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The World of the Married: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

We are at the final episode! From the preview, it feels like this episode won’t be too crazy. But basically all the previews make the episode seem tame and then the actually episdoe comes and blows my mind. So I have high hopes.

Though this is the Misty writer so back in my mind I have that ending floating around, so if things go sideways, just know that this writer has a history of that already. But, this entire drama has been captivating so hopefully the ending finished it off strong so I can recommend it to people!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sunwoo eats dinner with her son and asks him if he is okay going back to the same school. The son says he will just fave it. Maybe that is better than going to a brand new school. She is thankful that he has courage. She happily eats and looks at him eating. He looks a bit nervous.

Then the bell rings ont he door and it opens. It is Tae-oh. He comes in happily and they are all transported back to happy times when appa came back home pleasantly and they were all a happy family together.

he washes his hands and they talk about how much umma loves Tae-oh and Joon-yung things that is so gross and they all start to happily eat together. Tae-oh asks how school is and how his day went and un-woo asks how Tae-oh’s day went. He says he is goin to China for a business trip, he feels good about it. Joon-yong asks him what he is going to buy from China. Joon-young says he just needs appa. They all swoon. Appa says he just needs umma. They are all happy.

In the present, Joon-young puts his silverware down and says he is not hungry. She tells him to go up and rest. He looks at the pictures of his father on his phone. He starts to erase them one by one. Though he sad about it. Then he erases them all at once.

Sun-woo sits in her house after a shower. Ye-rim calls and says she noticed the light was on, when did you get back? Are you okay eunnie? 

Sun-woo says that she is glad that Joon-young is doing well, I am glad that everything is all wrapped up. How have you been?


Joon-young happily asks Sun-woo for pocket money. She playfully asks him who he is meeting. He says it is his secret. She tells him not to be late, come home before dinner. He takes the money and says he will let her know if he is late! Then he runs off.

Sun-woo cleans the house and throws away all the old things from their previous life. She hops in her car and pleasantly heads off to work.

Elsewhere, Joon-young is in the bookstore with No-eul. She jokes with him about getting an elementary school English book since he missed a lot of school. Her books are all on how to get to college. They both joke and then head off for ice-cream.

At the mall, Sun-woo purchases some items and then heads to a purse store to shop. Cha’s wife is in the same store. So they awkwardly chat, though Cha’s wife is more awkward with her than Sun-woo is with her. Sun-woo asks if she is still uncomfortable with her?

Cha’s wife says no, their kids are fine, if you are still uncomfortable then I want to be the one to apologize to you, let’s be friend again. Okay. She holds her hand and smiles. 

Later on, Sun-woo heads to her car and sees Choi’s wife coming in. Choi’s wife asks if she should congratulate her? Say she is great? Well, anyway, I like that you were that brave. Sun-woo says, if  it is about me coming back then it is too much of a complement. But Choi’s wife says she knows who contributed for Chairman Yeo to leave town. 

Choi continues and says that the women in this town are all very conscious of not making you mad. Maybe you should have let things happen naturally. Whatever the relationship is, if you put too much passion into it, it creates scars. I hope that does not happen to you, you have experienced enough.


Sun-woo gives her son the things she bought for him and asks how he likes it. But he says he will buy his things next time. He tells her that the kids who are the most unfashionable at school are the kids who wear what their mom buys them. He smiles. She says okay, I will return it. But he says it is not too bad. So she says okay, I will give you my credit card next time.

he sits on his bed and tells her that he will go to the hogwan starting next week. She says he does not have to try too hard. You can rest some more. But he says it is better than being bored. She says okay, I can register you.

She starts to head out but she hears his phone buzz. She grows a little nervous and turns around. He looks at his phone and then looks at her in a “yes, mom?” kind of way. He asks if she is not leaving? Then he shows her his text. it is from No-eul. She apologizes. She kisses him and tells him goodnight.


Jae-hyuk drinks and thinks about his wife not wanting to kiss him. he asks for one more. Tae-oh is drinking on the other side of the bar. He puts his money on the bar and heads out. Jae-hyuk sees him and heads out as well to find him.

But he loses him on the street.


At home, Ye-rim cleans the kitchen and then thinks about texting her husband. She asks if he ate dinner? But she erases them all. She asks, why don’t you call? But erases that too.

Elsewhere, he gets to work with some food in a bag. But then he stops when he sees her waiting there for him. She asks him why he hasn’t found a place, how long will you stay here?

He asks, did you come to bug me this late? She tells him that he is mad too long because she refused him once. He asks, so? She tells him that she was just worried about him. He asks, is that it? She tells him that she missed him too. He is super happy to hear it and gives her a big hug. He tells her that he missed her as well. They both hug tightly. She says she was sorry. He says she doesn’t have to say anything, let’s just stay like this.




Sun-woo asks Joon-young if he is ready. He comes out, she tells him that he looks cool. He tells her that her lipstick is too strong, she wonders if she should change it to something lighter? he says no, it is pretty like this.


They all go to a restaurant to congratulate Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk for getting back together. Joon-young is the only kid there. Myung-sook and Yoon-ki are there as well. They all congratulate them for getting back together.

Myung-sook congratulates Sun-woo and Joon-young for coming back as well. Sun-woo thanks them all for worrying about them. Joon-young excuses himself to the restroom. She watches him walk all the way there. Yoon-ki tells her that everything is fine.

They ask her if there is any news on Tae-oh? Sun-woo says nothing, he should have left Ko-sun. They think he should not come again. But then we see tae-oh watching them in the distance. Sun-woo thinks she sees him, but he walks away quickly. Sun-woo definitely thinks that she saw him, but she keeps it to herself.

Later on, they all head off. They say their goodbyes outside the restaurant. Yoon-ki says he can drop Sun-woo and Joon-young off. But Sun-woo says they can walk back since it is close. So he tells them both goodbye, but he is hesitant to head off. But he does.

Sun-woo walks off with Joon-young, pleasantly.

They walk happily up the street, it is late evening. There are some other people walking as well. Sun-woo gets a bit spooked and turns around. Joon-young asks what it is, she tells him it is nothing and they keep walking.

Elsewhere, Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk walk away. They are happy. He tells her that he would be broken without her, she is his savior who rescued him. He will not let this hand go forever. She tells him that they rescued each other, I just realized that I like you a lot after you left. So that is why I want to try. Marriage are not married, you still regret things. We tried it once, so why not trice. He tells her that she is a pretty cool woman.

They keep walking, Ye-rim says that dr. Kim is pretty cool. Jae-hyuk mentions that he thinks he saw Tae-oh. He didn’t want to say it because he did not see his face directly. Should I have told her? Ye-rim says she isn’t sure.

Sun-woo and Joon-young get back to their street. Sun-woo hears a sound and turns around. Joon-young asks what it is? She says it is  nothing, let’s go inside.

Joon-young goes upstairs to his room to rest. Sun-woo keeps looking out the window. But she does not see anything. However, we see that Tae-oh has come to stare at the house. He stomps a cigarette and walks off.




Jae-hyuk runs off to work, he is late. Ye-rim runs to give him something he forgot and tells him to have a nice time. He texts someone in the car so she looks a bit worried, is he up to his old tricks kind of worried. But he waves happily at her and drives off. She goes inside.

In the town, Sun-woo sees her son walking with No-eul and stops to say hello. They both say hello but No-eul runs off quickly. Sun-woo says that she wanted to buy them both ddukboki. He tells her ti is fine and they both hop in to ride off. They start to giggle, probably because he has a girlfriend. Then she drives them both home.

When they get home, he tells her that she does not have to pick him up all the time anymore. But it is in a loving playful way. She says she is bored at home so she wants to. She grabs the mail and they both go inside.

She checks the mail, one of them is from an unknown person. She opens it and it is her wedding photo all repaired. It is taped back up. She holds it and starts to freak out a bit.

Joon-young comes back and sees the photo. She tries to hide it but he pulls it out and tells her not to call him or look for him and call the police if he comes here! He grabs his bag and heads upstairs and angrily. Not at her but at the situation.

She goes to her room and looks at the photo. Then sets it on the bed next to her. She has a flashback where her and Tae-oh are lovingly laying in bed and looking at their wedding photos. He says that back then, we didn’t have anything but I was afraid of losing you. We didn’t even have a proper wedding. 

She says she got her dress online and it was a three month payment. He tells her that they need to have another wedding photo with her wearing a proper wedding dress. Lets do it before it gets too late. She says she needs a facial to do it. He tells her she does not have to.

Then he tells her that they should do it every ten years. Joon-young is getting bigger. Let’s record that we are getting old together because each time we re together is important. She asks, until Joon-young gets married and we re grandparents?

Tae-oh says yes, Ji Sun-woo will be a pretty grandmother. She tells him it is rewarding to raise a husband, they both laugh and starts to play in bed.

In the present, she holds her arms and looks at the photo. 

Then we cut to Tae-oh walking the alleyways of this city. He is holding something, a bag or something and he heads into his hotel room. He drinks some more and sits on the floor to do it. He also grows more and more upset. He lifts his head and stares at another photo that he taped together that is on the wall.


Sun-woo and Joon-young are at home with Ye-rim and Myung-sook visiting. They joke about how she still has not come to work. She says she loves being home. They all finish eating and Joon-young tells them all goodnight and heads upstairs. 

The ladies talk about how it is nice to see Joon-young so happy once again. They talk about that for a while and how happy they are. Then Ye-rim mentions that Jae-hyuk thinks that he saw Tae-oh. He is not sure, but it is better to tell you.

Myung-sook says that is just like how his father was, broken and drunk all the time. Then she wonders if he went to that bar on purpose? Sun-woo says that he might be used to going there. Maybe he won’t do anything. At least it is not in Kosun. They all think not to worry about it. Sun-woo hopes he will have a good life so she does not have to see him ever.


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    December 31, 2020 / 7:50 pm

    where was the restaurant that sunwoo and her friends were having dinner? i’ve been searching for it after the episode 16. goodness…

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