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The Undateables Recap Episodes 11 and 12

Episode 11 and 12 Korean Drama Recap The Undateables starring Namkoong Min and Hwang Jung-Eum
Audrey is completely smitten, y’all. She had outdoor pasta with hand cut logs and a personal cow ride to a coffee shop. This woman is done, this man is hers, hallelujah. Only, he doesn’t want anything else to do with her and would rather spend all his time in seclusion even further into the wilderness than he already is. Jung-eum has to figure this situation out, because Audrey is a mess. But first, she needs to get out of the countryside herself which would be easy if her and Hoon-nam didn’t lose his car keys while planting potatoes. I know, it was that kind of evening!

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Kim Sol walks Audrey back to his home. His cow leads the way.

Kim Sol – The kindness I can give you as a human ends here.
Audrey – What?
Kim Sol – Our fate ends here, please go home.

Elsewhere, HN and JE are riding their bike, but then they see Audrey leaving and bust a gut to try and bike to her. But they are too late so they decide to just go back to Seoul. However, his car keys are missing.

They dropped it somewhere in the potato patch, so they go back at night to find it. JR touches around the ground to look for it while HN scans the field for it. But they decide to just go back to Sol’s house.

The lights are all out at Sol’s house. JE calls his name softly while HN finds the outdoor light. he also finds a letter.

Letter: I have no faith in this world so I am going to leave the people world for awhile, don’t look for me.

HN wonders how much further can he go from here. Hmm, maybe this is my mistake. I didn’t think of this in terms of Kim Sol, I only thought of this in terms of Audrey. JE agrees, they should have thought about both sides. But they aren’t going anywhere, because they are stranded, so they sneak into the house to find something to eat.

After a minute, HN finds barely anything to eat (like two noodles) and HN does not find anything. They sit and think about there situation outside, they don’t have any food and no money. JE is crazy stupid hungry and it shows, but Hn tells her that the mind governs the body so just think that you are not hungry and you won’t be hungry.

However, his tummy grumbles at that moment. He tells her that he has enteritis. She sits back and sings that she is not hungry, not hungry…ah, I want to eat jajangmyun. They both start talking about all the food they want to eat: Steak and wine, ddukbogi, cold noodles….

Back in Seoul, the nephews are super hungry so EN prepares something for them to eat. But they call her the boss and says that the bosses ddukbogi is the best. Though EN is actually their grandma. EN smiles and tells them that she prepared all the food in her book. if her mother and father follow all the recipes then they will get the same taste. The kids tell her to do it but she says she can’t do it anymore. You are all grown up so I am going to live on the mountain.

She tells them, when your Dad was your size, I wanted to live on the mountain but I couldn’t do it because I had to learn more. She says she had to study her mind.

Back to the countryside. HN says he wants gangjang ddukbogi (which is soy sauce ddukbogi so it is not hot) he likes women who can make good ddukbogi just like his grandmother. JE tells him that he has strange tastes. JE says she likes a man who can play jegi well (kicking a ball in the air with a tiny padded ball). They keep talking about jegi as they lay on the pyongsang. JE thinks men that can back up the car well look sexy. The kind that uses their left hand and looks backward.

HN is all like, ah, you like that kind of man? JE smiles and says yes. He tells her to realize her dream, he will continue driving forward. She tells him he should drive backward so she can. The cows nearby moo which makes JE says she wants to eat them. But HN thinks she shouldn’t eat such honest cows. But she says not the cow, the hay. He tells her she can eat the hay.

They get a new spirit and decide to run to the potato field. JE thinks they can dig up the potatoes that they planted and eat them. She also asks HN to ride the bike in place so the light will light up. He tries his hardest and also tries to shine the light right on her so he actually has to use his arms to peddle while simultaneously holding up the bike. They both grumble about it, though it definitely looks like his job is harder.

Cut to a basket full of potatoes later. Hn grumbles that she should have found the key, but she just tells him that he should get the fire started.

Back in Seoul, SR is worried about his daughter. He wonders how much longer she will be. JS is out as well so they talk in front of the house. JS tells him that JE is not a little kid, so don’t worry. He will go to the bus station and wait for her all night so he can go home. he smiles as appa walks off but then he angrily wonders how she can be out this late, is she crazy?

In the countryside, JE and HN cook the potatoes and both smile as they smell the nicely roasted bites. They sit on the pyongsang again and happily eat the potatoes, though HN tells her to eat first. Then they start to talk about their family.

JE’s umma is very busy and has a hot temper so she hurried and left first. HN tells her that he knows someone who is similar. HN changes the subject and thinks that Joon-su would be good at it, since they live together.

Flashback to JS and HN changing a light. JE almost falls though, so JS grabs her and they both crash on the bed. It is very innocent. She tells him that she can’t breathe and then jokes about how his nostrils are so big and other playful things.

HN decides to eat the potato even though he said he would not eat it before. His excuse is that humans change. He tells her that he is Northern European style. In Scandinavia, steamed potatoes are a common main dish. They both comment back and forth on how to pronounce Scandinavia and then they both say what they like the best with potato. He says salt and she says sugar. They both agree that they don’t match.

But the magic happens as fireflies come to life at precisely that moment. Then they actually lift off into the air like they are in La La Land and start to fly around. They keep looking at the stars and the fireflies as the pyongsang floats into the air with them on it. Then they look at each other and smile.

JE – I have to see something like this with someone I love.

This breaks the spell and they both go crashing to the ground. He asks her if she has someone like that. She asks him the same….the person that makes soy sauce ddukbogi well? But neither one of them answers. JE keeps eating the potatoes.

Back in Seoul, JS tries to complete changing the light just as he did in the flashback. He does it and falls to the ground, but the light works.

In the countryside, HN sits outside on the deck as HN goes into one of the rooms. He asks if she has something that he can wear (his clothes are all dirty) so she brings out clothes for him. Somehow they talk about the mind governing the body again so he tells her that she should just think that she can sleep and then she will be able to sleep.

She goes into her room and prepares to sleep and he changes his clothing. But in true dignified fashion, he grabs his handkerchief out of his suit and puts it into the shirt pocket of his ajusshi clothes.

He lays outside on the deck and sees JE’s shadow moving around in the room. it looks like she might be taking off her clothes, but he just grumbles that she moves so much a night. And actually, she was just moving around a lot because mosquitos were bothering the mess out of her.

HN wakes to the moo of cows and walks around a bit. But he gets a fright when he sees JE hanging upside down from the tree. She tells him that she found a dollar in the tree and she likes climbing trees. She’s loved it ever since she was little. She loves jumping and diving as well.

JE thinks they should go shopping with this $1 even though HN isn’t sure they will be able to buy anything with only $1. But she thinks they can find a lot of things. She can go by herself on the bike. But HN tells her that he can do it, he has sports sense so he can do it if he tries hard.

Cut to JE coaching HN on how to turn. But the bike isn’t moving. After a pep talk, she is able to push him off on the bike. he trusts her so he starts peddling. But when she lets go, he falls to the side. he calls her an acorn (from hanging in a tree) and that he will not trust her.

She tells him to try 3 times, he just needs to fall three times and he will get it. But they argue about it for awhile until she tells him that she will just go. But he wants to try it again and finally is able to ride it a little bit. But he falls again.

JE finally peddles them both to the town with HN holding on to her. They ride over a gorgeous waterway and make it to a convenience store. inside, HN wants bar food, but JN wants to buy one get one ramen for $1. They both get the ramen.

They make it back to the house and JE falls onto the pyongsang. But from her vantage point, she finally sees the key laying on the ground near the potatoes. She quickly puts it in her pants to hide it from HN. But HN is hip to her game. he goes up to her and tells her, how dare you take a bottom card (that is a hwatu joke and is from the movie Tazza). He says he will bet his hand and his unsigned memorandum that he has the key in her hand.

He pulls the key out of her hand and chides her about looking for the key yesterday. he told her so many times. They wouldn’t have had to do any of this if they found it yesterday. He walks back to his car but HN is too upset at her to give her a ride. he tells her to ride her bicycle back to Seoul and drives off. She tells him F-you with her arms as he drives off.

But he doesn’t go far and puts the car in reverse to pick her up. She smiles and runs to it, then they drive to Seoul together.

The boss of the company meets with Audrey at a cafe. Audrey is a mess and drank about 20 or so coffees. She has her dolls with her in the seats nearby. The team leader sits in the other seat and tells her that her father called her. Audrey just wants to find Kim Sol and asks the team leader to find him. The team leader calls JE, but her cell phone is off.

Audrey tells her not to be upset at JE, it was all her own fault. She told him that he is bald and she hates his house. But he made her pasta and took her to get coffee. Team Leader tells her to stop drinking coffee (they are at SoBucks instead of StarBucks). Audrey says she can’t leave this coffee shop (it is the same one that he took her too).

YR rests and listens to music at HN’s desk. Of course, HN comes in at that moment. He tells him that he looks like he is in Heaven. YR hops up right away and is given HN’s dirty clothes to take to the dry cleaners. YR reaches into the pocket and sees money in there. (Ah, so he had money). He tries to pocket it but then ends up giving it to HN when he comes back in. HN tells him that he never forgets about his money.

Meanwhile, SR tries to hit JE with a broom for staying out all night with a man and not calling him and making him worry. JS tries to protect her and tells aboji that Jung-eum does not lie. Aboji just kicks them both out. how can they not be shameful under the sky!

JS and JE both sit outside their house door. JS tells her that he thought she was with a man. She says it was all work. then she asks him if he has money. Nope, his money is all in his room.

JE sits in a daze at work. Team Leader comes in and takes JE’s yogurt from her while and talks about how the yogurt is premium. JE says it is for her constipation and Team leader says she also has constipation because of her. They start to talk about Audrey and how she isn’t eating now, her father wants to see Kim Sol to find out what kind of guy made his daughter like this.

JE says that Audrey and Kim Sol had “some.” Team Leader wants to know if that was true. JE says yes, so the team leader says that they can pick a good time. Their company is in pretty bad shape right now, a lot of members left and their reputation is bad right now. No new members and a lot of 0% members. This is the most trouble they have had since they opened. Perhaps she should go to a shaman. The biggest troubled member got turned down 100 times. JE wants to know who this person is. But the team leader tells her to just focus on Audrey first.

Elsewhere, Yang is busy cleaning up after her students. Maybe she is in her students’ dorms or something like that because she sees a photo book that one of them made. YR calls her at that moment which makes her straighten up as she answers. YR talks to her and says he is doing yard work and he saw a King crab. We don’t hear Yang talking at all, just YR. It seems like he will buy her a King crab possibly?

he hangs up and jumps when he sees Hn behind him. HN says you are not supposed to water the yard in the daytime, the grass will burn due to the sun. that is why the sprinklers all come on in the evening on American TV shows. ㅗe tsks and walks away.

YR accidentally sprays himself with the sprinkler and answers the phone from another woman.

Meanwhile, Yang is still mesmerized by the phone call. Her divers are behind her and snap her out of it. She asks them if they have runt like they are supposed to then smell them and tells them to take a shower. She will feed them afterward. They happily tell her yes and run off to the showers.

Charlie meets with JS to show him the magazine article with the eligible bachelors. The article looks really good, JS is happy with it. He asks if he can send him a copy of it. Then the conversation changes to Hoon-nam. Charlie thinks HN might be dating because his column is different now. he took a friend to the countryside and they spent the night there.

JS is all like, say what?

Charlie explains that he took JE to the countryside. JS tells him that it shouldn’t’ be like that, he trusts JE.

JE fills HN about the problem with Audrey. It stresses her out. JD shows up so HN tells her that they can talk about it later. Leave. HN tells him that he has no manners. But she ends up leaving after saying a joke about a memorandum.

He watches her for a moment then talks to his dad the goings on with ladies in his life. Appa waxes poetic about correcting blemishes in your life. Hn doesn’t really want to hear it and walks out. yR also runs up and says that he has to go somewhere, he loves uncle, okay bye.

YR runs off to his date with Yang. He happily prances up to her and they eat a lot of crab and seafood. (It looks so good). Yang is really good at getting the meat out and gives it to YR. She starts to pull out a sticker photobook and also wants to take sticker pictures with him (like she saw in the photo book) but he thinks that is just for kids. She doesn’t show him the book.

She mentions that he said their birthday is the same and their birth star is the same so they should drink birth star wine together (she whispers he said it when they went to the motel). He says, oh, I said that? Okay, let’s do it. She smiles and says she needs to buy one. But he gets a call and tells the person that he can’t meet her today.

Yang secretary puts up the sticker photo book and tells him that her kids called her, so she needs to leave soon.

Hn starts to make his own coffee and starts to listen to music, Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

Flashback to EN and HN at the toy store. She tells him that she pretends like she is strong after he showed up in her life. But she is barely standing there and enduring it. It looks like she wants to buy him something nice but he threw it on the floor maybe? She starts crying so he gives her a hug.

VO – The critical moment in life comes unexpectedly as if Christmas is carrying a spring day.

YR shows up and says he was dumped. That woman wants to meet him first. HN asks him why he is dating that Han River suicide girl again? YR says it is because he likes her. So HN asks why he meets other girls. YR tells him it is because it is fun. HN tells him that he didn’t teach him to ~. But YR cuts him off and says that he has his wings now, can’t he just fly? Women say that they like him now. They always played with him and dumped him, but now they say that they like him, he wants to enjoy it a little bit.

JS walks around alone and thinks about what Charlie told him and what JE told him about JE and HN spending the night together. JE calls at that moment and asks him to buy ddukbogi. But he tells her no.

He buys it for her though and brings it home. But he says that he does not eat with a liar. JE does not continue that conversation and just changes the subject to a man that does not ride a bicycle. SJ says if a man can’t ride a bicycle, then it means that he had no one to play with when he was a kid.

Museum. YR tells HN that he turned into a frog from a tadpole. Then he asks HN why he is at a loss with that woman? HN says he is not at a loss. YR wants to know why a player like him makes matters so difficult. You can just get the Tinman with your skills. HN rails at him and says that it is YR’s fault that he is involved with that woman at all. YR says he can’t do anything about it, she does not care about him at all. But HN says she is interested in me!

They make a bet. HN tells him that he will put an unsigned memorandum on it. he will date her and dump her.

EPISODE ㅂ, Biup: Dating is a spring wind. Like a bet you should not lose, like a flower that has to blossom, whatever way, you have to accept and overcome it. Dating is a spring wind.

Fade Out

Image by SBS

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  1. MX432
    June 11, 2018 / 1:10 pm

    This show does great when it focuses on the Undateables. They have a few characters that are so funny to imagine being set up with anyone.

  2. sashaa
    June 12, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    What was the bet about. It didn’t make any sense. Even with your recap, I Don’t understand what led to it?

    • V
      June 12, 2018 / 3:44 pm

      My guess is that it seems like he got annoyed that his cousin thinks he fell for a girl, so he just pulled that bet out of thin air.

      The bet is that he can make her fall for him. Then he will dump her easily to show that he is still a player with no emotions toward any one woman.

      • sashaa
        June 12, 2018 / 9:04 pm

        That’s so lame!! So far he came across as an objectively rational person lacking the emotions. He was never mean to to anyone or her. This is so out of character. Especially after he chided his cousin/brother for playing the field.
        Too bad, I was starting to warm up with the country episodes!

        • V
          June 12, 2018 / 9:59 pm

          It is really out of the blue and definitely out of character. I loved the countryside episode, I want more episodes like that. I hope this bet does not take over the next several episodes.

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