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The World of the Married: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

Wow, just wow. The ending of that last episode threw me for a loop. On the one hand I love that this drama went there! On the other I had this sinking feeling that she didn’t hold up her morals and now she can be accused of being an adulterer. So now I have this dread living in my body.

But I love love love that Sun-woo is not playing by anyone’s rules but her own and actually has a plan (maybe a day-by-day plan but still a plan) to get things done. I am here for it!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sun-woo and Tae-oh’s wedding day. She stands in a field, he walks up to her. He says that he, Lee Tae-oh, will only love Ji Sun-woo. He will never lie to her. She says she will never lie to him. He tells her that she is the only woman for him.

But this scene is interspersed with all his cheating with Da-kyeong and her cheating with Je-hyuk. She wonders, what was all that oath for?

At home, Tae-oh texts Da-kyeong to talk to him and not be like this. Sun-woo rides home and thinks that these oaths between them have nothing left.

Across the street, Ye-rim seethes at home on her bed. She looks three steps past pissed. She sees Sun-woo get out of a taxi and go into her house. It is early morning, the sun is about to rise.

Tae-oh wakes up and feels the empty bed next to him. Sun-woo actually went to sleep downstairs. He goes downstairs and sees her sleeping on the couch. He checks her cell phone and her phone history.

She rolls over and sees him checking it. Perhaps she put it like that on purpose.


Tae-oh and his son sit at the breakfast counter when Sun-woo comes downstairs, freshly groomed and ready for the day. They do not talk to each other. He looks like he is thinking of what to say as he sits there. She makes herself a coffee.

When her coffee is ready, he asks her when she came back? She says early morning, their talk went long. He asks if she stayed very late? She says yes, we had drinks and got together in a hotel room.

She tells Jin-young that she can take him to school today, lets go. So they both leave together. Operatic music starts to play as Tae-oh pulls out his phone again and calls someone. He calls the hotel.


Sun-woo is in all red today. She sees a man that all the other doctors are recognizing, she recognizes him a bit. It was the man at the hotel. The director introduces him. But he introduces himself and says that he is Kim Yoon-ki, I have heard a lot about you.

The director says that he will start work soon and will replace Dr. Ma (the doctor that got fired for drinking too much). Myung-sook is extra happy to see him, a nice single man.

In the break room, she asks Sun-woo how she likes him? He is a single divorced man without kids. She smiles as she thinks of him. Sun-woo isn’t really showing any interest in this conversation. Myung-sook asks if she is still angry at her. 

Sun-woo asks why she should be? Then leaves. Myung-sook shakes her head and answers her phone. It is Tae-oh. He asks if Sun-woo came to work? She says of course. He asks if she feels anything different about her behavior? She asks wHaAaAat? I thought the bouquet solved everything. But he asks, bouquet? Me?

Cut to Sun-woo at Jae-hyuk’s office. She is looking over the financial numbers. But she doesn’t understand so she tells him to explain. He tells her that Tae-oh’s company is empty, they don’t even pay the rent or the employees last month.

Sun-woo asks if it is possible to not have income at all? He went to all those events. Jae-hee says he has income, but he spends more. Tae-oh can’t even calculate income and spending. He is about to be bankrupt. She tells him that he said he had an investor. The Chinese business man. Was it all a lie?

Tae-oh explains that the Chinese deal fell through. He is talking to someone but does not have an investment confirmed yet, so he is just waiting. She asks if he checked his personal account? Jae-hyuk looks at her. She asks if there is nothing?

he tells her that this is the legal thing I can do. Without a good reason, I cannot do anything more even if the head of the bank comes. She asks, so you didn’t find it out? He says she should give him some time. High risk, high return, you need to return the favor.

She swivels her seat facing him. Then says, thats okay. I will just think that you are only good for this much. She gets up to leave. He asks if she really doesn’t need it? Tomorrow night. I will wait over there.

She stars at him then heads out. In the car, she has to get ahold of herself and grips the wheel to think before driving off.

Ye-rim drives in and sees Sun-woo driving out. Sun-woo also sees Ye-rim. But they do not know that each one saw the other.



Inside, Je-hyuk hears steps coming back and thinks it is Sun-woo so h smiles and turns to ask if they would like to have a drink together? But it is Ye-rim so his face drops. he has to say he was waiting for a client. She tells him that she thought he was very busy so she brought a change of clothes.

he says they can have dinner and go. She tells him that she went to the hospital. He asks if she had any problem? She says she went to the OBGYN, there was nothing. But, I want to have a baby.

He tells her to raise a dog if she is bored. She says that she agreed with him to not have kids (to be a DINK couple). But you should help me now. He is not into it. She asks if they are really a couple? Think about it carefully, I am not just saying this.


Tae-oh reads in bed when Sun-woo’s phone goes off. He turns to see where she is and then checks it. But he does not know her password. The phone falls under the bed so he has to find it quickly and put it back before she gets out.

She is looking at him from the bathroom, apparently she say everything. he apologizes and says that he checked her cell phone because he wanted to change it. She asks if he would like to see something on it? He says no, he just wanted to measure the weight of it.

He goes somewhere. She opens her phone and sees a message from Jae-hyuk – What you were looking for is ready.


Sun-woo gets to work at the same time as the new doctor Yoon-ki. He tries to chat with her as they walk inside and asks her how her morning is and if she slept well and all that. She tells him that she is a working mom, it is impossible to get enough sleep. He says she has a super mom complex. Your life will be happier if you stop being perfect.

She looks annoyed by his response and walks ahead of him. Myung-sook calls his name from the sidewalk, but he runs in to catch up to Sun-woo. Inside, he tells her that he promised the director that he would take care of the emplOyees mental health. I can give you free consultation, that is why I did it. I am sorry if I made you angry.

She tells him, okay, lets do it. Then she goes to her office. He also goes to his office and tells Myung-sook good morning. Myung-sook say this chat he had with Sun-woo and starts to wonder about it.

In her office, Sun-woo gets a call from Ye-rim. Cut to her meeting with Ye-rim in a cafe. Ye-rim tells her that she wants to have a baby so much, but her husband refuses. Sun-woo tells her that she should talk to Dr. Seol. Ye-rim thinks she will not understand because she is not married. You are the only one I can talk to about this.

Sun-woo thanks her for thinking of her like this, but she doesn’t know why Jae-hyuk doesn’t want any kids. What about his relationship with his parents? Why don’t you have a couples consultation? We have a new psychiatrist. 

Ye-rim thinks Jae-hyuk will never want to do that, he does not listen to her. Sun-woo says that they need common ground since one person cannot force it. She is sorry she is not a better help.

Ye-rim asks if Sun-woo is okay with Tae-oh. Every couple has problems. We are the same as all other couples. Sun-woo changes the subject and asks, didn’t you see me yesterday? I stopped by Jae-hyuk’s office. I think I saw you on my way out.

Ye-rim says that she saw her. Sun-woo asks, don’t you wonder why I went there? Ye-rim says that Jae-hyuk is good for money consultations. Sorry I took up too much of your busy time. She gets up to leave.

Sun-woo tells her that if she knows something she has to know, she will tell her everything without hiding any of it. Ye-rim leaves. Sun-woo continues drinking her drink. Then checks her phone. It says, lets me at 8pm, I will wait for you.




Cut to the boyfriend waking up in a small apartment. He looks through the kitchen cabinets. Then Hyun-seo comes up and grabs the medicine out of his hands that he found in the cabinet. 

He tells her that she was supposed to quit her drugs. She asks who do you think made we want to take them? Without you I don’t need any of these drugs. he asks, is it because of the drug? I wondered why you work for that doctor. So it is because of drugs.

Hyun-seo calls him crazy and asks what he is thinking. He tells her to wait. She says it is not like that. He asks, what did I say?

Elsewhere, Sun-woo checks her phone again and looks at the message saying he will wait for her at 8pm.

Cut to Jae-hyuk looking super happy as he takes a shower and gets ready. he is in the hotel room already. he puts on a robe and waits with a beer.

But time passes and she is not there yet. 

Sun-woo is in the bottom of the hotel though. As she is walking through the hotel, someone calls her name. It is Hyu-jung. She goes up to her and asks what she is doing there? Hyu-jung is there meeting her friends. She wants to chat idly, but Sun-woo tells her that she has an appointment.

Hyo-jung invites her to her house to thank her for dinner last night. It can be a comfortable couples dinner then heads out. Sun-woo continues walking through the lobby. She meets with her lawyer and says that her husband suspects her.

he asks, does your husband know that you are preparing to get a divorce? She tells him that he tried to open her cell phone, I think he felt something. The lawyer tells hr to buy 2 or 3 more weeks. She asks, 2-3 more weeks???

he says that they need 2-3 weeks for all the proper paperwork to come through. But Tae-oh will be notified 2 months later. She says that seh will try, she does not know how much money he has.


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