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The World of the Married: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

She did it again, this episode was stellar, the plot is moving much faster than I thought it would and things keep happening that keep me guessing. I love it!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Flashback to the wedding photos of Sun-woo and Yae-oh. We see her in her wedding gown. Tae-oh walks up to her smiling and extends his arm for her to take it. They stand for their photo. They both voice over.

TO – Hey Ji Sun-woo, you are in big trouble.

TO – Because you are the only woman I will love forever.

SW – All lies.

In the present, we see Sun-woo waking up to her husband with the scissors behind her back. She ignores all the guests that say hello to her and thinks back to how they used to be friends. And she goes way back to when they brought their son home from the hospital. She cannot believe all these people betrayed her.

She walks up to Tae-oh and thinks about him telling her that he would love her forever. She thinks that he lied, everything is a lie and she pictures him sleeping with Dae-kyeong. She walks up to him and stabs him right in the chest with the scissors.

He looks at her in disbelief and operatic music plays Everyone stands up in shock and looks at what just happened. He collapses to his knees. Blood is all over her hands. She stands over him. Her son calls her name.

Then she is pulled out of her fantasy. Her son asks her if she found the camera? He takes it. The scissors are still behind her back. Her husband pats her on the shoulder and then goes to his son.

She ends up stabbing the scissors in the cake box. Ye-rim tells her that she can open it another way and show her how to do it. But she had cut right through the heart int he cake. Ye-rim thinks it is damaged. But Sun-woo says it is just a cake and pockets the scissors.

The birthday party continues. Tae-oh greets all the guests with a speech and says that this is really just an excuse to get together with all his friends and it wasn’t his idea anyway. Everyone chuckles. Tae-oh tells them that he opened his event company since he is in his hometown, but without his friends help, he is already bankrupt.

He introduces all the important people in the crowd who are his friends, like a city senator and a funeral parlor owner and Jae-hyeok who takes care of accounting. Jae-hyeok jokes about it and tells him to say the one person he wants to appreciate the most.

He smiles and looks at Da-kyeong. She miles back at him. But he turns to his wife and thanks her and says that the best thing in his life is meeting her. The people in the know smile knowingly. Tae-oh continues flattering his wife with kind words and ends by saying he loves her. Everyone cheers.

But Sun-woo isn’t really emotional about it at all. The crowd thinks she should say something and starts cheering for her. She looks at the mistress and then walks to the center. Her hand is on the scissors in her pocket.

She looks at him for a long moment, then pulls him in for a kiss. Everyone Oos and ahhs. Then she tells him that he is the main person today, enjoy it. He thanks her and she walks off quickly. She looks back at the friends and voices over…

SW – I have to hide my broken soul with fakeness. This is hell.

She looks at her husband standing next to Da-kyeong, then she sees his hand secretly hold hers.

SW – This pain, this hellish pain, how can I pay it back? Pay back everything without anything left. Completely.


She walks over to Ye-rim who is chatting with some of the other people she knows. Ye-rim chuckles that she does not lie. Da-kyeong is standing with them as well. Hyo-jung jokes that she is still very hot with her husband, maybe you will have a second kid. They all smile.

SW asks how the daughter is. She smiles and says she is having fun. Sun-woo mentions that there are all ajusshi’s and ajummas here, you don’t know anyone, what is fun about it?

The husband looks over at them talking, but he is sitting with his male friends.

Ye-rim smiles tells Sun-woo that this is her pilates teacher. But she looks off as if she is hiding something as she looks away. Da-kyeong tells Sun-woo to come to her class, she will make sure that she stays nice as firm as an old woman. Sun-woo nods and says she should. DK excuses herself.

The husband excuses himself from his friends as well, but the friends make fun of him as he heads off. Jae-hyeok asks if he is insecure? Tae-oh asks, what? JH asks are you insecure? They all laugh. TO says he is drunk and for them to take care of him. But JH tells him that he does not know what real insecurity is. You don’t have to worry about getting fired from work and your wife won’t make a fuss if you don’t make money. You have a good wife and a good life because of your wife. What are you so insecure about.

TO is about to step to him but the other friends tells them to stop since they always do this. But JH says that he really wants to know why that perfect doctor woman devoted her life to someone like you. Tell me your secret. They chuckle again. TO is not impressed.

Jae-hyeok stands up and asks for TO to tell them how she embraces his insecurity. Do you do your best day and night? TO stares at him for a moment and then punches him. A commotion is started.

Cut to the wife pouring alcohol on Tae-oh. He curses at Jae-hyeok who is off somewhere in the party. She asks what he said, he tells her it is none of her business. She tells him to take off his wedding ring and pulls it off of him. She puts on the bandaid. he asks her who she talked to. She tells him Yeo Da-kyeong.

He asks who that is. She asks, don’t you know the chairmans daughter? he suddenly knows and says ah, the daughter came, I was wondering who that person was. Sun-woo starts to pack up. He tells her that everything he said was the truth. I love you.

She doesn’t really respond but then she starts to swoon and bows her head. He holds her and asks her if she drank too much? She says that she has to leave, I am about to throw up. He asks if she can go alone?

She calls for he son. But he is hanging out with his friends. Tae-oh tells her that he will watch him, okay? Do you want me to walk with you to the parking lot? She doesn’t respond and leaves.

At home, she walks into her dark house like a zombie and drops one item after the other until she gets to the couch and slowly collapses on the floor. She starts to sob.

Back at the party, Tae-oh talks with Da-kyeong and tells her that this is just a mask he wears. She is upset at him and asks, what the f? IT is a mask, but the best thing in your life? You love her that much!

He tells her that she is still young. He tells her not to treat her like a girl, now I know that you are just playing with me. back in the party, her father pops a bottle of champagne. 

He pulls Da-kyeong away even more and asks her if she thinks it is a joke to come all the way here? Look at my eyes, do you think my love is a joke?

At the house, Sun-woo stars to go through all this things with a mission. She packs up all his things and throws it all in his suitcase. But she stops and starts sobbing again.

At the party, Da-kyeong asks him if he knows how humiliated she is now? het ells her that it is all superficial, it is a shell, you have my heart. If you don’t trust me then I will tell your father about us. He gets up to do that but she tells him he is crazy and stops him. Then she kisses him passionately. They are under the cover of trees, so the guests might not see them unless they are looking.

But someone is taking a video of it! We do not know who.

They stop kissing. Da-kyeong tells him to take care of his wife first. He says okay, just wait a little bit. But she tells him- until tomorrow. She walks away and heads back to the party.

At home, Sun-woo drags his suitcase down the steps banging on each one. 

In the party, Jae-hyeok tells the guests sitting in a circle around food and drinks that when people say they are a show-window couple it is old fashioned. The one husband and one wife make a show window by default. How can you sleep with one person forever.

Everyone says, ahhhh.

Jae-hyeok asks the chairman if that is true. The chairman is all like, um…well I live with a super unpredictable person so I don’t know. His wife chuckles and tells the group that there are a lot of couples like them, so find a good man, Dr. Seol Myung-sook.

Seol asks, what about you two? She is talking to Jae-hyeok and Ye-rim.  Ye-rim asks, us? Dr. Seol asks if they are happy or show window? Ye-rim asks her husband to respond. Jae-hyeok asks, do you know the reason we don’t have a baby? As soon as you have kids, your couple relationship is done. So we decided to be a passionate couple forever. They all ooh and ahh.

The son walks by in the background.

Byeong-koo says quietly that kids make the parents relationship harder. Then Ye-rim gets a buzz for her ovulation alarm. She stops it and looks at her husband.

Meawhile, Seol Myung-sook runs after Joon-young (the son) and asks where he is going? He says he is going home. She asks if he fought with his friend? he says that he just wants to go home. So she looks for his dad.

Cut to the father meeting with his secretary about an urgent email from China. The content is alarming. They decided not to invest in our project. You need to talk to them first thing tomorrow morning.

A man watches in the background. It looks like one of the patients, Dong-sik, the one who had the rash. He scratches his neck and walks away.



Sun-woo looks at all her happy photos on the fridge with her husband and rips them all off. Then her son comes in looking upset. She asks him what happened, did you come back alone? He doesn’t say anything and goes upstairs.

Myung-sook comes in and says that she brought him here. He did not say anything, he just came in. But then she notices the photos that were pulled off and are on the trash can now.

Upstairs, Joon-young buries his head in his pillow.

Sun-woo asks Seol if she would like something to drink? Seol looks at the wedding photo that is off the wall and the suitcase next to it. She says yes she would like a drink so Sun-woo pours one for her. But she tries to pretend that everything is fine. She asks what the luggage is.

Sun-woo mutters that she wants to throw it away. Seol asks, the picture also? Sun-woo nods. She does not like it. When she put it there it was a bit embarrassing. It is good to have a little fun though. Seol looks concerned but tries to smile. Sun-woo chuckles and asks if she has to tell her something? Why are you so hesitant?

Seol chuckles and says it is nothing. Sun-woo asks why her husband fought with Jae-hyeok. Seol tells her that they always do that, it isn’t the first time. They say that Jae-hyeok started it first. How can your good wife take care of you day and night and all that. What kind of inferiority complex does he have? he has been jealous ever since y’all gave birth to Joon-yong and moved to Gosun (their town).

Jae-hyeoks ideal type is just like you. Maybe he wants to hit on you. She chuckles. Sun-woo asks what she means? Seol jokes that he said, how can you only have sex with one person? You have to see how other people respond. She laughs and says Ye-rim was so embarrassed.

Sun-woo asks her if she is having fun? Seol straightens up and says it was just that he said that right next to his wife. Sun-woo tells her that she does not care about how other people are. If someone else is miserable or not, you just look and enjoy it.

Seol asks, what? Enjoy it? You shouldn’t say that. Sun-woo tells her that she is having fun at all her neurosis. You know, a handsome husband or whatever. Seol asks, did you know it? Sun-woo tells her, yes. Seol gasps and bites back her fist.

SW – You text Tae-oh that I was following him. 

She looks extra embarrassed.

MS – That is not it, it is….um, he said he would end it quickly….until that point he asks me to keep it secret from you…I was also angry at him.

SW – When was it?

MS – A month ago. He asked me to have a little drink out of the blue. I felt like it was a little strange. So I asked him and he told me everything. Sorry I couldn’t tell you but it wasn’t on purpose. It was difficult for me also.

SW – *chuckling* You guys should be really good friends sharing that kind of secret. *takes a drink of her alcohol*

MS – He is not my friend, you are my friend.

SW – is that it? Are you really my friend?

MS – Of course.

SW – Then you should behave YOURSELF!

She yells that last part and looks like she wants to rip her throat out.

Cut to Myung-sook riding home and looking evil. She gets a call from Tae-oh who asks if his son got home alright. She sarcastically says that he is calling so early. he asks about Sun-woo. She tells him that she does not know, you guys take care of your couple stuff. She hangs up and mutters that they are torturing a single woman.


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