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The World of the Married: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Tae-oh and Sun-woo goes outside to talk to Joon-yong.

TO – Hey, you attitude. How can you say you are not going to school?

SW – i am not asking you to apologize. I want to know that you want to do in the future.

TO – Lets go to your mothers house to talk

JY – Why should I go? You go.

SW – You don’t want to come to umma’s house?

JY – That’s right, I don’t want to go.

He takes Tae-oh’s keys and goes to the car to get in. Su-woo is crushed. She asks Tae-oh about the cigarette, did something really happen with that? Tae-oh says that she smelled cigarettes on him. Sun-woo says that might be the PC bang, if he stayed there long enough then the smell will stick. It seems like he has not gotten used to your place. this has not happened with me. The worst thing he did was not go to hogwan. Now he looks like a different person.

Tae-oh is angry. It happened because he came to my place? She asks if something happened? He says he does not know, he is not saying anything. They both are at a loss to what to do. Then Tae-oh grows quiet after looking at a text.

He tells them that Hae-kang is hospitalized. They will get the doctors word and process opening the school violence committee. Sun-woo asks what they should do. Joon-yong looks on from the car, he looks angry and regretful.

Da-kyung talks to Hae-kang’s mother about the situation. it looks like the mother called her. She thanks her for calling and they hang up.

Tae-oh and Joon-young get home right then, he does not greet Da-kyung and goes upstairs. Tae-oh says he yelled at him so that is why he is like that. he will talk to his friends parents about it.

Btu DK says that is not going to change this. He stole and fought someone. Does he even regret it? TO asks what they should do then? She says he should be properly punished, then it is better for his future. Tao-oh tells her he is a teenager, that happens. It is not a serious crime.

She asks, do you think this is just puberty? he asks, if this did not happen then everything is okay, right? he storms off to their room for peace and quiet.


Sun-woo goes to the hospital to apologize to Hae-kang. His mother keeps her in the hallway and yells at her. She asks if she thinks this is just little kids fighting?

Sun-woo says that her son will come apologize too, before that happens, I wanted to apologize first. The wife asks, do you think I am using the kids for my personal feelings? Sun-woo tells her that she does not think that. Nothing will soothe him, but we would like to pay for the hospital bills and anything else.

The wife asks if they look like beggars to you. Sun-woo says they were good friends, why did this happen? It hurts me so accept my Joon-young’s apology. You know he is not that kind of kid.

The wife asks, he is not that kind of kid? Sure, a lot of parents says that they know they kid. Do you know why he hit him? My son was worrying about your son, then he got hit. Sun-woo says she heard that. It is my fault not to educate him.

The wife says, it is not about teaching. Do you think this is the first time he stole things? Don’t you know that a lot of things are missing in the classroom? You should know as a doctor that habitual stealing should be treated. You should take him to the hospital.

Sun-woo asks if they have evidence. The wife says that everyone in the classroom suspects Joon-young. Do you not know him that well? Sun-woo says she apologizes for hitting her son, but do not blame him for something he did not do.

The wife asks, what are we going to do? You came here to apologize but now you are threatening me? We will not come to an agreement, we will open the violence committee, you and your son should get ready for that.



Sun-woo hurries home and starts to look through all of Joon-young’s things. She might be looking for stolen things. She looks through his bookshelf and closet and drawers.

Then she finds it at in a striped box at the very top of his closet.

VO – Do you think this is the first time he has stolen something? Do you not know your son?

Sun-woo starts to think of all the signs that her son was having a hard time.


Tae-oh and Joon-young are at the PC bang apologizing. The owner says that the bag of chips is nothing, what you need to worry about is your son not going back home. Making money is important, but I am also a parent. I kick out all those underage kids, but a part-timer forgot to do that that night. he just ran away in the morning. Hey kid, your dad came here to apologize for you. You should behave. Remember that we have CCTV here.

Tae-oh apologizes again.

Tae-oh talks to his son about that day he came back from a walk in the morning. Was it that day? Joon-young says he went out, it wasnt’ on purpose. TO asks why he went out. Joon-young says he heard that they were sending him overseas and he did not want to hear it.

TO tells him, if you do not want it then I will not send you. Ajumma did not mean in negatively, she did it for you. Don’t be mad. And don’t tell you umma, she will worry.

Joon-young scoffs and asks if he is really worrying about umma worrying? Why did you hit umma back then? You went to the end! So why are you like this now! Why is this so complicated? You are divorced so you are strangers right?

TO tells him, even though we divorced, you are still our son. Couples can get divorced but you still can’t cut parents and kids ties. Even though we gave you a hard time, we still love you the most.

JY – So I am your excuse again? Don’t you think that is cowardly?


Sun-woo meets with Yoon-ki to talk about Yoon-young. He says that he saw Joon-young scratch BK’s car, so he thought he was angry. But do not talk about the past, you should find out what is happening now.

She gets a text from the teacher saying that the violence committee is formed. Did you meet Hae-kang?


that night, Tae-oh gets out of bed with Da-kyung and goes to his son’s room. Joon-young is sleeping. But then we see his face, he is not sleeping.

Sun-woo is drinking at home. She rubs her head, stressed and looks at her cell phone. She calls someone.

The phone rings and wakes up Da-kyung. Sun-woo sent a text telling TO not to be late to go to the hospital.


TO leaves for the hospital. Da-kyung watches from the balcony. Then she calls the wife and asks how Hae-kyung is? She says that is good, because of that….

Cut to Sun-woo getting off the elevator at the hospital. She meets with To and her son in the hallway. TO tells her that she should not go in since she does nto have a good relationship with Hae-kang’s mom. Sun-woo says that is why she needs to apologize. She tells her son not to worry.



They all go inside together. Hae-kang is still angry with Joon-young as he should be. Tae-oh apologizes to his friend the father. The father says it is okay, kids fight, that is how they grow up. But the wife is upset because his facial bones almost got broken.

TO says he will teach him well so it won’t happen again. The wife says he should, I worry a lot since I am also raising a child. I teaching kids worked then why would we have judges and police?

A woman with high heels walks into the hospital.

In the room, Sun-woo says she is sorry. But the wife says that seh wants to hear what Joon-young has to say. So Joon-young walks up.

JY – I am sorry, I will never hit you.

HK – Whatever, you should apologize for treating me as crazy. You were an a-hole, but you weren’t crazy. You don’t go home and steal things. You didn’t do that before.

The woman gets off the elevator and walks to the nurses station.

HK – I worried about you and told you not to do those things and to live right You said I was lying and you never did it. You treated me like I was stupid.

They all wait for Joon-young to say something. Sunw-oo says that he should say he is sorry. But he doesn’t.

The wife tells them that it seems as if Joon-young does not want to apologize. You should leave. So Sun-woo kneels in front of the mother to apologize for him. She asks for one more chance to forgive him. For parents, I am really sorry.

The wife asks, what are you doing, that is too much, just stand up. Sun-woo says that Joon-young will not do anything wrong, I am very sorry. But Joon-young is angrier.

The woman comes to the door with a gift and knocks. then she goes inside. it is Da-kyung. The wife smiles to see her.

DK – hello, you are here to senator?

Wife – Ah, Da-kyung *smiles*

Da-kyung gives her gift to the wife and says she heard that her son likes it. the wife says she doesn’t have to, but she is very happy to have it. Da-kyung apologizes. Sun-woo is still on her knees.

Hae-kyung tells Hae-kang that she is really sorry. Tae-oh tries to help Sun-woo stand. But she moves him away.

The wife tells Sun-woo that she is making them uncomfortable, people will think that I am giving you a hard time. Please leave.

So Sun-woo stands up herself. her knees ache and she looks like she is about to go psycho on some B*’s. But she leaves.

VO – If someone is so sorry that they do not know what to say. Joon-young is really sorry to you. isn’t that right Joon-young? It is all my fault, I cared about Joon-young, that is why Ii talked about studying overseas, but that hurt him so it is my fault. If you open the committee then I would be very sorry to Joon-young and Tae-oh. Please forgive him, me and Joon-yong’s father will make sure that this never happens again.

Wife – You do not have to do this Da-kyung.

DK – My parents also worry as well. They are sorry to your family.

The wife and city senator look at each other and just say that this is kids fighting, we don’t have to take it too far, right? 

Tae-oh, Joon-yong, and Da-kyung leave together Sun-woo waits for them. Joon-young walks right by her without saying anything. Then Da-kyung and Tae-oh walk by as well.

Int he drive home, To thanks DK for everything. DK tells Joon-young that ajumma is not that stubborn, if anything worries you then we should talk like friends. If you are happy then we are happy, you know? Tae-oh holds her hand lovingly. Joon-young sees that.


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