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The Undateables Recap Episodes 7 and 8

Episode 7 and 8 Korean Drama Recap The Undateables starring Namkoong Min and Hwang Jung-Eum
The love grows in this episode as one undateable gets set up. I recognize the guy from Mistress, so I’m happy a character he plays was at least able to find love in another show. Plus, he can eat as much chocolate as he wants. HN and JE grow closer as well culminating in an exhibit that is used more as an undateables match making event.

Published this one quickly so it has several typos. Try to overlook them. ^_^

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The toys all fall in a domino effect just as Hoon-nam goes outside with the coffee. JE looks embarrassed and regretful, she tells the kids to go inside. HN asks her if she has to make a mistake everyday? She apologizes and starts to clean up the toys. he tells her to just stop and go inside.

Some of the toys are broken, so the workers say he will need to order them again. HN lets them know that he has them insured so it is okay. he gives the workers the coffee he made and goes back inside.

JE immediately says she does not deserve coffee, so don’t give her any. He tells her the bear she broke is very rare. There are only 3 in the world. The artist does not like exhibitions, HN had to convince him many many many many times. It is not something you can buy with money. JW wants to know what she can do. She can find the artist and apologize. Where does he live?

On an island next to Africa. But the artist will only see me. There is no other way, I will have to go and apologize to the artist.

JE is so apologetic and wants to know what she can do. She will do anything he asks her to do. He tells her to call him Gongjang-nim (kind of like “Duke”). She says, yes Duke. He pulls out a sheet of blank paper and a pen. She should sign it without any contract. That means, whatever he asks her, she will have to listen to him. Sign the contract as an apology or you can say sorry with no meaning.

She agrees to sign it. He looks momentarily shocked.

She says this is the only way she can show her apology. But there is only one condition. you still have to work with me with the undateables. He agrees. She signs the paper at the very bottom. Then she leaves.

YR goes up to HN at that point and says that the kids said they did it and the ajumma just saved them. The sister-in-law is thankful for that. But, you have this contract with no conditions….Duke, I have much respect.

HN tells him to shut up and bring him two coffees.

HN goes outside and meets with JE. He gives her one of the two coffees and then gives her a ride. he puts her seatbelt on her (for basic gentlemanly politeness) which makes her say that he is the master of dating.

While driving, they talk about her diving days. How did she go from that to couple matching? She says she only was in sports competitions and could not get a job. But then her appa put her in a dating service. She would try to match herself and sent profiles of men. Those men all matched with someone so they hired her. But she doesn’t think she is that great at it. She thinks she lost her confidence.

He tells her that she just needs to be confident. She can help the undatebales and then help herself. The conversation turns to their meeting not making sense. She says it is fate. But he says she shouldn’t say that even as a joke because words are seeds. Then he made a similar word mistake as her so they started laughing.

All the senators are at an outdoor event where they deliver water to a drought citizens. All the other senators leave after taking a photo, but JD stays to help out. His helper wonders how he can have Jesus and Casanova in one body.

At home, EN writes her bucket list. Bungee jump…learn woodcrafting (to fix her table)…master 3rd foreign language, travel in a train by herself, register for world help organization, buy a house only for herself, make her own clothing….

Meanwhile, HN and JE go to the chocolatier place. They have already spent an hour there. JE wants to know why they are there for so long. The man comes in that likes her and asks her for a chocolate and a take out. then he goes to sit in his spot. HN asks JE if she recognizes him. She does, he is the bookstore owner that came there yesterday.

HN thinks he is a little strange, why does he drink coffee there and not his place. He only eats one little piece of coffee. Why does he read his book right in front of the counter and not the window seat? JE realizes it is because he likes the chocolatier. So what should they do? They need to make sure that she recognizes them when he comes in.


HN tells JE that she needs to find a way in this store. She should be able to find a way. HN has a meeting so he leaves a reluctant in the chocolate shop. YE looks around and then decides to order some food and drinks from the woman. She sits right in front of the woman for a long time. Then she does little things for the woman to recognize her, like drop her things on the floor and those kinds of things. She is there all day.

Finally, the woman comes up to her and tells her that it is closing time. But she remembers that JE is the dating manager due to her lip balm smell. She used that same lip balm last time, it has a unique smell. JE tells her that her appa makes his own lip balm and soap because he is environmentally aware. He made that for her.

JE starts talking to her about smells. The woman says people who don’t remember faces use their other senses to remember people like their smell or mannerisms or speech patterns, but she isn’t that sensitive. Smell is the easiest for her. If she knew it was her first, then she would have given her more food. They tell each other to be careful when they go home.

Outside, JE thinks the woman knows smell for people and her appa’s lip balm worked. She turns to her right and sees HN standing there. he opens the door to give her a ride home.

On the ride, he asks her if she was there all day. She says she was because he said the inside had the way. She found out that she recognizes people with smell. She recognized her appa’s lip balm smell. HN opens his glove compartment box and shows JE a book about Prosopagnosia. he already read the book and added notes all over it for her.

He tells HN that they will have to make her quit the membership. If she quits then that means she is not an undateable member anymore. Don’t give her a harder time to meet others, she already has a hard time to meet others. Lets connect her with the bookshop owner.

They get near her place, but JE’s stomach growls. He continues driving her to her place. She gets out, she wants to thank him so much duke ~, but he drives off. JS is right behind her ad asks her who duke it. She tells him and we see a little shot of HN and JS realizing who each other are. Then JS and JE go out for a meal.

While eating, JE tells SP that HN is a big master at dating. JS tells her to be careful, he is a player. JE knows that. Then she burps like a man. He chides her to eat a lot slower.

HN reads on his couch when YR sits next to him. YR is sorry that his cousin has to deal with JE because of him. He offers a beer as a peace symbol. Then he starts to ask HN about the 0% clients. HN spits out his beer and stares at his cousin. His cousin tries to explain, he wasn’t spying on him or snooping around! He just saw it on his table!

Honestly, he thought HN could just take care of her, how did he get involved with her? He has the ability to cut her off right away, why does he give her room? he thinks HN fighting with Charlie is better than working with JE, his mother told him they shouldn’t have any women int he gallery.

HN tells him that he will see JE a lot. She is not just a woman. YR thinks HN does this to give him a hard time.

Cut to Hn talking to the woman at her shop. He wants to have a chocolate exbihit, he saw that she won a big reward when she was a student. She says she just won that award with her passion. He tells her that he wants that, he just wants her to make something with passion. She says she will try.

He gives her the proposal and smiles.

HN leaves the chocolatier shop and walks down the street. He gets to a bookstore and goes inside. This is the bookstore of the man who likes the chocolatier. HN asks the man for a certain book called “Face Blindness” it is a movie about someone not recognizing faces but HN wants the book. The man helps him out. He finds a love story about a person who has face blindness. The man rings him up and tells him that he met someone for his exhibition that he likes, but she doens’t remember him because she has face blindness.

The bookstore man says that must be why she never greets him. They go to talk. He says he never knew this and hated her for not greeting him or looking at him in the eyes. But now she is happy. It isn’t about hating him, so from now on he can make her remember him. HN tells the bookstore guy that he might be the one that needs the book. He will send him an invitation to the chocolate exhibition later.

HN calls JE who is at an outside market. He tells her that he met the woman and the bookstore guy. He fills her in on what they talked about then tells her that they should meet to eat. But then he thinks it might just be stomach pain? he hangs up on her.

JW goes to the corner store and talks to the store ajusshi. He gives her the old fashioned caramel that she likes and tells her that it might be discontinued soon. She thanks him and thinks she should be able to find it somewhere.

At home, she prepares all the food for her mothers memorial. Then her and her father have her mothers memorial. The old fashioned caramel was for her mother. Her father says her mother liked it a lot, she was like a little kid when she ate it.

Flashback of her mother in the hospital. Umma has been sick for awhile, but they didn’t tell JE about it. Umma apologizes to JE and tells her not to get sick and to just move forward and look to the front. Then she dies right away.

JE hugs her mothers picture as she thinks about it. She tells herself that seh should not get sick and live bravely, she is only to look ahead. She starts sniffling and crying as she thinks about it.

Team leader is still wearing that expensive jacket. She steals JE’s coffee again because she thinks stolen coffee tastes better. JE tells her to just tell her to buy her a coffee. Then they start to talk about the undateables and Audrey. Audrey might like the bald farmer possible? TL thinks Audrey might like him because she likes countrified things. Good job!

Then they talk about the exhibition. Part of the exhibition is Audrey’s dolls and the chocolatier. The bookstore guy will be there and the farmer will be there to meet the people they might match well with.

JE gets a KaTalk from Yang about eating pachang (pancakes). JE goes to the school to meet with her and sees the youngsters running around the field. They go to eat afterward.

They go to a tiny place and have pajang and mackgoli. Unfortunately they are in a spot where they see people kissing so the coach gets a little sad. She shakes it off though and starts to talk to JE about working at a pajang place to buy shoes for her boyfriend. They talk playfully about those things and then think that they should move forward.

YE tells Yang that she is working with the guy that yang saved from the river. Yang is all like, huh? I saved YR’s cousin? maybe that is fate. then she asks Yang to give YR a gift for him. It is the man power gift that she purchased last time. JE doesn’t want to give him the gift. But she does tell Yang that she can come to the exhibit and run into him on accident.

Yang is all over that idea, but she thinks she has so much to prepare! She needs to get herself together with her clothes and her hair and her face. JE tells her that she knows a fashion person that seh can ask.

Cut to her best friend on his break. He picks up annoyed and tells her that he will not go to the exhibit. But she begs him so it makes him think about it.

Meanwhile, CH is at a fashion shoot. He gets a call, he is also invited to the exhibit.

The exhibit looks amazing. Everything is beautifully displayed with many things in their own display case. Yang and JE show up. Yang looks amazing and sophisticated. But she is the same old Yang as she smiles and tries to walk inside with JE, her belly filled with butterflies.

Charlie is there with a specially made top hat for the event. HN gave CH the first interview opportunity for the chocolatier. He tells him to hurry and get it. Then they mention JS and how he will be late because he has the night shift.

HN scans the crowd and sees JE. JE talks to hi and says this party is really cool. She has only ever had a pillow party before, not a cultured party like this one. He tells her that she looks cute.

The chocolatier exhibit is going well. A couple really likes the chocolate which makes the chocolate person smile. But then her face falls as she sees the bookstore shop guy. She recognizes him. She says he has a eucalyptus smell. he comes to her shop all the time right? I am sorry to great you late. He is okay, he smiles and asks her if sh would like to go watch the puppet show together? He extends his hand and she takes it.

HN thinks the bookstore guy is attracted to the chocolatier because she doesn’t faun over his good looks. But he picked a good smell to go along with his image.

Cut to Audrey and the Team Leader talking in the gallery. TL tells Audrey that the man will be there soon. The man walks in looking all sorts of country man living on a mountain. Audrey looks like she is not impressed maybe? The man introduces himself to her but she tries to walk off. He tells her that that is impolite in front of someone. She turns around.

Elsewhere, YR is talking to women like the Casanova he is. Yang stands behind him looking amazing. He walks over to her but doesn’t know that it is Yang. Yang tells him that it is her, his mouth drops and he also drops his cup.

Outside, HN and JE walk around. JE gets a text from the chocolatier that says she is quitting the membership. JE tells HN that she will bring a body part next time they meet. But the language is awkward because she tells him that she will give him the body (her body) next time they meet.

Somehow they start to talk about kissing. It started when the man went out to hunt. When he came home, he would kiss his wife to see if she ate any food while he was out. So kissing is like a lie detector between men and women. It grew from there. You can see the mark of previous boyfriends in how a woman kisses, most of them dont know how to kiss their own way, they follow their boyfriends.

JE tells him that he looks down on women too much. He tells her that she looks down on men like him. She wonders what her history is as she steps forward and kisses him.

He looks at her for a moment as the kiss is broken, then he pulls her in for a deeper kiss. the camera spins around as they keep kissing.

TITLE: ㄹ, Lieul, dating is a roller coaster.

Inside, Audrey is angry at the farmer…..YR is mesmerized by yang…..and outside, JS sees HN kissing JE.

JS – JE, you are not alone….are you the one “the guy you want to have” guy (featured magazine)
JS – You kissed him
Puppet – Give the flower to the one you want to spend the night with
HN – I was waiting for you since morning, why were you so late?

Top image from SBS

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