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The Undateables Recap Episodes 9 and 10

Episode 9 and 10 Korean Drama Recap The Undateables starring Namkoong Min and Hwang Jung-Eum
We had a big kiss to end the last episode and start this one right at that moment. Then, it’s out to the countryside! I love country view episodes in dramas, so count me as an enjoyer of this one. I am happy that everything keeps moving forward for the Undateable team and that the Tinman body continues to come together. The love grows with each piece attached, so let’s get all those pieces connected already! Also, can they made a teeny tiny heart to put inside the Tinman? Because that would be adorable.

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HN and JE kiss outside under the stars and the lights. JE holds her up her hands and puts them on HN’s side.

They stop kissing and look at each other closely just as JS walks around the corner. He smiles when he sees them and does not have a clue that they were kissing.

JE tells HN that he is not a master in kissing. He wasn’t that great. HN tells her that he didn’t have his heart in it, so it wasn’t so great. She asks him that he studied about her love life (in this one kiss).

He tells her that she was dumped by someone 5 years ago. Sorry.

JE calls JE’s name and comes up to her at that moment. He says he was looking for her, you aren’t alone? Hey, have we seen each other before? HN makes his acquaintance and says that they have met before. They realize they saw each other at the ideal man article meeting.

JE starts talking to JS. He asks her if she is okay out here. She says she is fine. But her feet her so he tells her to grab him. They walk off arm in arm back to the puppet show. JE and JS happily watch the puppet show, but JE looks off at HN and spots him in the crowd. Perhaps she was a bit more taken with that kiss than she led on?

He returns her gaze but does not let on how he is feeling one way or another.

The puppet has a flower and goes to the crowd to deliver it to someone. Everyone wants it, but the puppet gives it to HN and the puppeteer tells him to give it to the woman that he wants to spend the night together with.

Everyone ooh’s and ahh’s as HN starts to make his decision. HN walks to JE, but he turns at the last moment and hands the flower off to someone else in the audience. This woman is smitten and walks arm in arm with HN out of the room.

Meanwhile, Yang and YR are talking. Yang asks him if he ate, he says yes. But she thinks he does not look good so she hands over the men energy drink she bought for him. He takes it, but then some young girls pull YR away and ask him who that ajumma is. They walk off, but Yang is insulted and runs over to them to grab YR back. She tells him that she does not want to let him go like this She would like to date him for one month. If he does not like her then dump her. Then she dips him into a big kiss!

Inside, The bald farmer tries to introduce himself to the rich doll woman. But they end up arguing about manners. She says she is unmannered, but he does not have hair! He says not having hair is not a shameful thing, but not having manners at her age is. he should not have left all his produce to come to see her. he walks away with her calling after him. Hey, hey!

Elsewhere inside, JS and JE sit for a drink very close to HN and his heart date sitting for a drink as well. They talk about martinis. HN says there are soft, medium, and dry. JE wants an extra dry martini. The flower date wants a sweet martini. JE is annoyed and starts arguing on the sly about the drinks. She ends up leaving in a huff with JS. The flower girl asks HN why she picked her but HN ends up excusing himself for a moment but then he starts to talk to Charlie.

Outside, JE and JS walk around as they decide to go home. JS wants to know if she is okay to walk home. She says she is prepared and pops out some tiny band-aids for her heel. But her leg gets a bit more exposed than JS likes, so he covers it momentarily with his jacket. She ends up wrapping it around her waist.

While walking again, she asks him if mind reading exists? He says it isn’t like a superhuman ability, it is more like mind tricks. She asks, mind tricks? he suddenly asks did you just kiss?…..you shouldn’t ask something that would never happen. You should ask something like, did you just drink?

She bites her lip.

He continues talking and says in the medical field, doctors try to use mind reading for psychology patients. if it is a supernatural ability then it would not happen. But you look like something happened. You look suspicious. Did something happen? Would you like to play 20 questions?

He starts asking her a lot of questions. Can you eat? Drink? Ah, you answer so quickly. They continue walking and asking each other a lot of questions.

Charlie and HN go off to the side somewhere and start talking by themselves. They talk about business and developing characters. It looks like they are launching a book and characters associated with the book. Charlie wants to give the job to HN as the character developer. But HN does not want to do it.

Charlie says it is not because he is thankful for HN, it is because he is investing in HN’s ability. HN tells him he is too much and very very lightly slaps him on the cheek. It is almost like a love tap.

JE and JS get home. JE wants to go straight to bed but JS wants to stay awake and drink. However, JE is very tired and goes inside to sleep. JS mutters that he just wanted to have some soju together.

JE crashes on her bed and then gets up and pulls out the body to the tin man. He says he will give him the body tomorrow. But then she starts to think back to their kiss and what he said he learned about her love life….5 years ago, she was dumped.

Meanwhile, all the guests leave the gallery. HN stands outside and thanks them all for visiting. Then he goes inside and looks at the expansive set up that is so much easier to see now that everyone is not inside.

He sits on his couch and thinks about the kiss. Ah, so maybe he was affected too! He thinks about telling her that the kiss was not so great because his heart was not into it. He wonders if he crushed her too much.

Then he starts looking at the proposal that Charlie gave him. But perhaps it is hard to concentrate on only that.

Back at her house, JE decides to run outside to burn off steam.

Inside the Gallery, HN looks at the photo of him and his mother. Behind the photo is a secret letter that turns out to be a drawing of a cat. Flashback to HN talking with his mother. She tells him to draw something and she will be back soon. they are at a cafe so Umma tells the cafe owner that she will be back soon. Little HN sees a Garfield looking cat outside and starts drawing it.

But his Umma does not come back for a long time. Day turns to night, his drawing finishes, and his umma is still not back.

VO – You said you would be back soon.

The little cat drawing meows at him so he meows back at the cat. Meow…meow…meow…

EN and JD sit at the table to eat. They are at the heads and are eating alone. It is stiff between them, but they are still trying to talk. JD tells her that he changed his district for election. EN asks if he does not want to be elected today? That is the other parties region. What is the district?

JD says that they are remodeling the area, it looks very pretty with all the trees and flowers, he would like to save those trees and flowers. They started from there, do you remember? Our first house was there, I don’t want it to disappear.

Umma may have been touched, but she starts arguing with him and tells him that she will start to play as well. She will be all into herself, not you! Then she starts eating again.

Elsewhere, JE’s appa is meeting with his crafting group as he teaches them how to make little artwork. They talk about JD moving to their district and how he is so handsome. But SR just gets upset and says he won’t be their senator until he is elected! But then he remembers himself and starts teaching the crafting class again. (Hmm, maybe they have a previous history?)

JE and Yang return the expensive dresses they bought but the dresses must smell like food because the owner tells them not to eat chicken or anything while wearing them, how can you? JE and Yang feel kind of bad about it, but their job is done so they leave. Yang has to go to training camp so she hops in her car. She tells JE that they only have one life and without love, they don’t have anything right? She smiles and says, bye-bye.

The owner of the company gets a call about Audrey. It looks like she is in trouble for not finding a good person for her to date so she tells the person on the line that she will pick a good person that meets Audrey’s standards. She hangs up and sits in a huff as she grumbles about Audrey.

Meanwhile, JE goes to her best friends workplace. he gives her a coffee and they play around with a fan as she sits and drinks the ice coffee. they playfully talk back and forth about working and living in one house. But he sees her neck and his heart starts to go pitter patter. He looks away and starts to fan himself.

JE gets a phone call at that moment about Audrey, it is about setting her up with a superstar man. They hang up and JE comments on why JS’s ears are so red. He tries to play it off. Then she gets a text that says give me the body (or give me your body) and she also gets flustered and tells JS that she has to go.

HN looks at his toys in his gallery. His eyes settle on Darth Vader as a cute love song starts to play.

Yang gets her hair done at a salon and flips through a magazine. The magazine says that JD was not having an affair, he was helping that woman. yang is at the salon to try and look younger so she is going to have some firming work done. The only thing is, this costs $300. yang immediately feels guilty and wonders how many chickens that would buy for her diving kids. She reluctantly hands over her card.

Meanwhile, JE walks to the gallery and pumps herself up. She is only there to give him her body! Just her body! He meets her outside and tells her to just give it to him, quickly. He has been waiting for her since morning, why did she come so late?

He walks inches away from her and asks her if she ate ramen, she looks poofy. She blinks back her rage as he tells her that they can go inside and turns to do so. Inside, she hands over her body (the tin man body) to him. He tells her she can get something from the fridge if she wants so she looks in the fridge and gets annoyed that all the bottle are arranged perfectly leading her to tell him that he thinks about his health a lot.

Then she asks him how he could have missed this Tinman as a toy collector? He tells her that he could not find it when he was looking for it and ended up finding it somewhere unexpected. The double entendre is not lost on JE as she takes a breath (though he may not have meant it that way).

She clears her throat and brings up yesterday, but he cuts her off and starts talking about how they should only grasp today and think about right now. She tells him she will only remember her bad pronunciation. he grabs his own drink from the fridge and happily gulps it down. Then he tells her that she will only remember her good pronunciation.

He asks her when the next meeting is, she would like to see her legs next. JE covers her legs so he tells her not her legs, the tin man’s legs. He motions for his cousin to come out, he knows he is over there. Cut to the cousin in the background looking like a toy. (OMG he really looks like a toy). He comes out smiling right away.

Audrey shuts down everyone she might go on a date with. No one is good enough.

Cut back to YR running away from them and collapsing on the couch. He does not want to do it. HN tells him about the primary effect where the first information affects the decision more than later information. Who is the first guy that Audrey met?

Kim Sol (Bald farmer guy). But it doesn’t make sense.

HN says it makes perfect, let’s see if it makes sense.

They drive to the country together.

JE and HN talk in the car while driving. JE mentions that Audrey is coming to the country too, but she did not tell Kim Sol (the farmer). She wonders if she should cancel this. But Hn says not to, this is happening and we are not going back.

The Umma, EN, is also traveling somewhere in a train. She opens her notebook and looks at her bucket list. She crosses out traveling by herself.

Meanwhile, HN and JE pull up somewhere and stop the car. JE mentions that they have to walk from there because there is no car access. HN comments that it is like Nature Man. JE agrees because the farmer doesn’t even have a refrigerator.

Audrey pulls up right at that moment and wants to know who they want her to see all the way out there. HN comments that this is like Audrey Over Flowers. Everything looks pretty now that Audrey is there. Audrey’s spirits are lifted instantly. JE also tells her that she looks prettier which continues to boost Audrey’s mood.

They walk the path to the house that is on the top of the hill. Audrey pauses as she looks at Kim Sol walking down the steps to greet them. In her mind, he looks like a person from a romantic movie. Kim Sol is not as happy to meet with Audrey and does not greet her. Instead, he tells JE that it is nice to see her again.

Audrey wonders what is going on there but Hn just tells her that they should go inside, so they walk up the stone steps to the home. The house is very country living. He has a little farm with chickens as well as a vegetable garden. You can tell that he is very proud of it. he even says he built the entire thing himself.

Unfortunately, Audrey tells them all that she does not like it. Hn tries to lift the mood and tells Kim Sol that JE knows how to plant potatoes. It would be great if they could plant a lot. JE tries to go with it. Kim Sol tells HN that he has a tree that they can plant things at so HN pulls JE to do just that and leaves Kim Sol and Audrey alone so they can talk.

JE wonders if Audrey would be super angry, but HN did not think she would. They keep walking to the tree to plant potatoes. Of course, he grabs her by the wrist to lead her there.

Back at the farmhouse, Audrey is trying to look dignified, but gets freaked out by a chicken and cowers on the steps in retreat. He casually tells her that she can also enjoy sitting if she likes but then her stomach growls so he tells her he can make her something to eat.

At the tree spot, JE spots the potatoes to plant and starts to plant them. HN sits his self under the tree and relaxes. he tells her that Dukes never do work, so she can plant quickly and then come back. he pulls out his phone.

Meanwhile, Kim Sol is chopping wood and making food outside. he looks very manly as he does it so Audrey starts to like him more and more. he actually makes her Italian style pasta on the outside grill which makes Audrey falls for him more and more.

Back at the tree, JE continues to happily work in the field which makes HN wonder if it is really that fun. he takes off his jacket and flips his tie over his shoulder as he asks her if it is really that fun. then he gets started to help her dig and plant potatoes as well. But his phone accidentally falls out of his pocket and JE accidentally buries it. She thinks that spot feels different like it has a huge bug there. Hn immediately hops up and crawls to the edge of the field in horror. A bug!

Ranch. Audrey is very happy with her meal. She thinks it would be perfect with coffee so Kim Sol runs off and gets something to ride in. She thinks it is a sports car, but he pulls out a bull, lol. So she rides in a wagon to get get the coffee.

EN is standing that the edge of the bungee jumping location. She looks very nervous but she tells the bungee person that she can do it. He double checks if she is ready, she nods and then stands to the edge. She crosses her arms when he asks her if she is ready and then jumps. While falling she yells, something very loudly. Something like “I will live….!”

It is so loud that JE and HN actually hear it, but they shake it off and keep planting potatoes.

Audrey and Kim Sol get to a drive-through for their coffee and order two coffees. Audrey sighs and thinks that she likes it a lot. it is dark by the time they get back. Audrey is smitten and asks what else they can do. Kim Sol tells her that she had her coffee so she can go home. This is all he can do as a human so their relationship ends here.

Audrey is taken aback and wants to call to Kim Sol, but she runs away instead. At the same time, JE and Hn walk back. They wonder if they should go back right now or give them a little bit more time to be alone. Perhaps they should ride bicycles now? they bicker back and forth about riding a bicycle or not. HN loses and takes off his jacket to ride the bike that is on the side of the road.

But it looks like he can’t ride it and immediately falls to the side. HN asks him how he can’t ride a bicycle, she will teach him. She starts teaching him but then they spot Audrey running away. HN takes the lead on the bicycle and HN holds on for dear life as they try to chase Audrey down. But they are too late, she gets in her taxi and takes off.

JE tries to call her, but her battery is too low. HN tells her that they can go back to Seoul and think about it. But when he reaches to find his car keys, they are nowhere to be found. They were in his pocket.

They both think back to planting potatoes and the bug. Was the bug the car key?

EPISODE ㅁ, Mium: Dating is a maze. It is easy to get in but difficult to get out. There are continuous branches to find the only way out. Dating is a maze.

Fade Out

This show is continuing to come together nicely. I like that the lead actress has toned down her craziness and that the theme of helping undateables find love continues. I also love how both leads feel a little spark of something from their kiss.

We are pretty late on posting this recap due to craziness, but we have tamed our schedule a little (no more Friday shows for right now, but that might change once Life airs) so hopefully we can get Undateables out on the same day or at least early the next day!

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