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The Undateables Recap Episodes 5 and 6

Episode 5 and 6 Korean Drama Recap The Undateables starring Namkoong Min and Hwang Jung-Eum
Hoon-nam sees no need to help out Jung-eum and wants her off his property. But Jung-eum figures out a way to get Hoon-nam to help her which has a little something-something to do with a coveted childhood toy that Hoon-nam must have in his collection. Let the dating games commence!

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Recap of the previous episodes.

JE shows up at HN’s home. He walks over to her curiously. They recognize each other. She asks him if he is Kang Hoon-nam? The king of dating?

His mother shows up at that moment which makes HN grab JE and pull her inside. He tells Charlie and YR to make some time! Charlie and YR try to stop Umma. They stutter for a moment but then they say they see fireflies! Over there! Over there! She is all like, um, where?

Over there!!!! They drag her away to look for some.

Inside, HN is pulling JE into his house as she jumps up and down in resistance, that is until she falls right into his arms in princess carrying style. She stops screaming as a feeling comes over her. He lightly sets her on the couch and tells her to wait a moment. He leaves her.

JE walks around thinking the entire place looks so dry as if no one lives there. But then she sees the toys. And looks amazed.

Hoon-nam goes outside to greet his mother and brings her in for a drink. She sits quietly as he makes it. When it’s ready, he gives it to her and asks her how it is. She likes it. She tells him not to use his secret weapon, but he says he has to whenever he sees a cool woman.

Umma smiles but cuts to the chase. She wants to see his CCTV to get a close look at the woman that his appa brought there. It is time for her to graduate from him (divorce him). She has been thinking about this for a long time. Whatever will happen, she will let it happen and she has no regrets. She came here to tell him that so she will leave now.

He walks her out. Outside, HN says they aren’t in the city so it is very quiet at night. His step-mother things it would really be nice if they had fireflies.

Inside, JE goes crazy over the toys. She tells these little dolls that they are great. For toys that are thrown away when the toy owner grows up. When you have real tears, then the toy fairy will come out and make you real. HN grabs JE hand and says they are real to him so stop talking about that.

Then he brings up the Han river and reminds her that she is not supposed to come in front of him. She tells him talking in banmal is not part of the agreement. JE thinks it is a different matter since he might be the real writer for Hoonnam Jungeum. they talk back and forth about this tiny threat of revealing he is the real writer.

JE says she is a couple manager. But YR created a huge problem for her. Now, she has a lot of undateable people on her roster that she needs to find a date for. YR told me you are the legendary dating man that trained him on how to meet women.

HN tries to clear up what is going on. they harmed each other. they can’t sue each other or threaten each other. So, what you want is my help, but I don’t want to help you at all. Leave.

JE just wines, don’t do tha~t, it is an important relationshi~p. I am not just asking you. I can give you a 50 % discount on membership. He starts chasing her around his place to try and get her to leave. She hops over all the furniture asking for him to help her. But he hurts his leg and tells her that he will take a shower and rest. He starts unbuttoning his shirt to make her uncomfortable, but she doesn’t leave. So he motions to take off his pants.

She gets the hint and runs away. But outside, she realizes that she left all on her own, he is really good. She turns and gives his building a thumbs up.

Elsewhere, Charlie and YR talk about womanizers in the family line. Whoever got that blood is a womanizer. HN got that blood, but he does not date. No one would even know he is great with women because he does not show off. CH talks about the army and how HN save a lot of lives because a lot of guys have breakups in the army.

Flashback to an army guy meeting his girlfriend and best friend. HN and CH are in the cafe that they meet at. The soldier is so happy to see his girlfriend and his best friend. He buys them a lot of food and is clueless that these two are dating now. The girlfriend and best friend ignore the food.

CH and HN start talking about how this girl is not as pretty as her picture. A lot of other girlfriends are prettier. It is embarrassing to put her in a sports car. This makes the best friend let go of the girlfriend’s hand and leave. But the soldier confronts HN and tells him that his girl is prettier than Kim Tae-hee!

The ultimate skill is to lower himself and make the other guy look better.

A soldier is crying because his girlfriend married another man, he cannot forget about her. HN buys them all chicken. But the soldier can’t eat it. HN says he can’t eat it because he is suffering. Later on, the soldier eats chocopie while on night watch. HN comes up to him and gives him a chicken (illegal in the army). He basically tells him that spring will come again.

CH says that he realized at that time, HN’s love consultations. That is when he knew he had this ability.

Fireflies show up at JE’s home where JS and Appa are drinking. Appa wants to know where JE is, JS says she went to catch a dating coach. Appa thinks dating coaches are nonsense. they keep eating. JS wants to know where Appa will move when the city remodeling comes. Appa tells JS that he spent all the money on the house that he borrowed from the bank. With this remodeling money, he can pay it off and buy a house outside of Seoul. He will try hard, but if nothing works then he will go to his hometown. But with Jung-eum ~.

JE bursts in and tells them not to worry about her. She drinks some and asks what do they need to start the negotiations? JS says they need bait.

JE goes inside after telling JS that that is the best idea ever. She plops on her bed and wonders what a good piece of bait would be. Somehow, she thinks a woodchopper would be great. Now, where is that woodchopper (Woodchopper = Tinman)? She looks among her old toys and finds the little woodchopper.

Meanwhile, HN is at home looking at the news.

News: the town that was buried by the dam showed up again due to the drought in the area.

HN gets a text.
JE: I will give it to you piece by piece with each successful couple. (she attached a picture of the wood chopper that HN does not have)

Flashback to HN buying a lot of burgers to get the wood chopper toy. He is just a tiny little boy. His mother tells him o let her hold the toys, there are too many for him to carry. he tells his umma to pick. She picks the lion, he says no lion because he is brave. No scarecrow because he is smart. No tin man because he is the heart. But he doesn’t understand that part. Umma tells him to think about it later and give it to her now. They are late.

VO – People you will meet, you will meet. Whatever will happen, will happen. Love and life….if we cannot get away from fixed fate ~.

HN: Give me the profile of the 0% members.

VO – Coincidence might be the only chance where you can get away with fate.

Flashback to a swim meet. JE is about to dive. Her mother and father are in the crowd cheering her on. She does a perfect dive, but in the middle of the dive she hears a phone call and horrible falls into the water. She gets 0 points across the board.

It was a dream though because she rolled out of bed to the sound of her phone going on. Her team leader calls and asks her if she forgot about the wedding. JE hops up right away and starts getting ready quickly. She takes off and forgets her cell phone. JS grabs it and waits for JE to come back. He counts 1 -2 – 3 and JE comes back and grabs it.

The wedding is a quiet affair. JE and the team leader talk. It is team leaders 3rd coffee of the day, but it is the only chance to drink hotel coffee, so she suggests that they both drink some more. The team leader also wants the bread. She has a ziplock bag in her purse and puts all the bread in her purse, lol.

JE thinks all the flowers are waste, but the team leader thinks it is great to buy flowers if you have money, she didn’t have her own wedding, so she follows other people’s. JE mentions she has kids but the team leader tells JE not to live like her. The married couple comes up and talks to Team leader and JE. After they congratulate them, the team leader says they can leave now and she can return her outfit.

It looks like she just bought these clothes to wear for a couple of hours and wants to return them right now so she sprays non-scented febreeze on them and walks to drop it back off. JE wonders why she buys these expensive things. TL says she won’t even be able to get inside the building without them.

Then the Team Leader (TL) says it is all because of JE. If she does not take care of the undateables then their team will disappear. (If you don’t take care of the 0% then we will be 0).

They meet Audrey from the first episode on accident. Audrey is one of their very rich clients so TL is apprehensive about returning her jacket now. She tells the employee that she isn’t returning her jacket, she is exchanging it. Audrey smiles. JE tells her that the jacket is a one year salary for her, does she know that?

The woman comes back with the other jacket, it is very oogly-ugly. but the TL tries it on as if it is the best thing. Her face can not hide her displeasure though. TL says she will take it so the woman cuts the price tag. TL’s face falls into the ocean. Now she really has to buy it for keeps.

HN coms into the boutique at that moment and talks to them both. Audrey talks to him first about gallery things and then JE talks to her about the date she should have. HN is there to talk to the expensive date maker about clothing for the dolls. That is also why Audrey is there. HN leaves so HN runs after him and asks him about the proposal. Did he see it?

He tells her not to play with him about the tin man (woodcutter). She wants to talk somewhere, but she stumbles so he grabs her in a dip. She tells him that she doesn’t have to hold her, she has good balance. he lets her go and she flails her arms all around as she tries to balance herself. Somehow she manages and hops to the bottom step.

HN lets her know that he saw the proposal which makes JE think that they will go somewhere to talk, but he just drives off while she grumbles about his personality.

JS is busy working hard with rehabilitation. He works with a halmoni that doesn’t’ want to do any rehab. JS lets her know that her son worried about her which is why he wants her to do rehab. Umma thinks her son should meet someone and live with someone. She asks JS if he is married, he blushes and says, not yet.

Elsewhere, JE plays pool with Yang. They order jajangmyun. JE buys it with a lot of coupons. Her and Yang sit to eat in the pool hall. Yang asks about the undateables. JE says a lot of people are unqualified, but she wants to help them instead of telling them the truth (that it is hopeless). The says a lot of dating services use dating coaches, so she will also use one. Yang thinks that is better than not knowing anything. Where did you find him?

JE says YR’s cousin is the dating master. Yang has a flashback of YR and stops eating as she falls into the depths of despair. She asks why she brought that up and starts coughing over her dry throat. JE runs and gets her something to drink.

Meanwhile, HN is working out. After that, he takes a shower and we see his amazing sculpted six-pack. Cut to JE running to met HN. She says she would have been there earlier but she had to help her coach.

They go inside. HN tells her to buy chocolate. JE goes to the counter and buys chocolate and two Americanos. The woman doesn’t recognize her. Other people in the place think the owner is not kind and does not recognize her. She should smile brightly.

JE gets everything and sits. She tells HN that she really doesn’t recognize her. Then she tells HN that she can buy today. But HN wants to see the price of the chocolate. It is very cheap. JE tries to feed him some but he just grabs his own and lets the chocolate hit his face. he thinks she should charge more because the chocolates are organic.

HN thinks this woman is not confident. The customers don’t really care if she recognizes her face or not. But she is worried about it. She avoids their gaze and is worried about making mistakes. That is a bigger problem than not recognizing faces. Low self-esteem.

A man walks up to the counter, the woman does not look at him. It looks like this man knows her or at least really likes her from afar. he orders his coffee and goes to sit. The two women that were talking see the man and says that he is the bookstore owner, why does he read his book here? He also sells coffee in his store. Did he come here to eat chocolate?

HN hears their conversation. he tells JE that this looks like it will be easier than expected. he hops up and tells JE that she can grab the chocolates if she wants to. They leave. HN tells JE to come to her gallery tomorrow and drives off. JE grumbles about how this master has no manners.

Elsewhere, Yang has indigestion and goes to get something for it. While at the convenience store, she sees a “Manpower” drink and asks for some of that as well.

JE walks around the neighborhood and looks at one of the stores that are closing. This store holds a lot of memories for her and JS. JS walks up behind her and they reminisce about little fun things they would do at this store. JE tells him that she will buy him one thing, just pick anything. He decides to buy a yo-yo and a pangyi (spinning top).

They both go home with their toys. Appa wonders what they are doing at night with those flashing things. Are they children? But then he says that JS is good at the spinning top also, smart people can do everything well. he grumbles when he sees JE though and says she doesn’t’ even help her appa fold clothes.

JE and JS start to talk about memories. JE says she only remembers the things that she has to remember.

Across town, HN works on drawings for his exhibition. Then he starts to play with his toys that are next to his desk. After a minute of playing, he looks at them warmly and smiles. Then he gets back to work.

Team Leader shows up to work with that crazy expensive jacket. She asks JE how the Undateables went. She also manages to steal JE’s coffee on the sly.

At the exhibit, YR and HN’s nephews run around like children do. YR tells Hn that his sister-in-law new today was the off day at the museum so she sent the kids there. I told her we have to prepare for the new exhibition, but she just did it.

HN tells the kids to stop running which makes them both cry. JE comes running in at that moment and asks which bag guy made them cry. She stares at HN Then she asks them if they would like to play hide-and-seek with ajumma? She goes and plays outside with the kids and tells HN that he can take care of his business first.

HN watches her play with the kids outside. It looks like they are having a marvelous time. Hn tells them that they have a spinning top, who wants to play with it? Both kids want to and start playing. But HN tells them to straighten up (military style) and helps them both play with the top.

Inside, HN starts to make her a drip coffee.

Outside, JE has to protect one of the sons from a runaway top. She hops in front of him so that the spinning top doesn’t hit him. But in doing so, they accidentally knock down the statues that are outside which tumble in a domino effect.

Episode ㄷ, Digeut: Dating is a domino.

JE turns around to see HN standing behind them with a coffee.

VO – It is difficult to put piece-by-piece, but ruining it takes only one moment. The pieces of emotions that you build up to destroy, that is dating.

Fade Out

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