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The World of the Married: Episode 10 Recap – Part 3

The World of the Married: Episode 10 Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hyun-seo hesitantly walks down the steps of her new place and asks In-kyu what this is with no warning? He happily tells her that it is her off day so lets go. She asks where they are going. He says she will see.

They drive off together and go to a jewelry store. A very fancy one too. He tells her to pick one, any one she wants. She is nervous and hesitant and sys tha she does not know which one to pick.

They end up looking at a couple ring with a diamond. He puts it on her finger and asks how she likes it. She hesitantly says it is pretty, but it looks expensive. He checks the price, it is expensive, around $2k but he says he will take it.

She asks if he knows how much it costs. He whispers that he can afford it. The employee says that she will have it ready in one week. He tells her to take care of it, it is a wedding ring.

Hyun-seo looks at him alarmed, but she tries to hide it. He holds her hand lovingly.


CW (the eldest woman’s association member) meets with Sun-woo in her office. She has the flu so Sun-woo says she will prescribe medicine for her. You need to rest well. CW also asks her if she knew about Ye-rim? it is a big issue in our town. They put their house for sale, so maybe she will leave Kosun after getting divorced.

SW – I did not know that much.

CW – Divorce is not everything to young people now.

SW – It can be meaningless to hold a broken marriage together.

CW – Living as a divorced woman is not easy. Even having a drink with your boss will put a lot of eyes on you. People still think like that. You know it best right?

Sun-woo smiles politely.

But that night, she drops by ye-rim’s place. they go inside and sit quietly.

YR – Two years ago, I should have accepted that we were done. We tried, but it was only on he surface. I said confidently in front of you that I was not breaking up my marriage, but I ended up like this.

SW – Me and Tae-oh, I should not have involved you two in our problem. I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say.

YR – After everything collapses, now I see. What I held back then was not love, it was just stubbornness. The obsession does not mean anything, it only increases pain. So eunnie, you need to stop thinking about tae-oh. Get out of him. You can leave. Whatever he does, you should not just ignore him. If you stay here stubbornly like this, it is also an obsession to me.

SW – What is marriage. What is divorce. Even though it is only surface, people don’t let it go. We forget everything.

YR – It is all your fault eunnie, if both try to win then it never ends. To me, you and Tae-oh are the same.


In-jyu gives Hyun-seo something while they are sitting in his car. Se asks what this is? he tells her to just take it. Is it okay if I give you this much every month? You can quit any time. I can take care of you. What do you think of our future? It isn’t bad, right?

HS – Can I ask you what you do?

IK – You don’t have to ask me. DO you not trust me?

HS – Where do you stay now?



Sun-woo goes to her courtyard for fresh air. Hyun-seo calls her and tells her that In-kyu came to see her. Sun-woo asks if she is okay. Hyun-seo says he has a lot of money. I think that what you think is right. Sun-woo asks if she knows where he is now?

In-kyu drives home, Sun-woo is in a car and gets out as In-kyu gets out. She asks, can I talk to you?

She goes into his place and tells him that he his scar does not look too good. If you treat it better from the begining then you will not have much scar left. Did you go to the hospital?

IK – Tell me what you want, I do not wnat to talk to you for long.

SW – I know that TO asked you to do that to me. You invaded my house and pretended to take Joon-young hostage, I know everything. He asked you to threaten me or kill me?

IK – Do you not have any fear? Can I just finish it here?

SW – How much do you get paid? Is it big enough to sacrifice your future? 

IK – What the f?

SW – i am asking you if it is worthh that much!

IK – *Grabs her* Stop talking! I went to jail because of who?

SW – Didn’t you learn that you are responsible for what you do? Do you think Lee Tae-oh will take care of your life. Tae-oh asked you andn you followed it. Tell me the truth and I will ask the police to give you a favor.

IK – *pushes her* Go away from my house.

SW – Did Lee tae-oh ask you!

IK – Go away.

Her phone falls on the ground it has his recording. He picks it up. She yells to give it back to her. He throws her against the window and that knocks her out. He looks kind of worried about it though. He leans in to her looking scared. But then she breathes again so he breathes.

SW – Park In-kyu, just stop ruining your life, you are still young.

She rolls over a bit on the floor.

IK – Go away before I kill you.

She sits up slowly and looks at him with growing concern.

But she goes to her car and pulls out another smaller recorder! She got everything on tape. Then the door opens!

But it isi Hyun-seo, whew. Hyun-seo asks her if she recorded it? She says that she did but she did not get the most critical thing. Hop in.

Hyun-seo pops the trunk and puts something inside, then drives off with Sun-woo. 

Cut to In-kyu talking to a woman at Hyun-seo’s workplace. They tell him that Hyun-seo does not work here anymore. he is thrown, what do they mean? They tell him that they are bummed about it, they actually aren’t sure where she is going.

He runs off to the bus terminal or train terminal and sees a woman in the distance so he runs to try and catch up with her. But that woman is not Hyun-seo. he starts to think and calls tae-oh.


Meanwhile, Yoon-ki gets to a building that Tae-oh is coming out of. Tae-oh yells, I gave you enough money! But In-kyu says he has to give him more money unless you want me to tell everything! 

Tae-oh yells, I will get it, just wait. Then he yells, I will kill him! He angrily gets in his car and drives off. Yoon-ki watches all of this.



Sun-woo and Hyun-seo sit together at a cafe. I tis the same night. Sun-woo asks if Hyun-seo has a place to stay? She says that she does. So Sun-woo tells her to forget about everything and move. I will do the same. Don’t come here ever again. Sun-woo looks comforted by that.

In-kyuu keeps looking around for Hyun-seo. He goes to another area of the terminal. he keeps missing them, but they are there. Sun-woo buys Hyun-seo some food and walks her to her bus stop.

They both look at each other. Sun-woo smiles warmly. Hyun-seo rolls her luggage away. But then Sun-woo tells her to stop and wraps her scarf around her. Sun-woo smiles and rolls walks away. But she does look back at Sun-woo one more time before her escalator takes her to her terminal.

Sun-woo heads out. She walks right past In-kyu. In-kyu does not see her and she does not see In-kyu. He is still racing around looking for Hyun-seo.

She is right in ront of him about to get on her train. He is running around the same platform as her. Then, finally, he sees her luggage.

But Hyun-seo has run away, it appears that she saw him and left her luggage. She hides behind the elevator and peeks at him. Then she tries to push for the elevator to come. It comes, finally, and she runs in. She pushes for th door to close. The door starts to close!

But then he stops it! ARGH!!!!!

Sun-woo gets to her car and sees money on her seat. It is money that Hyun-seo left for her. She wonders about it so she goes back to see if Hyun-seo got on the train okay. But then she sees her luggage and the food on top of it that she bought for Hyun-seo.

She looks around worried, but the platform is completely empty. So she calls Hyun-seo and walks starts peaking around other areas. She sees a commotion a bit aways so she runs to see what is going on. She awlks through the crowd of onlookers who look shocked.

then she sees a body being covered. Blood is all on the ground and the scarf that she gave Hyun-seo is on the ground as well, it is all bloody.

Sun-woo gasps.

Fade Out


Oh nooooooooo, not Hyun-seo! I hope this is a trick and it was actually In-kyu. We know that Tae-oh had reason to kill him tonight since he has so much on the line. 

Jeez, with how much In-kyu was pushing Tae-oh, I thought some kind of murder was going to happen, but I didn’t think it would give me this much stress about a fictional character that I did  not know I loved until this very moment. So, Misty writer, give us a happy episode 11 okay? 

And of course we checked out the preview. In one of the scenes I saw that Hyun-seo was not wearing Sun-woo’s scarf, so there is hope! 


English Translation

DK – Someone died in Kosun station

IK – If he brings the money then you can I can leave Kosun!

HS – We have no hope, so let’s stop.

SW – Let me see, I think this is the person I was looking for

YK – I saw it fall, I was just stopping by

Man – Can you recognize this?

MS – Maybe the Dr. Ji knows that person who fell

SW – Do you think I pushed them?

Man – Kosun station has CCTV everywhere, but they were checking their server that day so no pictures were saved.

BK – Da-kyung should not know about it, it is a secret between you and me. We should take it to the grave.

Man – Are you Lee Tae-oh? You should come with us.


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  1. KK
    April 25, 2020 / 12:31 pm

    Thank you for the recap! So much is happening.. and our poor Hyunseo.. Can’t wait to watch when it’s subbed. Anyway, thanks again and will check back next week. Stay in and stay safe! Take care~ ^^

  2. Poppie
    April 25, 2020 / 12:32 pm

    Thank you for you recap ! I am worried that police would accuse SW because at the end, we can see SW’s scarf with blood.

  3. NP
    April 25, 2020 / 12:40 pm

    May God bless you. Thank you so much for the recap. I hope you stay in healthy state and please always stay safe!

  4. Lovette
    April 25, 2020 / 2:00 pm

    J thinks maybe it’s true..tae oh is the one who killed in kyu..thats why in preview the director said let keep this secret from da kyung..she doesn’t need to know😥😥 i think in kyu definitely want to change for hae soo..but he is too late for it.. sun woo sholid leave this palce and stay far away like yerim said..she need to forget tae oh.. i believed taeboh will think sun woo the one that tell police about his crime..and in ep. 12 we will see tae oh become villain and will make everything to make sure sun woo destroyed

  5. Devi
    May 1, 2020 / 10:19 am


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