Oh still loves SW ( a weird lets go down together type love) and I think that he wants his original family back. I think Tae Oh is going to torment SW in the upcoming episodes and try to get his revenge on her for destroying their family (even though it was his fault).

    • V
      April 13, 2020 / 11:24 am

      Yep, he was a good Dad but he still messed up their family for his own lust sake. It is kind of like, well why didn’t you think of your son before you dipped your toe in that tub?

  6. Cheony
    April 14, 2020 / 4:26 pm

    Okay so, I have been watching this series as well and it really pisses me off everytime but I am still enjoying it(talk about human psychology) so any way I did some research and it is pretty much exactly like “Doctor Foster” from where the Korean writers took the idea and basic concept anyway, so I didn’t like “Doctor Foster”’s ending and I hope this version has a better ending like “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” Korean version was faaaar faaaaaar better than the original Japanese one where there the ending was still incest but in the Korean they weren’t siblings (Thank Goodness).

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