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The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap – Part 3

The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sun-woo sleeps in bed with her husband, though she is turned in the opposite direction and thinking about what Hyeon-seo said to her. She is disappointed that a successful woman like the doctor is the same as someone like her.

So she wakes up and searching man having an affair. All the google results are about catching the evidence of an affair. She thinks back to the red hair and keeps searching.

She types in how to find the locations and how to put in a hidden camera and how to ask for the divorce money. She thinks about her happy life with her husband and their love making while she searches the internet.

But it is all too overwhelming so she takes off her glasses and takes a breather.


Sun-woo stands outside her car at a shady looking place. it appears that sh is here to meet Hyeon-seo. Hyeon-seo comes out and asks whats up so early in he morning. Why did you come all the way here?

Sun-woo takes some paperwork out of her pocket and offers it to Hyeon-seo. It is the prescription that she wanted. But she pulls it back and asks why she is accumulating medicine?

Hyeon-seo explains that it is not about dieting or killing myself, don’t worry. Sun-wo tells her, actually, I have a request.

Cut to her husband going down the steps at an apartment complex or building or something. he gets to his car and looks around before getting inside. Hyeon-seo follows him in another car.

At work, Sun-woo sees patients as normal which Hyeon-seo watches her husband. 

Her husband drives to an expensive looking townhouse complex. Hyeon-seo does not drive in.

At work, Sun-woo gets word that the birthday cake is ready.

her husband parks at this complex.

Hyeon-soo sees where he parked and texts Sun-woo an update.

The husband gets out and opens his trunk. he takes a black backpack out of the trunk and walks into the complex.

Hyeon-soo texts an update – he just went inside.

Sun-woo keeps multitasking at work and checking the updates. But with that last update, she takes off her doctors coat. 

Hyeon-soo texts another update – he has been inside this building for 3 hours.

Sun-woo starts to leave work.

Hyeon-soo waits at the complex. Then she sees him coming out with a woman. We do not see who this woman is.



Sun-woo gets to the cake location and gets another update. Hyeon-seo calls this time for the update. She is still looking at them. She tells Sun-woo that he is with a woman. Sun-woo closes her eyes and tries to stay standing. She asks if she sees the face? What kind of woman? She is on the verge of tears. She asks if she can take a picture of video? Can you?

Hyeon-seo says it is not a good angle. But wait a moment.

She starts to take a video or photos. Sun-woo starts to pull herself together as she picks up the rice cake.

Another update comes in – it is the license plate. Hyeon-soo says that she could not take a photo of them together, she saw the back. She has long brown hair and is of similar height as you. 

Sun-woo gasps back a cry as the woman asks her to look at the cake. On the cake is the drawing design that the son made. Sun-woo starts to tea up a tiny bit. The woman asks if she doesn’t like it? Sun-woo says no, it is really good, this is really pretty because my son made the design.

The cake woman says that is so cute, I wish I had a son like him. Sun-woo says it is his appas birthday so he thought about the design for several days.

Cut to Sun-woo at school. His mother comes to pick him up which makes him a tad bit embarrassed. His friend joke with him that his mom is cute and he goes over for a hug. She helps him in the ar and tries not to cry. She holds it in really well actually.

They drive to the place together. The son tells her that Yoon No-eul is coming, did you know that? She looks preoccupied and starts to speed a bit to beat the light. He tells her that she is going to fast, but she continues to drive fast.

She goes to meet with Hyeon-seo and tells her son to wait in the car. Then she meets Hyeon-seo and presents her the prescription she wants. Hyeon-seo takes it and asks what she is going to do? Sun-woo tells her that she needs to get the evidence.

Hyeon-seo tells her to check her husbands car trunk, I think he is hiding something inside.


Meanwhile, her husband takes a box out of his trunk and brings it into his birthday event that does not look tiny at all. (It looks like that little girls birthday party from VIP.) They are set up outside at a garden party and at least fifty or so people are there along with servants. it is a big event.

Sun-woo gets there and looks at the event from her car. She sees Hyo-jung getting out of her car with her husband Byeong-kyu and daughter. The license plate is the same!

Sun-woo’s eyes grow wide and she starts to breathe haggardly. She looks at her husband great them and then tries to pull herself together.

He comes to her car so she gets out. He asks why she is so late, he was worried that she had an accident. She gets the cake out and asks him if she can have his car keys? I cannot find my camera. He says that people are waiting, do it later. But she says that it is an important day and reaches inside his pocket for the keys.

He mutters that she can use her cell phone but she says that the quality is different and pats his tush to go inside first.



She goes to his car and opens his trunk. But the backpack is not there. So she goes inside the car to search for the camera and anything she can find. All the while, she is looking at the guests and mostly Hye-jung at the party.

She goes back to the trunk and looks around again. (Girl needs to look in that secret compartment!). She is about to close it again, but then she notices something. She finds the secret compartment, omg! She opens it and finds the baaaaaaag!!!

She pulls the bag out and dumps out all the contents, oh no. But she is super stressed. Inside are underwear and condoms and shaving cream and toiletries. She can’t think straight. She finds a cell phone in the bag and turns it on. She takes another look at Hyu-jung.

The cell phone comes on and OMG the daughters photos come up!!!!! It is her daughter!!!! The daughter is the mistress, I can’t even. Wow.

Sun-woo looks over at Hyu-jung and sees the daughter sitting next to her. She remembers the daughter from the party. She also has that reddish brown hair. She tries to hold herself together and looks at the photos.

The photos show the overseas trip he went to. The one that was supposed to be a business trip. His friends Son Je-hyeok and Ko Ye-rim are there and the secretary and the secretaries boyfriend are there as well! And he is there with the daughter! He is dating her out in the open on the trip!

Sun-woo looks at Ye-rim and Je-hyeok and The secretary and her boyfriend who are all at this party. She puts her hand over her mouth and gasps. Then she looks at more photos. There are so many of the daughter.

She looks at the text messages. They are from her hospital doctor friend Dr. Seol Myeong-sook to him! She tells the husband that his wife was seeing patients but stormed out all of a sudden, I think she is going to see you, be careful. Wow, she is an informer!

Sun-woo looks at her friend at the party and reads the texts. 

Text – Be careful and hide the Jeju Island reciept

Text – Be careful for now, Sun-woo kind of noticed something

Text – She met your secretary, take good care of your cellphone. Don’t be seen by others

Text – Sun-woo stormed out all of a sudden, I think she is going to see you, be careful.

Wow, Sun-woo tries to hold aback tears as she looks at these texts and looks at her friend laughing at the same table as her other friends. She holds back a gasp.

VO – Everything was perfect, everyone around me lied to me,

She holds herself up agains a car and frantically wipes away tears. her husband and friends laugh and chat. She starts to cry.

But then she starts to pull herself together. She stops freaking out and wipes her tears and packs up everything back inside the backpack and puts it back inside the hiding spot. She closes the door.

Then she walks slowly to her car that is parked a little aways from the party. She opens her trunk and her medical kit in the trunk and pulls out a pair of sharp scissors. She grips it in her hands and hides it behind he back.

She walks all the way up to her husband.

Fade Out


I am done. I am just done. This first episode pulled me along and had me wondering what was going to happen next at almost every single second of its airing. Wow.

This drama is giving me straight Misty vibes in that Misty also captured you from the opening image and had you. Hopefully the writer learned from Misty and will give us a more satisfying ending, but goodness, if the first 12 episodes are like how Misty’s were then we are in for a wild ride. (I mean episode 13-16 were also good, but that epilogue tanked everything, sigh.)

But let’s talk about this drama because it feels like an even more grown version of VIP but possibly with the revenge that we all wanted in VIP!!!! I am not super hopeful that the next episode will be amazing though because the preview of episode two does not look all that great, but I could absolutely be blown away by it just as I was today. Cheers The World of the Married, you did good!

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  1. jjuna
    March 28, 2020 / 8:07 am

    Wow just wow. Thanks for recap V, how do you even keep up with so many dramas? I also hope this will give us the revenge satisfaction that VIP did not. Can’t wait for the next episode! I’ll be there with my popcorn.

    • V
      March 28, 2020 / 8:21 am

      Yay! So happy you’re watching along, Jjuna!!!!

  2. Jen
    April 23, 2020 / 7:00 am

    I’m having a hard time watching 1st ep due to weak wifi and data. Thank you for this! Will make sure to read recap of all eps! Kudos! 😊

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