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The World of the Married: Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married is heating up, gah! And you know I am all over this because this show just puts the T in trouble. I cannot wait to get into what is going on. And guess what, we also have a special treat today from our lovely sponsor Meeniful! Read below to find out all about it

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Joon-young walks through a parking lot with expensive looking cars and keys one of them with a nail or something. It looks like it gives him a thrill. 

He tries to hurry off but Yoon-ki sees him and approaches to check his hand. He lightly forces him to open it.

Joon-young tells him to let him go! But Yoon-ki calmly tells him that he saw everything. he finds the key and says he cannot just let him go. Why did you do this?

Joon-young tells him that he is nothing. BK comes over with his golf clubs or tennis rackets and asks what happened. Yoon-ki asks if he is the owner of the car? BK comes chuckling over lightly and asks if Joon-young is Dr. Ji Sun-woo’s son? He does not look upset about his car being keyed. He actually looks really nice about it.

But Joon-young runs off. Yoon-ki is about to try and get him, but BK says that is okay and we cut to them eating a Japanese style meal at a restaurant.

Their conversation is about obsession and pity – or it could be love. We don’t know yet. They might be talking about tae-oh. Yoon-ki says that they will see the reality if one of them hurts the other. BK thinks that he wants to see if there is still a fire even if he has to pour gas on it. What he really wants is his daughters happiness.

Yoon-ki asks, do you really want to see the ending?

BK says that one of them should be completely destroyed.

Yoon-ki asks if he is really going that route?

BK says, I thought you had feelings for Ji Sun-woo? Yoon-ki says it is his misunderstanding. I am just professionally opening her emotions.

BK says he did not expect that.

Yoon-ki tells him that now he can see what she really has.


Meanwhile, Tae-oh drives home thinking about In-kyu and how he yelled at him. He yelled that he had to see the end with Tae-oh! You don’t know what it feels like to want to see someone’s end. In-kyu told him that he knows, it is love. Tae-oh tells him to shut up! Do you think we are the same!

Tae-oh also thinks about Yoon-ki being with Sun-woo at the restaurant and when they found Joon-young that night they worried about him.

At home, Sun-woo watches her wedding video happily while drinking wine. But then Tae-oh comes banding on her door. She asks what he wants. He forces himself inside.

She yells, how dare you come in! talk to me outside! But he pours himself a cup of her wine in her wine glass and happily drinks it all. Sun-woo asks, is it okay that your wife knows that you are visiting me?

He asks, how long are you going to give me a hard time? I am successful now. I want to come to my home town and live happily. Do you really hate that? She says that is my question! You are the one!

He looks at the computer and sees that she was looking at their wedding video. He plays it and sees him tell her that he loved her. He looks at Sun-woo, she covers herself with her hosue coat.

he asks, you still do not throw this away? Do you want me to come back? I get so angry when I see you. It is because of you that I could not see my only son! It makes me angry! What do you expect from me!

She tells him, you came this late so what do you expect?

He grabs her around her arms, her gown falls off her shoulders. He asks, what do you want? They look at each other passionately and angrily. He lets go and tells her that if she stays here like this, I don’t know what I will do. So please just go away from in front of me. if you are not around then I can breath. Without you, my life is perfect.

He looks a bit confused saying that, but he composes himself and heads out.

Cut to the day they took the wedding photo. Tae-oh was all bright smiles and happiness. But she imagines him saying, without you my lief is perfect, instead of the nice things he said before.



Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk go in for a consultation with Dr. Seo. She tells them that their success rate is as high as doctors in Seoul. Ye-rim asks if they are too late? Myung-seok tells them that at least they aren’t too early. We need to get testing, but we do have success rates and you know that stress is not good.

Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk look at each other lovingly and hold hands tighter.

In waiting area, a couple complains with their wait time and ask how long they will have to wait. The nurses try to calm them. One of the nurses calls Sun-woo, she is not there yet. But Sun-woo comes running in right then and apologizes. She says that she will start to work right now.

Sun-woo sees Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk leaving Myung-sook’s office Myung-sook asks why she is coming in now? Then she sighs and says that she probably had a drink last night.

Later on, Sun-woo meets the director in his office to apologize. He tells her that she has a lot of worries recently, I can adjust your work, just tell me. She says that he does not have to do it, I do my work without any problems and I will do the same thing in the future.

He does not look convinced. He asks her if hse knows any connection Yoon-ki has to chairman Yeo Byung-kyu? She looks shocked.

Time jump to her looking at Yoon-ki in his office. They are drinking coffee together. He asks why she is looking at him like that? She says that he is right, the important thing to me is Joon-young. What do you think if you become the VP? If you do it then I think I can just happily quit.

he sets down his drink and considers for a moment. But he quickly tells her that he likes things as they are now. I do not think it will help the hospital. She asks, you really don’t want it? He tells her that he does not care and continues drinking his coffee.


Both Ye-rim and Jae-hyuk are in hospital gowns going about their checkups. He is sorry that they did not do this earlier. But she says she is still thankful that they are trying. His doctor comes and gets him so she is left alone.

She gets a text message that looks alarming.

OMG, it is pictures of the her husband naked in a bed. Another photo is of a woman in the bed with him. Wow, it looks like the barista sent her these photos. Ye-rim trembles with anger.


In her office, Sun-woo looks worried. She calls someone but they do not answer. So she texts. – Hyun-seo, please text me, I worry about you. 

She heads out and tells the nurses that she will be out for an hour, please adjust my schedule. The nurses are all like, what? The Director sees this and mutters, why is she like this? Why are women the ones that don’t know public or private matters? 

Myung-sook is behind him and says that it is not about women, it is about Sun-woo. So do not gorup us all together. He clears his throat and walks past her.


Jae-hyuk leaves his exam, his wife is not there so he sits. But then the other doctor comes outa nd asks if Ye-rim is ready? He says she not here, but he says that he can find her.


Da-kyung goes to get a massage and sees Hun-seo walking. Hyun-seo meets with Sun-woo there. She says that she told her not to come. But Sun-soo is concerned and says that seh nows she met with In-wook. Don’t try to hide it from me.

Hyun-seo comes clean and says that he found her. sun-woo asks if she can help her. But Hyun-seo says no, he should not know that I am meeting you like this. Just leave and never ever come to see me.

She walks away quickly. Da-kyung keeps watching them. Her mother comes to her side and asks what she is doing, you said you were going to the restroom. But Da-kyung keeps glaring at Sun-woo so her mother looks that way and wonders what Dr. Ji is doing here?

Sun-woo walks off. The mother feels a bit slighted that she did not say hi.

they go to their spa area waiting room and happily chat. The mother gets off the phone with BK and mentions that he can’t not see his grand daughter even one day. 

The massage person comes in. It appears that Da-kyung asked for Hyun-seo so there is a shock when Hyun-seo sees her. Da-kyung walks up to her.

DK – You are not giving me a massage?

HS – Come this way please.

They go to the massage area. DK lays down for the massage and Hyun-seo quietly starts massaging her legs.



Sun-woo gets back to the hospital and sees Ye-rim walking around outside like a zombie.

Inside, the nurses and Myung-sook are talking about what happened with Ye-rim, she just left? 

Sun-woo sees this and gets filled in by what happened. Ye-rim just disappeared from her test. 

Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk walks around looking for her. Tae-oh calls him and asks if they can have a drink if there is time? Jae-hyuk says not today. Tae-oh asks if he is busy? Jae-hyuk tells him that he cannot talk right now.

But when they get off the phone, Tae-oh has a smug happy look as if he is behind all of this.


After the massage, Da-kyung thanks Hyun-seo. HS is about to leave. But Da-kyung asks her how long she has worked here? Did you keep in contact with Ji Sun-woo? Did she tells you that I am a member here?

Hyun-woo says she worked there for over a year. It took her some time to get her license. I heard that you went back to Kosun. I did not expect to see you here?

DK – Do you tell her everything about me?

HS – Are you insecure?

They are using banmal to each other as friends.

DK – Why? 

HS – I heard you are married. It does not seem like you are happy. Yeah, the guy with one affair usually has another one.

She leaves. Da-kyung looks like her bubble just got popped.


The kids get through with English class. No-eul approaches Joon-young and asks him to talk to her. All the other kids look at them and whisper if they are dating. She walks out. They all tease Joon-young as he walks out.

JY – Hey, what does it matter if I steal or act crazy. Its none of your business

NE – What you do has something to do with me also. Say what you did and promise that you will never do it.

JY – Why don’t you say that I stole it. I don’t care, do whatever.

NE – Ya! Because of someone like you, I get blamed. Because of a crazy guy like you, all the kids in divorced families are blamed. Do you have to show off like that?

He looks like he finally gets it.

He leaves school. Hae-kang walks up to him and asks him if he has anything to do with No-eul? Are you dating her? he says no. So Hae-kang asks him for his help so he can date her. You are closer to her than me.


Tae-oh plays with his daughter. She is making curry in her little kids kitchen in her play zone. He is talking on the phone while he does this and tells Da-kyung that he came home early since her parents are coming over.

The bell rings. He thinks umma is home so he heads to the door with his daughter. But it is actually In-kyu. He does not know what to do. He asks In-kyu through the speaker why he is here. In-kyu sys he does not want to do this, but let’s wrap things up.

In-kyu says he will contact him tomorrow, leave now. 

In-kyu slowly walks away, but he sees a car driving up. It is Da-kyung. So he starts to walk towards this car with his head down and hands in his pocket. She looks at him. he tips his hat lower with a smile and keeps walking.


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