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The World of the Married: Episode 11 Recap – Part 3

The World of the Married: Episode 11 Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Da-kyung and her father spend some quality time on the golf course. Then he asks if everything is okay with her husband. She says, whenever you ask me that, I feel like you are checking my homework. 

he apologizes for that. She tells him that they are not always happy, but couples are like that. I didn’t know that before marriage.

He says, if you really think it is not good, then you can wrap it up quickly, I can take care of you and Jenny. She says that she knows that he still does not like Tae-oh. He is not good enough for you. But I want to be responsible for my choice. I do not want to give you all a hard time for my choice.

You know appas are important for daughters. My Jenny should have appa. You understand right? Her appa says he doesn’t know, but he says it playfully and then they continue to walk happily around the gold course.


Ye-rim gets a shock when she sees that her husband is sleeping on the couch in their house. She sets off an alarm and asks him why he is sleeping here, are you crazy?

He says he wants to eat her breakfast and follows her to the kitchen. She tells him that she is in heaven not cooking in the morning, so just drink water. He tells her that he slept so well at home. She asks if he is going to work? He says he is, he just wanted to stop by Sun-woo’s place. She asks why.

Cut to Jae-hyuk talking to Sun-woo in her office. Ye-rim is with him. 

JH – My friend is an officer so I asked him a lot of things since late. This story is kind of strange. 

SW – What is strange about it?

JH – Kosun station has CCTV everywhere, but that day they were checking on the server so nothing was saved for the entire 12 hours. 

SW – Was it a regular check up day?

JH – No, it was a sudden error, it was not planned. That is why the police are not concluding it as a suicide just in case it was murder.

YR – Maybe Chairman Yeo took care of it.

JH -That shouldn’t be, that is too much.

YR – Eunnie, you know that in these small cities people with power and money can do a lot of things. For someone like chairman Yeo, controlling the head of the train station or the police would be easy. Right?

Cut to Chairman Yeo looking at the original CCTV from the train station.



Chairman Yeo tells the mole that this is a secret between you and me. We will take it to the grave.

Byung-koo asks, what about Da-kyung?

The mole tells him that she did not do much after Tae-oh went home. 

BK tells her that Da-kyung must not know about this, you must do this as quiet as possible. 

The mole asks if he thinks covering this up is the best or his daughter? But then he apologizes.

BK tells him that what he said is not entirely wrong, let’s decide after you see this.

The mole asks, what about Ji Sun-woo?

Cut to Ji Sun-woo looking at the rung.

Then we cut to Hyun-seo waiting int he cabin in the woods. She thinks about calling someone, but does not.

Yoon-ki sits quietly in his office. Someone calls him, he answers.


Da-kyung and Tae-oh have a nice meal together. But they struggle to talk to each other. She asks him if there is any trouble? He says no, you do not have to know. 

She tells him that there are a lot of things that she should not know.

He says it is about Park In-kyu and it is a headache. 

She asks why he has a headache about it? You said it has nothing to do with you.

tae-oh tells her that he might have to take Joon-young.

She stares at him and then says that it shouldn’t be, this is too much. Now you only talks about Joon-young. Where is your wedding ring? You don’t wear it anymore? And what is with the blood mark on your clothing! Why did you go to Kosun station? What happened in the station that day?

She starts to cry and quickly leaves. She drives off, leaving hm there He runs and stops her car and hops in. He tells her that he understands why she is doing this. But it was not me. I did not do it. I was in Kosun station. When I went there everything was already done.

She tells him that he said the same thing to the police. He says that Ji Sun-woo was there. She asks, what are you taking about? Do you mean that she did it? 

He says that he does not know the details. Either Hyun-seo did it or they did it together. Then they sent me to the rooftop.

Why didn’t you  say the truth?

She is Joon-yong’s mother! How can I make my mom’s son a murderer?

Are you protecting a potential murderer because she is someone mother?

Let me take Joon young first, I did not tell you because I worried about you worrying about it. Trust me Da-kyung.

You should behave in a way for me to trust you.



Elsewhere, we see that Hyun-seo is following Sun-woo around secretly.

The scene changes to Yoon-ki eating with BK. He asks why he is following Sun-woo? Then he tells him that he saw Lee Tae-oh that day.

Flashback to the train station where Yoon-ki saw Lee Tae-oh walking away.

YK – I hope that you do not touch Sun-woo to cover up what your son-in-law did. If you go further then I will have to say everything that I saw.

BK – So what do you want to say?

Elsewhere, Sun-woo walks inside an elegant building that might be a restaurant or winery. Hyun-seo follows her secretly.

There is a knock on the door where Yoon-ki and BK are eating. Yoon-ki tells them to come in. it is Sun-woo. Chairman Yeo looks taken aback.

In the hallway, Hyun-seo sees her walk inside the room. She peaks inside and sees BK there. She gasps and leaves quickly.

Inside the room, Sun-woo eats and asks if he wanted to make her the murderer? Tae-oh is more suspicious than me based on the evidence and behavior.

BK tells her that he does not have that much power in Kosun. I cannot change the results, so why?

Sun-woo keeps eating and asks, why was there no CCTV that day? He says he is not a police man so he does not know.

SW – Lets check the CCTV at the Kosun station on the next day, then we will know who took the CCTV footage. 

BK – What do you want?

SW – Lee Tae-oh and me. We shouldn’t be murderers anyway. Because Park In-kyu committed suicide.

Cut to Tae-oh sitting in his office fretting about everything. He looks so guilty. he heads out and walks across the street to his car. But then he feels something. Police drive up the road and stop right at his car. 

One of the cops gets out.

Cop – Mr. Lee Tae-oh, right? You should come with us.

Cut to Hyun-seo on the phone at the police station. She is talking to Sun-woo and tells her that she is at the police station. She says that she is sorry to make her go there. I do not want to ask you any more favors. I will take care of my problem from now on.

Sun-woo gets off the phone looking nervous. Yoon-ki and BK look at her and wonder what that call was all about.

At home. Da-kyung puts her child to bed. Her husband calls. She does not pick up the phone.

BK also gets a call while at dinner. It is from Tae-oh. He does not pick up the phone. the police tell him that they should leave.

At the dinner.

BK – Maybe something happened to your plan Dr. Ji?

Sun-woo takes a deep breath and stares at Byung-koo.

Fade Out


Okay, I have to say that Myung-sook annoys the crap out of me. Also, why did JTBC want to add that Myung-sook monologue scene about strong women? We get it, we get it, we get it. You do not have to knock us over the head about it.

With that said, I enjoyed everything else about this episode and can’t wait until tomorrow. Though I am a bit worried that this writer might pull a Misty on is. I mean, this is the Misty writer after all. But I am going to cross my fingers that this all ends well! And not necessarily a happy ending, but a satisfying ending! 


BK – I do not care about Lee tae-oh’s future.

TO – What should I do for you to trust me?

HS – Do you know why I could not escape from In-kyu? Because I pitied him.

SW – It wasn’t like [he] didn’t look like that with me. He looks fulfilled now.

DK – Because of you I am enduring all of this, because I am a mom.

YR – The two of you were holding this tightly and struggling. You should have quit first eunnie.

MS – Even though she 100% hates him, there is still no room for someone else yet.

TO – If I tell you that my marriage is now normal and mundane and I am tired of it. Can you tell me the truth also?

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  1. Poppie
    May 1, 2020 / 12:03 pm

    Thank you for your recap 🙂 I do think in next episode, JY will go to TO’s house. SW will be in despair. TO will tell her his feelings when she will be alone at her home. Hopefully SW will resist. I think it’s a BK’s trap to test SW and TO’s feelings ?

    • Anonymous
      May 1, 2020 / 3:21 pm

      Yes it is something like that

  2. Siti
    May 2, 2020 / 3:14 am

    what does TO meant by saying his current marriage now is normal and mundane and he is tired of it? While he was married to SW, it was not normal? And it was not mundane?

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