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The World of the Married: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

Part 1 | Part 2

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





At home, Ye-rim tracks her husband on an app. Then she hears his car and looks out the window as he parks.

he walks inside slowly and still appears to be thinking of Sun-woo. His wife comes out softly and tells him that he is late. Did you have dinner? He says he did, of course. He walks right by her.


Sun-woo helps a patient out pleasantly then sees the bad ex-boyyfriend. He asks to see Doctor Ji Sun-woo and then sees her standing there. So he asks if he should go inside her office or tell her right there in the hallway?

Myung-sook sees this and wonders what is up.

Inside the office, In-kyu takes the CCTV out and says that he heard she was looking for this. She asks where Hyun-seo is. He tells her that she doesnt need to know, she just needs this. This has clear footage of your husband going into that house.

Sun-woo grabs it from him, but he still has the usb so he shows that to her. She tries to take it away. He grabs her wrist and says that she will be in more trouble if a big noise comes from this room.

She pulls herself away and asks what he wants. he tells her $20k. Do you not want it? How about $30k? Sh tells him she will not give someone like him money. He casually tells her that she has until next week, if you do not want to know that you paid someone to follow your husband.

Sun-woo asks how Hyun-seo is doing? Is she okay? He asks, do you think I jailed her? She says that she hates you and wants to finish things with this money. Until next week. He leaves.

Sun-woo holds herself up and drinks coffee as she thinks about what her lawyer said to her about how she needs to collect evidence. It appears that you are not ready for this fight. If we stop here, then it is better not to have started at all. She throws her coffee cup and sits. It breaks on the wall.

A nurse comes in right then with a basket of flowers that her husabnd sent. She sees the broken cup but smartly ignores it and leaves. Sun-woo reads the note, it says “You are a cool woman”. 

Cut to Jae-hyuk who gets a call. He asks her if she likes the present? She asks why he sent it to her. He says it is a present from your friend, do not feel too burdensome. I am taking care of my client also. She thanks him and says that she does not think too much when she has trouble on her mind.

He tells her that life does not have answers or follow as planned. it is good to follow what your heart says sometimes.


Sun-woo gets back to work. She meets with Song-sik who has the rash and recorded her husband at his birthday party. he asks her if someone very close to her betrayed her and if she trusts her husabnd. 

She keeps it business and tells him tht his heart is fine and his allergies are fine. He asks, so I can’t find an answer here also. She tells him that she thinks it is more of a mental problem than a physical one. You should consult a psychologist. 

he smiles and says he knows himself, can I just get the medicine that I always get. She tells him thta people always think that they know themselves best. But do not do it get help from a professional.

He also tells her, do not to solve this by yourself, get help from a professional.

She looks at him, stunned.




Da-kyung works as the instructor in her yoga studio. Ye-rim is on of the  woman. But then Da-kyung starts to get queasy. Ye-rim notices.

Da-kyung throws up in the bathroom and then tries to make herself presentable. Ye-rim comes up right then with a smile. She tells her that she has three older sisters so I know even if I see the back that you are pregnant.

Da-kyung is stunned, she asks, so?

Ye-rim tells her that she thought when she heard that you were working until the end of this week that it was funny.

DK – I don’t know what is going on, but if you do not want it then you can get a refund.

YR – I allowed you because you are director Lee’s toy. But if you do this then it is a different story, I cannot just keep my mouth quet.

DK – Tell her whatever, that is what I want. But you can’t. We did it together but now you are pretending to be loyal? That is funny.

YR – *fixes her hair* If she knows, do you think she will just give up? She will never divorce and let you give birth to the baby and ruin your life forever.

Ye-rim walks to the paper towels and shoulders Da-kyung out of the way.

YR – Haven’t you thought that she knows everything but pretends like she doesn’t know? A divorce is n ot happening. You idiot.

She dries her and and leaves. Da-kyung looks shook.


The assistant waits for Tae-oh to get off the phone and then asks him if he is going somewhere nice? Has there been no contact from the investment? he asks why she wonders so many things today? She apologizes and leaves.

She closes the door to his office but she is thinking about what Sun-woo told her about how she knows that she knows. She looks worried.

Tae-oh texts his wife. Sun-woo looks at the memory card, perhaps she paid the money?

Outside somewhere, Da-kyung walks up the street looking worried. Then her mother honks and happily tells her to get in. She sings, I just came here to see my daughter. Da-kyung tells her that she saw her, goodbye.

But the mother wants to shop with her and tells her to hop in. Da-kyung looks like she is still a bit queasy, but she goes along with her mother. Her mother tells her that she gained weight, if she loses a bit then she will buy her a dress. DK tells her to stop going on about that.

Her mother frolics to the pregnancy area to buy some cute things for her friend whose college friend is about to become a grandmother. Her daughter is only 20 so she is a grandmother and has to raise the baby now. Hey I do not want to be a grandmother too early so behave.

Da-kyung watches the little booties get wrapped. She looks miserable.


Sun-woo and family go ut for a family night out. Joon-young is happy about it as they walk into the restaurant. But, Da-kyung and her mother walk out right then. The mother is happy to see Sun-woo and says that they did not make a reservation so they have to leave. 

Tae-oh tells them goodbye. But Sun-woo tells them that they should all eat together, we made a reservation. Hyo-jung doesn’t want to impose. But Sun-woo says that she wanted to thank them for coming to the funeral, so if it is okay with you you can join us. She holds Yae-oh’s arm even tighter.

Then the chairman comes up right then too, lol. 

So this meeting of the families is so awkward as they all sit together. The baby daddy, the mistress, the mother of the mistress, the wife and both their kids. It is hilariously miserable.

Sun-woo all of  a suden asks Da-kyung how her dating life is. tae-ho starts coughing. BK tells her that his daughter is a social person so people misunderstand, but she is not dating anyone. Sun-woo mentions that it is probably a rumor.

Joon-young, who has been looking increasingly uncomfortable, stands and tells them that he has to go finish his homework. Please excuse me. Tae-oh walks him out.

Sun-woot ells them that his son love his appa so much, he follows him around. BK says yes, sons are special to appas. Hyu-jung tells Sun-woo that her husband is handsome so a lot of actresses should hit on him. Sun-woo says of course, a lot. But tae-oh is so focused on the family. If it happens, I think he is just releasing energy. No more, no less. Just like excretion (like pooping, lol).

Da-kyung looks pissed.

Hyo-jung says, yes, everyone makes a little mistake. Da-kyung excuses herself. Hyu-jung tells her that chairman Chae’s wife decided to just get past this thing that happenes with them. She is all smily and clueless.

Meanwhile, Tae-oh drives his son home looking extra stressed.

Sun-woo leaves the dinner and gets a call from Da-kyung telling her that she needs to watch her mouth! You need to protect the patient’s personal information!

SW – You told me that he would divorce in two months. And give birth to the baby so I thought you guys already introduced your parents. Sorry if I gave you trouble.

Da-kyung is so shocked. She hangs up the phone.

Sun-woo looks pleased with the call.

Da-kyung starts to frantically look through her cabinets and finds a cigarette to smoke. But she stops herself from lighting it and sinks to the floor in frustration.

Sun-woo drives off. Hyun-seo calls her. 

Da-kyung cries at home while touching her belly.




Someone rings the bell at Da-kyungs place. She asks who it is. A woman’s voice says it is me. Da-kyung opens the door and sees a very beat up Hyun-seo. She tells her that she is sorry, but can I stay here for a little bit?

They sit on her couch. Hyun-seo tells her that she decided to get an abortion. She has no money and no parents, the father hit me. Someone like me shouldn’t give birth. It will only make another life miserable. Don’t look at me like that, I feel good after deciding. My life is also important. I do not want to be trapped by a baby in my young age. It is good for you Da-kyung since you do not have to worry about this. You have good parents and you will get married soon. 

Da-kyung looks worried.

HS – Why? Why happened?

DK – Actually, the man is a married man.

She starts to cry. Hyun-seo hugs her as Da-kyung says it drives her crazy and that he said he would divorce her soon because he can’t live with her anymore. But she is the problem. She is a shameless woman, even if she knows everything she will not divorce the husband.

HS – What kind of woman is she?

DK – She constantly looks down on people and brags and is super arrogant. Her husband should like living with someone like her. She also is not sexuallya ttractive at all. He has to do it as a duty, but she is old now.

Sun-woo is listening to all of this as well while she irons at hom. Tae-oh is in front of her. He asks if she is tired? You can stop. I will retire first. He goes upstairs with his wine.

Sun-woo takes out her earbuds and hangs up. Then she checks her texts. Jae-hyuk asks, did you find the answer you were looking for?

He is currently at a fancy bar alone. He checks his phone. She texts back – not yet. He asks, what about tomorrow? Would you like to have a drink?

She thinks about it and then we cut to her putting on a black dress, makeup, perfume, and jewelry.




Tae-oh comes downstairs and asks Joon-young where his mom is. Then we see her coming downstairs looking fabulous in that black dress and seductive attire. He tells her that her lips are too red. She asks if it is strange? he sys he is just mentioning it.

He asks, is this for your conference? that is too much. She tells him that she hasn’t been out in awhile so I am having fun, yo know since you two guys dont like it.

Tae-oh tells her that it is too much, but it is not too bad. She tells him that she made dinner so you two can heat it up. He ignores her and says okay then starts to read baseball things with his son. She heads out.

But, Sun-woo does not go to a conference, she goes to a hotel to meet with Jae-hyuk in the restaurant. he looks at her like he has been trying to bed her for years. But he holds himself back. He tells her that she looks pretty today. But you are always pretty.

She asks for a drink. he pours it out of a fabulous pitcher that looks like a representation of a swan. She tells him that she never expected to have time like this with Jae-hyuk alone. It isn’t bad.

He asks, not bad? That is it? I should work harder.

SW – Why do people have an affair?

JH – there are two types of men, the kind who have an affair and the kind who get caught. it is instinct. You cannot win over basic instinct.

SW – Basic instinct is not only for men.

She takes a long sip of her wine.


A man walks through the lobby and talks on the phone about how he is staying at a hotel for a conference. This guy is Dr. Kim Yoon-ki. 

In the dinner area, Sun-woo laughs happily and wipes her tears. Jae-hyuk says it is all about his jealousy. She tells him that men always rank themselves even though they pretend that they do not. But I know what his rank is among his friends.

She continues and tells him that he instigated Je-hyuk, what made you do that? It was your insecurity from the rank that you thought of him. It is only an excuse that it was because of me. Isn’t that right?

he sits back and tells her that she is too good for someone like Tae-oh. You knew that I like you. She says, kind of. He asks, but you came all the way over here? Yes. She takes another sip. He shows her a hotel key.

JH – This kind of revenge is good to Tae-oh also, right? You can refuse it. You decide.

He smiles and then leaves. She drinks some more of her wine.


cut to Sun-woo standing at the elevator. She does not know if she should go inside. The doctor gets out. She walks in. He turns around and looks at her. She looks nervous to go up.

She stands at the room, holding the key. She looks up and down the hallway. She takesa  step to the door and opens it. Je-Hyuk is waiting super cool and drinking hard liquor. She goes in.\

He looks at her. They stand right in front of each other. he steps to her to kiss her. She pushes him and he falls back on the ottoman in front of the bed.

She drops her wallet on the floor and starts to undress her jacket. he starts to unbutton his shirt. She takes off her jacket. he takes off his shirt and stands up again. She touches him on his face and rubs his lips then pushes him away again. he sits on the ottoman once more.

She walks up to him and turns around for him to unzip her dress. He does and lightly moves it off of her shoulders. It falls to the ground. She turns around and looks at him with her black leingerie on looking fabulous and touches his face again. Then she pushes him back, he falls on his back and looks so shocked that his dream is really happening.

She straddles him, he touches her back.

Elsewhere, Ye-rim looks at the GPS tracker and knows that her husband is at a hotel.

Bethoven Symphony #7, 2nd movement, plays as she sinks to the floor in misery. She sees that his car is in a hotel parking lot.

Sun-woo kisses Je-hyuk on the bed. He flips her over and kisses her. Then he sits her up and takes off another piece of her clothing. She pushe s him on the bed again and straddles him once more (goodness is this too TV MA?) then he flips her around and stars to kiss her all over.



Meanwhile, her husband and son are at home happily eating snacks and having fun when the bell rings. tae-oh goes to it – Da-kyung is standing right there!

He looks at her and then looks inside at his son watching TV. He pulls her to the front and asks what happened? You should have called me.

DK – Lets break up.

TO – We couldn’t help things yesterday.

DK – I erased the baby!

TO – What?

DK – Okay? So we don’t have to see each other.

She starts to walk away, he tries to grab her arm, she pulls it away and keeps walking. She hops in her car and leaves. He starts to run after her, but stops.


Sun-woo prepares to leave as Je-hyuk wakes up. He asks if she is leaving already? She says yes, she has a family. He tells her that it is such a mood breaker. She asks, do you want me to tell your wife, or will you do it?

He asks, what? Should I tell tae-oh about this? She tells him, if you want to, you can.

SW – But you won’t divorce Ye-rim.

TH – *he sits up.* Hey, you take your revenge out on only Tae-oh.

SW – Women are not having affairs because they do not know how to. Women don’t do it because of family. So you should stop doing this. *she grabs his face* Give me all of Tae-oh’s secret accounts and his company financial details.

TO – Are you threatening me.

SW – Yes. *smiles*

She walks out.

VO – You should stop trying to solve this all by yourself, get help from a professional.

Cut to Dong-sik giving her a usb in her office. He tells her that he picked this up from the restaurant. It may help you doctor. Then he leaves.

She looks at the recording, it is of some of the high school kids and then Joon-young says that he has to record his father. He goes to find his father who is in the woods. But he is with Da-kyung and they are kissing and their is voice as well. 

Sun-woo has a mental freak out.

VO – My son, my house, my life, whatever it is, I do not want to lose any of that.

She walks out of the hotel looking determined.

SW – I am going to just cut that a-hole Tae-oh from my life.

Fade Out


We updated the begining of the last part with the first 5-10 minutes! But lets talk abot this ending! Wow! I do not believe that this show went there and had her sleep with Je-hyuk! OMG. Normally they wouldn’t have the woman cheat to show that she is above all this or something. But this writer is taking it to the audience and is all like, look, women decide not to cheat becuase they have a strong sense of duty. It is not that they cannot cheat, you idiots.

And now Sun-woo has “cheated” on her husband for her sense of duty to her family because she needs all that accounting stuff in order to keep her family together! Her family being her and her son and their house and financial life. I mean her husband is dragging them all into the gutter, including her sons future and she has no control over it at all because everything is in her husbands name and under his company.

Ah, I just love how we see the corner that Sun-woo is in and we see her quietly fighting her way out of it using whatever she can.


English Translation

JC – This is Kim Yoon-ki, the new neuropsychology doctor.

TO – Have you noticed anything different about Sun-woo?

MS – With your bouquet, I thought it was all done.

JH – tae-oh doesn’t know abotu it yet right? Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything about it yet.

Woman – Eunnie, you just end it with him, don’t be dragged.

SW – Da-kyung, do your parents not know about your pregnancy yet?

SW – Well, that is why you shouldn’t touch someone else’s things.

TO – Are you really this low?

SW – You should be ready to not see your own son when you have an affair with another woman.

TO – I couldn’t help it! Falling in love is not a sin!

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  1. Lala
    April 4, 2020 / 12:16 pm

    They really following the original UK series really well im amazed at how great this show is becoming 😍👏

    • KK
      April 4, 2020 / 12:39 pm

      Hi. “..the original UK series”? Omg do share, what series???

      • Anonymous
        April 4, 2020 / 1:06 pm

        The world of the married is based off of the UK series Dr Foster which came out in 2015 and if you watch that youll see they are following the exact same storyline to a tee, Cheating husband, pregnant mistress, young woman getting beaten by abusive boyfriend etc. Dr Foster had 2 seasons and each of those seasons had 5 episodes each 🙂

        • Lala
          April 4, 2020 / 1:08 pm

          Its actually quite crazy watching the Korean version of Dr Foster cause its the exact same storyline with a few changes here and there lol

        • KK
          April 11, 2020 / 10:01 am

          Thanks! I actually went and check the wiki page and checked out the details on the series. And boy did I read alllll the details lol
          Urgh. No spoiler but, I sincerely hope this will go crazy (crazier that it already is) but not end up the same way the Dr Foster series did. I did NOT enjoy reading the Season 2 synopsis.

          • V
            April 11, 2020 / 11:25 am

            Oh no! I hope it has a happy ending. i don’t know anything about the other series, but hopefully this writer pulls things around to a satisfying ending for everyone watching right now!

    • V
      April 6, 2020 / 5:59 am

      I did not know it was a remake! So exciting!
      (No spoilers though for anyone who has seen the original, let us all scream at the screen in disbelief!)

  2. KK
    April 4, 2020 / 12:38 pm

    Honestly, everything about this drama is messed up and I’m (kinda) enjoying it. I sincerely cannot feel sympathy or empathy or anything remotely close to good feelings for DK, honestly.. I just cannot see how someone, even if she was madly in love, to act the way she does to SW AND has the audacity to tell her supposed new-friend-slash-next-door-neighbour that SW acts all high and mighty and not attractive etc.. Wow, classic woman bringing another woman down and I’m not here for it.

    I was suuuuuper shocked about SW bedding JH though.. Omg.. What..?! What is up with this drama?? Writers?? Whoa what?! Also.. kind of a FU to both JH and his wife, YR? for the part they play in the whole sneaking around. Dear God.. Speaking of which.. These people need God. lol

    But sincerely.. I am most disgusted by TO. He is by far the most despicable human being in these 4 episodes and heck, that woman went and seriously.. killed. her. mother. in. law. But also.. Cmon dead mother in law.. Talk about my child can do no wrong. Urgh. Again.. What is up with this drama?!

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, actually started out as wanting to share the shock. And to thank you for the recaps.. But wow did I lose it lol.. I can’t deal with all this on my own. None of my friends are watching so here I am to see if anybody else is freaking out just as hard lol. Well, sorry again for the long message and thanks again! Looking forward to more updates and recaps! Stay in and stay safe~ Take care! ^^

    • V
      April 6, 2020 / 6:02 am

      OMG, your rant is the best! “These people need God” yaaaaaaas, lol. I was so in disbelief that she actually slept with himmmmmm! The biggest shock. I kept thinking she would push him away and leave but noooooo. WOW, just wow. I cannot believe she went there but I kind of like it? It’s like, I don’t like it and I like it? So weird but I am here for this.

      • KK
        April 11, 2020 / 9:57 am

        SAME! I was like.. Ew sis no. But also.. Whoa sis.. Ok she DID. THAT. lol
        I’m about to start ep 5 and will come back to check out your recaps just to know that should something even crazier happen today, I can’t be only one losing my shht over it lol

        • V
          April 11, 2020 / 11:25 am

          Yep yep yep, lol!!! You have me laughing.

  3. April 4, 2020 / 1:55 pm

    Thanks for the recap….. This show is good as always… Having an affairs of ur husband knew. It really annoying. I like the way SW is handle it so far….

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