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The World of the Married: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

Joon-young is basically scarred for life and its all his parents fault. So they probs need to get his therapy back up and going with Yoon-ki right quick to get him functioning as a normal member of society and not a delinquent. How about baseball camp?

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Tae-eul and Sun-woo stand outside with their son. He says yes, and turns around and looks at the car. Sun-woo asks, you came to umma’s house and saw that appa came?

TO – That day, Umma and appa talked about something that is why, we had to talk about you and pack up things.

JY – Do you think I don’t know anything? How long do you think this will work? Stop using me as an excuse. Whenever you say that I go crazy. Just stop!

He walks away. They let him leave and wonder what they should do. tae-oh asks, what should we do now? Sun-woo tells him to take Joon-yuong home. She starts to get in her car. Tae-oh says her name to stop. She tells him to take care of Joon-young so he won’t get hurt more. That is all I want.

She gets in her car. He turns and looks at Joon-young walking off.


Da-kyung asks her mother what the problem is? I took care of everything. Her mother is on the phone and tells her to just send him to his mother. Da-kyung says that he is Tae-oh’s son, he is my responsibility now. Her mother says she did enough! What if he does something to Jenny.

Da-kyung says they just need to embrace him, that is all. I can take care of him. She hangs up. The mother yells. BK comes out and asks, what about Da-kyung? Did something happen?

She yells, I did not raise her to take care of his ex-wife’s son! Argh!

Da-kyung cleans Joon-young’s room and looks at his uniform.


On the way home, Tae-oh tries to talk to Joon-young. He tells him not to worry, Umma will leave. Joon-young puts in his earphones.

Sun-woo drives off looking like she shouldn’t be driving.

Tae-oh gets home. Da-kyung asks if he went somewhere and then asks if she can talk to him a little bit. They sit at the table. She tells him that she wished he was happy here, just like she said when he first came. If you are happy then I am happy. You were hurt by adults and I am half the responsibility. We can do it like this now, but if it happens again then I cannot take care of it more. So don’t do it. We will all have a difficult time, you will as well. Can you promise that to me?

He mutters, okay.

She thanks him and he gets up to leave. She tells him to get her permission before leaving to go somewhere. He turns around. She asks, are you not answering? He tells her okay and walks off.

Tae-oh walks into the room and asks what she talked to him about. She says she told him to get her permission when he goes out. Then she asks Tae-oh if he knows his friends? I want to know what he does and who he hangs out with. I think we need to take care of him more. He says okay.


Ye-rim wakes up with stomach pain. She goes to the fridge, but there is no food. So she walks up the hallway, but her stomach hurts a bit more so she sits on the floor against the wall and is about to call Jae-hyuk. She thinks that he bothered her all the time but on a day like today he doesn’t come by. I miss him.

But then he comes in and sees her sitting on the ground. He asks her if her stomach hurts a lot? Did you eat something? Myung-sook told me that you went to the hospital. Ye-rim sighs and says she is so quick to say things. Jae-hyuk tells her that she should have told him. 

She mutters that she needs to get used to getting sick alone and being alone. She asks what he bought. He opens the top, it is a tiramisu cake. He says he remembered that she always ate it when she was sick. He wasn’t sure if it was chocolate or tiramisu. So you can eat some. He gives her a fork on the floor. 

He starts to say that he thought about what he could do for her while she is sick and he is happy that he can do this for her. She looks like she is slowly starting to forgive him.




Sun-woo slept on the couch at her home.

Myung-sook goes in to work and asks if Dr. Ji is there. The nurses say she didn’t come to work. Ten we see someone running in clutching her stomach. Theman says that his daughter is in an emergency, she took the medicine that Dr. Ji gave. She has big pain.

The nruse tells them that Dr. Ji is not there yet. Myung-sook checks the chart and sees that the other doctor is busy as well. Myung-sook tells them that she can look at them and they hurry in to Myung-sook’s office.

It causes a commotion so the Director notices it. He runs over to see her chart and sees that this patient has a sensitive stomach. Sun-woo comes walking in right then looking hung over. They tell her that she needs to get her butt into Myung-sook’s office. Your patient has stomach pain.

Myung-sook takes an ultrasound of her stomach and sees bleeding. Sun-woo gets her attention at the door to find out what is happening. Myung-sook pulls her to the side and asks what happened? Why didn’t you do an ultrasound? Just don’t do anything, I will take care of everything.

Sun-woo goes to her office. The father bursts in angrily and yells at Sun-woo about the situation. Myung-sook goes in as well and tells him that it is okay, she can get pregnant.

But the father is upset that Sun-woo misdiagnosed his daughter. Myung-sook yells at him and says that the chart recommended that she goes to the OBGYN, did your daughter not tell you that? The man says no, she did not tell me. Myung-sook tells him that he needs to check with his daughter.

The man tells them that he will destroy them if his daughter has to undergo surgery. Myung-sook tells him that she prescribed medicine, so come back 3 days later. The husband says he is suing if anything happens to his daughter. He runs out.

Myung-sook tells Sun-woo that she should never apologize, that means that it is your fault, they will not understand that it was a misdiagnosis or that she didn’t follow up. Don’t do anything, I will take care of it.

Sun-woo meets with the Director who asks her why she is like this? I understand that you took time off because of your son. But you used to pick out diseases that people didn’t even catch or know about But now you are late and leaving early and misdiagnose people. Why are you doing this? You have a problem right now.

She apologizes and says it is her mistake. I will quit. He tells her that he is the director, he can say this much right? You don’t have to say that you will quit, can I even say anything? How much time do you need? Two days? Three days? One week? You can have one week, would it all be okay?

She apologizes again and leaves. Then we cut to her laying her resignation letter on her desk. She sits for a moment and looks around her office at all her awards and certificates and name plate on her desk. She also looks at her sons baseball achievements that are in pride of place. She packs up everything in a box and heads out.

Yoon-ki sees her walking out and doesn’t say anything. Myung-sook and the nurses see her walking out and don’t say anything. The Director holds the resignation letter and puts it in his desk. It does not look like he has accepted it yet.

Sun-woo goes home and sighs a great big sigh, then she lays down on her couch and sleeps.


Da-kyung and her mother sit with the city senator and the elder Choi’s wife. Da-kyung smiles and uses her father in the conversation with the senators wife to make her happy. She wants to invite the city senators wife over with her family to make Hae-Kang and Joon-young friends again.

Choi’s Wife does not look happy about it but maintains her pleasant composure. She tells Da-kyung that she will be busy taking care of the ex-wife’s son. Hyo-jung says that she just does not know what is going on because she is young and nice.

DK sighs and says that Tae-oh’s son is her son as well. No parent gives up their kid with one mistake. raising kids is hard. If you thought it was something that came with your husband, then it will not be easy. How responsible can you be for that kids life?

Da-kyung tells her that she will do her best, just like with Jenny. She does not know if she can be 100% responsible for her his life and for growing up in another family. 

Choi tells her that the woman is the center of the family, you have a big heart, I did not know that.

The directors wife shows up happily right then and tells everyone that Dr. Ji quit. She is leaving Ko-sun soon. DK looks taken aback. The Directors wife says this is good news for you Da-kyung and for you Hyo-jung. HJ smiles and chuckles and says that it is not good news but it is not bad news.

The elder Choi looks at Da-kyung suspiciously.Da-kyung quietly sips her tea.




Tae-oh eats with Jonn-yuong at the dinner table. He asks him what he did today. Joon-yong says he was at home all day. Tae-oh asks if he went to the hogwan? Joon-young says he was told to have it at home. It is like house arrest right?

Tae-oh says he will talk to her. Joon-young leaves quietly to his room. Tae-oh stays at the dinner table. Da-kyung comes in and sits with him. She asks where Joon-young is. Tae-oh says that he went to his room.

So she happily sits and asks if h would like to have a family vacation with Joon-yuong? Somewhere close? He says yes. Tae-oh mentions Joon-young getting out of the house.

She doesn’t answer and changes the subject to someone she has to talk to Joon-young. They specialize in young kids. It was difficult to get the appointment because he is so popular. 

Tae-oh does not look like he likes that and asks, does he have to go through treatment? She says of course. He asks, do you think he will be a thief later? She tells him that they ned to be serious about it now. Tae-ohh asks if she can just give him time to breathe? Can’t you trust him?

She asks what is wrong about getting specialized help? I tried hard to help him. He says he understands. She tells him, if you know that then you will cooperate. Eight now, don’t think about your opinion, just think about Joon-young, okay?

Later on, she takes off he earrings in the closet. Tae-oh comes in and lovingly apologizes and thanks her. He says he can take Joon-yuong to his consultation. She says that she would do the same if Jenny causes the same trouble. They both smile and chuckle at that. He hugs her. 

She tells him that they will be normal in baby steps.


the hospital looks like a pleasant place. Myung-sook works pleasantly. Sun-woo’s office is not filled. The director looks sadly at the empty office.

Elsewhere, Joon-young goes off for his first meeting with his psychiatrist. Tae-oh takes him there and sits with him in the office. The doctor asks him how his week was and if he is angry or sad. His father holds his hand while he talks.

Jae-hyuk works super well and then leaves work with his wife. Everyone looks super happy. They go to a piano concert. Jae-hyuk is sleepy in the concert but Ye-rim is happy that he is there and holds his hand. She also rests her head on his shoulder which makes him happy.

that night, Myung-sook leaves work and is about to call Sun-woo. But she hangs up when a man comes up to her possibly for a date so she happily goes off.

Yoon-ki goes to Sun-woo’s house and rings the bell, but no one answers so he leaves.

The spy is watching and calls Da-kyung to tell her what is going on. Da-kyung thanks him. She pleasantly sits at home and looks around.


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