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The World of the Married: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Da-kyung asks Tae-oh if he would like dinner? he says he already ate. She says her mother wants to go on a family trip, he says he is busy. She says she took the blanket out of this room so sleep in the bedroom. He tells her to put it back, I have to work overnight.

She is about to ask how long he will, but he gets on the phone with his son and says that appa already came home. He happily talks with him about it.

Cut to Da-kyung meeting with Joon-young in a cafe. She buys him something to drink and tries to speak pleasantly.

DK – Are you havinga  hard time? Appa told me so I kind of know

JY – What about?

DK – your mom and the rumor

JY – it si all rumors

DK – I know. It is all rumors but people believe that rumor as the truth. Joon-young as much as you are having a hard time, your mother is having a hard time also.

JY – I do not want to talk about my mom to you ajumma

DK – I have no bad feelings to you or you mom, I want you to live well. But this keeps happening. Actually, Joon-young, If I am your mom, I would want to leave this town. Even if this is not true, how can you endure all these rumors. The reason your mother cannot leave is only one reason, you. She is enduring everything because of you, because she is a mom. I have realized it after becoming a mom, Mom’s are like that. So, why don’t you come to appa? Your mom is a doctor, she will be okay everywhere, even if it is not Kosun, you know that.

JY – So you are telling me to abandon my mom and go to appa?

DK – Hey, think about what is best for you mother and yourself. You are in middle school. Your appa wants to live with you and I will always welcome you, okay?


Ye-rim chuckles as she drinks with Sun-woo. She is laughing about what happened with the senators wife and how she deserves it. Sun-woo is still worried about it though. She says that Joon-young confronted her about it. it is so hard to handle him, maybe because his father is not around. You should be lucky because you do not have kids.

Ye-rim says she cannot live without Joon-yong though. Sun-woo asks if it is that obvious? But then she gets a call from Tae-oh who asks for her to come to the house. He is sitting in the kitchen right now.


Ye-rim goes home, her house is super clean. She goes to her room and hops when she sees Jae-hyuk there straight out the shower. He sys he was sweating after cleaning the house so he took a shower. 

She tells him to leave since he is done. He jokingly asks her to find underwear he can change into.


Sun-woo gets home. Tae-oh tells her that he thinks he should not take their son when she is not around. Sun-woo asks what he is talking about. Then she sees Joon-young walking downstairs with his luggage. she asks what he is doing.

Joon-young says he is all packed. Can I leave now? Tae-oh tells him it is his decision, but you should tell your mom first. She asks, are you going to your appa? Joon-young says that he thought about it, I am our burden.

She tells him that she lives for him. He says she shouldn’t do that, it is more of a burden for me. I will live with appa, I think it is better for you and me. He rolls his luggage out.

Sun-woo asks Tae-oh, did you ask him to do this? I saved your life and you are betraying me like this? Tae-oh tells her that Joon-young asked me. I will just take him for a few days and convince him. Don’t worry too much okay?

They put his things in the car. Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk see them getting in the car and leaving. Sun-woo hurries out for a last goodbye but Joon-young ignores her. Tae-oh tells him to say goodbye to his mother. But Joon-young says he is fine, let’s just go.

They drive off. Sun-woo cries in the street.


They get to Tae-oh’s place. Da-kyung is there to welcome him and says she hopes they can have a good relationship. Tae-oh tells him to go to his room and thanks his wife for understanding. She smiles.

He goes to Joon-young’s room to help him unpack and tells him to call his mother to tell her that you arrived safely. Joon-yong says it is better for umma if he is not around. She shouldn’t have to endure all those rumors because of me.

Tae-oh asks what those rumors are.

JY – there are no problems only among adults, that is nonsense, kids know all those things. It makes me more mad that she pretends that it is nothing.

At home, Sun-woo thinks about her son asking her what she said to Hae-kyung’s mom. Tae-oh calls her. 

TO – he thinks you are enduring all those rumors because of him. He is okay. He says you can leave the town if you do not want to live here.

SW – Joon-young really said that? That I should leave? Why does he all of a sudden say that? Did you say something to him?

TO – No, I don’t know why he thought about that. He said he is okay if he is with me.

SW – It is only a few days, keep the promise.

TO – But what can I do if he wants it?

SW – That is nonsense, just make sure that senator Cha’s mouth is quiet. You are not a father if he is having a hard time, do you understand!

They hang up. Da-kyung listens from the door and has an evil smile? She walks away.

Joon-young sleep in his room for the first time.


Joon-young goes downstairs and sees Tae-oh playin with his daughter. They all tell him good morning. Tae-oh says he can drop him off. But Joon-young says he is fine. He is already late. 

Tae-oh wants him to have breakfast and runs off to make sure he eats something. Da-kyung looks at him walking out with his son and then looks at her daughter left all alone.

Joon-kyung eats alone at a convenience place. Sun-woo alls Joon-yonug, he answers and says he is eating breakfast. She tells him to call so she won’t forget his voice. He asks if she is okay? She says yes. She asks when he is coming back? he tells her he will talk to her later and hangs up.


The director talks with Myung-sook in the break room and says that his wife asked him if anything was going on with her since you are not calling her anymore. Myung-sook says she has no hope of being the Vice Director anymore so why should I call your wife? i am obviously materialistic like you.

He tells her not to talk about the conversation between me and you, it is so embarrassing to see the nurses. She tells him to think before speaking. he says her name loudly, but then Yoon-ki comes in. So they are both quieter.

MS asks Yoon-ki if he would like to go to the courthouse with her to get married on paper. If you want to be recognized in this hospital then you need to be married. Single people should not be married. Yoon-ki asks the director if he should go to the courthouse with her? 

The Director mutters a few curses and leaves. Yoon-ki says that the nurses are even protesting so he is in trouble. Just give him a break. MS says that he should apologize. Yoon-ki tells her that he will quietly support her.

He leaves and sees Sun-woo walking out of her office. He asks her what she is thinking? She says it is  nothing. So he asks how Joon-young is? She says he is fine. He asks if she would like to watch a movie? You shuold be lonely alone.

She tells him later and walks off. 




Hyo-jung angrily opens Joon-yong’s door and looks at all this baseball things. She is steaming. Da-kyung asks her what she is doing here? 

HJ – Why did you accept him? It is not easy raising someone else’s kid.

DK – He is Tae-oh’s son, not a stranger.

HJ – I really don’t understand Dr. Ji, why did she send her son?

DK – Just stop, It was my idea.

HJ – Why? Why make trouble?

DK – Don’t talk like that umma, nothing is wrong with him, it is all he adults fault. Anyway, I am partially responsible. I want to find a good future for him, okay?

HK – You are my daughter, but you surprise me so much.

Tae-oh calls her. he tells her that he will be back after picking up Joon-young. Then he talks to the city senator friend who is in his office. They chat about his marriage and his son living with him now. Then Tae-oh asks what’s up.

The friend tells him that his book signing is coming up. Tae-oh asks if he is going to the big world? The city senator asks if he can be his chairman for his team. You are the most famous among us.

Tae-oh tells him that with the new movie and taking care of Joon-young, I am pretty busy. The friends says he does not have to do anything, just put his name on it. Tae-oh tells him that he has to work if his name is on it. It is better not to do it if you will be mad at me later.

The friend playfully asks, what? Do you need to get your father in laws permission to do it? Tae-oh looks affronted and tells him, you came here as a friend so let me tell you one thing. You should watch your mouth in front of your kids. You know that your son and my son are friends. Did you think that Joon-young would not hear that?

The senator asks why he is talking about kids here. Tae-oh sternly tells him that kids are involved so you need to be more careful. isn’t that right? I am not saying that Joon-youngs mother is right, but I am mad that my son got hurt. Go to the chairman and ask him directly. You do not need me anyway, you need the chairman. And stop living your life like this, you want to do politics? You are embarrassing. he walks off.


BK sits at home and asks his wife how their daughter is. The wife says that she thought she was suffering but she is actually doing well with tae-oh’s son. She wants to be better with him. Maybe this is good not to get involved with Sun-woo.

BK tells his wife to visit her often to see if she is really okay or not. She says all that but she is taking care of a grown up kid without experience, it should not be easy.


Sun-woo lovingly looks at her sons baseball photo while at her desk. then she paces her office. time passes with her not doing anything but looking blankly at walls.

She leaves work and walks through a department store. She thinks she sees Joon-young and runs to find him in one of the department stores. And it is actually him, he is shopping with Da-kyung.

Sun-woo walks a bit quicker to catch up and sees the entire family out shopping. They are buying a jacket for him. Tae-oh mentions how cool his son looks. Da-kyung pulls him to a mirror and asks if he like it. He smiles and says he kind of likes it.

Then he looks back. Sun-woo hides and tries to hold herself together.

Later on, Tae-oh and family drive back home. Da-kyung asks Tae-oh why he did not buy the coat? he said he liked it. Tae-oh said it is not his style. Da-kyung says he didn’t know, sorry, I will buy the style you like next time.

She turns to Joon-yong, but he is sleeping with his headphones in.

We see a flashback of Tae-oh telling his son to have a good relationship with ajumma, she is trying. Joon-young asks him if he has to behave to stay here? Tae-oh says that is not it. it is just that we are family.

JY – How can I take her as family? that is going too far.

TO – If she is not family, then what is she? If you continue doing this then it is difficult to stay here.

JY – Tell me if you do not like me here, I can leave at anytime.


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