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The World of the Married: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

Part 3 is coming up!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Jae-hyuk dresses himself looking super pissed and leaves. 

Cut to him showing up at Sun-woo’s house and letting himself in. He tells Sun-woo that she was late. She asks why he is there. He tells her that he head something to talk to Tae-oh about. tae-oh is in the kitchen area as well, but excuses himself to answer the phone.

Sun-woo pushes Jae-hyuk and asks him what he is doing. he asks, why din’t you come? I was waiting. She tells him that she never said she was going. he asks, does Tae-oh know about it yet? That you are preparing for a divorce? Don’t worry, I did not tell him anything yet.

She confidently postures in front of him and asks if he thinks that is enough to threaten her with? He reminds her of that day the spent together. She steps away a moment. 

He tells her that tae-oh snuck 220k out in his secret account and added another 100k from his mothers insurance money. So in all he has 320k total. he touches her arm and says that is a good deal right?

She tells him that she is going to use a lawyer, so you can step out. He tells her that lawyers take time and you have to share it. But I can give it all to you right away. He rubs her hand on his face and tells her that she can get hold of it before. Or I can ruin it all even before that.

Tae-oh starts to come downstairs. She tries to pull her hand away but he wont let go so she has to force it away. She finally gets it away and tells them to have a nice chat. She goes to her home office and starts to google something while thinking about the 320k.

She breaks her nail due to the stress, it starts to bleed. Tae-oh opens the door and asks if she is going to bed? She asks if Jae-hyuk is going home? He says yes. She asks what they talked about? He tells her it was just life stuff.

She tells him to go to bed first, I have things to do. He tells her that she is late to bed often, are you busy? Why are you late today? She asks, do you have to know everything? Just do whatever you always do. You never cared about what I do anyway. 

He tells her to pay attention to Joon-young and leaves.


Her patient Dong-sik tells her to tell him honestly, you want to kill your husband don’t you? Just getting a divorce is no fun, right?

She looks at him from across her desk. he says, tell me, I can help you. he sits back pleasantly and waits for her answer. She thanks him for his help but refuses it and says that he will take care of his family. 

Don-sik asks why she is looking down on him? She tells him that she is not refusing his help, she just wants to maintain the line. He yells, why are you looking down on me! I helped you! He throws all the things off her desk, including her computer screen. Something scratches hr face.

He starts to slowly approach her and tells her that this is between you and me. The new doctor bursts in and pulls him away from her, then security takes him out. Everyone looks in her office. She has a bit of a panic attack and starts to faint. The new doctor holds her.

Myung-sook sees this and runs to the office. She sees the new doctor holding Sun-woo.




Sun-woo starts to confess to Yoon-ki that this patient went to a lot of different doctors and then started to come see her for a year. It thought he had compulsive disorder. 

YK tells her that he didn’t listen right? Because he thinks that you are the only one that can help him. he seems serious, but you did not notice?

She tells him that this is the first time he was this aggressive. It was unexpected.

he sees her biting her nail that has a bandaid on it.

YK – It is not rare when a patient is affected by a doctor. Did you have anything to give him a signal? That is also not rare.

SW – You are going to far. I keep my professional distance from patients. You don’t know me so don’t talk like that to me.

YK – have you ever hyperventilated before? or self destructive behavior?

SW – That is nonsense.

YK – In the past, have you had any PTSD that you were not treated for?

Cut to Sun-woo leaving her workplace. She has a small bandaid on her chin and gets into her car. We are taken into a car accident flashback where she might have had to be cut out of the car. She tries not to think about it and starts driving off.

But then the boyfriend hits her window with a smile and knocks to talk. he asks her if they should talk there or somewhere else?


They go to an empty park where the boyfriend runs through an empty pool. She tells him to stop threatening her. he says that he will follow the law then. You made Hyun-seo follow your husband by giving her a prescription. Doctors shouldn’t do that. What if you threatened a normal person to put them in a mental hospital? What would they think?

He continues and says, Hey, where is your braveness now? Why aren’t you talking about your background now? Are you afraid now? She tells him that that was all to rescue her patient from violence. he asks, do you still want to pretend like you are a doctor now? You do not deserve to be a doctor.

She asks, so what are you going to do? 

He tells her that he has a lot of places he can reveal this to. Your doctors association and TV. You should raise the money, we do not have enough time. Thirty thousand dollars is cheap to keep your license right?

He leaves. She ponders what she is going to do.




The son waits for Sun-woo to show up. But she is not showing up to pick him up. He calls his father and asks if he should walk home? He sys no, he will be right there, he rushes out to pick him up. On the drive he wonders where his wife is.

He picks his son up and takes him to a burger place. The son asks if he knows where umma is. Tae-oh tells him that she probably has an emergency patient, just eat.

But then he sees Da-kyeong walk in. He ignores her. She scoffs and orders something. His son tells him something that he really hates. The father asks, what? The son says that he hates people who look like that.

He is talking about Da-kyeong who is throwing all kinds of annoyed looks at them. Da-keong storms out. The son tells him to eat. But tae-oh says that he will got to the restroom and heads out to find Da-kyeong.

he calls her and runs through the packed streets of this busy cafe area to find her. She is not answering her phone.


At home, Tae-oh calls Myung-sook to ask when Sun-woo left work. She asks if they are fighting again? Did you still not take care of Da-kyeong? He tells her that he is done with Da-kyeong. But Sun-woo is strange recently. She is angry when I talk to her and spent the night outside.

Myung-sook is shocked to hear that so tae-oh tells her that it is nothing like that, never mind, I will talk to you later.

His son opens the door and says that umma is angry right, because of something you did? tae-oh tells him it is nothing. Appa will take care of it, don’t worry, okay?


Sun-woo is currently at a street drinking place, the kind with the temporary orange walls. it is raining outside. She leaves money for her meal and braves the rain without an umbrella.

But she is stumbling around and walking rather recklasly. She sees a car coming up to her, it is honking. She thinks back to her tragic car accident back story. She was not in the car, she was watching the accident from the sidelines and is a high school student. perhaps she knows who was in the car? 

In the present, she starts to reach for the oncoming car, she is about to get hit, but then the drunk doctor, Dr. Ma, pulls her away. He looks at her like she is crazy. She starts sobbing.


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