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The World of the Married: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

Look at them, walking somewhere like their Batman and Robin off to save the day for all married couples alike. Y’all, this show is cookoo bananas. She done slept with her ex husband who tried to kill her! I mean, he thought she killed their son in a car chase up a mountain but still, this is madness! And I looooove it. I think it is safe to say that Tae-oh was beyond grateful for not getting pinned by his father-in-law for a crime he did not commit and expressed it with hanky panky time. (This whole first paragraph is craziness).

So um, does this mean that it is all hands on deck to destroy BK? Because BK does not play that nonsense. And Da-kyung is just like her daddy, so try her and see what happens. That is how crazy this show is with its well rounded characters! Kisses to Sun-woo though, she’s a fave.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: The World of the Married Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Tae-oh and Sun-woo kiss passionately.

VO – Was it just a habit? Or was it a gesture of forgiving each other from the madness.

The cry and kiss.

VO – Was it an apology for hurting each other.

They kiss against the wall and look at each other.

VO – Or regret from our wrong choices?

They keep kissing and get to the couch.

VO – Or, did we just have momentary desire  and loneliness?

Tae-oh washes his face in the sink and stares off into the mirror. Then he dries himself off and steps out into the bedroom. He looks at his old bed.

Sun-woo is downstairs with two glasses of wine. She puts them in the sink and starts to clean up. Then she hears a phone call in Tae-oh’s jacket. He comes downstairs and grabs it.

SW – you should go.

She turns around. He puts on his jacket and looks at her, then he leaves. But he stops and tells her, don’t hurry to leave town. I mean, you should be a little more careful to find a place that meets what you are worth and get paid the proper amount. Dont’ hurry.

She turns around and they look at each other. Then he leaves and hops in a cab. But someone is watching. We do not know who yet.

Tae-eul gets back to his Mansion house. He stands quietly in the lobby area. His daughter is crying upstairs. So he goes upstairs and sees Da-kyung with her. Their daughter has a fever. Da-kyung gave her tylenol, but the fever is not controlled. She asks why he did not pick up his phone.

He apologizes and says he went out with drinks with Jae-hyuk. She looks a bit suspicious and goes to get a cold towel. Tae-oh stays with their daughter and aplogizes to her for not being there.

Ina  falshabck, we see Sun-woo tells Tae-oh that this was a mistake. It should not have happened. He tells her that he knows and he agrees. But it looks like he does not agree.

Sun-woo cleans the entire house and throws away the alcohol. She washes the dishes until they sparkle and makes the living room area look gorgeous. Then she takes a deep breath and sits on the steps.


On her way out, Sun-woo calls the doctor who was fired. She tells him that she is kind of tired of Kosun. The doctor asks if she is looking for a position? Then for your qualifications a lot of people will hire you. it does not matter where? She says it does not matter, so long as it is not Kosun.

She sees her son’s luggage in the lobby. Tae-oh forgot to take it.

The son is at the PC bang. he is sleeping and remembers finding his mother all bloody on the ground and his father was the reason. He wakes up and overhears that he slept there over night. he runs out. it is the next morning. he looks stunned. 

Hae-kang sees him coming out of the PC bang.

In the mansion, Da-kyung tells Tae-oh that they have to get Joon-young to school and their daughter to the hospital. But he is not in his room. He walks up the hallway right then and tells them that he went out for a walk. Da-kyung kind of knows that something is off.

When they all get into the car later, she asks him if he smokes? He says no so she says that is good and that she trusts him. he gets out and goes to school. Tae-oh asks her why she mentions that? She says that she smelled it, didn’t you? he tells her that she doesn’t know. She says that she is his guardian now. He also says he does not say where he went so early in the morning, of course I should ask him.




Sun-woo checks another patient and her young daughter for a fever. She gives them instructions and says to make sure their house isn’t too dry. After they leave, she text Joon-young to watch out for the flu. Shea lso asks him if he would like to see his mother.

Joon-young is sleeping at school. Hae-kang looks at him sleeping. He looks like he might worry about him a little bit, or maybe not. He heads out with some of his friends.

At work, Sun-woo looks at images of her son and tears up at the cuteness. Tae-oh calls right then to ask how work is going. She asks if he called just for that? he says he is not calling for that, it is just to see if Joon-young smokes.

She says that is nonsense, of course I would know. He says he thought it wasn’t it, just checking. Don’t worry. He speaks very nicely to her. But he has to get off the phone to sign something for the spy secretary. Tae-oh looks like he knows something is up with this guy.

At work, Sun-woo is done with patients for the day. Her sunbae texts her a position in Busan.

She calls Tae-oh and tells him. He tells her that he thinks it is too far away. She says it is a good offer. Can I see Joon-young? It is vacation so it is a good time. He doesn’t pick up my phone calls. Tae-oh says he will take to him. Tomorrow? She says yes. He asks, if Joon-young says no, are you going to reconsider leaving?

Sun-woo says of course, Joon-young’s opinion is the most important thing for me.


Tae-oh bought Da-kyung a lot of flowers. She is happy because he did not do that for awhile. He says he feels sorry about their daughter being sick. Da-kyung is happy about it. hey talk about their daughter doing better and having to take medicine for a week.

But then they realize that Joon-young is not home yet. Da-kyung says that Joon-young told her he would have dinner with friends. Tae-oh also tells him that Joon-young doesn’t smoke. He is cranky but he does not do bad things.

DK says she believes him, even if he does we should just understand that he is in puberty. I will prepare dinner. She happily goes off to do that. Tae-oh plays with their daughter.

Joon-young is at a pC bang eating ramen. Then he starts to leave and ignores Hae-kang. But Hae-kang sees him stealing chips.

Joon-young gets home. Tae-oh tells him that his mother wants to talk to him about her moving. She ants to talk to you about it first. So Joon-young sits on his bed alone and pulls out the chips that he stole. He starts to eat them quietly and tears up.

At home, Sun-woo sees a texts from Tae-oh telling her that he will bring Joon-young home tomorrow.


Jae-hyuk eats at home with Ye-rim. They eat quietly. He asks if it doesn’t taste good? I followed the recipe. He also tells her that that color looks nice on her.

She tells him that this is too late, we are done. This outfit is three years old. What more can I do with you? How much more of a joke should I be? Let’s just stop here.

He says he knows that this is late, but I don’t want to end like this. We are married and divorced but we never dated. We just married due to our environment. I want to do everything that we could not do. Let’s do that and end it.

She asks, where you always this sticky? he says he thought he just needed to make money. I never made you any food or anything. After making it, I realized everything you did for me without complaining. You supported us like that. I was dumb. I want to do everything that I could not do for you. You can just receive it. Just accept the mileage back that you accumulated.




Ye-rim goes to see Myung-sook for an appointment. She says that he changes so much. We are all done, it looks like we are wasting time. Myung-sook tells Ye-rim to trust Jae-hyuk this time. He looks like he has really realized things.

They sit and look at her ultrasound. Myung-sook tells her that she has a tiny fibroid tumor. It is nothing serious, just common in our age. Ye-rim says that she is getting depressed at getting older. Myung-sook tells her that no one can beat age. You can take your medicine, if this doesn’t grow then you don’t have to do anything about it.

Ye-rim goes to see Sun-woo with Myung-sook. they ask to eat lunch together and Ye-rim says she has something to ask her. Sun-woo says that she also wants to announce something to them. Let’s go.

But then Sun-woo gets a call from Sun-woo’s teacher. It is an alarming phone call.

Tae-oh gets the same phone call and heads out of his office right away. the spy looks at him leaving.

Sun-woo apologizes to the ladies and hurries out. They look concerned.

Both Tae-oh and Sun-woo get to the school at the same time. They walk in together.

VO – Us, we are divorced but for our son we have to come together. What is this? Once married, when does it last.


The teacher or principle talks to the parents and says that she herad they divorced, which parent does he live with? Tae-oh says he lives with him right now. Sun-woo says he heard he had an argument with Hae-kang. 

The principle says that Joon-yong is scratched, but Hae-kang is serious. From the circumstances it is one sided violence. Tae-oh asks, one sided? Are you sure?

The teacher says that Joon-young hit him first. Also, it was on the basketball court so a lot of kids saw. We also have basketball footage. Sun-woo asks to see him.

Cut to Joon-yong saying that he hit him first. He is all ruffled up. Sun-woo asks why he did that? Tae-oh tells him that he should tell them so they will know. Did Hae-kang talks about umma again> Is that why you hit him?

Joon-young says he stole a snack at the PC bang. Hae-kang saw it and threatened me so I told him whatever. 

We see a flashback to Hae-kang tells him Joon-young that he needs to live his life right, not like trash. Joon-young pushes him to the ground and starts to kick him. All the kids stand around watching as Joon-young starts punching him over and over again.

Sun-woo asks, did I hear right? Did you steal? Tae-oh says it is okay that they fought, but why did you steal? Joon-young tells them it was a mistake, you also made mistakes. Sun-woo says whether it was a mistake or on purpose, you need to correct it. Joon-young asks how he can correct it? It is too late.

Tae-oh tells him to ask for forgiveness from the PC bang owner and Hae-kang. Sun-woo says they need to do things one at a time. The school wants to open a violence committee. Joon-young asks them why things are so easy for them? So apologizing means it is all done? 

He yells that he does not want to go to school. I will just quit! He kicks his chair away and walks off.


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  1. Al
    May 9, 2020 / 12:19 am

    The character shorthand VO is probably supposed to be TO… right? VO is used often, but not described in the chart.

    • anon
      May 9, 2020 / 11:18 am

      isnt VO normally short for Voice Over(?)

      • AL
        May 16, 2020 / 11:48 am

        Ah Voice Over makes sense ^^

        • V
          May 16, 2020 / 11:54 am

          Yes, voice over!

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