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The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap – Part 1

The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap - Part 1

Welcome to The World of the Married! Brought to us by the same woman that wrote Misty, aka the writer who ripped our hearts out and spit on them with that finale, but she did have an AH-MAZING first twelve episodes of Misty that were the epitome of strong woman drama-drama-drama that strung us all along like the addicts that we were.

So, I am expecting good things from The World of the Married (which drastically needs a title change, argh! How about The World of the Wedded or Wedded Worlds, or just Wedded?). If anything, this writer knows how to pull us all in from the word go!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




A woman (Sun-woo) comes into her home and opens a large poster sized wedding photo. There are three people in the photo. The Bride, the Groom, and a boy of around 13 maybe. She hangs up this photo

VO – It was perfect.

She leaves the room and heads around her fabulous house looking amazingly happy and content. She is a doctor and her husband is a movie director. She changes her clothing into something light and effervescent then goes tot he living room to prepare something to eat. 

But she sees that her wedding photo is crooked so she straightens it out and happily looks at it once again.

VO – Everything around me was perfect.

Cut to a man getting out of the rain. He goes inside a house. It is dark and we don’t see his face or really anything around him. This man is Lee Tae-oh. He sniffs and looks around. Then we see him getting into the bed of his wife Ji Sun-woo.

He wakes her up. She rolls over and asks how his trip was. He kisses her and says he missed her. They start to kiss and cuddle and giggle and love each other as a song starts to play.

[Cue long love making scene]



It is nice and bright and the two love birds are awake though still in bed. She hops up first and gets a lot of kisses but tells him that their kid has to go to school. I will get up first and give you a coffee. She picks up a lip gloss on the ground? He says that he bought it because it was so dry on the airplane. She tells him that cherry flavor goes too far.

Then she yells that she will shower and heads to the bathroom. He looks at the lip gloss and then rolls over. (uh oh)

Soon, they are all dressed. Their son goes downstairs to eat and is a typical teenager. Sun-woo comes up and tells him that he has to master math before he goes to high school. Otherwise it will be more difficult later.

The father asks if they have to do things other people do? He is not good at math but he has good creativity like appa. The mother thinks creativity is good, but you must know the basics so that you can show it.

She gives her son a kiss and tells him to just think about getting good grades in math, not convincing your father. The father whispers an apology to the son and then holds his arms out for a hug from his wife. She gives him a big cuddle. 

They talk about the wedding photo. She asks if she looks old, he says no, it is good photo shop and you get prettier as you get older. He gives her a scarf to put on because he thinks it will cold since it rained last night. They kiss again and the son giggles in teenage awkwardness

She heads out of her lovely looking community that appears more like a rich old town in Massachusetts than Seoul. On the drive into her workplace Sun-woo talks to a friend about a party invitation.

Her fiend is arriving back from the airport. She tells her that her vacation with her husband was good. But her husband actually ignores her in the airport.



Sun-woo goes to work and talks to another doctor friend. There is big trouble because Dr. Ma strangled a person in a restaurant. The police are actually in their clinic. So Sun-woo goes to the conference room where all of this is going on.

Sun-woo is the Vice Director so she goes to talk to the cops on what happened. They tell her that a person passed out at a bar. Dr. Ma went in to the ambulance with that person and tried to strangle that person.

Sun-woo asks if he did CPR on the patient? The police say that he might have done CPR, that is what Dr. Ma said. But the family member of the patient said that he was drunk. They want to sue the hospital for keeping a doctor with mental problems.

Dr. Kong tells them that is nonsense! Sun-woo looks at the emergency people record. Then she tells them that he had to intubate the person because they did not wake up. He might have pressed the neck for intubation. The police ask to explain. So Sun-woo says all the medical jargon for intubating a person. She shows how to do it on Dr. Kong and mentions that it looks like strangling to normal people.

The other doctors chuckle at bit at how startled Dr. Kong is right now. Sun-woo asks the police officers to talk to the EMS people about what happened with the intubation. The director tells all the people to go back to work and mutters that if he is not on top of them then the hospital does not run. Then he looks at Sun-woo who is still in the room.

Sun-woo tells Dr. Ma to head home since he drank so much and looks super out of it. Then she heads out. Another doctor tells Sun-woo that the director wouldn’t know what to do without you, sigh. They start to talk about Dr. Seol’s husband who came back and joke to each other about oxytocin and all that.

They apart and Sun-woo goes into her office. It is a quiet moment as she takes off her scarf puts on her hospital jacket. But then she feels something and turns around. On the scarf, she sees a long single strand of hair.

Later, a patient tells her that when a person goes crazy, it can happen in one moment. This is a pretty young female patient who is having trouble sleeping. Sun-woo thinks she might be looking for medicine to lose weight. But the woman says she does not want that, she just wants to sleep.

Sun-woo tells her to go to see a psychiatrist. The patient tells her that she knows, she just does not want to leave a record of being treated over there. I checked all the things that a general doctor can prescribe. Sun-woo says it is possible, but I do not prescribe that too easily. the young woman leaves.

Another person comes in. It is Eom Hyo-jung who asks her to come to something and gives her an invitation to a painting exhibition. Sun-woo thanks her for the invitation but does not think she can come. The patient tells Hyu-jin that she is the one that told her to focus on something to get over her menopause symptoms. So that is why I started painting. 

Sun-woo looks at the patients look and tells hr that her style has changed. The patient says that the love of a man is the best. I am having a good time because I changed my hair color. But Sun-woo looks like she is super suspicious of the patients long brown hair. She excuses the patient who is all bubbly and tells her that she hopes that she comes.

Sun-woo walks to her scarf and pulls off the long brownish/reddish hair. She looks worried and concerned, but she drops it in the trash bin.

Later on, she looks at all the women with reddish-brownish hair as she stands on the sidewalk. It appears that this is consuming her thoughts. The women keep walking by and she keeps staring at each one and looks more and more pulled into her thoughts about it.

Then her son comes up to her so they start to talk as they walk away. he talks school things to her and mentions a camping trip or something like that. He says that appa cancelled last time. Sun-woo tells her that appa will go with him, don’t worry.

But as they are about to get back into the car, a woman comes up to her who has reddish brown hair. She asks if she remembers her and says that she used to be Director Lee’s assistant director. She smiles brightly.

Sun-woo is all consumed with her hair, it is all she is looking at. But then she is able to pull herself away and says that she remembers her from a company event, but back then she had shorter hair. The woman is Jang Mi-yeon, she says that she basically has a weave now. Her daughter is standing with her.

Now she says that she is Directors Lee’s assistant for a year and is raising her daughter alone. it is difficult being in the movie industry. I am actually divorced, the director new about my situation and hired me as his assistant, I am so thankful. I go home at 5pm everyday so it is easier to pick up my daughter.

Sun-woo asks, 5pm? She tells Sun-woo that he always leaves at 5pm.




Sun-woo cuts celery at home and looks at the clock. It is 7:30pm. Her son is at the dinner table and shows her his art projects. Which one does she like best? She points at the one she likes, he also says that he likes it the most too. So she takes a photo. it says “Happy birthday – Sun-woo and Jun-young”. It appears to be his fathers birthday so the son made some nice drawings for him.

But they hide it right away as the father comes in bearing a bottle of wine. He says that it is a limited edition. She tells him that he is late. He says that he is not that late, this is my regular time. then he asks his son if she is mad at him. he shrugs. 

Sun-woo tells him that she needs some more time to make galbi-jim, she will call him when its ready. he happily goes to the kitchen and starts to eat a galbi from the bowl. She looks at him as he eats in and asks about the assistant, Mi-yeon, she met her today and wants to know why he did not tell her about her.

Tae-oh says he thought he did.

Sun-woo asks if they went on his business trip together?

he says of course, she has experience as an assistant director and she is pretty good. He keeps eating and complains about work. She cleans all the juice that spills on the countertop and tells him to wash his hands. She still looks suspicious.

At the top of the stares, the son looks worried about something.

Sun-woo takes the galbi jim to her neighbor Ye-rim’s house. She says that she thought she would not have time to cook since she just got back in town. Ye-rim invites her in and says that this is really good. What can’t you do eunnie?

Sun-woo asks where her husband is. Ye-rim says that he is catching up on a lot of work due to their vacation so he is not there. She also has reddish hair so Sun-woo asks if that hair color is popular now? 

The friend asks her if she knows Eom Hyo-jung? She is famous, she is an ex-Miss Korea. After she got the hair color it became popular among the people in this neighborhood. It looks good so I also did it.

She pulls out a lipgloss, it is the same one that her husband had.

The friend tells her that it would be fun to be a celebrity her entire life. She was Miss Korea once and should be pretty.

Sun-woo keeps looking at her lip gloss.

She crosses her arms and asks if she had anything to do with her husband? Ye-rim looks taken aback and asks what she means? Sun-woo says that her husband worries a lot recently about his business trip and investors, I wondered if your husband told you anything (their husbands about best friends).

Ko Ye-rim says there is nothing, I haven’t heard anything. Sun-woo asks, really? But she is saved by the husband who came back sooner than expected. Ye-rim runs to greet him brightly, but it all looks like an act because the husband is not happy to see her. he is all ready to ignore her but Ye-rim tells him that Sun-woo is here and give him an expression that he should keep up appearances.

So he turns on a smile and heads to great her.

Sun-woo tells him that he is tired since it is late. Je-hyeok says that he does not have a wife with abilities so he has to work hard. it is a bit of an insult, but Ye-rim brushes it off and says that she brought food.

Je-hyeok looks at it and says that tae-oh is so lucky. Ye-rim sys that Tae-ho is kind to women, isn’t that right, eunnie? Sun-woo kind of doesn’t know what to say so she doesn’t say anything.

Ye-rim asks how the wedding photo turned out? Je-hyeok says, you did it again? Ye-rim says, don’t say it that way, it is a celebration. She couldn’t wear a wedding dress because of Joon-young. Sun-woo stays politely quiet. Ye-rim thinks Tae-oh is sweet because he did that for her.

Je-hyeok thinks Tae-oh is good in that department (women department).

Sun-woo thinks this is a good time to leave so she lets herself out.


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