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The World of the Married: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

Y’all, this show keeps me on my tippy toes waiting to see what will happen. I did not expect that Hyun-seo (the waitress) would move in next door to Da-Kyung (the mistress)! That just put me flat on my butt with anticipation for the next episode, I mean, what do they have planned? Whatever it is, I am here for it.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open on the hug from yesterday. He tells her that he loves her, you know that right? She says yes, I know that. Then she thinks, my son, my house, my life, whatever it is, I do not want to lose any of that. I just want to cut Lee tae-oh out from my life.

She meets with her lawyer who says that her house is collateral and her banking account is also under the company. You have a good goal. 

TO – I have to put everything back, whatever it takes.

Lawyer – If it is under someone else’s name already, you will not be able to get anything. This is important from right now. The most important thing  to getting a divorce is secrecy. Your husband should never know. You need to control your emotions. Do a proper job. If you cannot then you need to bury everything.


Sun-woo prepares for the day or maybe to go to bed. tO is looking at her and asks if things are difficult for Joon-young? She says that he liked his grandmother a lot, it is the first time he lost someone close to him as well. Don’t worry, I will take care of him, you take care of yourself. Do not work too hard. I worry about you losing your health.

She takes off her shirt and gets into bed with a white negligee on. He looks at her and puts his arm out for her to cuddle up with him. She does.

SW – Sorry, I asked you if you have a woman and suspected that you did and yelled at you. maybe because I love you so much. You know, sometimes it happens. I want to confirm your love.

She starts to think of him kissing Da-kyung in the car. She pulls him into a kiss. He kisses her back and rolls her over. She looks like this is the las thing she wants to do right now. But she is going with it. However, someone calls right then. She tells TO that she is sorry, it is a patient.

She excues herself to talk to them. it si hyun-seo. She tells her that he is getting friendly with Da-kyung and going over to her house. Sun-woo hangs up and starts to think. She goes to the kitchen. She walks outside instead and checks his car for the bag, but it is gone. It’s raining so she gets soaking wet.

But then someone puts an umbrella over her, it is Jae-hyuk. 


Sun-woo meets with a woman in her office. It is an older fabulous woman. She says she is there because Chairman Yeo introduced her. Sun-woo tells her that she has an STD, but she will be okay if she takes the antibiotics. The woman says that is pretty embarrassing at my age.

Sun-woo tells her not to be, it is common in adults. The woman asks, is it? So it doesn’t just happen because of…that thing. Sun-woo asks, do you mean sexually? The woman asks, can it happen from the sauna or excercising or something like that?

Sun-woo takes off her glasses.

Outside, the husband asks Byung-kyu if he can trust that doctor. Byung-kyu says that he saw when she asked a favor for her husband, it should be okay.

Inside, Sun-woo tells the wife that it is rare in other cases except for being sexually transmitted. It is usually 99% sexually transmitted.

Outside, Byung-kyu tells his friend that it should be okay.

The woman leaves, and immediately slaps her husband who looks like he is worth a ton of money. Chairman Yeo is with him. The woman turns to Sun-woo and thanks her for the explanation. Then she walks off with all her dignity intact. ,He runs after her.

Chairman Yeo looks at Sun-woo. 

SW – I am a doctor, I have to tell the disease and the treatment clearly to the patient. Ii don’t know why you thought I would cover up your friends affair. If you are done then goodbye.

BK – *chuckles* I misunderstood you.

SW – *looks at him*

The other doctor sees Sun-woo standing outside with Chairman Yeo BK. She calls Tae-oh and tells him that chairman Yeo is meeting with Sun-woo right now. They are talking about something super serious, I don’t know what is going on.

Tae-oh gets in his car and speeds over.

Outside, Sun-woo and BK talk in the park. She doesn’t really look at him, but it seems to be more out of respect.

BK – Your principles as a doctor – I am sorry if II touched your pride. You know, even before you are a doctor, you are a married person also. Sometimes it is better not to know about the affair.

SW – Well, I cannot accept secrets between married couples.

BK – Do you know everything about your husbands life?

SW – Yes, I know everything about him, he doesn’t know how to hide.

BK – *Chuckles* Ah, Tae-oh is all controlled by his wife.

SW – *Looks at him* By the way, your daughter is dating a man.

Cut to tae-oh pulling up right then and hopping out of the car frantically. Sun-woo and BK keep talking.

SW – I told your daughters personal information to you without my intention. I thought they were in a deep relationship so of course I thought family knew about it.

BK – If something happens they she should have told me. *gets to his own car* Da-kyung was raised preciously so she does not know the world, but she is pretty smart. But not as smart as you.

SW – Goodbye.

He starts to get in his car. But that is when Tae-oh comes bounding over to him like a servant with his back half bowed already. He greets him.

BK tells Sun-woo that he is thankful for what she said. Tae-oh looks spooked, what did they talk about? TO closes the door and then bows him off.

Sun-woo asks her what they talked about.




Later on, Hyo-jung and BK talk to Da-kyung about this man that she likes. We want to see him, introduce him to us. But Da-kyung says it is nothing, we are just dating.

But her mom says that she heard that she is in a deep relationship with someone. Da-kyung asks who saw her? BK tries to calm is down and tells her that if it is not a deep relationship then just finish it. I will introduce you to a suitable person and you can have a blind date.

She tells them no. It appears that they are at her place?

The mother comes over and tells Da-kyung that they gave her independence because she wanted it. So I convinced your father. But now you are making this trouble. You know your father is a scary person when he is angry.

Da-kyng tells her it is her personal life, okay? 

The father stands and walks to the door. He tells her that if she makes trouble then she should come back home. Women should not be involved in rumors.

The mother tells her that it looks like she has gained weight, be sure to take care of yourself. They both head out.


That evening, Sun-woo picks up her son from school. She sees the assistant with her daughter so she calls her over to the car and asks if she can take her home. The assistant hesitantly agrees.

She drops her and her daughter off at home. The daughter goes inside so Sun-woo and MY can talk. 

SW – Isn’t it difficult to raise kids alone after getting divorced?

MY – No choice, everyone just lives like that.

SW – How is your daughter since she lives without her father, is she okay?

MY – She is okay, she doesn’t look for her father too much.

SW – Mi-yeon, you know why I went to the office that night.

She stops and looks at her. Then thinks of something to say.

MY – I don’t know what you are talking about.

Sun-woo smiles and tells her okay.

SW – Maybe I took too much of your time.

She walks back to her car. Mi-yeon looks troubled.


Hyun-seo gets back to her apartment and sees Tae-oh and Da-kyung arguing from her window. He storms out and starts to kick his car several times. Then he finally gets in and leaves.

Hyun-seo pulls out her phone.


Tae-oh, Sun-woo and their son eat dinner together. Sun-woo had already gotten the message from Hyun-seo saying that the couple had a fight. So Sun-woo asks Tae-oh if he has any trouble? He is drinking alcohol. He says that he just wanted to have a drink.

The next day at work, the director is angry at Sun-woo for doing what she did. He says that it is not about the money they stopped giving them, it is about the patient.

Sun-woo says that she was on her patients side. He asks, didn’t you know that she is the wife of our biggest donator!

Afterward, Myung-seo tells Sun-woo that she might have gone too far with the doctors conscience. It was an emotional thing right? helping a woman whose husband had an affair. She is a bit sarcastic and says it was because her husband had an affair and to be careful. She starts to walk off.

Sun-woo tells her that she should be careful.

MS – What?

SW – You double spy.

She walks right up to her face.

SW – How long are you going to do it?

Then she walks off determinedly. But she stops when she sees the rich man’s wife standing at her door. They go inside.

Wife – I thought that you wouldn’t do it. But a lot of people come to the hospital so….just in case. You know our town is small. I hope our family thing does not spread.

SW – I keep the patients personal information, do not worry.

Wife – *deep exhale*

SW – Are you blaming me? Would it have been better not to know?

Wife – I am not getting divorced. People who do not know things will say I am not divorcing him because of his money. But the time together, how can you explain everything with only money?

SW – Can you live the rest of your life forgiving him because of the time you spent together?

Wife – It is a one time affair, nothing to forgive at all. Sex for men is just releasing. I am the one who made him, his background, money, and personality – I don’t want to waste all my effort with divorcing him.

She leaves. Sun-woo thinks about all that she said.




Tae-oh text someone to pick up the phone. It is probably Da-kyung. He is in the office at home texting her. he paces and paces as he waits for a response, then he gets one.

he heads out of the office just as Sun-woo is walking up the hall, she asks him if he is going somewhere? He says yes, work, they can’t take care of it. She asks, this late? He says yes, do not wait for me.


Meanwhile, Hyun-seo works at a her bar and gets a text from Sun-woo saying that her husband left and if she can check on it. So she asks her friend to cover for her and she heads out. But her ex-boyfriend sees her leaving.

Hyun-seo records the husband from her CCTV in her car. She catches him locking his car and walking up the steps to the apartment. She leaves it on and goes up her steps. But then she hears her ex-boyfriends voice and stops.

he gets out of his car and walks over to her to check out her new car and her new place. He tells her she is good. Are you dating an old man now or something? Hyun-seo tells him she is done. He sys he is not done, sorry.

She tries to go upstairs, but he stops her and talks about that VP of the hospital, what is up with you two? Are you dating? She says she is just her doctor, it has nothing to do with you, get out of my life.

She goes upstairs, but he goes past her to Da-kyung’s door. She stops him and asks if he is crazy? It looks like he rang the bell. Tae-oh opens the door (um, why????) and looks at the two of them.

(Hmm, but maybe it is like 2am, so it might have been a protective thing)


Sun-woo walls someone and looks nervous. She might be calling Hyun-seo. She texts her and asks if anything is wrong? Why aren’t you picking up the phone?

She sits and looks at the clock, it is really late, maybe almost 1am. She calls again.

Someone answers, it is a mans voice. It appears that she called her husband. He asks if she isn’t in bed yet? She says that she worried about him since he is not back yet. he tells her that he finished up the urgent thing and will probably stay overnight.

But right now he is shirtless in his lovers bed. 

She tells him that he works so hard and to rest well. I love you. He says, you too. Da-kyung hears and storms out, upset. 

Sun-woo goes tot he kitchen and takes a bottle of wine to the head. She looks at her cell phone again and frets. Then she goes for a super long run like she is the terminator. Another car drives up the road as she does. It is Ja-hyuk.

he calls her name but she might not have heard him. She does stop running though and takes a breather, so he hops out to talk to her.

JH – Sun-woo, why didn’t you hear me, what are you thinking about?

SW – Just whatever, nothing important. Going home now.

JH – Any worries?

SW – No, I am just working out.

JH – I saw what you saw in the parking lot.

SW – Ah, you got it.

JH – Yeah, that a-hole, it was bad timing.

SW – So what should I do?

JH – *takes a step closer* What can I do for you?

SW – Do you think I should divorce him? I don’t know. If I just ignore it then the three of us can live like nothing happened. But how can I live the rest of my life? I feel like my entire life is unjustified. As a woman….I feel like I am done.

JH – You are not.

SW – It is nonsense that I tell you this.

JH – If you need anything, just tell me. We can have a drink nearby also.

SW – Next time, thank you.

She heads off again. He watches her go.


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