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The World of the Married: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

It is only episode 3 and all this has already happened in this show! Talk about putting the foot on the gas. I love everything that is going on so far. Especially that bombshell of news dropped in episode 2! I mean, we have stake on top of stakes with that one. Looking forward to seeing what happens this episode!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open with Lee Tae-oh asking Sun-woo if she misses him. This look like it might be a flashback. They are standing outside the hospital. He says that they haven’t seen each other in awhile and they should talk. But she is not that into it. She looks like she just left the hospital and wants to go home.  

He tells her that they should get married. She says that he doesn’t have to if he feels responsible. She takes a few steps back towards the hospital and stands by herself. Romantic music starts to play. She turns around. He has a wedding ring from Tiffany’s that he is holding in that little Tiffany blue box.

He smiles and walks up to her and tells her that it took time to prepare this. You know I can’t live without you. Let’s get married. I will make you and the baby happy. It is not about my sense of responsibility with the pregnancy, it is all because I love you. So let’s get married. they hug and she tears up.

In the present, she stands solidly in the kitchen as he hurries out the front door after receiving that baby news.

He hurries to the girlfriends place and runs up the steps. He knows the code so he pushes it in but it does not open. So he has to knock. He knocks and knocks and knocks. But she is not answers. So he starts to call her. But then she opens the door.


Myung-seok asks Sun-woo what she is going to do with telling Tae-woo about the pregnancy. Sun-woo tells her that he should be responsible for the pregnancy. Ye-rim worries about her and asks if she will divorce him.

In the apartment, Da-kyeong tells TO not to worry about it, she will do everything. The baby is not important at all. I will not drag you because of that. So don’t  misunderstand.

Hospital. Myung-seok asks Sun-woo what she is trying to find out with this. Sun-woo says that she wants to know Lee Tae-oh’s choice. Not because we are married or because of our son, but in how he thinks about me.

Apartment. Da-kyeong tells TO that the important thing is, do you love me or not.

Hospital. Otherwise, if he does not love me then there is no other reason to continue the marriage, right? Myung-seok thinks Tae-oh won’t pick her, of course, not if he is sane. He will take care of everything.

Apartment. Tae-oh thinks about this. he holds her hand and tells her that he can’t live without her. She says that she does not want to hide. She will call him whenever she wants to call him. He tells her that he will call her more. She says, whenever I want to see you I will see you. if you hang up on my call first, then we are really done. He tells her it will never happen, I promise you. Trust me. She pushes him away and says, prove it. Then she goes upstairs.

Int he hospital, Sun-woo continues working. She talks to another doctor about doing their best for one of their patients but there is no other medical option. This is the result for her mother in law. She goes in to see the mother-in-law. The MIL apologizes for troubling Sun-woo.

Sun-woo tells her it is fine and says she will stay with her as she falls asleep and then she will leave. The mother-in-law tells her that, for me, if you embrace the one with a bigger heart then they will eventually come back. You know that there is only you and Joon-young for Tae-oh. So, after I die, please take care of Tae-oh.

She stops talking and her hands drop to her side. A nurse hurries in and says that the patient should rest. So Sun-woo leaves. But she looks worried.



While leaving the other hospital, Myung-seok sees Da-kyeong standing outside. Da-kyeong is staring at the hospital.

Sun-woo sits in her car at home looking at her home. Then she goes inside. Tae-oh is inside making dinner for the family. He tells her that he is almost done. She can wash her hands. She puts his apron on him and tells him it is difficult to remove oil that has splashed on his shirt. He thanks her and tells her he will be careful.

She asks if he took care of that urgent thing he left the house to take care of?

Cut to a meeting Tae-oh had with Myung-seok about how long he is going to hide this from Sun-woo? Tae-oh tells her that as soon as Sun-woo knows, everything is done. She will say that she wants to get divorced, how can I tell her this? She will make it so I cant see Joon-young at all. I can’t imagine my life without Sun-woo.

Myung-seok tells him that he needs to take care of Da-kyeong also. He tells her that she does not understand. She asks why it is so complicated. He says that with her he feels alive like a creator. Creativity pumps out of me. I also love her. I love Sun-woo also. Myung-sook asks, what the f? 

Tae-oh tells her that we don’t just have one heart. Marriage does not stop the feeling of love. My love is different for both of them and that makes me crazy. Myung-sook tells him that is nonsense. Where is your dignity? He asks if she does not understand how it is possible? Until you experience it, you do not know. I am ruthful to both.

Myung-sook asks if he is going to live his life like this?

In the present, back in the house, Tae-oh tells her that he took care of it. It was something that bothered him all morning. That is why he stormed out that morning. But after thinking about it, it can also happen to you. I was not caring for you much. I will do better so you don’t have to worry.

She asks if it was something she should worry about? He tells her no, never ever. Do not worry at all.

That night, Tae-oh gets a message while he is in bed. It is most likely from the girlfriend so he leaves the bed to answer it. Of course, Sun-woo knows.


Sun-woo meets with a lawyer about her current situation. The lawyer says that it is actually good that your husband does not know that you know about his affair. Do you have any evidence? She tells him no, not yet. 

Lawyer – If you can get evidence of their sexual relationship then you have won. Like their underwear or condom or  being in bed together. Do not ask private detective people to do it. Illegal evidence is not valid in the courthouse and will infringe the law. They will sue you. Also, do not use secret cameras or GPS. You could be indicted with that.

SW – What should I do?

Lawyer – You can follow your husband in a public space and take many pictures. if you have a photo of them in a hotel then that is the best. Also, you can save the CCTV and we can get that in court.

SW – So you want me to follow my husband in person?

Lawyer – If that is difficult then you can search his cell phone and computer. Sometimes they share secret private photos of their relationship.

She starts to imagine then together and feels light headed. She tells the lawyers that she will think about it. 

Lawyer – Are you sure you want to get divorced? Once you see your husband sleeping with another woman, you cannot go back. So think about it carefully. If you live with him, just regard it as a one time thing or you will divorce him.

She hurries out of the lawyers office, trying to stay as composed as she can. Operatic music plays as her vision starts to go blurry while she is outside. She is on a street of divorce lawyers. She slowly walks to the street and holds her head. People happily walk by her. Cars honk their horns. She tries to walk up the street. But everything is too loud.




Elsewhere, Joon-young sits at Ye-rim’s house as his friend plays the piano. He asks her what it was like when her parents got divorced. She says it was a lot of big noise and screaming and throwing things. Appa broke the door. She keeps playing a song on the piano.

This friend is No-eul who is the daughter of the secretary. He asks her how she knows. She asks why he keeps talking to her. I am making mistakes because of you. he apologizes. 

She turns and asks what she looks like? He asks what about it? She asks what he thinks about how she looks. He says it is okay. She starts to play the piano again. He asks, so fighting and getting quiet means they aren’t getting a divorce?

She asks why he is wondering about that? they can pretend that they are quiet in front of you.

In the hallway, we see that ye-rim is standing with a fruit tray, she overheard it all and doesn’t know what to do.


Sun-woo removes Hyeon-seo’s stitches and asks if the hotel is okay and if her boyfriend bothers her anymore. She tells her that the hotel is okay and her boyfriend does not contact her anymore. Sun-woo thinks that is good.

HS – Because of you, doctor, I took care of him. But what about you?

SW – I am thinking about it. I do my best.

HS – Are you going to just bury it after thinking?

SW – I told you, divorce is not easy.

HS – You said people don’t change easy. You told me that. If you want, then tell me. You can use me.

SW – No, it won’t happen.

HS – I hope it doesn’t happen, but just in case. You don’t know what will happen.

She gets up and leaves. Sun-woo thinks about this and what the lawyer said about if she really wants to get divorced.

Cut to Sun-woo purchasing math books at the book store for her son. She passes the divorce section and looks at one about successfully getting a divorce. But she does not grab one. However, she sees Da-kyeong buying a book on how to raise a baby. It is one o those huge encyclopedia style baby books.

They both look at each other.

After the purchase they go outside and stand side by side. 

SW – You promised to keep the baby?

DK – he promise me that he would get divorced in two months.

SW – *laughs hysterically and looks at her* I wonder if the word from the guy who had an affair is trustworthy.

DK – it is not just a one time thing. he has always been the same for the last two years.

SW – *seriously* If you are that sure, then why are you waiting for another two months?

DK – I trust him. If I don’t have that much assurance then I am not all the way here at all.

She walks by Sun-woo confidently. Sun-woo glares at her walking away.


Yerin asks her husband if Tae-woo took care of that woman yet? He asks her what she is talking about. Ye-rin tells him that her feeling is that eunnie knows it. Jae-hyuk asks if she is sure?

YR – it is impossible for a man to have a secret affair because a woman’s sixth sense is scarier than you think.

JH – that is scary.

YR – So, you should be careful.

JH – *laughs* I am always careful. 

YR – *Stares at him*

JH – It doesn’t matter if tae-oh gets found out or not.

Ye-rim looks out the window to Sun-woo’s house.

In Sun-woo’s house, her son and husband watch the baseball game while dressed in their teams attire. Sun-woo thinks about all the things that Da-kyeong said to her about how her lover will get a divorce in two months and how they have been together for 2 years. She is cutting an apple and cuts her finger.

her family is too busy watching TV to notice. She starts to think about what her mother-in-law said to her about how her and her son are everything to tae-oh. 

She calls her lawyer.


Part 1 | Part 2

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