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The World of the Married: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 3

The World of the Married: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: The World of the Married Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Da-kyung gets out of her car and walks up to Sun-woo. 

DK – I will convince Tae-oh to sign parental rights over to you. So you give up the money for child support.

SW – Money? I never received any money.

DK – In case you use that as an excuse to meet each other. Don’t make Joon-young an excuse.

SW – You know Joon-young was only an excuse, that is why you came here.

DK – If you don’t want to be humiliated then just leave! Otherwise I will sue you for having an affair. I am not afraid of anything, do you think I can’t?

SW – So what do you want to protect by doing all that? Lee Tae-oh, your family, or your pride? If I promise that to you, do you think your insecurity will go away? 

DK – This has nothing to do with you.

SW – Whatever you do is none of my business. Before that, you should know one thing.

She gets out her phone and puts it on the car.

DK – What are you doing?

SW – I am showing you the real Lee Tae-oh.

She plays the song that is her favorite song.

SW – This is my favorite song, that is why Lee Tae-oh started to like it. It is not just a favorite song, it has meaning, he proposed to me with this song. Let’s get married Sun-woo, whatever it takes, I will make you and the baby happy. Not because of the responsibility of having a kid, but because I love you Lee Sun-woo. Whatever it is, I want to be with you, let’s live together. Did he do the same to you? Sweetly telling you, you are the only one he loves? 

DK – Don’t like to me, there is no evidence.

Sun-woo tells her to come closer, I can prove it to you that i am not lying. Da-kyung asks her, where are you going! Sun-woo tells her, to my place.

They go to Sun-woo’s place. Sun-woo opens the ox that has her broken wedding photo and dumps outa ll her lingerie.

DK – What about this?

SW – i was su surprised to see this. Don’t you see? Look at this. I saw the same thing when I went to your place. The same type of lingerie and perfume and wedding dress. it was all the same so it gave me goosebumps. Did Lee Tae-h pick it for you or did you pick it?

DK – *deep breathes* You came to my place and made everything the same. Where is your bottom? This is so childish.

Sun-woo thinks for a moment and then pulls Da-kyung to the closet. 

SW – I do not have the proof that you want. But i do not lie.

She shows her an outfit she wore in the past, Da-kyung is wearing that shirt now.

SW – I don’t know if Tae-oh even realizes it, but you are very similar to me, what do you think?

DK – That is a super common style.

SW – You do everything detailed and have to follow a plan. So for you Tae-oh looks cool because he is spontaneous and free. Lee Tae-oh must fall in love with someone who looks up to him and takes care of him well. So you and me are both attracted to that kind of man.

DK – *disbelief* Are you still arguing that he is still falling in love with you? I don’t know why I am here.

She starts to leave.

SW – What if the same kind of woman shows up again? Yeah, it is a common style. There are so many women in the world just like you and me. And unfortunately Lee Tae-oh has a free soul. He is attracted to the woman that takes care of him well. But when he thinks he is controlled, he will look for a way to breath. Like how he was with me, but fell in love with you. Maybe Jenny will become Joon-young’s age. There is no guarantee that he won’t.

Da-kyung holds her mouth and runs out. She stumbles down the stairs and tries not to cry. Then she braces herself against the counter at the kitchen and breathes deeply.

Sun-woo walks down the steps slowly and sits near the bottom step. 

SW – That is a meaningless thing, that great love is only that much. What is a  couple. We got married because it was fate. And we lived together. You entire life is collateral even though you know you will be miserable. I still don’t know. One thing for sure is, you cannot raise your kid when you know that person could hurt you. Think carefully, this could be the last chance for you to get out of this.

Da-kyung drives home crying. She tries to keep it together. A lovely song plays.

While the song plays, the camera cuts to Sun-woo still sitting on the steps.



Tae-oh prints out something about an investor and his new movie. He puts them all in a bag and heads out of his house. He is dressed for success. He walks to the kitchen happily and greets Da-kyung with good morning.

She is quiet, he is oblivious. He tells her that the investor he will meet with today said that they enjoyed the scenario, I feel good about it.

She tells him that is good and smiles. He says he will call her as soon as he gets the investment and kisses her on the cheek.

He goes to the meeting, it looks like it goes well. he heads out of the restaurant to pay. But the card is declined. They ask for another. So Tae-oh hands it over.

The city senator sees him there and talks to him. Tae-oh apologies about what happened last time. He asks what he is doing here and he sponsorship with his father in law? The city senator says that his father in law cancelled that a long time ago. 

His other card is declined. So he pays in cash. the city senator leaves. Tae-oh drives to work frantically.

He Goes to his company to look for the manager. All his employees stand up as he asks where Manager Lee is. Manager Lee is in Tae-oh’s office clearing his desk. Tae-oh asks, what are you doing! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Why are all my credit cards blocked?

The manager says that it is the chairman’s order to kick you out. You are done. Tae-oh asks how he can say that, are you crazy? I just got the investment.

Manager Lee says, if you want to see your daughters face for the last time, then go home right now.

Tae-oh drives home quickly and calls his wife on the way. But she does not pick up, so he leaves a message and asks what happened? it seems like abonim is angry with me. Never mind, I will talk to you at home. Call me when you check the message.

He gets home. The house is being packed up. 

Tae-oh asks what they are doing! BK tells him that the paperwork is all done. Now take this and go away, he throws a bag at him. I do not want to talks to you anymore. The paperwork is all done.

He tells his secretary to take the car. Tae-oh asks what he is talking about. BK tells him to divorce and give up your parental rights. Your position at the company I gave you is all gone. Don’t you understand.

Tae-oh says it is all a misunderstanding abonim. BK slaps him and says he is not his abonim! The only thing I wanted from a person like you was to make my daughter happy! If you did just that thing, then I would take you as more than a son in law, sometimes even a friend. it was my dream. But as I expected, you were only this much, unfortunately. This is it. Don’t come in front of us anymore.

Tae-oh starts to beg for Da-kyung and says that he wants to talk to her. He runs around the corner and sees Jenny being buckled into her car seat. Da-kyung leaves the house. he runs to her.

TO – Yobo, Jenny’s mom! 

BK tells her not to talk to him. She says she will take care of it, you wait in the car, appa.

TO _ you forgave me, we tried together! you should not have done this!

DK – that was when it was your one mistake. You are not like that, you cannot trick me anymore, we are done.

She starts to walk away, he holds her hand and tells her not to listen to abonim. We can solve our own problems. 

DK – Appa knew everything! He was ready for it all from the beginning! Our poor Jenny that has you as a father. But it is better not to have one. You will not be able to see her at all.

TO – you are the only one, I love you Da-kyung. Please.

DK – The song you used to propose to me, you used that same song for her. That perfume and wedding dress and underwear, everything. What am I to you?

TO – What are you talking about?

DK – She was not the one in a fantasy, it was me. Now I know everything. For you I am just Ji Sun-woo’s replacement. Just go to her.

She walks off and gets into her fathers car. Tae-oh runs to the car and ells for her and Jenny. But BK drives off.

Tae-oh tries to go inside his house, but the door is locked. he can’t get in. He bangs on he door is frustration and crumbles to the ground in tears.

But then another car drives up. Tae-h stands up.

It is Sun-woo.


He takes several angry breathes and runs to her car. He tries to open the door and yells for her to get out. But seh stays inside. He yells, it is all your fault! I lost everything because of you! You planned this from the beginning! You did this to destroy me! What did you tell Da-kyung you B*! 

he throws his bag at her, she doesn’t even look at him. he starts to sob in frustration and anger. He mutters, my social position, my money, my family, I have nothing now. She looks over at him slightly, then drives off.

He lets her go and stays standing. Then he falls to the ground.

He drives off stone faced. Then she answers the phone from her son and says that she had finished up everything. Joon-young asks, what about appa, did you take care of him? She pulls the car over and takes a deep breathe.

Then she drives back to Tae-oh. He is walking dejectedly down the road.

She gets out and walks up to him. She looks amazing. he looks horrible.

She opens her wallet and throws some money on the ground, then looks away.

SW – Stay in a motel or something with that, then think about what you will do. Form a plan or something. I can give you money to rent.

TO – You are the devil. I should never have met you. My life is ruined because of you. Why don’t you kill me. It would be better for you and me. 

SW – Just wake up. Don’t blame others, think about what you did. You ruined your own life, not me. Don’t you know?

TO – Joon Young knows everything. he knows why I hit you. He knows everything. Joon-young hates you because he knows what kind of bad person you are. No one will be happy living with you.

Sun-woo walks away in anger. 

TO – You abandoned me, but not Joon-young! I will tell him everything that you did to me! Joon-young should know how you destroyed his father!

Sun-woo turns back around. But then she runs to her car, sobbing. She swings the car around in anger. He is standing right in the street. She stares at him, then she puts her car in gear and drives it right to him. She screeches on the breaks in front of him and looks at him with pained tearful eyes.

She starts to cry and drives by him. He kneels and painfully picks up the money from the street.



The women’s group all go to a spa and sit. It is Choi’s wife, Kong’s wife, and Cha’s wife. Cha’s wife says that she heard that the land for the set is on sale for super cheap. I guess chairman Yeo’s family will never come back.

CW says that her husband thinks so also, he told her. KW says that it seems like Ji Sun-woo came back. Cha’s wife says Lee Tae-oh is divorced again and Chairman Yeo’s family left the city and Sun-woo came back as if she has been waiting. I think something is going on here, right?

KW says that she heard that Ji Sun-woo is the one that made them get a divorce. CW tells them that all couples have their own story. You should be careful not to talk about someone else’s business. What about your husband? KW says that the hospital chairman is the same, it is difficult to find a good doctor like Sun-woo, so they want to bring her back. 

Choi’s wife tells them that is a good choice.

Cut to Sun-woo parking at her hospital and walking back inside. she smiles to everyone, the nurses all greet her happily. They are super happy to see her again. Myung-sook comes out and is happy to see her again also. They sit in Myung-sook’s office and chat. Sun-woo congratulates her for being the vice director.

Myung-sook says it was the directors special order to come back to work. You came back to Ko-sung a long time ago. he wondered what you were doing. He was nervous that another hospital would take you. Don’t worry about anything, just come back. Your office is always available, don’t give our director a hard time.

Sun-woo thanks her. Myung-sook asks about Tae-oh, she says he did not leave. My hubae saw him. Sun-woo asks, where?

She says he was in Ko-sun, he is all destroyed. He had an argument with a drinking bill in the street bar. The hubae paid for his hospital bill, then he left. Sun-woo asks when that was? Myung-sook says it was a week ago. Why don’t you look for him? I worry about him causing big trouble.

Sun-woo asks, why should I?


Joon-young calls him mom to ask when she is coming home. then he happily gets off the phone and eats his snack. But there is a ding dong on the bell. Dark music starts to play.

Time passes and Sun-woo gets home. She is home with roses and a groceries. She tells Joon-young that she is back.

(Melodious music is playing, but it is also making me stressed)

She goes upstairs to Joon-young’s room. He is not there. She searches her phone and calls him. But his phone rings on the couch. She picks it up and wondres what is going on.

Then she sees a note.

Note – I am taking Joon-young.

Fade Out


Sun-woo did that. Y’all all know that BK was looking for a way to get  Tae-oh out of his life. Their life was all roses and bubble gum candy until Tae-oh came in and turned it all upside down. 

BK was all like, YOU HAD ONE JOB, JUST ONE. i was rooting for you! I wanted to be your friend! 😂 

I love how this show is keeping it at the family level for the entire series. This drama is building, but it is building on the family level. So now it is all about the kids and trying to keep them sane. But will tomorrow be all about Sun-woo trying to find Joon-young? Or has Tae-oh found anther woman to take care of him? 


English Translation

SW – I am happy that Joon-young is doing well. I feel like everything is taken care of.

TO – Before ti gets too late, lets make our house, why did we delay it?

YR – You were pissed too lon because I refused once

JH – You do not hve to say anything

SW – Have you heard about Tae-oh?

YR – He shouldn’t show himself again

TO – You are everything, from the begining, lets start over

JY – It is too late, you ruined everything

YR – Actually, eunnie, Jae-hyuk saw Tae-oh

TO – Are you going to see me, yobo?

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      Does anyone know what wallet she was using? Thanks!

  2. Poppie
    May 15, 2020 / 12:44 pm

    Thank you for you recap. Episode 15 was so good. I hope we will have a happy ending with Sun Woo and her son. Romance with YK is bonus. For Tae Oh, no suicide please. Just live as a humble man and reflect on your mistakes for the rest of your life.

  3. Anonymous
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    Thankyou for recaped every episode of this drama.
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    • V
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      I really need to check out Dr. Foster and find out how it ended.

  4. K K
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    “BK was all like, YOU HAD ONE JOB, JUST ONE. i was rooting for you! I wanted to be your friend! 😂 ” lol but did he though..? He’s been trying to get rid of him from day one. lol

    Thanks for this! Wow I hope this won’t end like Dr. Foster. I might just stop watching here to be safe. lol
    Thanks again!

    • V
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      • Joshua Aloro
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        May I know the song title that has been Used to liked by Seon U? The song that Seon woo Played when she’s talking with Da khyung? Please I’m going Crazy with this 😭. I only Heard the Part “When the sun shines bright” and “Imagine me, Imagine you.” So Please I badly needed the Song title 💖.

        • CJ
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          “Imagine” by Lim Ji Eun

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