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The World of the Married: Episode 5 Recap – Part 3

The World of the Married: Episode 5 Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for The World of the Married!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





They go to some kind of library that might be Dr. Ma’s personal library or it might be a bookstore on the street. She tells Dr. Ma everything. He says that she should tell the police. What if he takes it to the media?

She asks if he is happy? Weren’t you waiting for me to be destroyed? het ells her, you raise your voice in front of me, but look at yourself.

She says that she ran up to him with scissors, I wanted to kill him. But I didn’t do it. he tells her to take her son and leave this town and starts a new life. Go-sun is Lee Tae-oh’s hometown right?

She tells him that he knows she has nowhere to go. I lost my parents at one moment. A poor girl that was left alone. It took me so long to remove that tag from myself. Everything I have now, I realized. My son’s hometown and my hometown.

Dr. Ma thinks about it. She keeps talking.

After I decided to reveal everything about him, I realized what I was afraid of the most. When I get divorced, I will be a woman that is pitied again. Joon-young will be the same.

he tells her that how people see her is not important. Are you sure you won’t pity yourself? Wake up, as much as you love him, you will hate him. But it is dangerous to go farther. Your life will be ruined like mine if even a little thing happens.

She looks at him. it continues raining outside.

Soft music plays as Tae-oh holds his cell phone and waits for his wife in their bedroom. 

She finally gets home and slowly walks into the kitchen and starts to clean the dishes that were left on the counter. 

She puts everything away and then sinks to the floor in the kitchen and starts to cry. Tae-oh comes down the steps halfway and sees her. He goes back up the stairs.


Sun-woo lightly wakes up her son and says that she made him breakfast. She lovingly looks at him and tells him that she is going to work early, have a nice day at school.

She leaves his room and walks resolutely up the hallway. She stops when she gets to her bedroom and looks at her husband sleeping. Then she walks on.


Hyun-seo gets rady to leave the fancy apartment (I’m not sure if this was the same apartment as earlier, it looks bigger). Her boyfriend is sleeping on a cot downstairs and tells her to be careful and watch for that ajumma. That is the only way that you can survive.

Hyun-seo leaves and sees Da-kyeong moving out. She asks her if anything happened? Da-kyeong says that she will stay with her parents for a while and might move out. She asks if anything happened? 

DK tells her that she broke up with that guy. Eunnie, you should end things with that man, don’t get dragged. Just call the police or something. I am going, live well. She heads off.

Hyun-seo meets with Sun-woo to apologize and tells her that he shouldn’t have found her medicine. Sun-woo gives her a nite and tells her it is her doctors opinion about her injury. 

Hyun-seo asks, am I done? Can you give me the money that you promised to me? Sun-woo asks her, do you have a plan for what comes next? hyun-seo tells her not to worry about her, you will not want to see me again. Yeo Da-kyeong broke up with your husband. She left the apartment today. What are you going to do?


At Da-kyeong’s home, DK has locked herself in her room. Her mother tells her that it is good to want to lose weight but you need to eat and lose weight. So come out. DK is softly crying in her room.

Her mother tells one of her maids to remove the breakfast table. Then she goes to talk with her husband in yet another room in this huge house. He asks if she really isn’t leaving her room? She says yes, you should talk to her and ask her why she came back home.

He says that he is happy that she came back home, if she wants to do anything than we can fully support her. The mother says that she knows that, she just does not know what she is thinking, perhaps she is a little sick?

Meanwhile. Sun-soo is still at this park where she met Hyun-seo. Hyun-seo has left. The tiny mark is still on Sun-woo’s chin where she was cut. She looks out over a pond and then checks her phone to call someone. It is tae-oh.

Cut to them both riding together. He asks how far they are going to just eat dinner? Lets go somewhere closer. She explains that she cannot because this was a dinner invitation. she asked me to come with you. He asks who? She tells him that he will like it when he sees it.

Tae-oh asks who sent her a bouquet? She asks, did Jae-hyuk not tell you? He said it was for customer care and maintenance. Tae-oh asks, that idiot? He should just tell us why he sent the flowers. She chuckles, yeah.

Cut to Jae-hyuk twirling his phone on the table. On the text it says – see you tonight. He smiles and texts back – can I tell you something interesting before then? Lee Tae-oh’s investor is Yeo Byung-kyu (the big business man and Da-kyeongs father).

Sun-woo and Tae-oh get to the mansion. Tae-oh asks why they are there? She tells him that Hyu-jung invited them for dinner. You wanted to get in good with him right? This is all for you.

She starts to walk to the door and rings it. He runs after her to stop her. She tells him that he should straighten his shirt. So he tries to do it quickly. Hyo-jung asks what is up?

She tells her that they invited them, that is why I came? Was it not today? She is holding a bottle of wine. Byung-kyo shows up and asks if she forgot that kind of important thing? Hyo-jung says that she might have, so sorry.

Tae-oh tells them that they can leave and starts to walk away. But Byung-kyu is not having it, he says that they can just eat whatever they have, please come in.



They all walk through this super great house and compliment how wonderful it looks. Hyo-jung says that her husband designed it. BK asys that his wife decorated it. She tells them to enjoy looking around and she will prepare dinner.

Sun-woo asks if he designed his own Jeju island vacation home? BK asks how she knows? She says that she just heard about it. Tae-oh pauses in his steps and says that some people from their town went there on vacation so you should have heard about it.

Sun-woo asks if she can look around the second floor. Tae-oh tries to say it is impolite. But BK tells him that it is not, you can also look around. So he starts to follow Sun-woo ask she looks around the house, but he quickly loses her amidst all the rooms.

He finds her again looking out a window and tells her that this is very impolite. She asks why? He told us to look around. She keeps walking around and grabs a vase. He tells her not to touch things.

She tells him that it looks expensive, is it.

Da-kyong hears his voice and comes out of her room. She looks horrible and stares at him. Then starts to walk to him angrily. Sun-woo drops the vase. It shatters between all of them.

SW – Oh, no. I dropped it. Ah, I shouldn’t touch someone else’s things.

Da-kyung folds her hands and asks, what are you doing intruding in someone else’s house? What are you doing here?

SW – We are intruders? Where are your manners? Your mother invited us, we are guests.

Hyu-jung comes up right then and asks what is going on. Sun-woo apologizes and takes full responsibility then walks off.


Everyone sits for a simple dinner on a small table (compared to the size of the house). BK pours them all the wine that Sun-woo brought. They all comment on the wine and how it smells good. Then BK says that they can toast for…~. His wife says happiness for the two families.

Sun-woo says that they can toast to BK for investing in Tae-oh. Tae-oh asks how she knows. She says that is not important. Let’s celebrate together. Da-kyung says that she does not want to celebrate that. So Sun-woo drinks her glass alone and tells them that this wine is really good.

Everyone is a bit awkward as Sun-woo takes her wine to the head. Hyu-jung  laughs a bit to break the mood and says that Sun-woo is a bit strange, did anything happen recently?

SW – yes, I am having a hard time.

HJ – What is so hard, you have a nice life.

SW – *looks at daughter* Are you having fun?

TO – *nervously* She is a bit too stressed. Sorry. *whispers* stop drinking.

SW – Because of my husband, he had an affair.

She looks at him. tae-h stands up and bows an apology to everyone. He says that they will leave first. But Sun-woo is still sitting.

SW – Do your parents not know that you are pregnant?

Everyone looks at Da-kyeong.

HJ – What did you just say? What? Pregnant? Who?

SW – Your daughter is pregnant with my husbands child. Chairman, you did not even know and invested a lot of money.

TO – This is a m-misunderstanding, I can explain.

HY- Da-kyung ah…Da Kyung ah…?

Hyo-jung looks at her daughter. Tae-oh wants to leave. 

SW – See, he cowardly runs away. That is the Lee Tae-ohh that you loved.

BK  – WHAT YOUR MOUTH *composes himself* to my daughter.

SW – *calmly* You should have watched your daughter first. *to daughter* You should not have touched someone else’s husband, a married man with a kid. Even if your body is horny, destroying someone else’s family is only for a whore.

Da-kyung was about to walk away, but comes back and hits Sun-woo i the back of the head, hard.

DK – You are really crazy!

She is about to hit her again but the father yells for her to stop. Da-kyung starts to yell and sinks to the ground holding her head.

BK – Just, please leave.

TO – Chairman~.


Sun-woo dabs her lips with the napkin, straightens her hair and slowly stands.

SW – Thank you for dinner.

She looks at everyone slowly and then turns to walk away. Everyone behind her is freaking out in their own way. We get a nice slow motion response from them all.




Jae-hyuk shows up to the hotel room once again.

Back at the mansion, Tae-oh bursts outside and yells for his wife who is slowly continuing her walk away. he runs to her and grabs her arm.

TO – Did you have to make this mess?

SW – I gave you a lot of chances, tell me the truth. Who was the one running away? Are you blaming me now?

TO – Are you this cheap? Are you happy to make this big mess and screw up everything?

SW – it is starting now. We have things

TO – What else do we have?

SW – Divorce. Do not even think about seeing Joon-young anymore.


SW – Do you think you can even deserve to say that? When you have fun with another woman, you should be ready not to see your son.

TO – It was my mistake, I couldn’t help it. But I did not plan to abandon my family. Falling in love is not a sin!

SW – What? Love?

TO – It all ended! If you didn’t do this then everything could have been okay.

SW – *glaring and teary* I – slept with Jae-hyuk.

TO – ….what?

At the hotel, Jae-hyuk happily goes into the hotel room smiling. Then he sees his wife sitting on the bed.

In the mansion, she tells him that she slept with Jae-hyuk.

TO – Did you want to get your revenge on me? Is that why you did it?

SW – Yes, at first I wanted to get my revenge. But after doing it, I felt high. I never felt that when I slept with you.

TO – How can you do that to me? Are you crazy? Jae-hyuk is my friend! How can you sleep with someone else?

SW – Why? Are you mad? *steps to him* Do you think it is dirty? Do you feel betrayed? *grabs his collar* Whatever it is that you feel right now, don’t ever forget it. That is what I felt.

In the hotel. Ye-rim stands up and turns to look at Jae-hyuk. He looks at her, stunned.

At the mansion. Sun-woo stares at Tae-oh.

Fade Out


Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaash, this show is insane! Sun-woo just said, f-it. I am going to release the hounds on my husband, his mistress, and the mansion all at the same time then peace out of there. I love this show and Korea seems to agree because it is sitting on around 13-14% ratings on jtbc. 

Y’all, what is going to happen next! We are only on episode 5! Hopefully the stakes keep rising and the tension keeps building because I love it. I don’t see how things can keep building though, it feels like everything has already come out that can come out. But this writer does find a way.


English Translation

SW – Joon-young saw everything with your relationship with Da-kyung.

SW – Son, why can’t you give up?

TO – What kind of crazy guy will agree with giving up money and his son?

YR – Did you sleep with her?

JH – you knew everything, why are you asking me?

YR – Hey, whatever people say, you should do your duty as a husband.

Police – The last signal was from here.

VO – How does she know my place? Did you tell her?

SW – Do you even want to live with Joon-young?

TO – I accept that I had an affair, but you are not sane now, how can you take care of Joon-young.

SW – *slaps him*

SW – Do whatever you want, I am not going to be a victim.

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  1. Joanne Wabeke
    April 11, 2020 / 4:13 am

    Kim Hee ae is an amazing actress, the first drama I saw her in was “Secret Love Affair” where again in that role she was compelling. I read your summary before episode 5 came out with English subtitles, and you really captured the essence of this episode. I am pleased that you did 3 parts for this episode because there was so much going on between the characters and you integrated it well in your summaries. This drama has captivated me and I cannot wait for the next episode to come out. If any one watching this episode has experienced betrayal then we can empathize with SW, how she feels and the revenge she seeks. TO is really a worthless, narcissistic fool, once stripped of money and current lifestyle he will be nothing. Even his pregnant girlfriend will be sick of him, Park Hae-joon plays this hapless character TO well. Many good scenes, a couple of favorites – when SW talks to TO’s mother, powerful. Of course the dinner scene when SW outs everyone. Cannot wait for episode 6.

    • V
      April 11, 2020 / 11:23 am

      So happy you liked the 3 parts! Sometimes these episode go on for so long and s much happens so we want to give people a kind of break between reading as well as to post what is happening quicker!

      I really need to go back and watch Secret Love Affair, I heard that one was really good.

  2. KK
    April 11, 2020 / 10:43 am

    When TO yelled “How can you sleep with another man?” I laughed. I deadass laughed and screamed at the screen. Who the f are you talking to? What did you NOT do??? You got some random chick you ‘fell in love with’ pregnant and what is all that “Falling in love is not a sin” shht. I am DYING at the audacity of this fcker. lmao

    And the fact that SW was so calmly stating all the obvious at dinner.. Wow, she really went there. OMG. I thought she was going to ‘ruin’ him, and her, but I didn’t think she really would do it at dinner with the family? I’m dying.. This show is seriously stressing me out and I’m loving it.. What is this????

    The preview had me freaking out, too. So TO and DK are back together and living together now? Wow, these pieces of shhts really do get to have it all huh? He had the nerve to ask why should he give up on HIS(???!!!) money and his son, what the.. Who the f.. Forget what I said last episode, these people don’t need God.. These people need to be ended by God. I swear they serve no purpose here smh

    But seriously.. SW is crazy. Or she was driven crazy by all these stuff and people, since she was started losing it since she found the lip balm and then hair.. But she. is. crazy.
    BUT.. SERIOUSLY.. I cannot stand TO and DK. At all. I feel like they are truly disgusting people. Especially TO. Literally every time he says anything, everything he does makes me roll my eyes, how dramatic is that hate LOL

    Also.. Is JH just blackmailing SW or lowkey really into her and wants to get together?

    I hope the kid really doesn’t choose to go with the bitch dad. He doesn’t like the baby mama either, anyway. Kid literally said he can’t stand her. lol These people are ruining this kid for life, istg. I wonder if he will end up like the other kid. I swear, he seems to be heading that way with all these BS. Poor kid.

    Ok, enough ranting.. I need to calm down, still not over the dinner scene. That was batshht crazy. And crazy amazing! And I’m still feeling URGH at the way TO was so desperately checking SW’s stuff. Um, bitch, how dare you. These kind of people really have no shame AND have the audacity to do the things they do AND act they way they think they can. Wow. This show is giving me all sorts of assfdgkjsdhgjkahfkajhdsdvsv stop me now.

    • V
      April 11, 2020 / 11:24 am

      I was yelling at the screen tooooooooo! I can’t believe that TO has this huge double standard and somehow thinks that he is the one that has been wronged. I mean, whaaaaat? And now we have just watched the ending of episode 6 so now I wonder, what is seriously going to happen next? I am here for it!

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