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The World of the Married: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

I don’t know how this writer is going to keep this heat up. It feels like yesterday was almost the final episode with all that was revealed and the manner in which it all came out. But I think we have ten more episodes????

Hopefully she can keep it up because I love how I do not know what is on Sun-woo’s mind or what she will do in any situation. So many misdirections and thorns coming up in her plans. But I’m into it.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Jon-young sits at a table with Mi-yeon and No-eul. It is awkward and quiet. Mi-yeon softly tells him that divorce is not all bad. No-eul had a hard time. But Joon-yeon just drops his silverware and walks off to his room.

Mi-yeon follows him and tells him that she worries about him. He asks if his parents told her to tell him this in advance? She says no she just worried about him. he opens the door and asks why she is worried about him.

Cut to Sun-woo and Tae-oh outside at the mansion. Sun-woo yells at him and tells him that they cannot go back. You and what you did ruined all of us! She falls to her knees.

But he asks what he did. You and your evilness ruined everything. you know how I grew up. How can you tell me that you are going to make Joon-young the same as me? You do not have a right to take his father from him.

She stops crying and composes herself suddenly. She stands and starts laughing.

SW – You are already done. Joon-young saw everything. You and Yeo Da-kyung. He saw your relationship.

She walks away and leaves Tae-oh staring off in painful contemplation.


Ye-rim walks up to Jae-hyuk. He chuckles and mutters that Sun-woo is really something. Ye-rim tells him that she knew it all already. I knew that you had affairs often. They were no more than one night stands so it was not really an affair, more like an addiction.

He asks, if you knew everything, then why are you doing this now? She says it is because of Ji Sun-woo, did you sleep with her? Jae-hyuk says it is just sex, we don’t share our heart. She is the same as other women. Do you think I like her?

Ye-rim asks, so you are okay because you did not give her your heart? You hate me that much? He says no, I just hate being bored. She asks what he did when she was bored? As a couple we should find out what we are lacking and fill each other.

He says he can’t do it. She tells him there is nothing more to talk about. He grabs her arm and tells her that he is the problem. I acknowledge that I am not normal. She sadly asks if he even feels sorry to her? She looks at him then pulls herself away and leaves.


Da-kyung angrily heads for her car to leave. But sees Tae-oh sitting on the curb outside. She angrily goes up to him and asks what he is doing here? He apologizes to her. She asks if he really met her because of her fathers money? 

He says, if you believe that crazy woman than it does not matter what I say. he invested in my passion and my work. Okay? She runs her hands through her hair and sits on the fence wall near him. She tells him to put out his cigarette, it is bad for the kid.

He looks at her stunned. 

She says, I can give up everything. Umma, appa, everything I enjoyed because of appa. He says her name. She looks at him and asks him to choose.

He walks up to her and gives her a hug and thanks her.

Elsewhere, Sun-woo walks home. Ye-rim drives right past her and gets out of her car when she sees her.

SW – Did you meet him?

YR – Why are you doing this to me?

SW – I told you, if you have to know something then I will tell you everything. i will not hide anything.

YR – *walks up to her* You really make people sick of you. Do you think that is cool? Do you think people also think that way? No, do not mistaken it. You are cheap. That is you.

SW – What about you? You went on a nice trip with the woman who my husband is having an affair with. We are both cheap.

YR – Did you want to get your revenge on me? Is that why you slept with my husband!

SW – Yes.

YR – *gasps* So you wanted to make us break up because your family is broken. But you failed. You couldn’t save your family but I will.  You will not break our family with this.

SW – I don’t care about if you divorce or not. I just wanted to tell you the truth. Because I was like that. I was so sad because I thought you were my friend, but you betrayed me. It was very very sad for me.

YR – I never looked at you as my friend. You were so fake.

SW – If I knew you thought that way, my heart should hurt a little less.

Sun-woo slowly walks off. Ye-rim stares at her and holds back sobs.




Sun-woo gets home. Mi-yeon comes downstairs. Sun-woo asks about Joon-young. He comes downstairs right then. Mi-yeon tells Sun-woo that they will head out and starts to leave with No-eul. Sun-woo thanks Mi-yeon and she nods to her.

The son walks up to Sun-woo and asks her, what about appa? Sun-woo tells him that he is not coming home. Joon-young asks, for how long? Sun-woo does not have an answer for that.


Tae-oh wakes up in bed with Da-kyung, they are all cuddled together. She asks him, so we do not have to separate anymore? He tells her no, of course not.

DK – We can sleep in the same bed and wake up together and be together all day.

TO – I will be next to you all day with our baby as well.

She happily smiles and looks at him.

DK – I will support you. Your movie will be successful.

TO – Okay, okay.

DK – Anything wrong?

TO – Maybe the movie deal will fall through.

DK – What do you mean?

TO – As you know, your father is very angry. His investment could be pulled so I have to find another investor.

DK – So you have no more investors accept appa?

TO – Well, it is not that easy Da-kyung.

DK – …Okay. 

She lays back in bed and rolls over to the other side. 

The doorbell rings. Tae-oh goes to pick up the package. It is luggage and it is for him. The delivery man asks for him to sign it and this document.

Tae-oh opens it, it is the divorce papers. he calls his wife, Da-kyung comes downstairs to see who it was. He is too busy talking on the phone to notice her.

TO – It makes no sense.

SW – Sign it.

TO – What stupid person will sign a document that will give up money and their son.

SW – hey, you live with the money I gave you so you have nothing.

TO – Who raised Joon-young while you were a resident? Don’t you remember? I own part of your doctors license.

SW – Okay, if that is what you want, I am not just letting it happen.

TO – What are you going to do?

SW – Hey, I made your company but you just snuck out money? I am going to turn you in to the police for embezzlement.

TO – How can you?

SW – Don’t worry, all your employees that did not get paid will be with me.

He puts the phone down in stunned anger and rips up the paper. Then he kicks the bag.

Da-kyung asks how she knows about their place, did you tell her? How much does she know? For how long? This is so creepy.


The bad boyfriend goes to the bar and asks one of the bartenders where Hyun-seo is? The bartender does not look happy to see him and tells him that she quit a few days ago. he makes his own drink and wonders where she is.

So he calls Sun-woo and asks where Hyun-seo is. Sun-woo asks him why he is asking her? I thought you were working together? he asks where his money is? She tells him that she has no money, turn me in, I do not care.

He asks you don’t care? 

She tells him that he has a violent and criminal history. if you add threatening on top of that then I wont stop you. Do whatever you want, I am not just going to be a victim.


Sun-woo gets to work. Everyone whispers about her as soon as she does. She greats the nurses and they great her pleasantly as well. Then Myung-sook comes out and tells her to go to their hospital homepage.

So Sun-woo goes to the homepage and reads the postings.

MS – it started from this morning. Our server manager is erasing it but it is posting faster than they can erase it. it is out of control. I just knew this. I don’t know who did it, but that person really wanted to screw you up. Can you guess anyone?

She starts to guess some people and then asks who that guy is that visited her, perhaps that patient did it? What are you going to do?

Sun-woo tells her, it would be good if you are not that person. Myung-sook tells her that she is too sensitive. I worried about you. Perhaps some people are not satisfied with the treatment. Sun-woo tells her that it will be fine when time passes.

She calls the lawyer. He says that it could be her husband if it started overnight. If your reputation is ruined then your husband will have the advantage. He does not want to give up his kid.




Joon-young stands by himself in the library thinking. No-eul comes up and asks him who he wants to live with? Did you pick yet? He yells at her, don’t talk to me! Then he walks off.

Elsewhere, Tae-oh hurries out of Da-kyung’s place. he says he has to take care of something urgent. She tells him that she can talk to her appa about the money. Tae-oh explains that he will not grate their relationship so easily, we can’t talk about money right now.

She wants him to get rid of her first and give up his son. He says he can’t give up his son. He will bring him here. Da-kyung asks if he thinks about the new baby? he yells that he will take care of it.

Btu then the boyfriend walks down the stairs and asks them where Hyun-seo is. Da-kyung says she does not know. The boyfriend tells them that they were angry at themselves and are not giving him a hard time. Tae-oh asks how they can know their neighbor? 

The boyfriend asks, do you even know that your wife used my girlfriend to follow you around? They both look at him in shock.


Jae-hyuk gets home and looks around his place. Ye-rim comes out so they both look at each other. He asks, do you want to get a divorce?

She walks past him and up the stairs. She starts to pull out clothing for him and lays it on the bed.

JH – Tell me, I can do it for you.

YR – I am not getting a divorce. I have no job and no kid. If I get divorced now then I am too pitiful.

JH – So because of your fathers will that divorced kids will not get any money, that is why you are giving me a break?

She hands him his shirt, he throws it away.

JH – So what do you want to do?

YR – Whatever your heart is, just do better as a husband and help me get pregnant.

He scoffs but then he says, okay. I won’t date any other woman, but no baby. She stares at him.


All of Sun-woo’s patients cancelled their appointments so she has no patients. But Dong-sik is there, the one that went crazy in her office. The nurses don’t know what to do. Yoon-ki comes up and says that he can be there with her also.

Cut to Dong-sik sitting in her office. Yoon-ki is at the door. DS asks Sun-woo if it is true that she didn’t want to press charges or anything against me? I came here to apologize. I will do as you told me and see a neurologist. She tells him that is a good decision, I hope that you are treated.

He starts to leave and turns back to tell her that she is a good doctor. he wanted to tell her that. he walks off.

Yoon-ki comes in and tells Sun-woo that wasn’t bad. She asks, did you tell him to say that? he says he didn’t. She gets a call, it looks important.

She meets with the director who said that someone is looking for her. She looks in his office and sees the boyfriend sitting there with her husband.

The boyfriend tells the director that he told him everything, so excuse me. He walks out and tells Sun-woo that she should have given him the money when he asked for it.

The director then asks, did you threaten him? Is that true? And you were violent towards him? Sun-woo tells the director that he hit her patient, it was self-defense. The director asks , did you use the patient to follow your husband?

Tae-oh asks, how can you use a patient to follow me around? You are a doctor. Then he tells the director that he really worries about her. You saw the postings on the homepage. 

Sun-woo tells the director that they need to check to see who posted it. Because someone did it maliciously. Tae-oh tells her that she hurt his reputation, how long have you thought about getting a divorce?

The director asks, are you gettin a divorce?

She tells hm that is her personal life. He tells her that she can be indicted! If anyone knows that you used the patient for your personal matters then it can be big trouble for our image.

She tells him, fire me or stop me from working. I will take that. But can you excuse the person who is not in a part of this hospital? Tae-oh chuckles and says okay, I had an affair, that is my fault. But following me around and spying on me. Violence? Threatening? That is not normal. You are not normal. How can I trust you to raise Joon-young.

Sun-woo asks, so you did this for Joon-young? You made me crazy so you can take Joon-yong from me? Does he knows that your parents died in a car accident? Did you tell him the reason for their death? You told me that your mother was strange that day.

She mutters for him to shut up.

TO – You told me that she was strange that day because she knew that your appa had another woman. She was having a hard time and just did it.

Sun-woo slaps him hard.

TO – Are you sure you won’t be like your umma? Director, can I ask you for her mental stability? I think I need to go to court for custody.

SW – You a-hole. It won’t happen as you want.

She storms out. Yoon-ki heard a lot of that at the door. he also blocks Tae-oh from leaving the room  momentarily so Sun-woo can get away. Sun-woo runs up the hallway. Tae-oh starts to run after her but doesn’t know where she went.

Sun-woo gets to her car and quickly hops in. She sees her husband coming and takes off. She breaks off her rearview mirror as she does and goes rushing away.

She cuts through traffic in the street. Tae-oh follows her and cuts through traffic himself.

Tae-oh catches up to her at the light. he rolls down his window and starts asking hr what she is doing! What are you planning to do!

The lights turns green, she takes off and hits his car door as she does.


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  1. KK
    April 11, 2020 / 11:04 am

    I saw this posted and suddenly I no longer care that I still don’t have ep 6 yet, I HAVE to know what happens next.
    Wow. The sheer audacity of TO.. Good for DK at least, she really does desperately love him. Hope she won’t regret it later.

    I said what I said about TO in my comment in last episode’s recap but really.. wow.. seriously.. He is the lowest grade scum, indeed. I cannot imagine not only talking bs about how he earned her job as well but wow.. Proudly went to the hospital with his affair and shht to bring her down. Wow.. and to think.. The fact that this is in this drama, I feel like this is something some pieces of shht really do in real life. And are out there living their best lives. Urgh.

    • V
      April 11, 2020 / 11:21 am

      This episode was insaaaaaaaaaane! And yes, I cannot believe that To thinks the way he does. I mean what???

      • KK
        April 11, 2020 / 11:46 am

        I just finished your recap and commented! So trueeeeeeeeeee!! What is this?! Who wrote these??? Why are they like this???? Whattttttt…

        • V
          April 13, 2020 / 11:26 am


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