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The World of the Married: Episode 11 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Da-kyung dumps all the clothes on top of the washing machine and finds the clothing that tae-oh wore. it has blood on it. She also finds a receipt that is from the Kosun station parking lot. She remembers him saying that he was in his office all last night.

She remembers seeing him at their house and he also remembers him saying that his wife used his girlfriend to follow them around. She is so overcome that she falls to the ground and gasps. 

He mom calls from downstairs to ask if she is coming?

In his office, Tae-oh grabs his coat and heads out. The mole watches him.


One of the kids runs into the classroom and looks at Joon-kyung and then tries to bite his tongue. He tells some of the other kids So Hae-kang tells Joon-young that the police are here to investigate your mom’s boyfriend. He is the dead guy at the station. 

No-eul stands up to defend him and says the police investigating something doesn’t mean they are a criminal. he could be her patient or it could be a medical consultation. Spreading rumors like that is a very stupid thing to do. She stares him down. Joon-young leaves.

The kids all whisper that they are dating.

Joon-young calls his mother outside. But his father shows up right away and tells him to get in.


The ladies are all meeting around tea and desserts. One of them starts to talk about the gossip. But they do not say what the gossip is, only that it is a big issue in the mom cafe. Myung-sook asks, do you believe rumors without any basis?

Sa Cha’s wife says that there is evidence that Dr. Ji’s belonging was found on the scene. She knows because her husband investigated it. (Her husband is a city senator). Then she mentions to ye-rim that she does not understand them since she doesnt have any kids.

Ye-rim holds her tongue. The older woman, CW, tells them that they need to be careful with rumors.

Myung-sook is, all of a sudden, against these woman and says that this is not sharing information, this is just rumors. She stares them down. Ye-rim speaks up and says that she has to tell them something. ii am going to the courthouse. I will be a divorced woman one month later.

They ask her, really? You should just threaten him. How can you leave? You don’t have a kid. He will get his lesson now.

Ye-rim says she is not threatening him, she is really getting a divorce. I can tell you if you ask me, please do not add any of your imagination to it. She stands and tells them to please excuse her and you can talk about me happily. She leaves.

Myung-sook tells the groups that she will take to her to see what happened. he leaves.

The older woman mutters that their meeting has almost ended. (she actually looked annoyed with the gossipy conversation for the entire meeting and looks happy at the end of it).

Myung-sook runs outside to catch up with ye-rim and happily tells her, Good job. Then they walk hand in hand happily away.




meanwhile, Joon-young eats at a cafe with Tae-oh. Tae-oh asks how his mother is. Did she go to work? He asks why he is asking him that? Tae-oh says, of course he will ask, he wants to know if umma is raising him okay. 

Joon-young asks, why did you get a divorce? Why are you back? You are the problem. You had the affair and you left home and you came back. It is all your fault. You all need to take care of yourself, do not bother me.

He gets up angrily and leaves.


Sun-woo walks to her car. She gets a call but does not answer it. It is from Yoon-ki who is actually looking at her in his own car. he thinks, aw man. She drives off. Then we see that a car starts to follow her. Yoon-ki sees this and looks worried.

The car follows Sun-woo closely behind her. It is the mole from Tae-eul’s workplace. But Yoon-ki cuts him off so that she can get away. The mole hops out and asks him what he is doing?

Yoon-ki tells this guy that they know each other right? I saw you with chairman Yeo. Why are you following Ji Sun-woo? The mole says that he does not know what he is talking about. Yoon-ki mutters that this is getting funny, does this have something to so with chairwoman Yeo?


Sun-woo goes to a cabin in the woods to meet with Hyun-seo. They both sit on the floor. She tells him that In-kyu threatened Tae-oh.

We see a flashback where he asked Hyun-seo where Park In-kyu was and picked her up and shook her. she yelled for him to let her go.

VO – I was so scared. I told him he was on the rooftop.

Tae-oh goes to the rooftop. His ring is still in the stairwell.

VO – I never thought that would happen.

In-kyu’s body falls off the roof.

VO – He did it.

Sun-woo tells her that she did not see it in person. Hyun-seo says that he did it, he killed In-kyu. Sun-woo asks if she thinks people will believe her? Hyun-seo says she knows that no one will believe her, that is why she ran away cowardly. Maybe the police are looking for me? If they know that I was with him until the last moment, what will happen to me?

SW – You ahve evidence of arguing with him so it is not that good for you.

HS – Not me, Lee Tae-oh did it. 

SW – Chairman Yeo is behind Tae-oh. He will stop the rumors from spreading. You need to keep a low profile.

Hyun-seo kneels in front of Hyun-seo and gives her tae-oh’s ring.

HS – People don’t believe me but they believe you. You can take care of it. Youa re the only one I can trust.

She hands over the ring. Sun-woo takes it in shock. 

HS – Will you help me?

SW – Hide here until I call you. Do you trust me?

Hyun-seo nods. Sun-woo wipes her tears and then heads out. She drives with determination all the way home. Tae-oh is there.

He walks to her car so she gets out.

SW – What happened?

TO – I had dinner with Joon-young. Why are you here so late? The police called me to come for an interview

SW – they already came to me.

TO – You were at Kosun station last night, I saw you.

Flashback to him seeing Sun-woo at the station walking around looking for Hyun-seo.

TO – Why?

SW – Now you want to make me a murderer?

TO – Watch your mouth your Joon-young’s mom.

SW – You said it, I am Joon-youngs mother and you are Joon-young s father so tell me honestly. Park In-kyu, did you do it? *he flinches* Someone saw you going to the rooftop.

TO – Who said it? Min Hyun-seo said that? Are you two blaming me?

SW – Why should I?

TO – Because you killed him.

SW – You are the one that went to the rooftop after torturing Hyung-seo and then In-kyu fell. 

To – It is one or the other, Hyun-seo did it, or you two did it together.

SW – What the? That is nonsense.

TO – its not?

SW – I didnt’

TO – Can you say that again with Joon-youngs name?

SW – hey, don’t put my sons name everywhere. I did not do anything wrong.

TO – I didnt’ do it. I just went there because I was angry. I didn’t do it. Okay, it was not you and not be, so Min Hyun-seo did it. Lets make it that way.

SW – Are you crazy? You will make that poor girl a murderer to survive?

TO – Hey, it is for you and me! Dont you understand!

Then a white car drives up. A drunk Myung-sook gets out. Tae-oh tells Sun-woo to think about what is best for Joon-young, okay?

Drunk Myung-sook tells Tae-oh that he said he would make her vice Director! You jashik! She throws her shoe at him. Ye-rim giggles and picks her up to go back inside.

Sun-woo tells the that he just came to see Joon-young. Ye-rim says that they are going to drink some more, would you like to join us eunnie? 



Cut to them drinking. Sun-woo calls Joon-young to let him know that she is with the eunnies next door. She asks if he needs a snack or something to eat and if he had a nice dinner. He says he is fine and not to worry, he can take care of himself.

They get off the phone.

Ye-rim tells Sun-woo to drink. Sun-woo asks what the celebration is. Ye-rim tells her that they broke the woman’s association so they are celebrating with a drink. I am getting a divorce. I have the document ready and am going to the courthouse tomorrow. One month later, I will be all done – don’t look at me like that, I am super happy.

But then she starts to cry. Myung-sook asks why she is crying? Ye-rim says it is so easy to divorce. Why did I have such a difficult time. Is marriage rally nothing like this? I have nothing left. I am empty handed like this.

Sun-woo tells her to get ready, it will not be that easy to wrap it all up. At least it was not for me. Myung-sook blubbers that she is happy that they are single now. Dont’ cry! and you, never lose! And me, I will keep myself cool. Fighting! They all toast.

Myung-sook tells Sun-woo to be careful, there is a rumor that you are the murderer. Sun-woo takes a sip of her wine and asks, is that true?

Myung-sook tells her never mind, Ji Seun-woo never cared about those things anyway. even if you killed him, just deny it. You are the best! Cheers! 

Sun-woo smiles and takes another sip of her wine.


Then she goes back to her house. Her sone is still awake so she asks why he is still awake so late. He asks if seh knows that person that died at the station? I heard that the police came.

She says it was her patient, that is why they came.

he asks, you are not, right?

She says of course I am not. 

He asks, so why do people suspect you? Sun-woo says that they are bored. You know, those people that like to talk about others. there are those people among your friends.

He asks, why can’t you live as a normal mom like other kids moms? What about me? Why should I live like this? It is not my fault that you and appa got divorced and he married another woman. I didn’t do anything.

She lovingly touches him on the cheek and hand and says it is their fault. He pulls his hand away and goes to his room.


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  1. Mina
    May 1, 2020 / 11:08 am

    Thank you for your hardwork!

  2. Yumi
    May 1, 2020 / 3:45 pm

    I am honestly frustrated with Dr. Ji, her son is right.
    Her son is closer to her dad, now that they are divorced his son is often left alone. Whenever he tries to make a casual talk to her, she always brushes him off and tells him to focus on his study. She never really made an effort to get closer to her son.

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