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The World of the Married: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

Part 1 | Part 2

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Her lawyer asks if she decided? He tells her to check her husbands financials first so the next day she oes to the VIP room at the bank and mets with a banker. He is so happy to meet with her and gives her their record.

he says that her husband is the one that always comes, I heard that you were busy with work. She tells him that even though she is busy, she will come here by herself from now because I feel bad to my husband since he takes care of everything.

VO – Your husband should not notice anything until everything is finalized. Do everything as you normally do.

The banker tells her that after she moved more of her account under Tae-oh’s company, there is nothing to take care of now. The interest is a little delayed.

She asks what he means. He says that the money was borrowed against the house for 4 months delay. I thought you came here to take care of that. She tries not to be shocked and asks, so he borrowed money against the house? When?

Banker – For 3 years. Your husband took care of it with your stamp. Now you cannot do it, but you could do that before. He said you two already discussed it so we followed the documents.

SW – It seems like my husband is having a hard time, maybe that is the reason. He couldn’t say anything because he was sorry to me.

Banker – *awkward* yes.

SW – DO you know anything else that I need to know? Then there will  be no more trouble in the future.

banker – He also borrowed money against your sons [college fund or something]. Did you know that?

Sun-woo tries not to freak out, but her face goes beet red with worry. 

She goes home and starts to frantically look through all the files and paperwork and drawers at the house to find anything she can use. She sees a bank record and goes through it. her son works upstairs. he hears something and grows interested.

Int he office, Sun-woo keeps looking through everything, she opens another drawer and finds more hidden bills. Lots of department store bills, thousands of dollars in purchase. She thinks back to an expensive bag that Da-kyeong had that might have cost over 9 thousand dollars. She crumples the account up.

her son is at the door and asks what she is doing. She tells him it is nothing, she is just looking for something. He tells her that No-eul told him it was difficult to be separated from her friends. She asks what he is talking about. he tells her that she moved here all of a sudden because her parents got a divorce. I think I will also hate it if you two got a divorce. I don’t want to move to a new school and leave this house. I am just telling you.

he goes back to his room. She looks on in shock.

Later on, she sits against the wall quietly. She is in the dark. her husband sends her a text saying that he works late today, do not wait for me.

She leaves the house on a mission and hops in the car. her son looks at her zoom away from his window. Je-hyeok also notices her drive away from his window.




Sun-woo drives to her husbands workplace. She looks at his office window, it appears that he is there. She opens a recording on her phone and starts to walk there. But then she notices that he is talking to someone. She might have a change of mind? Not sure. But she goes inside and starts to walk to his office. 

he is in his office with Da-kyeong. They are kissing passionately. But this might be her imagination. We go back and forth between the couple kissing and Sun-woo walking to his place. She is ready to record it.

She gets to the door and hears the lawyer’s voice tell her that she will never go back to how it was before if she sees her husband with another woman. She pauses at the door. But then she puts in the password and goes inside. 

A lot of people stare at her. It is his team working hard. He asks her what happened this late? She tells him that she just wondered what was going on here. The team looks at her like she is a bit crazy. She asks if he would like dinner and if she should give them coffee. He asks her if she is really okay?

The secretary looks at her knowingly and also looks sorry for her. Sun-woo tells them that she is sorry to bother them and hurries back out. She starts to walk away slowly. He goes outside and looks at her walking away.


She goes to his mothers room in the hospital and stares at her sleeping. The mother wakes up seeing her staring at her. She asks what happened?

SW – What should I do? You knew it right? Yo guessed it. Tae-oh has a woman.

MIL – To me

SW – You knew everything and yet you asked me to take care of Tae-oh, how can you do that to me?

MIL – I told him not to tell you and just to take care of her. He said he would. What more can I do?

SW – It is too late to take care of her. She is pregnant now.

MIL – He said he will protect the family with whatever it takes. he said he will never do what his father did, abandoning his kid, if you are okay then he is okay. Just forgive him and embrace him, that is it. It is one mistake.

SW – One mistake? Omonim, you hated your husband forever, how can you tell me to forgive him? 

MIL – You also have a son, if Joon-young did it, do you think you have any other choice? Just forgive him and live with him only for your son.

SW – He borrowed money secretly against the house and touched the insurance money for our son. How can I forgive him for my sons future! At least I wanted to let him be a father. But after what I heard what you said, I can’t. If I forgive himand Joon-young becomes just like him…I am going to divorce him and kick him out empty handed. I am going to make it so that he cannot come to this town at all. He will never see Joon-young. That is my decision.

She gets up to leave but the MIL starts to plead with her and says that her son also had a hard time! If you gave him room to breathe then he wouldn’t have done that!

SW – Are you blaming me? Is that what you are saying?

MIL – He lived forever without a father. His wound. But you make him not see his son also? I cannot see that. Divorce him after I die. If you want to divorce him, then kill me and then do it.

Sun-woo looks at her without feeling and walks to her bedside. But she puts her head behind the pillow instead of killing her. However, she does touch her chest and tells her that she should not die, omoni, you should see how he is destroyed. She lightly touches her hair and basically tells her to sit there and watch it happen.




Je-hyeok gets out of bed, it is night.

Sun-woo is sitting in her car thinking about everything. 

Je-hyeok sees her car lights on. He continues watches her from his window.


Je-hyeok mets with Sun-woo in her office and asks if anything happened? You do not look good. She tells him that he has high fat in his blood and might have fatty liver. She checks his eyes and tells him that he does not need to take medicine, but you should not ignore it. Improve your diet first and exercise.

He asks if golf is enough? She says no. You should work up a sweat. he says he is embarrassed that it looks like he does not take care of himself. She tells him that actually he is better than a lot of men in their 40s. he thinks that is good. 

She asks why he gets a check up in another hospital, their hospital is pretty good. he says it is embarrassing to see people he knows while wearing a hospital gown. then he asks, is this about tae-oh?

She asks, what about tae-oh?

JH – it seems like his investment isn’t going well. Just in case you are having a hard time together

SW – is the companies financials that bad?

JH – You shouldn’t be too serious about it. I don’t like what tae-oh does but he is still my client. Just like a doctor doesn’t release patient information. Accountants should not as well.

SW – *annoyed* I will call you went I get the blood test results. Goodbye.

She hands him his paperwork. He starts to walk out. But he tells her, if you need a friend to drink with, I can be that friend and you can talk about your worries. He kind of smiles then leaves. She does not say anything.

Myung-sook comes in  and asks why she didn’t pick up the phone. She says that she was seeing a patient. Myung-sook tells her that tae-oh contacted them, he wants her to come to his mothers hospital as soon as possible.

She goes to the hospital and sees all the doctors and nurser crowded around his door. He is crying over his mother. Sun-woo tells the doctor that they will have the funeral in their hospital.

Elsewhere, Da-kyeong drives to her parents house and sees her parents headed out. She asks them where they are going. The father says that she told her mother that they do not need to go but your mom wants to. Hyu-jung tells her that they cannot ignore this funeral. You are the chairman of the alumni organization. then she tells her daughter that Ji Sun-woo’s mother-in-law died. 

The father tells her to stay there overnight so they can have chicken and beer. they head out. She looks distraught.

The funeral happens. All the key people drop everything and go to it. The friends talk about how the mother was okay in the nursing home, what happened? Another friend says that it can happen at anytime. This is actually good for Ji Sun-woo. She has actually been in the hospital ever since the boy was a toddler. 

they have had several surgeries and hospital bills and care givers. Sun-woo paid for everything. Tae-oh never made any money. the house and the company were all created by Sun-woo. She is great.

Je-hyeok tells them not to talk bad about Tae-oh today. His mother will not rest in peace tonight. They tell Je-hyeok that he has grown up a lot. They all eat quietly.

Inside the room, Jung-woo leaves the room for a moment. Sun-woo tells him that he should not be drunk, more people are coming. Even though you are sad, you should be alert. You need to put on our jacket and button your necktie.

The chairman comes right at that moment, he puts on his jacket quickly when he sees him. Joon-young comes back right then as well. the son looks kind of annoyed with the father cleaning himself up for these people.

hyu-jung talks to Sun-woo and gives her her condolences. Byeong-kyu thanks him for coming and says he will walk him out (but you shouldn’t leave the room) and he even helps the chairman with his shoes and walks him to the eating area. Everyone suddenly grows happy and starts to enjoy this moment. Tae-oh suddenly grows happy as well as if he wasn’t all messed up a minute ago.

Sun-woo cannot believe that her husband is this kind of man. Joon-yong asks her if she is okay. she says that she will get some fresh air and asks if he is okay alone. He says appa is there so he is okay.



But outside, we see that Da-yeong is driving up to the hospital for the funeral in a super fabulous car. She waits at the ticket booth and thinks. Finally, she pushes the button for her ticket and goes inside.

Sun-woo sits outside alone with her thoughts. Myeong-sook walks up to her, she has just arrived. She asks her if she is okay. She says no.

Inside, Tae-oh is so happy to talk to the chairman. But then he gets a call. He stares at his phone. Da-kyeong is calling from the parking lot.

Outside. Myung-sook asks Sun-woo if she talked to Tae-oh. She calls him a jack-ass. Sun-woo asks, what if I get divorced? Myung-sook asks if she can live as a divorced woman? SW tells her that divorced women are nothing. Myung-sook says it is super common now but no one says they are divorced. You don’t know how bad it is to live as a divorced woman. Even tough it is all Tae-oh’s fault and you are confident, people will point their finger at you and ask what your problem is.

You also suspected Tae-oh’s secretary because she was divorced. My mother was the same. She was a divorced woman and had a super hard time raising me. But my father married again with a younger woman and was happy. All that nonsense about what is right wins is all lies. Only women become miserable. So think about it carefully okay? 

She stands up to leave but touches Sun-woo’s shoulder comfortingly before she goes.

Inside. Joon-young waits uncomfortably in the room as a lot of people wait for one of the parents to come back to receive their bow. So he hurries out to ask where his appa is. Jae-hyeok says that he will go find him and to stay here. So he head out to do that. Ye-rim texts Sun-woo and says that people are waiting for them inside.

Sun-woo sees it and goes inside.

But seh sees her husband running to help Chairman Byeong-kyu into his car like he is his servant. It is not a good look. Then he gets on his phone and walks somewhere. 

Inside.. Ye-rim waits with Joon-young as they wait for Sun-woo or tae-oh to show up. 



Jae-hyeok looks through the bathroom for Tae-oh and wonders where he is. He is the head of the funeral. Then he pauses and thinks, he shouldn’t do that on a day like this? he goes outside and starts to look around.

Sun-woo is also walking around the outside of the hospital. She is in an alley near the parking garage. But she wonders what she is doing. However, she hears the romantic music that she has heard before when he proposed to her. She stops in her tracks then turns to the music and slowly starts to walk to it.

She sees he white car and the license plate. She sees two people inside and gasps. tae0oh is kissing Da-kyeong. She cannot believe it. She starts to breath deeply.

Meanwhile Je-hyeok is out walking around looking for him also. He sees Sun-woo staring at the white car and kind of sees the people inside the car. He knows what is happening right now. But he doesn’t leave, he just puts his hands in his pockets and watches.

inside the car, Da-kyung and Tae-oh keep hugging and kissing and comforting each other. The song plays and actually has Da-kyung’s name attached to it.

Sun-woo shakes her head and walks away with more determination than ever. Je-hyeok is gone.


They lay the mother to rest. Sun-woo looks like she is going crazy. She walks away grabbing her head and holding her chest. Everyone else is walking in front of her. 

They get home Sun-woo lovingly tells her son to go up and rest then she takes off her shall and heads to the kitchen. tae-oh calls her name and approaches her. She stands stiffly.

He puts an arm around her and thanks her. She pulls it off of her and turns around. 

A bell rings at Da-kyeong’s house. She opens it and sees Hyeon-seo standing there. HS happily greets her and says that eh moved next door, she just wants to say hi. She is holding a book about happy pregnancy and giving birth out in the open for Da-kyeong to see. 

Da-kyeong asks how many months she is. She says she is only three months. She asks if she is pregnant as well? Da-kyeong says yes and invites her in for tea if she wants. Hyun-seo goes in pleasantly but then puts on her business face when DK is not looking.

At home, Sun-woo remembers what her lawyer said, that she should not make her husband suspect that she wants a divorce. So she hugs Tae-oh and says things were difficult for him. She tells her that his mother would thank her, you know that? She tells her that she knows it.

In Da-kyeong’s place, Hyun-seo laughs and laughs with Da-kyeong as they flip through the pregnancy book.

Fade Out


This show is so addicting! I love everything about it. The tension they build up is so worthwhile to bask in. And then the revenge that they have going is just *kiss*. I can’t wait to see what happened tomorrow!


English Translation

SW – Your I heard your daughter is dating someone.

JH – I saw what you saw in the parking lot.

SW – Did anything bad happen?

TO – I have something at work, don’t wait for me. Go to bed.

YR – Do you think that eunnie knows everything but pretends not to know?

TO – yesterday we didn’t have a choice, just calm down.

DK  – I erased the baby, lets not see each other.

JH – there are two kinds of men, someone who has an affair, and someone who gets caught.

SW – Not only men have basic instincts

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