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The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap – Part 2

The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The World of the Married!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




When she gets home, she thinks about sneak peaking her husbands phone, but he walks in. So she takes his jacket away instead and checks the pockets on the sly while pretending that she is getting lint off of it. he heads to the shower first.

he picks his underwear out before going which messes up the other ones, so she straightens them out. Hmm, a bit of a perfectionist. Then she goes back to his cell phone which is next to the bed. She scrolls through the photos and doesn’t see anything untoward so she starts to put it back. 

But just then he gets a text.

Text: On a beautiful night, I want to see you again – Hee Won

The name Hee Won is a restaurant, so Sun-woo goes there that night. But nothing comes of it.


Sun-woo’s work friend Dr. Seol Myung-soo asks her if she went all the way that late only because of one piece of hair?

Sun-woo wonders why he hid that his secretary changed for one year. Myung-sook says that he didn’t hide it, he just didn’t tell her or perhaps he told you but you forgot. Sun-woo leans back and mentions that it bothers her since she is divorced.

Myung-sook says that not all divorced women have affairs with men. Sun-woo says that he went home at 5 but he didn’t come home until 7, what did he do for two hours? MS says that it isn’t the secretary, she goes to get her kid at that time.

Sun-woo realizes that is true and says that it bothers her.

Myung-sook asks if she suspects Je-hyeok’s wife also?

Sun-woo also thinks it is weird that he didn’t have a password on his cell phone as if he wanted her to check it. Maybe he knows that I check on him? The friend jokes that she is not normal, you know that. Did you sleep well? You might have nervous problems, just go to sleep. It is tiring to sleep with a handsome man.

She tells her that they are all in their 40s but he looks like he is in his 30s. She heads out. Sun-woo looks a little happier.

Later on, she meets with a client who is complaining about hair loss and dry skin. His skin is very dry. She asks if he is taking medicine for his skin? He says that he can’t even eat, how can he take the medicine? She asks why he can’t eat? He leans in and says that you never know what is in the food.

She tells him to just eat properly and take the medicine. If that does not stop the symptoms then come back.

She checks the clock and sees that it is 4:30. She remembers the assistant saying that he always leaves at 5pm.

Then she is pulled back into the room when the patient asks if she is refusing to treat him? She says no, she just does not feel too good. She starts to scratch her neck. he asks if she is itchy? Does your heart pump and your stomach doesn’t feel good?… You have the same symptoms as me.

Sun-woo hops up and tells him that she will take a break right now. She leaves the patient in the room and grabs her coat to head out. She tells her clinic poeple that she is in a hurry and needs to go home quickly. 

Myeung-sook asks her where she is going, but Sun-woo is already gone.



She drives to his workplace and calls Ye-rim to take care of her son. ye-rim tells her not to worry, see you.

Her husband walks out of his place and gets in his car. He drives off. she follows him. he goes somewhere in a shady looking street. She watches with bated breath. 

But then a woman bursts out of a crumbling store with a man yelling at her to give him the money. She says that she has no money! They are right in the way of Sun-woo. He forces her on top of his car so she looks at Sun-woo. He also looks at Sun-woo and smiles, then drags her away by her hair.

But the woman breaks away and runs back to Sun-woo to help her. Sun-woo gets out of the car to help her, but then she sees her husband getting out of a store with roses and a gift. She drives off and follows her husband. the girl watches her driving away as the man tells the girl that this is the last time.

Sun-woo speed up to catch her husbands disappearing car and almost causes an accident as she runs a red light on a busy street. But she manages to get through and stays on his tail. She follows all the way to a manicured wooded street and stops her car. it looks like it is a nursing home or maybe a hospital.


Sun-woo goes inside the nursing home. It appears that everyone might know who she is? She walks to a room upstairs and goes inside. Tae-oh is with an older woman, it appears to be his mother.

Sun-woo greats her and says that she hasn’t visited in too long. Then they make small talk about the pretty flowers. She says that she will put them in a vase for her. The husband looks kind of guilty. he goes outside and thanks Sun-woo for coming. She tells him that they should have come together.

he tells her that she is busy and he came there almost everyday since her condition has gone bad. She tells him that she misunderstood him. Mi-yeon said that you left work at 5pm but you always come home at 7pm.

He asks if she thought he was doing something else during that time? She is too embarrassed to say and tells him to ignore what she said. he gives her a hug and tells her not to worry about those things. She says she is okay now, I am really okay. He asks if she is telling the truth. She nods and says that he can return to his mother.

She goes to the nurses counter and asks how she has been. The nurse says that her pain has gotten worse so they gave her more pain medication. But she missed her son because he never came after New years Day and only calls. (uh oh!).

The room starts to sink in on Sun-woo.  She turns her head to look back up at the room upstairs. She walks to the lobby, holding the flowers. She stops and stares at the room. 

Upstairs, Tae-oh’s mother looks suspicious and asks Tae-oh if anything is going on between him and his wife. He tells her there is nothing, dont’ worry. But she does not look convinced and looks out the door at Sun-woo who is now on the second floor and is looking out the window.




They both drive home following each other under the cover of night. Operatic music plays. The husband looks hella evil as he follows his wife home. 

At home, Ko Ye-rim looks out her window at Sun-woo and Tae-oh returning home. She looks super spooky.

Inside, Sun-woo tucks in her son. Her son tells her that Yoon No-eul told her that her mother has a boyfriend (Jang Mi-eun, the secretary). Sun-woo asks who Yoon No-eul is? he tells her that she met her, appa’s secretaries daughter. Sun-woo thinks for a second and asks who the boyfriend is. 

He says that he does not know what the details are, she just had a boyfriend after getting divorced. She says that it is okay, but I would feel betrayed. She pretends that she is touch. What do you think umma?

Sun-woo whispers that he can just go to bed. So she turns off the lights and closes the door.

But she is far from relaxed. She sits in the living room reading with her glasses on, but she is doing more thinking than reading. Her husband comes in and asks if their son is sleeping? He is all dressed to go out. She asks where he is going. 

he tells her that he is going to his high school alumni meeting. A certain mans wife is a former miss Korea and he is a powerful guy in the town. He heard that the wife is having an exhibition so he wants to be recognized by him.

She asks if it is Eom Hyo-jung (her patient)?

he asks if he knows her? She says that she is also invited. He asks how? She tells him that she is her patient. So she tells him that they can go there together. I just need to change. He looks a bit taken aback but says okay.


They get to the museum event, it is dark out. He tells her not to make any mistakes with the alumni president because he controls all the money in the city. You know that I have to be successful in this project. We might need his help one day.

She asks him why he is so stiff?

he says that he is always so sorry to her because she worries about his mother and gave him support when he opened his company. he never gave her any money for the house, everything. She nods. He says that he will make this project successful and repay everything that she did for him. He looks nervous.

she takes a deep breath and doesn’t say anything more.

They all go to the event with is a outdoor garden event. The paintings are actually really good as well. Tae-oh looks nervous and heads over to talk to the chairman who is happily chatting with some other people about his wife’s paintings.

he tells him what class he is from and congratulates him for the exhibition. he nods and then continues ignoring him. It is so awkward. Sun-woo looks on and has second hand embarrassment for her husband who keeps standing there even though everyone is ignoring him.

But then one of the men ask if he is Lee Sang-do’s son?

He nods and says that he is. But he does not seem happy to mention it. It appears that his father has a bad name possibly. Tae-oh does not know what to do and keeps standing there awkwardly.

But then his wife walks up to say hello. The wife immediately says hello and runs over to her to introduce her to her husband and his important friends. Sun-woo mentions that this man is her husband and says somethings that he does. They all look embarrassed that they did not talk to him more earlier.

So now the chairman asks which class he was in again? he mentions it again and they start to chat more openly with him.

One of the waitresses is that girl who was asking for help earlier!!!!! She is also her patient who was asking for medicine to sleep!!!! Wow. She looks at Sun-woo talking with the higher ups but does not go up to her.

Inside, Hyu-jung talks to Sun-woo about how she has a younger husband and is successful. Sun-woo tells her that they are actually the same age. Then she notices that the wine at this party is the same wine that the husband brought home. The room starts to collapse again.

Another woman comes up, it is Hyu-jung’s daughter, Da-kyeong. Da-kyeong says hello and then heads out with some wine. HJ tells Sun-woo that she wants them to be good friends. Sun-woo tells her that they should get together tomorrow as a couple. It is his husbands birthday so they will have a quiet gathering. if you two come then everyone will be happy.

Hyo-jung says that she should go to those things. What should I prepare? She giggles and clinks glasses with Sun-woo. Sun-woo looks more composed.

Later on, Sun-woo goes outside for some fresh air. Someone is sitting out there as well. She glances over and sees her smoking. it is the waitress. She recognizes her  and asks if she is okay.

The waitress stops. Sun-woo says that she is sorry, she was in a hurry back then. The waitress says that it is not her fault, she won’t help her anyway. Sun-woo asks who that person is? Hyeon-soo says it is her boyfriend, he does those things when he does not have money. He doesn’t do it all the time.

Sun-woo says that she saw everything, do you still want to defend him?

Hyeon-seo tells her that she should be happy as a doctor, if something happens then you can solve it. usually people ignore their misfortune and sit on it because they are not courageous.

Sun-woo says that is a pitiful excuse.

Hyeon-seo that to move one step forward, you still need ability. Someone like you, doctor, won’t understand.  

Sun-woo says it is about the same.

Hyeon-seo asks if her husband hits her or takes her money?

Sun-woo chuckles and says that she thinks her husband has a woman. I am afraid that it is true.

She asks what she is afraid about? Get the evidence and kick him out. That is easy for successful women.

Sun-woo tells her that marriage is not that easy. it is not a game that I can just give up if I lost all my money. My life, my son’s future as well, it is a desperate problem.

Hyeon-seo says she is disappointed, a successful woman like you is in the same position as someone like me.


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  1. March 30, 2020 / 6:22 am

    Will this be English subbed? Looks like a great drama!

    • V
      March 30, 2020 / 10:36 am

      You know, I am actually not sure if it will be English subbed. Hopefully, because it is great.

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