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The World of the Married: Episode 11 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 11 Recap – Part 1

Today we find out who died and who killed them! Or maybe we will find out who killed them tomorrow. But this writer does not wait on giving us the tea so I think today’s episode is going to be packed with information and drama. I’m starting to get a bit worried because we are closing in on the ending episodes, but hopefully everything stays action packed and great.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




In-kyu is leaning over and resting on his knees, he says if we did not meet Ji Sun-woo, then you and me….our life was ruined after meeting her.

Hyun-soo is all beaten up and is on the ground a few feet away from him. She is leaning agains a building and it looks like they are still somewhere in the subway. Just in a quiet area.

He goes up to her and tells her, when “he” brings the money then we can leave this town. Let’s go somewhere no one knows us and start over. Okay? He looks sincere but he is psycho. She whispers, I don’t want to.

He looks like his world just crumbled. He asks, you don’t want to? She looks at him and says that’s right, I don’t’ want to.

He tells her that he said he was different now, I won’t give you a hard time. Don’t abandon me. You shouldn’t abandon me. He pleads with her. She tells him, we have no hope. He starts sobbing, no hope?

She says, even if we have a jackpot, we do not have any hope. With you, my life is always ruined like this. So just stop. he tries to swallow back his sobs. She pushes his hands away and tries to stand up to leave. He keeps whimpering. She slowly gets up and stars to walk away.

he says her name but stays on the ground by the building. She slowly walks to the stairway and looks back. Then she goes inside the stairway and closes the door. He starts to really sob on the floor.

The scarf is still next to him somewhere, it flies away by the wind. In-kyu looks like he is about to go crazy.

Sun-woo finds the lunch box and calls Hyun-seo. Hyun-seo starts to run down the stairs and gets Sun-woo’s call. But she does not answer and does not go out of any doors. Instead, she runs to the very bottom. But it looks like he found her? someone found her.

Then a body falls from the top this the scarf is next to them.

Everyone sees this body fall and screams. Sun-woo finds this location as well and stars to quietly walk up. She sees the scarf and she sees the body being carried away. Then Yoon-ki comes up to her and tells her that they should go.

But she says that she needs to confirm something. I think that is the person I was looking for. He says it is a man, it is not the person you are looking for. Let’s go, it will not be any good if you stay here.

She looks back at the ambulance and we see that the person has a tattoo on their left wrist.


Tae-oh pushes a button to turn off his car. He runs his hands over his face. Then he goes inside his home.

Da-kyung hears him and walks to greet him. he is in the shower and has a cut on his neck. She sees it. She asks, where you injured? He covers it up quickly and says it was just something on his neck. Then he hurries upstairs.

She looks concerned. he goes to another mirror upstairs and closes the doors to give himself privacy. Then he sees that he lost his ring. he thinks back to hitting someone, maybe Hyun-seo but maybe not, and losing his ring.

Da-kyung stares off in the house.




Sun-woo stares off at her house. then she hops when the toast pops up. Her son comes downstairs and asks her if she heard that someone died in the bus station last night? It is all over SNS and the news.

Sun-woo pretends like she does not know and tells him to eat. He says, if that person went to the train station, they should have jumped into the train, it is strange that they jumped off the rooftop.

She doesn’t answer and asks about his exam. He says that the kids dont’ think it was suicide, what do you think mom? She tells him to focus on his exam. 

They both sit for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Ye-rim looks at her cell phone while eating in her kitchen. She tells her husband that someone fell from the roof at the station. But no one is there to hear her.

Jae-hyuk looks like he slept as his office pitifully and surrounded by beer.


Da-kyung puts on her makeup for the day and someone calls her while she is doing it. It might actually be her husbands phone. She thinks about answering it but doesn’t. However, she thinks about answering again.

In the hospital, Sun-woo knocks on Yoon-ki’s office to talk to him. he tells her to come inside.

Back at the mansion, Da-kyung asks Tae-oh where he was last night. He says he was at work. She asks what time he left. He says around 12:30. But her mole told her that he left around 10:30. That was the last image on the security camera. 

He asks why she is asking him. She says that she heard that someone died at the station. I heard it is Park in-kyu. He asks, how do you know?

Cut to Yoon-ki, he says he was passing by the station.

In a flashback, we see Yoon-ki watching Tae-oh leaving his company furious at something. So he followed him.

VO – Then I heard that someone fell over there. I saw you Dr. Ji.

The person falls, they are holding the scarf.

SW – that time that the accident happened, you went there on accident and you saw me on accident?

YK – Yes, it was all coincidence

SW – How do you know that Park In-kyu is the dead guy.

Cut to Tae-oh and Da-kyung

TO – How do you know that the dead guy is Park In-kyu! Are you not going to answer?

Back to Sun-woo and Yoon-ki.

YK – I saw him falling, he is the guy that you called the police on for breaking in.

SW – So?

YK – So I thought that it would not be good for you to be there.

SW – Do you think that I pushed him?

YK – I did not think that far. Anyway, the police know that you do not have a good relationship with him. Just in case anything bothersome happens, that is why I did it.

SW – you thought about that much in that moment? You are very quick

YK – Yes, I am.

SW – is that it?

YK – Why? Do you have any more questions?

Her phone rings, it is an unknown number. She answers it but we do not know who it is. She asks, hello? Hello?

It is Hyun-seo! She is calling from a payphone. She tells her, doctor, it is Hyun-seo, I screwed everything up. Sun-woo runs out and asks where she is right now? Hyun-seo asys that she did not do it! It was not me! That person showed up.

SW – that person? Who?

Cut to Tae-eoh talking with Da-kyung. She says that the police called her. They will investigate you. He looks stunned. Da-kyung says that Tae-oh was the last person that Park In-kyu talked to. Is that true?

On the phone, Hyun-seo is sobbing and says, it was Lee Tae-oh, he did it. She tries to sniff away her tears.

Tae-oh looks at Da-kyung stunned.

Sun-woo drops her hand to her side in shock.


Tae-oh is in a state of complete shock at work. He is basically frozen at his desk. The mole keeps looking at him.

Da-kyung sits in her sitting area in the lobby thinking about when Sun-woo asked her if she really knows her husband. 

Sun-woo is in the break room. Myung-sook is still talking to her with her coffee. Myung-sook tells her that she should not have backed away from her marriage. You got your dignity, but you did not gain anything. Sun-woo sighs and asks, are you saying that I should not have [divorced] him?

Myung-sook says no, I was talking about the Vice Director. Kim Yoon-ki eventually refused the promotion. Do you know why he did it? Sun-woo says, if you are wondering, then go to the director and ask him or make a deal with him for you to be Vice Director.

Myung-sook says, no, I can’t and sits back. Sun-woo leaves. Myung-sook happily thinks about becoming the Vice Director.

Sun-woo goes to her office, someone is in there so she has to get off her phone.



Cut to Ye-rim, she is being interviewed by the cops about the person who broke into Sun-woo’s house. They ask if she has seen this scarf before? Ye-rim thinks about Sun-woo’s scarf.

So Ye-rim calls Sun-woo and tells her that she made a mistake to the police. Sun-woo tells her that she has to get off. She closes the door to her office.

Jae-hyuk asks Ye-rim what kind of mistake she made to the police. Ye-rim tells him that it is nonce of his business. Then they go inside the lawyers office to get their divorce. He really looks like he does nto want to and pretends to stamp it and looks at her, but he stamps it in the end. 

She tells him that she is the one doing what he wants. i am letting you go so be free. he asks, what if I dont’ want i? Can I tear it up? I am not confident to live without you. She tells him to stop pretending. He says he is truthful, but it doesn’t work.

She tells him to show up at the courthouse. He asks for her to tell him about the police thing. She says it is not about her, it is about Sun-woo.


The police are in Sun-woo’s office. They ask her if this is her scarf. She says that it is, she gave it to Hyun-seo. The officers ask why Park In-kyu has it in his hands? She asks, yes, why?

They ask when she saw Hyun-seo last? She tells them that she saw her at the station. She said that she is going to someone she knows, so I gave her the scarf.

The officer says okay, I think I will call you formally for an interview. Sun-woo says that she will cooperate with him, if you have any further questions then call me.

Outside, the nurses and doctors are all a flutter about the officer that came by. The Director asks whats up so Myung-sook tells him that Dr. Ji knows the person that fell at the station. the director mutters that she is a trouble maker.

Myung-sook asks if she can talk to him about something. So we cut to his office. He asks if he can talk to her a little later about this? Myung-sook tells him that she deserves this, I worked hard. You should give me a chance. He tells her that he wants to, but you are not married.

She asks, huh? 

He says that she does not have a family so why are you so eager to get promoted? Myung-sook says that Dr. Kim also is eager to get promoted. he tells her that man and woman are different. She asks, so men deserve it and women are greedy? it is not about the position, it is survival to me. 

He asks why she is doing this right now? We already have trouble do to Dr. Ji. But you want to do this now? It does not look good, you look greedy, okay! Then he mutters about how women are trouble makers. She says fine, I am a single woman, that is why I tried harder than others. I have no family to take care of me and no husband. Sun-woo, you fired her from the vice director due to the donation things and now you think she is a trouble maker? Yo think she is a criminal.

He says he does not think she is a criminal. She tells him that Ji Sun-woo took care of everything in the hospital! All the trouble! Not you! You don’t even do anything. But now you say she is a trouble maker? Why? Because seh is single? Tell me why single women are trouble makers and what is wrong with that!

he doesn’t have an answer, she lets herself out.

She goes to Sun-woo’s office and tells her that they have no hope in this hospital! Why did you get divorced! Sun-woo is all like, huh? Myung-sook leaves angrily and a bit pitifully.


Hyng-seo is at a jimjilbang searching for everything she can find out about the Kosun station death. She tries to read about all the articles and tries to find out if it is ruled a murder or a suicide.

Back at the mansion, Hyo-jung happily plays with her granddaughter and tells Da-kyung that they have to go to the women’s association. She is also a bit happy to hear all the juicy gossip about what happened at the station. Da-kyung is not interested in going. She thinks about her husbands neck wound and heads upstairs. She takes the dirty clothes from the maid and says that she will wash them closes the door in the washroom quickly.


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