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The World of the Married: Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Da-kyung goes inside and asks who that person was, he says it was a newspaper person, you know no one reads newspapers. But her child puts her fingers over her lips indicating that it is a secret. Da-kyung does not look fooled. But she takes in in stride and says she will go change.


The family eats happily together with the grandparents. But then Tae-oh says he will take care of Jenny so you all can eat dinner. Then he pulls Jenny away to eat with appa outside.

Hyo-jung says that BK never did that, your husband is so nice. BK smiles, but he also looks like he knows something.

After dinner, he sits with Da-kyung in their sitting area and tells her that Jenny’s father contacted Dr. Ji.

DK – I know that , he told me why he goes there and why he meets with her.

BK – Are you okay with that?

DK – His son is there, I have to understand. Of course I expected that much when we came back.

BK – Huh. 

DK – Why? Do you worry about her? You shouldn’t care. I trust Tae-oh and we are all fine.

BK – Do you remember what I told you when I granted your marriage?

BK – If you are not happy, just come back to appa anytime.

DK – Okay, of course.

DK – Appa, you know I love you.

BK – I don’t know *they both laugh*

But later on, he looks a bit serious. 

Tae-oh waits in his office until the grandparents leave. Then he calls someone and apologizes for calling them so late. He asks if he can have $10k from their reserve before they head home for the night.

He walks to the bar area and sees Da-kyung there, she asks him if he would like to join her for a drink? He happily agrees so they drink a bit.

DK – Someone told me that a man with one affair with have an affair again. Have you heard that? 

TO – Yes. Does it bother you?

DK – What about you?

TO – *He gives her a hug* You and I wasn’t an affair. Whatever people say, we know that it was not true so don’t be hurt. If you are hurt then I am hurt.

DK – Okay.

DK – Yes, I have never not been confident. But why are these thoughts coming to me? It always haunts me now. 

DK – And it makes me mad.


Ye-rim is at a hotel crying but trying not to cry. She stairs stoically from the window. Her husband calls but she does not pick it up.

Elsewhere, Jae-hyuk gets home and runs inside. Sun-woo sees him from her kitchen.

Jae-hyuk looks all through his house or his wife, but does not find her anywhere. He wonders what is going on. Where is she? But then he gets a call from her. He picks up immediately.

JH – What happened?

YR – I came to my parents house.

JH – You should have told me, I was worried about you. Why, what happened? Why don’t you pick up the phone? Hello?

She already hung up. She looks around the hotel room. It might be the same hotel room from the picture???? Not sure.



In her office, Myung-sook’s friend or lawyer or boyfriend says that he heard good news, that you might become vice director. She asks, who told you that? Then she mutters that he will have more chance to come to this high school now.

Sun-woo opens the door to talk to her about something. Myung-sook mentions that this man is her high school hubae. he is Lee Tae-oh’s good hubae also.

Sun-woo smiles politely and leaves. The hubae asks Myung-sook why she said that?

Outside, Sun-woo asks the nurses who that person in Myung-sook’s office is. The nurse says he sells medical devices, he comes often. Sun-woo nods and heads to her office. But the director tells her that he wants to talk to her.

In his office, he tells her that he thinks he will make Kim Yoon-ki vice director. I talked with the chairman about it enough, so follow our decision. Sun-woo is taken aback and asks if it was Chairman Yeo’s decision? The Director says they received the donation. It is $100k every year for 10 years. They need the confirmation, but that is just following the steps. So until we have the final decision, you should train him well.

She leaves the office looking steaming. Yoon-ki walks past and says to her that the director talked to him, what happened. She walks right by. he stops her. Myung-sook is at the end of the hallway. Sun-woo tells him, congratulations and walks away. Yoon-ki looks confused, Myung-sook looks angry.

Sun-woo goes into her office. Myung-sook goes in as well and says that she really didn’t expect that Yoon-ki would be the one. I was suspecting that he would pretend to help you and do this. Consulting Joon-young was part of this plan. I also feel betrayed, but you~.

Cut to Sun-woo waking to a driving range looking determined. She finds Bae-kyng there and walks right by beside him. He takes off his sunglasses. She looks directly at him.

They go somewhere to talk

SW – Even though you are donating so much money, you shuold not matter in our human resources.

BK – I hope you leave Kosun. If you need money to settle down, I will support you.

SW – you crossed a line that you should not have crossed.

BK – There is no line that I cannot cross. i will do anything for my daughters happiness.

SW – For your daughters happiness, you should keep Lee Tae-oh far away. She was a smart girl, don’t you think she is too good for him?

BK – *nods a bit* It is true, she became a mom at a young age and has a problematic husband. That is why I want to remove all the trouble from her.

SW – *chuckles* That would be me?

BK – The woman who still has feelings to her ex-husband should not be around my daughter.

SW – It makes it seem like I do not have the line that I should keep anymore. Because I also have to protect myself and my son.

Sh starts to walk away.

BK – you know that Kosun is in my palm. You should follow what I tell you now.

Sun-woo pauses but keeps walking away. Then a gold cart stops right past her. It is the directors wife. She hopes out to talk to her and says that she heard from the director that you are quitting as Vice Director.

SW – Yes, please excuse me.

KW – I am sorry that you had to resign with you effort. But you should do hospital things in the hospital only. For my husband, it is not a good look for him to be at a bar at night with a divorced woman. it is kind of shameful for others and embarrassed me.

She gets back in the gold cart and drives off. The senators wife looks back and smiles at her as they drive away.

Meanwhile, back at the driving range area, the spy reports to BK that Tae-oh took out another $10k. BK asks how much the sum is. The spy tells him it is $40k. BK looks like he is taking his anger out with each hit of the golf ball.


Jae-hyuk tries to contact his wife and wants to know the reason. She forwards him all the photos. He is super shocked. He tries to call, she does not answer. He hops up and runs to the bar.

He looks around frantically for the bartender but does not see her. So he asks one of the waitresses where that bartender is? The waitress says that she quit, she is not coming here anymore.

Jae-hyukg leaves the bar looking like his entire life has been ruined. Tae-oh watches him from his car. Jae-hyuk looks around and wonders what he should do. Then he sees Tae-oh. His phone buzzes, it is Tae-oh.

TO – I told you to be better to your wife.

JH – What is this?

TO – She had a temper right?

JH – You did it?

TO – I did not make you do anything. She wanted to date and I told her about you. I did not know that you would jump into that so easily. Don’t blame me. This all happened because you are a son of a b.

TO hangs up and drives off. JH still holds the phone to his ear and follows TO driving away. Stress tears are in his eyes. He drops his arm to his side ad breathes heavily.



Sun-woo rings the bell on Yoon-ki’s door. He answers so she asks him, how do you know Chairman Yeo?

YK – Come in and talk

She is reluctant, but she does. She asks him what his relationship is. He asks if she ate. She asks what his plan is with him! 

YK – He asked me a favor and I gave him a consultation.

SW – What was the favor? Does he want you to diagnose me? You got the Vice Director for that? Are you a doctor?

YK – It sounds strange, but it is for you.

SW – *laughs*

YK – I have to know what chairman Yeo thinks. He can threaten you at any time.

SW – you are crazy.

YK – Don’t fight them anymore.

SW – You betrayed me, you can’t say that.

YK – I don’t care about the VP. I will resign in good time. I can’t help things now because I have to convince chairman Yeo because I want to protect you.

SW – I trusted you. That is why I told you everything. But you are selling me? You are not a doctor or anything. Do not come in front of my son anymore.

She leaves quickly.

In the car ride home, she talks to Joon-young. He asks when she is coming. She says she is almost there, is everything okay? he tells her that Ye-rim ajummas place might have some trouble, something might have happened.

Outside in the parking lot, Ye-rim throws all of Jae-hyuks things out of the house on the ground. A lot of woman watch what is going on. She throws away her wedding ring. Jae-hyuk asks her not to do this, just talk to me.

YR – I will send you the divorce letter as soon as it is ready.

She starts to walk back inside. he tries to stop her and tells her that the is sorry. But she closes the door on him. He says that he went crazy! Don’t do this! Let’s just talk face to face. It is all my fault. He cries on his stoop.

Sun-woo sees the tail end of it and asks Jae-hyuk what is going on, why did she do this? Jae-hyuk stand up and tells her that Tae-oh did it. It was my fault, but it was his trap. 

SW – What are you talking about?

JH – Tae-oh sent that woman to me and let her send the photos to Ye-rim. It is all Tae-oh. Everything was his plan. You never know what he will do to you so get ready. If you do not want to end up like me, then you should be super aware. He is crazy.

She is shocked and thinks about what tae-oh said. 

VO – If you stay here like this then I do not know what I will do. So just please go away from me.

Sun-woo looks at Ye-rim’s house, Ye-rim is looking at her from her window. But she walks away.


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