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The Undateables Recap Episodes 3 and 4

Episode 3 and 4 Korean Drama Recap The Undateables starring Namkoong Min and Hwang Jung-Eum
The undateable, 0%, unable-to-be-matched-with-anyone people are given to Jung-eum in this episode. Jung-eum basically thinks they will be the bane of her existence. But she meets Yook-ryong who gives her a very big tip on how to succeed.

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HN and his mother look out over their town.

HN – Omma, will our town really become a lake?
Umma – Yes, because of the damn, when they make the town then all the town will be buried under the water.
HN – Our house will disappear?
Umma – It won’t disappear, it will remain under the water
HN – We can see it with a submarine.
Umma – Yes, we can do it
HN – When we go to Seoul, I want to learn how to swim with you
Umma – Let’s take a picture, it is the last picture we will take before we move so let’s take it quickly

They both prepare for the photo and smile. But while taking the photo, a girl’s head pops out of the tree.

JE asks if HN is okay, are you okay! He wakes up and opens his eyes. he wants to know if she followed him all the way there and got her revenge? She denies it. He asks her how she knows that he can’t swim, did you do a background check on me? How come you tried to kill someone because you lost the contract. You murderer!

No, it is a misunderstanding!

She tries to cover his mouth as a police car comes. But he manages to get free and tells the police that she tried to murder ~. But he passes out. She tells them it is okay, it is okay! As she tries to take him away.

The police tell them all to go to the police station, including Yang.

Yang goes to the station and tries to write everything that happened. She writes: That jerk went to a hotel with another woman… ~. But she can’t see that well. JE and HN are in the seats behind her. JE hopes that HN stays sleeping on her shoulder and doesn’t wake up. But he wakes up and tells her to turn herself in.

He tells her that attempted murder is a big crime. She starts crying which makes him uncomfortable. He asks her why she is crying.

She says she was surprised just in case he died, that woman over there was betrayed by an A-hole. She jumped into the Han river to kill herself. he went to a hotel with her but the other woman was okay with a motel.

Only a hotel with her but the motel was okay with the other girls? That is not fair

It is very not fair!

The police ask HN if he is okay, does he want to go to the hospital?

HN looks at JE and then says that he thinks he is okay. The police tell them both to come to the desk so they can answer questions.

The police say that JE’s job is a diving coach (or Yang’s job?)? It doesn’t make any sense, why didn’t you just jump into the water, you used to be a diving athlete. Yang apologizes and says she is not guilty, if you want to prosecute someone then prosecute me. But they tell ajumma to be quiet. The police want to know if he wants to prosecute or press charges. HN says he will consider not pressing charges if she never appears in front of him again.

YR shows up at the police station and sees yang there. he is so spooked and nervous so he hides. The policeman comes out so YR asks if the lady that tried to commit suicide is okay. The officer says she is a diving coach, she is okay.

Back with the others at the station, the two ladies have to pay a fine. they argue about who should pay it. But in the news above them is JD and a woman, he is having an affair with her and is accused of offering illegal political money. Through his sons’ gallery, he bought and sold and used that money for political things. HN says that his father made even more trouble, it is so troublesome. He leaves.

JE and Yang decide that one person can pay the fine and the other one can buy a meal. They see that HN left so they ask the officer if they can leave as well. They take off.

News: JD has a big scandal with another woman, he is a possible presidential candidate, so people think he should retire.

SR curses out the father so quickly. he is at a nursing home sewing a lot of patches. The people there ask if they know that famous senator, no one should know him. but he is really handsome, a lot of women would follow him. the halbae’s are and grey about it and the Halmaes are happy.

Yang talks to JE about how she gave him her love and her heart and her body, she shouldn’t have loved him. But in her old age, she trusted him. JE tells her not to worry, she will end his life! Yang starts crying pitifully and says, don’t’ do it…. I still like him!…..wahh…..waaaa…..

JE gets a call at that moment, it is from her team leader. JE shows up to work. There are a lot of women at her workplace, they are all upset. It turns out that YR was meeting with all of them. They all want to destroy JE and start pulling her hair.

Later on, JE and her boss sit with their hair all messed up. The boss is so disgraced, it is the first time in her life she has felt this. She tells JE that they should die, but then she says, no, you should just die. Go die. She tries to pull JE to die, but then she stops and just sighs on the floor.

The media is all over the gallery as they swarm HN to ask him about what the news said. His father is inside with another woman. HN sighs and tells his father and the woman that his father is just having an affair. the woman is all like, this is your second son? We aren’t having an affair like you think. HN tells her that their relationship will be questioned soon.

He pulls her away and tells her that this is the only way that you can leave without being seen by reporters. But you can do this with the power of love. He pushes her out the back door. JD tells her that he will call her.

Inside, JD asks if there is ramen. HN informs him that there is no ramen, but there is rice. They sit for JD to eat the rice. JD asks HN what his step-mother is doing, do you think she is mad? HN looks at him with no emotions and tells him to stop it. JD just remarks that he is just in love.

HN says JD is still afraid of mom, so he is not 100% in love. JD mentions that HN isn’t in love because he is a coward. Don’t be obsessed with toys like a little kid.

Flashback to JD giving HN a toy when he was little. He gave it to him by a large tree.

HN still has that toy. He picks it up from the kitchen table and asks JD if he heard that investing in toys has more of a return than investing in the stock market? he puts the toy his father gave him next to the other toys on the shelf. HN tells his father that toys are memories that become money.

Somewhere else, EN finds out about the affair. She rips up the picture and says the laws against affairs are gone now. Don’t do anything. Just check the campaign election pledges. She thinks her husband will win the election.

All the men sit and wait for EN to arrive. En says he will resign. But EN just yells at him. Resign? You betrayed your wife and now you are confessing to clear your conscience? That is not applicable to me. Listen to me, I made you a senator, not because you are a good husband, but because you can be a good politician. I don’t expect a lot from you. I will protect the family. You need to prove yourself to your kids and grandkids and daughter in law. First one, you are okay, Hoon-nam, you need to live your life. If you make a mistake then I will shave your head and put you in a temple. YR is the same, take care of him well.

JE hangs her head as she meets with her boss. The boss says she returned the women’s dating fee’s. YR has already canceled his membership. JE thinks they should sue him, but the boss says the victims don’t want that because they still love him. they just want their money back and to make it like it never happened.

The boss hands her some paperwork for the 0% membership. This is the legendary undateable list for all the people who are unable to have a date ever. JE thinks this is ridiculous. She can’t help them. But her boss tells her that people want to fire her. She is in enough trouble as it is. Does she think the other members will be okay with this? Whatever you do, you can do it by yourself, just let me and the company live. You have one or the other, you either quit, or you take care of the 0% members.

JE tells her that she can’t do it, do you think love is everything, does that mean that that jerk is forgiven? I do not accept that! JE storms out. The boss mutters that JE is talking about love in front of her?

YR is sitting in the grass and throwing rocks into the Han river. HN comes up behind him and they both ask each other why they are there. it is because they can’t go to the gallery with so many reporters around.

The conversation turns to love. YR asks if someone can die from love? With mail bee’s the thingy is inside the body, so when they make love with the Queen Bee their intestines are punctures and they die. HN says they are not bees, in the human world, they have more probability of dying doing other things. HN tells YR not to look around at the flowers too much, their Queen Bee has her poison ready.

JE busts into her house and grumbles to her room. She has a lot of credit card bills. She puts her puffs over the credit card bills and starts eating away. She mutter that love is not a con job, she would rather quit. She sits at her computer and starts looking for a job. She sees English school, so she thinks she can sign up for the English school.

She starts to write her résumé but gets stuck when she has to write “I was a diver.” She starts over and talks about how she used to work at a cultural center, but it closed due to lack of students. She crosses that outa s well. her appa tells her to pay the rent before he lists the room with a realtor.

Cut to JE playing a video game outside. She is making all the kids wait as she tries to kill everyone on the video game. But then she sees her appa in the video game and sighs. She calls her boss and says she will do the 0% member job.

JE says she will meet the 0% members and tells them why they are 0% members.

1 – Na Ga Young, 36, trading company
JE introduces herself and says she is from the trading site. (Nagayo means, I am leaving). He asks if she would like to go out and talk? but he says Nagayo to say it so it is like he is telling her his name over and over again. While leaving, he gets a call and speaks in Cantonese to the caller. he apologizes to JE and says he was talking to a Chinese importer. he gets another call and has to speak Thai(?) on the phone. He apologizes again and says it was a Thailand company that changed its order, he has to go there (Nagayo), he has to go there (Nagayo)…..he answers the phone again (Nagayoung)….then he tells JE that he has to go (Nagayo). Hew will be back a couple days later, but the next day he will have to leave again (Nagayo). If it is in a hurry, can you come to the airport? Yes, president, I am (Nagayo)…..

2 – Ahn In Jung, 31, Chocolatier
She looks very nice and normal looking. She is pretty with a nice smile. JE eats some of her chocolate and says it is so good. Then she tells her that she is pretty with good specs, she should be very popular. Suddenly a customer comes in so Ahn In Jung goes to the customer. JE thinks she looks okay. But then it looks like she is lost when she tries to come back to the right table. JE finds out that this woman can’t recognize faces, do you think I can fall in love? (Ahn In Jung can also mean that she doesn’t recognize things). JE is taken aback, but she mentions the movie 50 first kisses with Drew Barrymore and says that woman couldn’t remember things, but she met someone and they lived happily together.

3 – Kang Dol Jin, 37, Stunt Man
Dol Jin is in the middle of a fight sequence. but he stops to introduce himself to JE, his hands are all bloody. She tells him that the blood looks so real. He tells her that it is actually real blood, but he is okay. JE looks so concerned. he says it is okay because this is his dream. She tries to mutter that someone should understand his dream. (Dol jin means “rush, dash, charge”)

Je goes back to her cubicle completely drained from the day. She says they are all legend of legends, there is a reason they never found anyone. Ugh! She rests her head on her desk, but then she sits up and starts reading about the other members.

Yuk Tae Son
The only son in the family and the only sons for 6 generations (if he dies then the family name ends, they don’t go to the army)
(Yuk Tae Son literally means 6th generation, only son)

She flips through all the other people. They are all difficult people to match with anyone.

YR looks at the gallery as a song plays (song, Tae Yang – Look at Me). he gets a phone call and takes it. the person asks if this is Yook-ryong’s cell phone? He says he thinks it is, who is this? The woman says she gave him his business card somewhere in Seoul. She wants to know if they can have a cup of coffee together if she has time. He says he is a little busy today. She mentions that she just wanted to see him. He tells her that he is busy but he has to drink coffee, perhaps we can meet over there.

He hangs up, but he jumps when he sees HN behind him. HN asks him where he is going? YR says he is going for coffee. HN points to the break area and says they are 50% off with their coffee. YR tries to make an excuse and says it is his high school friend. But HN shoots down all his excuses. he tells YR, in this situation, if you make one more mistake then you will be fired.

YR says he understands but his wife has two kids and it is hard to call him to the gallery and…and …and…. ~. HN gives up and just tells him to go out.

YR goes to the café. he meets with JE who has her head bowed so he won’t recognize her. She immediately throws water in his face and says she is from the dating site! he tries to run away, but she grabs him and pulls him to the rooftop octapang area. how can you date 8 people at one time! YR says his cousin is a King of dating, he told me to. YR mentions Hoonnam Jungeum, the dating column. But JE just hits him. he tells her to look at his face, there is no way he can seduce that many women at one time. I used to be a 0% member. There are a lot of bad girls that used me, why should I be a victim all the time, I wanted to get my revenge the same way!

JE hits him and tells him to be sorry about what he did and not to talk about other people. Get over here! She pulls him to a table and makes him sit. She tells him this is his last chance, he must say sorry to the victims. JE holds up an agreement that says they can sue him, 7 out of 8 people signed it. Who do you think is the last one? Coach Yang! Until you cover all of this up, you should be ready for all my calls all the time. You should answer me in 5 seconds, if you hide somewhere then we will cross Hades river together and meet at court. YR was kneeling on a table when JE walks off, he collapses to his side.

JE goes to her office and says she will make this happen in 3 months! 3 months, yay!!! But she doesn’t know what to do. her friend knocks on her desk and shows up with some ice cream. She tells him, how can I match these people in 3 months? maybe it is easier to rob a Swiss bank. it only takes 3 seconds to fall in love. For 3 months you can date many, many times (he calculated all the numbers). he tells her to eat the ice cream in 1-2-3. But he moves the ice cream away which causes her to fall forward, so he kisses her on her forehead. He tells her that it worked.

The magazine said I can do a forehead kiss if I do this. JE laughs, doctors have too much time if you are reading these things. He tells her to read it, it is a dating column. Look at this. Hoonnam Jungeum. It is super popular among undateables. The name triggers a bell to JE as she thinks back to YR mentioning his cousin that runs that dating column.

JS says he thinks these things work.

JE thinks back to that guy telling her that he was a 0% member but learned all the dating things from her cousin.

She tells him to let her see the magazine. Cut to JE calling the dating site. She talks to CH on the phone about his column, but CH hangs up right away after saying that he isn’t buying it!

JE decides to go to the company. But she can’t get in. She has to go to the receptionist and ask her to let her in. She tells her that the editor is right over there. JE looks at CH walking down the stairs. JE immediately takes her luggage and runs past the lobby, but she hits HN by accident who was coming in at that moment. She apologizes and keeps moving. HN doesn’t see her face.

HN asks the receptionist if he can Charlie, the receptionist smiles and says that Charlie is not available. HN says he will wait in his office. The receptionist says okay, that is good.

Meanwhile, Charlie is watching the photo shoot and talking to one of the actors. he is looking for a doctor. JE overhears this and says that she knows a handsome doctor with a small face! Someone asks her who she is so she says that she called him, she is from the dating site. Charlie starts to walk away. JE chases after him until they run into his boss. She tells him that his special report is not so good, if he is like this one more time then she will put a commercial on that page. Charlie turns to JE and asks to see that doctors face.

HN meets with CH in his office and asks him to remove this strange girl in the background. It is his childhood photo of his mother by the tree. he thinks it is just an ink stain or something. But CH says it is a person, she has a human face and she is sticking her tongue out at the camera.

HN just wants to know if it can be removed. This is the only picture he has of his dead mother. He didn’ touch it because he was worried about it being ruined. The conversation also turns to the last week of the column. CH mutters that he is a spiky guy but his heart is Melo (romantic?). HN comes back in and mentions that something didn’t look good, it looked poor.

HN starts writing something.

Use your emotion a little bit and proper push and pull, that process is dating.
Now, people are dating especially to take care of themselves as a self-regulation.
Falling in love too quickly doesn’t seem that romantic.
It looks like someone who didn’t adapt to fast-changing dating rules.
When you have a fantasy about falling in love, if you don’t want to be someone who falls in love too quickly.
You should control your emotions a little more skillfully, you need to master how to express them.

He closes his computer and rests.

Charlie interviews JS. He asks him why he became a rehab doctor. JS says when he was a preteen he wanted to help someone who had an injury. CH asks him what his ideal type is. JS says he never thought about it but perhaps the face is pretty without a lot of cosmetics. Not flashy but healthy. Natural hair, he can eat anything and run well. Not too chic, a comfortable neighborhood friend.

He imagines Jung-eum, but didn’t even realize that he likes her so he starts to say the opposite image. he basically changes everything that he says. Ch tells him that they can eat dinner and he will buy it. (Perhaps CH likes JS? maybe not).

CH meets with HN and is handed the picture. HN wants CH to fix the original, not a copy. But CH wants the original to stay protected. Then CH introduces JS to HN, they great each other and CH says they should take two shots (photos?) because they are like a dragon and a tiger. SP wants to know if they would all like to have dinner together. But HN says no thank you, he is busy. He waves the photo in his hands and walks away.

CH tells JS not to care about him, he is like that.

CH and SP go to a café. CH thinks he has a nice personality, he is very different from that guy that is very chic and very spiky. SP asks if they are good friends. CH says they went to the army together. back then I was not Charlie, I was Chul-su.

Flashback to the army. CH is folding the underpants and socks. He gets into an argument with one of the other guys about not wearing other people’s army pants. HN comes to his defense and tells the man that taking your hubae’s pants is not a manly thing. He gives the underpants back to CH. Later, CH wonders if HN thinks he is not normal. HN just says he is tidy and clean, do what you want to do, that is what is important.

CH tells SP that HN is that kind of friend to him. Then they get stupid drunk. CH is so drunk that he is okay with his hat falling off. SP thinks back to JE. He asks CH to help JE since he is the best in the field. CH drunkenly says he doesn’t’ write that column, haha! SP is all like, what the heck?

Later one, SP goes home and greets Halabogi and JE. JE wants to know what happened at the meeting. JE says he got that guys name but he isn’t the right writer, I got his business card. JE holds the card. They think, maybe when he is sober tomorrow, he will change his word. JE thinks she needs to meet that person tonight. She runs off.

Yang goes grocery shopping and is about to put all the groceries in the van when YR comes up to her and starts to help her pack up her van. She wants to know why he is there. He says he is passing by there to go home. She tells him that his home is far away so he just says he was there to see her face, he will leave now.

But she stops him from walking off by grabbing his arm. She packs up some of the food for him and hands it over. She tells him to take it. He says he will enjoy it. He leaves and Yang says he is a bad guy, he forgot about him yesterday.

YR opens a lot of the snack food for HN and asks him if he will go to jail for that con job? YR says the manager of that dating site is threatening to sue him. HN gets upset and says that this kind of situation about tricking women is not good. But YR says it is all his fault. HN says that he saved him! YR begs HN to take care of it this time. That lady is a violent lady.

Charlie runs in at that time and asks HN if that woman called him yet? He looks regretful. But he drank too much alcohol and is about to throw up. JE starts to walk into the gallery lawn at that time. HN goes inside to give CH some water. JE tells them that she is from the dating site. CH yells at HN and says that this woman is the woman they are talking about. CH and YR both point to JE. HN looks at her and starts to walk closer to her. They recognize each other. She says, you are Hoon-nam?

VO – Dating is like how Nostradamus predicted the end of the world but the Earth didn’t meet its end. It is the relationship where you don’t know how it ends, that is dating

Fade Out


Where is Jung-eum
To catch a dating coach
Dating coach?
Go and buy some chocolate for me and coffee
I am like his servant
I am not going to coöperate with you at all
What do you need to have the negotiation again?
You need bait
What should I do, What can I give him? Women?
This crazy woman, what do you need?
He bit my bait!

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