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The World of the Married: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Okay, I kind of think that In-kyu might have committed suicide with how he was gripping on to that scarf and how torn up he looked over losing Hyun-seo. Perhaps Tae-oh ran up there and saw him do it or maybe they had a scuffle before hand but he didn’t actually push him?

That is just my guess. Though Tae-eul does look super guilty so he might have done it? Or maybe Hyun-seo went back up there and did it? it is all still a mystery. All I know is, this story needs to hold itself together so I can recommend it to people.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Tae-oh nervously sits at the police station. he looks so guilty. He is about to call Sun-woo, but stops.

Sun-woo is talking to BK, he tells her that it appears that there is a change of plans, things don’t look like they went how you want it to go. She says yes, I tried hard but it did not work, now the situation has gone interestingly. What should I do? If I leave it like this and if you don’t do anything then your son in law will be a murderer. 

BK – Sorry, I do not care about Lee Tae-oh’s future. All I care about is my daughter.

SW – Getting divorced is fine, but your granddaughter will have the stigma of being the daughter of a murderer forever. You and I are in the same boat in this matter. Even if you do not want to accept it, what should I do?

BK – You know, Dr. Ji, you are still a suspect.

SW – *Chuckles* Don’ worry about me, just decide whether you will rescue your son-in-law or not.


Tae-eul still sits in the police station. The officer tells him that he knows this is an uncomfortable place, just tell us where you were last night. You need to tell us something. If you don’t say anything then you will be in trouble.

He does not say anything. The other cops wonder why he is not saying anything. He just looks worried. Then Sun-woo comes in. All the cops turn their head to look at her walking in.

Sun-woo sees Hyun-seo in the other room. Hyun-seo is looking at her through the blinds.

the cops tells Sun-woo that she does not have to come, Hyun-seo told us that she dropped your scarf at the scene. Sun-woo says she is here for Lee Tae-oh. She walks over to him and sits down.

SW – That day, the time that Park In-kyu died. He was with me. 

SW – Lee Tae-oh and I were together in the parking lot. We were in the car.

Cop – This is different than what Min Hyun-seo said.

HS – No, Lee Tae-oh was with me in the emergency stairs. Then he went upstairs.

SW – That is only your argument that he went to the rooftop. You can’t make him a murderer only with you guess, isn’t that true?

Cop – it is, but we have a witness so we have to double check it.

SW – He was with me at that time.

Cop – Do you have evidence?

She puts his wedding ring on the counter and says that he dropped it in her car. 

SW – I am his alibi. Is that enough?

The cops call Da-kyung, she asks them why they are asking her that? The cop says that he cannot tell her all the details, telling me truthfully will be better for your husband. Do you remember how long you haven’t seen your husbands wedding ring?

She tells them that it is right that she did not see it that night. The cops thank her for the confirmation.


Lee Tae-oh waits for Sun-woo outside the Police station. She looks at him when she leaves and then ignores him. He tells her that they need to talk. She tells him that she met his father in law before he came there. You are only like that in that family?

She turns to him and looks him in the eye. You abandoned me and Joon-young to be treated like that? she scoffs and heads to her car.


he goes home, Da-kyung is waiting for him. he walks past her. She tells him that he said he would take care of it so why did they call me like that? He tells her that it will not happen again.

She asks, did you lift your suspicious? he says yes. Because Of Ji Sun-woo. It is funny right? it is a screwed up situation. Who came to my rescue was no one else but Sun-woo. da-kyung says, maybe she killed him? You said it could have been her.

TO – Yes, she could have been suspected, but in that situation, despite her risk, she came to save me.

DK – Why? Does she still have feelings!


TO – But, Da-kyung, I am also Jenny’s appa also. Aren’t I?

He walks away.

He goes to his private office and stars to cry.




Sun-woo peeks in on Joon-young’s room. He is sleeping pleasantly. So she goes to her room and sits.

VO – It would be very nice if I could just cut it with a knife. Be ready, it won’t be that easy to just wrap up your feelings.

She lays in bed fully clothed.


It is snowing outside. Sun-woo says good morning to her son but he ignores her. She asks, do you not have an appetite? She actually has a full spread of food on the table. She tells him she can make toast. But he says he does not want it.

Meanwhile, Da-kyung is on the phone with someone who says that In-kyu’s death is a suicide. The autopsy is like that, none of the family members oppose it, so we will conclude it that way. I am sorry to bother you.

While she is on the phone, Tae-oh leaves angrily and does not talk to her.


Hyun-seo leaves the police station quietly. Sun-woo sees her walking up the street so she gets out of the car. She was waiting for her.

SW – Why did you do that? I told you to trust me.

HS – I told you I didn’t want to get you in trouble.

SW – I was taking care of it so that no one would get hurt. If you did not do that then it could have been easier.

HS – So your decision was suicide? i told him to break up so that is why he killed himself, because of me.

SW – Do not blame yourself, that is In-kyu’s decision. it is all done, okay?

HS – I am done. But what about you? What are you going to do?

SW – Hyun-seo, you should only think of your future.

HS – Do you know why I could not get over In-kyu? Because he was pitiful. He was bad and the worst, but I could not abandon him because I pitied him. That is why I am here. You look the same. You know that it is wrong, but, just as I did that to In-kyu, you are doing the same to Lee Tae-oh. You are. So be careful. There is no guarantee that you will not be like me.

She walks away, leaving Sun-woo to think about that.


Sun-woo drinks a coffee in the break room, Yoon-ki is there as well. They talk about the investigation and how things went as they should. She says that Lee tae-oh is not that kind of person and I cannot make my son into a murderer’s son. I am selfish like that.

Yoon-ki tells her that it could seem like that. He smiles. Then he goes up to her and tells her to be careful with Byun-kyu, he sees things the way he wants to see them.


Byung-kyu is out golfing. Lee Tae-oh is there as well. He apologizes for making BK worry. BK tells him, to hit a good shot, I should not thing, but it is impossible to do that right now. What is your plan? tae-oh tells him that someone is interested in his new scenario for investment.

BK asks, what about Ji Sun-woo? I thought you said you would take care of her. Are you going to just let her be like that? Tae-oh says he will just not care about her. When I have something to do with her it creates unnecessary suspicious to my wife.

BK asks, so Da-kyung has an excuse and you are going to watch Ji Sun-woo?

Tae-oh says that he tried everything to keep her out, I even got suspected of murder, what more do I have to do for you to trust me?

BK thinks abotu what the Mole said. Then we cut to the CCTV footage. The mole tells BK that In-kyu fell before Tae-oh went to the stairwell. So it means that he did not kill In-kyu.

BK asks if he has time this weekend? We can play golf with Da-kyung. Te-oh tells him, sorry, I do not have time this weekend. He bows and leaves.


Rumors are spreading in the high school about how Sun-woo dumped that guy that killed himself which is why that guy killed himself. Joon-young overhears them and asks if they are talking about his mom. He tells them that he wants to hear what they are talking about. Tell me, I want to hear it properly.

Hae-kang asks him what he wants him to say, you saw the news. Joon-young tells him that is not in the news! Hae-kang says he heard he jumped because his girlfriend left him. Your mom is the girlfriend. Joon-young asks who said that? Hae-kang says his mother said that. All the ajummas know.

Joon-yong tells him he should not spread rumors! Your mom is specialized in talking behind peoples backs and making things up. Why don’t you hit me if you want to, are you timid?

But then the teacher walks in and breaks this up. No-eul looks on worried.




Joon-young goes home and eats junk food and watches TV. She asks if anything is wrong and why he did not go to the hogwan? He goes to his room and asks if he can just skip one day. She lets him.

She goes to the grocery store and sees Mi-yeon working there and talking to her mother. They happily talk to each other. Mi-yeon tells her to go home. Sun-woo walks up to them and says it is good to see her again.

She asks No-eul if she is going home now? I can take her home if that is okay with you? The mother says it is okay, but Sun-woo says she can if No-eul does not mind.

No-eul tells her it is fine so she drops her off. In the car. Sun-woo says that her and her mother are nice to each other. Sun-woo says she wishes that her and her son had a good relationship like they have one but he is sad with me and doesn’t speak much. How is he at school? Is he okay? He didn’t go to hogwan today and got angry. I want to know what happened but he does not say anything so I don’t know.

No-eul says that the boys are childish at school and talk about nonsense. They say that the guy that died in Kosun station was your boyfriend. That is what the kids say. Sun-woo is shocked, she asks who says that?


Sun-woo screeches her car to a halt at the shooting range. Then walks directly to the city senators wife who is shooting right now. the wife smiles at her and calls her Vice Director Ji but then smiles and says that she is not the vice director anymore.

Sun-woo steps right up to her and asks if she really wonders who her boyfriend is? Do you say all that nonsense in front of your kid (she speaks in all banmal). The senators wife asks her why she does this? Sun-woo tells her that she needs to behave. You need to know who you are dealing with. Your husband wants to be in politics so should I sue him for defamation of character? or should I spread a rumor about him?

She points her finger in the wife’s face and says that she has so many ways to destroy his future. Don’t you think that will be fun. If Joon-yong hears nonsense even one more time then I will destroy you as a couple. 

She storms off confidently.


Da-kyun asks Tae-oh if he is not wearing his wedding ring anymore? She is holding it. He is getting ready in his closet. He ignores her. She calls him Jenny’s father. He looks at her angrily then takes the wedding ring from her hand.

He spins it around his finger while waiting in his car then slips it back on.


Ye-rim gets a delivery of her husbands shirts that might have come back from the dry cleaners. She throws them in a pile of his things. Then she take a photo of all his things and texts it to him to come pick them up.

He looks miserable.

But he shows up at his old house happily and mentions that he is happy that she ordered take out. However, he is surprised to see that she has not done any dishes or anything in the house. She starts to eat the chicken.

He asks her if she is depressed? She says no, she is on vacation. So he asks, do you eat delivery food everyday? She tells him, whatever I eat is fine with me. He asks if she would like to see Dr. Kim? We can go there together. She tells him to stop talking about nonsense and take his things out.


Joon-young goes to his mothers office angrily and asks if she say Hae-kang’s mother? What did you tell her? She tells him that it is among adults. it is non of your business.

Joon-young asks for her to tell him. She says that if something is wrong then I want to correct it right away. Dn’t suffer without telling me. She does not answer him any more. He leaves.

Myung-sook happily talks to Joon-young when he leaves. He basically ignores her and walks out.


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