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The World of the Married: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ye-rim goes back home. Jae-hyuk talks to someone on the phone in hushed voices when she gets into the room. He says it is between you and me and then hangs up.

She asks who that is. He says it is a college friend. Not a good friend before, but he just called me.

She asks, aren’t you going to bed? He says he will read his book a little bit. She looks at him as if all the past slights are coming back. She asks, do you want to have a drink? He says that is good. So she makes him one and asks what he is reading.

Cut to that night where they are both sleeping in bed together. His phone beeps. She wakes up and looks at it, he stays sleeping. She is a bit suspicious, but it looks like she does not want to walk that path again. She tries to go back to sleep.

Later on, he rolls over to cuddle with ye-rim, but she is gone. He sits up and groggily gets out of bed. He sees that his cell phone is gone. So he sleepily walks around the house looking for Ye-rim.

She is on the couch looking deep in thought. He asks, what are you doing, why aren’t you in bed. He sees his cell phone on the coffee table.

YR – I thought it would be okay, it is all in the past and I know that you would not do it again. I know everything but, actually, I am not okay. It will never be okay. I keep suspecting you and get nervous and think about it. No matter what I do. I can’t forgive you, I hope I hate you, because I know I love you. It makes me more….what if I keep being like this? Eventually I won’t be able to forgive you. What if I torture you like this? 

She cries and stops talking. He stands and looks at her and grows teary.


Joon-young tells Sun-woo that he is okay. He isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry.

She tells him, if you see your friends, just come home and meet them. He tells her to stop worrying about him, just think about yourself, are you going to be jobless forever?

Sun-woo goes to work and sits with Myung-sook in her office. They start to talk about Tae-oh. Myung-sook says that it seems like Tae-oh has not left 100%. Her hubae saw him also. He said he looked all broken and had an argument with the bar about his bill. He was so pitiful so my hubae paid for it. Then Tae-oh left.

Sun-woo asks when that was. Myung-sook says it was about a week ago. Why don’t you look for him? I am worried that he will cause big trouble. But Sun-woo says, why should I? However, she does think about all the times she thought she saw tae-oh or felt Tae-oh close to them. And of course, the taped up photo.

She heads out later and gets on the phone with Joon-young. They chat about when she will come home. So she tells him that she will go grocery shopping and then come home.

So he gets off the phone and happily snacks and watches TV. But then the bell rings.


Cut to Sun-woo getting home with flowers and groceries and a new purse. She calls for Joon-yuong to come out but he isn’t so she goes upstairs to his room. But he is not there.

So she calls his phone, it is in the living room. She goes up to it and sees the note that is right beside it.

Note – I am taking Joon-young with me.

She freaks out and calls Tae-oh. He does not answer. She runs out of her house and wonders who to call next. She calls Tae-oh again and asks, did you take Joon-young?

he tells her yes, I am with him. He is with me. She gasps and holds her chest and asks where he is. 

Tae-oh tells her that he missed Joon-young, he wanted to be with him, that is why he did it. That is it. Sorry.

Sun-woo tells him that she understands, are you okay? Is everything okay? She kneels and says she will be there. Let’s see each other and talk. Let’s eat together and talk this out over dinner.

TO – Are you really going to come and see me?

SW – Yes, of course. Joon-young will be happy with it. Can I talk to Joon-young? Hello? Tae-oh? Tae-oh!

She hops in her car and zooms through the streets.

tae-oh is sitting by a creek or river or something. 

TO – I left home when I was your age. I never went back. Until he died. I didn’t want to make you like me. I wanted to put you close to me. Because when we are not together, you will feel like you are abandoned. I couldn’t do it because I never abandoned you. That is all I wanted Joon-young.

He looks at Joon-youn who is sitting next to him. Tae-oh is holding his hand tightly. Then Joon-young looks at the road, his mother is driving up.

Sun-woo gets out fo the car and walks to them. Joon-young tries to pull his hand away from his father. They are sitting on a little cliff. He is able to pull his hand away and runs to Sun-woo. Tae-oh stays sitting.

Joon-young tells his mother that tae-oh just wanted him to stay with him a little bit. He said he didn’t know what he would do. That is why I went with him. Tae-oh stands up and says he just wanted to tell her something, that is why he did it. Don’t misunderstand me.

Sun-woo tells him to hop in. Let’s get something to eat, that is what we talked about. Joon-young is not all about this, but Sun-woo is. So she lets Tae-oh get in the car. He gets into the back seat.

Yes, it is awkward. 

Sun-woo asks, says he lost some weight. He says yes I did and they start to drive away.



They go to a nice restaurant. It looks like an Italian place possibly. Sun-woo gets them a full spread and they start to eat. Though they mostly look at him eating. it is like he hasn’t’ eaten this well in a long time.

Sun-woo says she will pay for it. He starts to cry suddenly. He covers his face with his hand. She gives him a napkin. He thanks hr and tries to sniff his tears away. He apologizes and takes a few deep breathes. Then he tells her that he should be next to them. They are his family and his friends. He should be there.

Joon-young tells him, you ruined everything. Why are you coming back? Sun-woo rubs Joon-youngs back. Sun-woo tells him that appa needs time to wrap up his feelings, then we can all start over.

Tae-oh thinks, yes, let’s start over, let’s forget about everything that went wrong. I will forgive you, you can forgive me.

SW – Huh?

TO – For Joon-young.

SW – What?

TO – Let’s do our best as Joon-young as his parents. It will be difficult in the begining, but if we try then it will be okay.

Sun-woo and Joon-young are looking at him like, you are insane?

TO – Hey, we can become family again.

SW – You know we can’t

TO – I have a new scenario, I can find a good investor. Or I can find another job, I don’t have to do movies. For the rest of our life, we can think of each other.

SW – Just stop.

She holds up her hands.

SW – We are done, Tae-oh. All done!

TO – You are the only one for me from the beginning, just please accept me. You want that also, that is why you are back. That is what you want. That is why we are having dinner like this.

She stares at him.

JY – Is that true umma? To accept him back?

SW – Never. Never. You keep watching us and sticking around us. That is why I am giving you this chance to wrap everything up in front of our son. But you are ruining this also. Lee Tae-oh, you….helpless….

She holds her head in her hands.

TO – I have nothing, it is all gone. Just give me a chance. Family is like that.

Joon-youn gets up and leaves.

SW – Why don’t you go somewhere and die if you are going to keep doing this?

Joon-young goes to the bathroom and cries. Sun-woo holds her head in her hands and starts to cry as well. She takes a sip of her drink and tries to get it together.

SW – I can support you until you settle down.

TO – I am not here to beg for money. Do not make me more miserable.

SW – This could be your last time with Joon-young. Do you want to end things like this? Don’t live shamefully, at least for Joon-young. That is the only thing you can do for Joon-young.

Joon-young comes back out and tells Sun-woo that they should go. They should just leave now.

So They go outside. Joon-young stands social distancing away from Tae-oh. Sun-woo comes out and stands next to Joon-young. She tells him to say goodbye to his father.

TO – Joon-young, don’t live like appa. The person next to you is the most important person in your life. If you forget about that because you are too close, then you will do a stupid thing like appa. If you lose that person who cares for you the most and saves you, then you lose everything. Okay?

Joon-young turns away from him.

TO – Forget about appa, I won’t be back at all. *holds back tears* This is the last time.

SW – …. If you are done, then goodbye.


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