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The World of the Married: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

Part 1 | Part 2

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




At home, Sun-woo looks on facebook or the like and does a friend search. She accepts Hyo-jung’s friend request and looks at her page. There is a photo of her and her daughter hugging. She clicks on the daughters page and sees the Jeju island photo that her husband took. She recognizes his wedding ring. She still has it in her pocket and pulls it out to compare, Then grips it tightly in her hands.

He comes stumbling in super drunk and chuckles as he holds his hands in a prayer pose for forgiveness. Then promptly stumbles and knocks over the wedding photo and the suitcase. he puts it all back and then tells her that today, no yesterday, was the perfect birthday party. He stumbles and giggles his way to their room.

He takes a long leak in the bathroom and asks his wife for honey water. She goes to sit with her son instead who is sleeping fully clothed. She tucks him in and straightens up his desk. On his calendar is baseball camp with appa. It is circles in red. 

She remembers him asking her if appa can make it this time. Last year he said he could make it but had something. if it happens again, what should I do? I don’t trust appa. She told him that appa would join it, whatever happens, don’t worry.

She goes back to the living room and sits against the wall. her husband is passed out on their bed.


Tae-oh is woken up by his cell phone alarm. He takes a drink of water.

Downstairs, all the photos are back on the fridge. The son is eating an American style breakfast. The fathers breakfast is laid in Korean style. Sun-woo is making herself a coffee. She tells him that today is a busy day, you should eat and wake up. Did you forget?

The son is dressed all in his baseball gear, they both look at him. He mutters that he remembers, of course. So Sun-woo kisses her son and starts to head off. He stands up and tells her, me too. She hugs him. He asks if he made a mistake last night?

She tells him that he peed standing up. He apologizes and says he blacked out and has a hangover. She tells him that he enjoyed his night, so that is what he has to go through. She walks out.

The husband gets a call from his assistant, she says that she contacted them again, they reiterated that they will not fund us. So what should we do, director? He gets another text that says, Keep your promise. He deletes the text.

The son tells him to get ready because he should not be late.


At work, The director talks to Sun-woo about the other doctor, Dr. Ma. He is not coming in to work so the higher ups want to fire him. The board members will follow the internal decision.

They go meet with Dr. Ma in a conference room. It is only them and one other doctor. Sun-woo tells Ma that she will lead the committee. She asks what his excuse is? Ma asks what this is about, I never made any mistake for the last 25 years. So many patients went through me. he starts to yell and says that he made this hospital what it is today. I also put you in that position as the VP! How dare you, what, you are having a disciplinary hearing?

The other doctor tells him to please calm down. Ma continues and says that the board members only accepted her because they care about money, I am the only real doctor. She asks him if he is drunk right now. He ask what it matters? I am not here for patients.

She tells him that he is fired from today. Two months of your work attitude and your addiction is too much. I am letting you know that our hospital cannot let you see patients. You know that we gave you many chances. There is no hospital that will accept an alcoholic.

He stands and tells her that he lost his only family, do you think you will not have that kind of misfortune in your life? She tells him that it is hard for him, but you should not forget about yourself. he calls her cold hearted and asks if she is that confident? I will see this happen to you. He storms out. The director scoffs and asks how dare he act like this. The other doctor asks Sun-woo if she thinks it is okay.


Sun-woo leaves the room and sees a woman crying as she leaves Dr. Seol’s office. She is sad that she cannot have an abortion because her boyfriend ditched her. Sun-woo tells her that they still have to follow the rules. Seol asks if she told Tae-oh yet? 

Sun-woo says no, I haven’t told him yet. My son is going to baseball camp. Seol thinks that camp is not important, but Sun-woo says it is, he waited for two months. My son should not suffer because of his father. She asks if she needs more time is that i? Well, it is an important decision, you should take time and think about it seriously.

Sun-woo starts to walk off, but she sees Da-kyeong walking in. She pauses. Seol bites her lip. Sun-woo asks her secretary to send in her next patient. The nurse calls Yeo Da-kyeong to go in to office #1.

They both look at each other. Da-kyeong smiles and walks to her.

DK – My mother wanted me to visit you as my doctor.

SK – Okay, let’s go.

Seol looks on and wonders what the F is going on?


Da-kyeong sits in the office. Sun-woo asks her what is going on? Da-kyeong says that she has body aches. Sun-woo takes her temperature and asks how long it has lasted? DK tells her two weeks. So Sun-woo listens to her heart and tells her that she will lift her shirt. She listens to her chest and then turns her around and listens to her back.

She asks her if she has coughing or phlegm or does she drink or smoke? She says that she smokes. Sun-woo asks what her sex life is like? DK asks if she has to tell her that? Sun-woo tells her to be honest, it is a basic question. Do you have someone you meet regularly or a lot of people. 

DK says she has one person, 2-3 times a week. he is married.

Sun-woo asks, does the wife know? DK tells her that she does not know anything. SW asks hr if she is sure?

DK – It is like a mask like relationship. he says he is miserable because it is just a superficial marriage. 

SW – Why doesn’t he just get divorced.

DK – Maybe there are a lot of reasons, he has a kid and financial things, that is why marriage is a headache.

Sun-woo takes that in more a moment and then pulls her medical station over and tells her that she will draw her blood. DK asks if nurses should do it? SW says that she can do it as well. So she tires off her arm and puts a needle in it. Sh takes a vial of blood and labels it.

Then she tells her that she will get her results in two hours. You have a little fever so we will check germs and virus and cold or allergies and STDs. DK looks annoyed and stands to leave. She asks if she is done.

SW gives her a tiny cup and asks for her urine. So DK grabs it and leaves to the bathroom. SW takes a deep breath after she leaves.


In the bathroom, DK looks pissed.

SW starts to fret and think about DK as she waits.

The camera cuts back and froth between the two.

Sun-woo starts to look at her own face as if she realizes how old she is and how young DK is.

DK thinks in the bathroom and looks at her appearance as well.

Cut to back to the office where both ladies are quietly doing their thing. DK sits and SW stands. She checks a pregnancy test.

Two lines slowly appear!

SW has everything she can to stop her feelings from showing. she asks DK if she uses birth control? DK asks what she is talking about? Sun-woo tells her – you are pregnant. You said that you are dating one person, he should be the one. He is married so you should be worried. That marriage is in big trouble.

DK tells her that she is going to the OBGYN. SW tells her okay. DK basically storms out. SW takes several deep breathes.

Then we cut to Da-kyeong leaving Seol’s office. She looks worried. She tells Sun-woo that she wants to keep it a secret to Tae-oh as well. She wants to have an abortion, what should we do? Sun-woo tells her that she has to say no, that is our rule. 

Seol asks, what if she gives birth? Are you really going to divorce Tae-oh? What are you really thinking? Why did she go see you? It is better to see me since I know what is going on.

Sun-woo asks, so if she gets the surgery that means she will end up with him? Seol tells her that they have only been together for 3 months, she is only 24 years old. She should not want to have a baby and also he is a married man. Let’s do it, I can do it.

Sun-woo tells her that her license will be suspended.

Seol says this is her thing! That woman had an affair with your husband and is pregnant! Sun-woo tells her not in their hospital, follow the rules.

Seol cannot believe that Sun-woo is still a doctor in this situation. 


The father cheers on his son at baseball camp. He even runs with him as he runs to home base and the team wins.

Meanwhile, Da-kyeong gets home looking pissed. We see a flashback of her putting her lip gloss in Tae-oh’s jacket secretly while they were in the airport. 

In the present, she looks at the pregnancy test in a drawer and throws it away, then storms upstairs.


Sun-woo sits in her car as someone calls her, she does not answer and tries not to cry instead. Then finally she answers, it is her son so she asks him if he is having fun. He is, he tells her that he hit a base hit and scored! She is super happy for him.

She asks where appa is but then she says that she doesn’t have to talk to him and asks if he is okay. Her son says he is okay, he is not a little boy. She tells him okay and to have all the fun he did not have last year with appa. Call me later.

They hang up. He looks at his appa who is talking to the super business man, Yeo Byeong-kyu, who decided to sponsor this kids league. Tae-oh sweet talks him about being so great about sponsoring. the son looks at them blank faced, but then he looks disappointed.

Sun-woo starts to cry in the car.



Sun-woo goes to Min Hyeon-seo’s bar and asks if she is working today. The bartender says that she did not come to work since yesterday because she does not feel good. Sun-woo asks if there is any problem. The bartender says that she does not talk about the details.

Sun-woo leaves and calls Hyeon-seo. She thinks that the boyfriend is doing something to her.

And we cut to Hyeon-seo bursting out of her house and falling down the steps. Her boyfriend drags her back inside. 

But before he can close the door, Sun-woo stops it! She tells Hyeon-seo to stand up. She is all bloody. The boyfriend is all confused. Look at this ajumma?

Sun-woo tells Hyeon-seo to pack up whatever she needs and come with her. The boyfriend tries to grab her. Sun-woo bangs the door on his arm, it might have broken. He falls to the ground. Sun-woo tells him, very calmly, Hyeon-seo says that you have an anger problem against society and violence. I have a lot of things I can put in a diagnosis for a person who hits their girlfriend.

He says that she deserves to get hit, you do not know her ajumma. 

Sun-woo tells him, you still do not understand. Listen to me. A person with a mental issue who harms themself or others is a person that can forcefully be put in a mental hospital. The man asks if she is going to do that to him? he grabs her by the collar.

She tells him that she is not just a crazy woman, she is the VP of the hospital. I can move our regional doctors association and I can use all my connections in the government. if I put her injury and your mental diagnosis that I just gave you, your life is done.

She pushes him off of her and stares at him. Then she turns kindly to Hyeon-seo.

Later on, she gives Hyeon-seo stitches in her office. Hyeon-seo asks what happened all of a sudden. Sun-woo tells her that she went to her place to drink because she was stressed. i heard you were sick, so I went there just in case.

Hyeon-seo asks if she found out who that woman is?

Sun-woo tells her that she is pregnant. Hyeon-seo huffs, that is so screwed up. Sun-woo says that she wants to remove the baby. Hyeon-seo thinks that is good news it means that this is not a serious relationship. Sun-woo asks if she really thinks so?

Hyeon-seo thinks it is just a passing thing. he was just attracted to a young woman. Men are all the same. Sun-woo asks her what she is going to do from now on? Hyeon-seo thinks that she can stay in a jimjilbang or something, but she has to go back.

Sun-woo asks her if she wants to waste her only life to a guy like that? Hyeon-seo asks, what if his life depends on me? No one can accept him but me. He is just releasing his anger at me momentarily because his life is screwed up, he is not that bad of a guy. I am going to make him a nice guy.

Sun-woo scoots her chair in closer. She cannot believe what she just heard. She softly tells Hyeon-seo that people do not change that easily. Don’t you think you could die doing that? Hyeon-seo hols back tears and tells Sun-woo that she loves him, it is love.

Sun-woo gets her a hotel room and tells her to be careful with her cut until she takes the sutures out. Stay here for a few days and I will find another place. Hyeon-seo asks her, what about you, doctor, what are you going to do?



Sun-woo waits for her son and husband to get back from the bus. She chuckles as she watches them play around with head locks and all that. then the son sees her and runs over. The husband asks how she has been, did you miss us? She smiles at him and tells him good job.

That night, she cooks steak for them. They toast to their health and chat. The son talks about baseball she happily listens as the son and father laugh and tell stories about the camping event. But she thinks about what Da-kyeong said – this is just a mask relationship, he is unhappy because he is in a superficial marriage.

The husband keeps joking and asks Da-kyeong if they can play baseball for one hour, no two hours, no just one hour. She says they can and they both happily toast. Sun-woo thinks about what Hyeon-seo said – because I love him.

Elsewhere, Dong-sik (the former patient) looks at the video of Tae-oh and Da-kyeong kissing while at the party.


Sun-woo sits with her coffee at the table. The husband comes downstairs and asks where their son is, she says that he left with his friends already. His food is already ready for him. He starts to eat. She asks how his work is, he mutters something about a script they need to change.

She asks him – honey, you have a girlfriend right?

TO – What didi you just say?

SW – I want you to tell me the truth. You told me when we got married that another person might like another person, if that happens then we need to be honest with each other. Do you remember that? if you accept it now and finish the relationship then I think I can forgive you.

He is lost for words.

SW – You are just attracted to her sexually, right?

He doesn’t say anything. She paces around.

SW – Even though this is just a passing breeze, it is so difficult for me. But life is long so it will be okay in the future. But I do not accept lies, because that is real betrayal. So tell me, you have a woman, right?

TO – You are asking me if I have a woman? Me? An affair? 

SW – You are!

TO – You did that last time, why are you doing this again, I don’t have that kind of woman?

SW – Don’t lie to me

TO – Who do you think I am! Our trust is only this between us.

SW – Do not lie to me! I am disappointed!

TO – I am disappointed, it is nonsense! I cannot even answer because it is all nonsense. I am busy and you start this this morning.

She crumples on the ground, he goes to her and asks if she is okay? You are my only woman, don’t you know?

She stands up herself. He tells her that she is too busy, too much stress, you are not normal emotionally. She starts laughing between sobs. Then straightens up.

SW – Okay, maybe I am. *starts to walk away*

TO – *holds her arm lightly* Are you okay?

SW – *turns to him* You said that I am the only one in your life?

TO – Yes.

SW – Okay. That is good. That is a good answer. (You son of a bitch). Eat your breakfast, I will get ready to go to work.

She slowly heads upstairs.

She sits at her desk and checks her phone. She looks at a text message conversation with Seol and tells her to tell Le Tae-oh that Yeo Da-kyeong is pregnant. 

MS Text: You want me to tell him? Are you sure? really?

SW Text: Yes

MS: What are you thinking? What is your plan?

SW: Call him in 5 minutes.

Downstairs, Tae-oh is already texting with Dae-kung who tells him that she told him to keep the promise, where is my answer?

He tells her not to contact him on that number. He is still sitting on the kitchen table. She calls him. he answers and she immediately tells him to break up!

He whispers why they should break up. Dae-kyung says that he did not tell his wife! He says that he will do it, after he gets the investor and when the movie starts~. CLICK.

Sun-woo walks downstairs and asks who was on the phone. he tells her it was a wrong phone number. She asks, really? Okay well if you are done then can you put this in the dishwasher? he does and gets another call.

Sun-woo asks him why he is so surprised? aren’t you going to pick up the phone? He checks it and sees that it is Myung-seok, he sighs a breath of relief and answers it. But then you can see the moment when he gets the news. He is super shocked and tries not to be but he fails. Sun-woo watches him. He turns to her and says that he is in a hurry. I need to leave first. 

She asks him what that phone call was about? He hurries off and says that it was nothing important. He literally runs out of the house.

Fade Out


Oh, yes. This second episode was just as good if not better than the first. The hour and almost a half flew by and it flew by mostly inside peoples mannerisms with what is happening. Small glances abound in this show so you must pay close attention to looks and glances and slight grins or grimaces of annoyance or knowing. I love it so much.

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    Fantastic drama wish I could watch it, Recaps are great! Thanks

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      Your welcome, Fran King! Hopefully you can watch it soon!

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