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The World of the Married: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk are at home eating pleasantly and talking about Sun-woo quitting and leaving. Jae-hyuk says that guy will have mixed emotions. She asks who? Lee Tae-oh? Jae-hyuk says yes. He thinks so.

Ye-rim says they are all done. But Jae-hyuk tells her that she does not know men. Even if you have a woman next to you, you still look for another woman, then you have another woman and think about another woman, that is man.

She is all like, oh no he did not just tell me that. But she doesn’t say anything .So he has to say, its not me! It is all Tae-ho, that jashik.


On the ride home. Tae-ohh asks his son if he had any contact from his mother? Joon-yuong says he has not. Tae-oh asks if she tried and he did not pick up? Joon-young says she didn’t try.

At a beach hospital, the older sunbae doctor that was fired, sees Sun-woo sleeping in her car overlooking the beach. He knocks on her window to wake her up.

He takes her to his office and gives her a green tea. Then he tells her that she did not contact him after he found her a place. What’s up. She says she quit. He asks if she is going to Busan? She says no, she will rest. 

He asks why she came to him? You have a good shrink. But then his alarm goes off so he says he has an appointment. She tells him to head out. So he goes to do his job, he is actually the director of this hospital.

But he also calls Yoon-ki and asks him how he knew she would come here? She does not look well so if you are worried about her why not come? Yoon-ki tells him that she wants to be alone, I can’t matter in her things. The sunbae doctor says, okay, if anything happens then I will call you.

In his office, Sun-woo looks around and touches his books on his bookshelf. She also sees a secret bottle of soju under his desk.


The Director tells Myung-sook that she is now the Vice director. He had to pick someone. Are you not confident? Myung-sook is taken aback, but says she is confident, thank you for trusting me. The director says that he convinced the chairman, if you cause any problems then I am responsible as well.

Myung-sook tells him it will be fine and asks about Dr. Ji. The Director says he does not know what to do since she left. He can’t just let her go though. The chairman also thinks she is the best doctor for them.

Myung-sook tells him that they should wait a bit longer for her.

In Tae-oh’s office, he looks worried and checks his phone. BK knocks on his window so Tae-oh lets him in quickly. BK talks about their donation to the hospital and asks him to finish it up. tae-oh says okay.

BK tells him that he thought this would take longer, but he finished it up quickly, good job. He also tells him not to walk him out. Good job. Tae-oh calls Myung-sook and asks where Sun-woo is? Myung-sook says that she quit a few days ago. She does not know where she is now.

Tae-oh hangs up. He goes to her house, but she does not answer. Ye-rim comes over and asks what he is doing there. He says it is just in case Sun-woo is home. Do you know where she is?

Ye-rim asks why? You did enough, you gave her such a hard time and you also have Joon-young now. Just let her go.

So he goes back home and stares off at nothing while undoing his cufflinks. Da-kyung says his name but he doesn’t hear so she goes up to him and asks if he heard her? 

He asks her what is up? She tells him that they have a dinner engagement with app and the city senators family. Appa does not like to go into politics but he is doing it for you and Joon-young. She hands him clothing to change into.

Tae-oh goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror.




Sun-woo is at the beach, it is night. She looks at her phone and has like over 30 missed calls from Tae-oh. She turns off her cell phone and keeps looking at the water.

Later on, she sits with her sunbae in his office and asks why everything is so messed up even though she tried hard to make it all work. Everything she wanted to hold on to, all slept away.

he asks what she wants to keep? Obsession is poisonous. It is the same for parents and kids.

She says she does not even think about that and has accepted that Joon-young lives with his father. The worst thing is that her kid hates her. If I can take that back,  then I can do anything. Is there no way?

The sunbae says that if you hurt him and ask him to understand you, that is too much. Just honor his space. Time will cure this. She asks him, what about you, did time help you? Even if time passes, pain is pain, you know that.

He sighs in understanding but says that life is not always happy, we just survive. We have happy days sometimes and time passes by. Sun-woo says she is too tired to survive like that. If I just disappear, then everyone will be happy. Me, Joon-young, and Tae-oh.

She drinks at a seaside diner or maybe her cottage and looks out over the waves crashing on the shore.


Joon-young asks him father why he has to be friends with that guy again? I apologized to him. Tae-oh says that he does not have to be friends with him, but you have to see him for one more year at school. Let’s just do it today. Ajumma prepared this for you.

Da-kyung secretly listens from outside the door.

Later that morning, Tae-oh goes to Sun-woo’s old hospital and talks to the Director about the donation plan. The Director says that he thought Tae-oh was asking too much in the beginning, but now I see what happened. Dr. Ji created some problems recently. If she was still the vice director, then we are in bigger trouble.

Tae-oh looks regretful about it all. The director starts to talk in detail about the donation. But Tae-oh is not really into this conversation. He excuses himself and walks away like a zombie. He stops at Sun-woo’s office that is still there but is empty.

Myung-sook watches him looking at the office.

VO – Sun-woo, where are you at now? Are you okay?


The sunbae doctor is at the hotel where Sun-woo is staying to ask where she is. They say that she said she would be here for awhile but she left early this morning. Maybe she went out to see the sun rise. is there a problem? The sunbae says no and heads out looking concerned.

He calls someone and frets while looking at the beach. He walks off to try and find her.

In the hospital, Tae-oh sits with Myung-sook in her office and asks how Sun-woo is. Myung-sook says he sounds strange, do you feel weird after she left? he asks if she knows where she is?

Myung-sook says she kind of knows, do you want me to tell you Tae-oh says no, it is okay if she is fine. MS asks if they are okay? Do you two have something? Tae-oh says that they had a few shocks when it came to Joon-young recently. I just worry, just in case something might happen, but nothing should happen.

In the other office, Yoon-ki gets a frantic call from the sunbae doctor about Dr. Ji being gone He does not feel good about it and thinks something might happen. So Yoon-ki hops up and takes off running to cancel all his appointments today, he is in a hurry.

Myung-sook runs off to see what is going on. Yoon-ki is about to tell her but then sees Tae-oh so he stops. Tae-oh asks what happen with Sun-woo, where is she? But Yoon-ki doesn’t tell him and leaves.

So Tae-oh asks and then yells at Myung-sook, where is she!

She must have told him because he takes off driving to find her.




Sun-woo walks along the beach. Her shoes are off, she looks sad but also peaceful. She looks at the water.

Yoon-ki drives to the coast and calls the sunbae. The sunbae looks along all the beaches around the area and says that he has not seen her. Yoon-ki tells him that he will look for as well. He drives right past her. 

She is sitting on the beach now so he might have been in cover from his view. She looks so sad, too sad to cry, and like she has given up on everything. She takes off her jacket and starts walking to the water.

She stops just in front of the waves and looks out at the water. then she takes a step in and looks crazily happy. The waves hit her. she happily goes into them and is engulfed.

Tae-oh has gotten here and keeps frantically driving around and looking for her. He looks stoically worried.

Yoon-ki finds Sun-woo’s car parked on the side of the road. Her purse is still in the are and the window are down. He runs to the beach and sees her jacket. So he runs to her jacket and starts to call her professional name. Dr. Ji! Dr. Ji! But then he switches and starts saying her name, Sun-woo! Sun-woo shi!

Flashback to when Sun-woo was little and at her parents funeral. Ajummas in the dining area ask, did they just leave her kid like that? Another woman says that family had a big accident after the father had an affair. Another woman says it was not an accident, it was suicide. That is why she took him with her. But how can they leave the daughter like that all alone.

Little Sun-woo hears it all and tucks her head in her knees.

Then Joon young looks up from that same position with tears in his eyes.

Adult Sun-woo looks off from the beach, maybe she was thinking about Joon-young and what this would mean for him. Btu she is still in the water.

Tae-oh finds the car and parks in a hurry.

Yoon-ki swims to Sun-woo and pulls her out of the water. He has to carry her to the beach and starts to hit her on the back to wake her up and see if she is okay. She wakes up and might cough up some water. He holds her and lets her cry.

Tae-oh walks along the beach and sees Yoon-ki and Sun-woo all wet and on the beach with Sun-woo crying in his chest. It is a really touching scene.

He hangs his head and tries not to cry and starts to walk away.


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