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The World of the Married: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sun-woo sits with BK and asks how long he has been following her and how long he is continuing. Or are you following tae-oh? The wife sits in the other room.

BK – I told you I would do anything for my daughters happiness.

SW – So now you acknowledge that your daughter is not happy?

BK – What did you tell my daughter?

SW – The important thing is what happened between me and Tae-oh. I knew that you did not trust Tae-oh. So you can kind of guess. Da-kyung, what was her dream?

BK – Da-kyung, she liked traveling ever since she was young so we took her to a lot of places. She liked art museums. It was a good time. She said that after she learned more, she would run a gallery.

SW – If she wants, you can support her right? 

BK – Of course.

SW – SO she can live her life and fulfill all her dreams. But she is trapped with Lee tae-oh. Your lovely daughter is wasting her youth only for him. Aren’t you upset at that? I pity her because she is going through a second wife complex and struggling.

BK and HJ do not say anything against this.

SW – That is why I came here, for your daughters happiness. You will do anything for your daughters happiness.

Cut to Da-kyung, she is looking at photos of Tae-oh pushing Da-kyung against the car. She tries to keep it together. Her mother calls and asks if she is okay? DK says she is fine, what’s up?

Hyo-jung tells her that Ji Sun-woo is really leaving. I checked with a realtor, that house is for sale. She already packed up and left with her kid, so you don’t have to worry.

Da-kyung gets off the  phone and thinks. Then she gets up.

Hyo-jung looks at BK and asks, do you think we are doing a good thing?


Cut to Joon-young and No-eul meeting in a cafe. He gives her all the things he stole and asks her to return it for him. He says he is really sorry for what he did and he is really sorry to ask her to do it. He gets up to leave. 

She tells him, Joon-yong, I did this because I liked yo and worried for you and because you didn’t do this before. I wasn’t bragging. I want to apologize if I hurt your feelings. He thanks her and leaves.

Sun-woo is waiting outside. He hops in the car. She happily tell him, let’s go. He pleasantly says, yes. They both drive away. No-eul watches them leave.

They happily drive up the road and this feels like the end of the show actually. They are diving off happily and smiling.


The hospital is super empty now without Sun-woo. The director sees all the empty patients in the reception area, the nurses are all bored and checking their phone. But they hop to attention when they see him and say that Dr. Ji’s patients all left. The director asks when Dr. Ji is coming back? They tell him that Dr. Seol said that she just left for good.

Cut to Myung-sook texting tae-oh to find out what really happened? I heard that Sun-woo left with her son. But she erased her text.

Yoon-ki is on the phone with Sun-woo. He tells her that he just wants her to be happy, that is all I wanted to say. Ah, he might have left a voice mail? But then he erases the message.




A realtor shows a person around Sun-woo’s house. That person is Da-kyung. the realtor says that the owner of this house had to leave all of a sudden, so the furniture is still inside. You can look around.

Da-kyung slowly walks inside and starts to look around. This is the first time she is in this house.

She goes upstairs to the bedroom and looks around slowly. She sees all the weddin gphotos in the dresser. Then she looks in the closet near the bed, it is empty. Bu she sees the broken wedding photo.

Then she hears a person talking to the realtor. It is ye-rim. Ye-rim asks him when he thinks their house will be sold. The realtor says that they don’t have too much business recently.

Da-kyung tries to sneak out, but Ye-rim sees her. So Da-kyung stops, she’s busted. Ye-rim asks what happened? The realtor asks if they know each other? Ye-rim asks for them to be left alone so the realtor says he will step outside.

Ye-rim tells Da-kyung that eunnie gave her the key to pack up. I did not think you would be here Da-kyung. 

Da-kyung says that she was just checking to see if she really left. Ye-rim says that is not all she wanted to check. You wanted to see if they are really over. I understand, I would be the same. Da-kyung smiles and says goodbye.

Ye-rim tells her, Lee Tae-oh won’t forget Sun-woo too easily. That is why eunnie just left like that, because she knew that as well. 

DK – Why are you telling me that? Or did Ji Sun-woo tell you to tell me that? That’s it, I knew it.

YR – Jae-hyuk told me. Men can’t forget the other woman, even if he has a new one. To him, Lee tae-oh is like that. You knew that Sun-woo disappeared for awhile. Lee Tae-oh came by and asked me to see if Sun-woo was okay. But his eyes were so emotional. Do you know why Tae-oh does that? I know better than anyone else how miserable it is to suspect your husband. That is why I wanted to tell you as the same woman and also as a person who experienced this before. If you do not believe it, come to my place, I can show you the CCTV. Because eunnie gave me the security ID and password. I can show you how often Tae-oh comes and how much time he spent in front of the empty house. I have everything.

Da-kyung runs out. Ye-rim looks pleasantly pissed on Sun-woo’s behalf. The realtor comes back in. Ye-rim gives him some money.

Da-kyung drives away, seething.

Meanwhile, Sun-woo and Joon-yong stop their car at night outside a house. it is a nice house. Sun-woo tells him to just take this as a little vacation. Joon-young tells her that he feels a little strange. She says that he will get used to it. Don’t worry and just think about good things. Think about where you want to go. We can go back if you want to.

He looks out the window and thinks.


Jae-hyuk takes Ye-rim a tea and says that he is done with his busy time at work, would you like to go on a trip? Somewhere that isn’t too hard for you? Bali or Hawaii? She says okay, anytime, you pick your schedule. They both smile and sit close on the couch.

He puts is drink down and looks at her passionately then tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away. She apologizes for it. he asks if he can sleep there tonight. She says next time. He apologizes for going too far and messing up the mood. He asks if she is angry. She says no.

He heads off and goes back to his car feeling sad and miserable. He longingly gazes back at his home. Ye-rim sits inside on the couch, thinking.




Da-kyung also sits at home thinking, she is in her room. Tae-oh comes back and greets her. He takes off his jacket and puts it in the closet. She looks like she wants to say something, but just says that Jenny is sleeping.

He asks if everything is really okay? She says yes. He tells her that he did not eat dinner yet, I am making ramen, would you like to have it? She says she is okay.

So he makes himself some ramen to eat and starts to eat it. But it looks like he feels a bit emotional and stops eating. He takes a sip of his water instead. But then he coughs when Da-kyung comes to the kitchen looking fabulous. She gives him a side dish. He thanks her.

She leaves without saying much else. But then she stops at the hallway. He starts coughing. She looks at him and then keeps walking out.


Sun-woo and Joon-young talk about where to move. He says that any school is the same so it is okay to go anywhere. What is more important is her job. She asks if she should look for a job in Seoul? We should think about your college.

Het ells her that she can date someone, you can date someone nice, it is okay with me. She asks why he hated Dr. Kim so much. He says it is because you were too good for him. She says, what? He says that is true, you are too good for him. He smiles. She also smiles.

Right then, She gets a text from Yoon-ki. Yoon-ki asks how Joon-young is, is he okay?

She calls him and he answers right away. She apologizes for not saying a proper goodbye. He says he knows he shouldn’t, but I worry about you, is eveyrthing fine? She says they are making a plan. He is more stable now, he smiles.

Inside, No-eul tells Joon-young that the kids at school understand him. You don’t have to go and you don’t have to be sorry to them, can’t you stay?

Outside, Sun-woo keeps talking to Yoon-ki, he asks her if she is okay? She says that the air is fine there, the sky is clear, the stars are nice, maybe everything is clear due to that now. Thank you, I will never forget you Dr. Kim.

He asks, when you decide where to go, can you tell me?


Da-kyung wakes up in the middle of the night. She calls Sun-woo. Sun-woo is sitting on her sons bed, he is sleeping. She walks out to the stairwell to answer.

SW – What happened?

Cut to her standing by her car and waiting for Da-kyung. 

Da-kyung drives up.


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