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The Undateables Recap Episodes 1 and 2

Episode 1 and 2 Korean Drama Recap The Undateables starring Namkoong Min and Hwang Jung-Eum
I think I am going to enjoy the shenanigans of this drama because it had me laughing out loud at his sudden hilarious moment at the end of the episode. I’m not sure if everyone will think it is funny, but the way JE acted toward HN when he raised his hand into the air (you’ll know when you watch it) just about busted my gut.

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A long, long time ago, there was a wood chopper who fell in love. Right before his proposal, his ax slipped out and he lost his arms and legs. But fortunately he became a tine man, but he lost his heart. He didn’t want to see the love of his life anymore. He left without saying anything. One day, he sat in the rain shower and became rusty, his body became hard.

Cut to someone writing something in an airplane: The first impression is important, the last impression is also important. The flight attendants look at this man in amazement.

He gets off the plane and walks through the airport. A woman walks toward him smiling, but it isn’t for him, it is for another man behind him.

VO – Just as the first impression is important for meeting someone, the last impression is also as important. It depends on what kind of breakup you have. Time becomes a good memory or a hurtful memory.

HN walks around the airport looking at the couples who are happy or sad. Then we cut to a person talking to someone on the phone about sending his girlfriend a breakup text. This could be good, she should be diving right now.

But then she is right in front of him, her hair is wet. She tells him that she can give up the game but she can’t give up on him. He starts stuttering, you are not a kid, how can you give up on your competition because of me? I didn’t know you were this makjang. You are making me into a bad guy that ruined your life.

JE mutters, we are good together.

But the boyfriend just thinks she is a stupid girl and leaves. JE turns, grabs her cell phone and throws it at the boyfriend. It hits HN instead. JE yells and charges at her boyfriend, but HN thinks she is charging him. JE runs right past him (as he prepares to defend himself) and grabs ahold of her ex. He just shakes her off and tells her that he has another woman. She falls to the ground.

The police have to drag the poor thing away, crying.

VO – If you want to be remembered as a nice memory, then you have to prepare your last moment just as you prepared your first moment.

The directions on the signboard change to old Korean writing. The writing is an old Korean phrase that is parodied of what the King said when he released Korean, but they changed the words from “Chinese” and “Korean” to “Man” and “Woman” there are 28 techniques that man should use every day.

(Hoon-ming Jung-eum is the name of Korean when it was originally released and was originally about how Koreans are different from Chinese, but they use Chinese to write. It offers a way for Koreans to write Korean with 28 characters. The TV show is using that phrase and paraphrasing it, His column is called HoonnamJungeum, the ways that man should talk to women.)


HN goes to Jeju island. He and JE stand next to each other for a hot second as they wait for something to pass them by. then later, they stand next to each other as they stare at the rain. HN has an umbrella and gives it to JE to use. Then she walks next to HN and tries to get him to share his umbrella with her. He does, success! But then JE drives by in her cab and yells, THANK YOU FOR THE UMBRELLA! Which cock blocks the poor lady. She gets un the taxi grumbling.

JE is in her taxi thinking about the gift that this woman gave her in the umbrella.

Cut to JE’s company. Her company sign says
Solo Hell, Couple Heaven! (Single people goes to hell, couples go to Heaven which we think is a joke using a religious phrase that is kind of like: Christians go to Heaven, non-Christians go to hell)

JE is the heartbreaker of the month and gets yelled at by her boss. her boss is irate and wants to know what happened to her. She used to be the best at matchmaking. the manager speaks very fast and basically tells her to behave well. Your father wants you to get married, that is why you work here. But you are giving me a hard time! I can’t make you date someone, but at least I can give you a job! that is why I hired you! If you are one year older than you would have an F grade instead of a D.

The manager gives JE her next client. Audrey, 40, rich farmer, she has a D in her looks, age, personality, and school. But she has an A in money. She is her high school friend. Her rich father says, whoever can make his daughter get married, he will invest one million in that company. So everyone in the industry wants to catch Audrey. Catch her with whatever method! This is a good chance for you to recover! One million!!!!!!

YE leaves and immediately gets a text in the cab from the manager.

Manager: Show me the money! (image of the manager waving dollar bills around)

YE gets to the ocean and looks at the water. It reminds her of diving and of her mother who looks like she is on her deathbed. YE takes all that in for a moment. But then, she gets back to studying this superwoman that she is supposed to set up. the woman walks to her and tells her that they can greet the sea first, then they can talk about their business.

YE and the woman put on wetsuits. YE goes outside looking very uncomfortable as the woman yells that she is over there. The client tells her to put on her life jacket and hop on. YE looks like she might have a phobia of the water. It doesn’t look like she is comfortable next to it.

The woman tries to pull her on, but this somehow turns into a hair-pulling match as YE yanks on the client’s hair which sends her falling into the water. YE is still on the deck, but she is very concerned about the client and yells if she is okay. the client is perfectly fine and looks kind of happy that she fell in the water. She thinks the boss sent her a good person, let’s go.

They go to the client’s house which is filled with dolls. She collects dolls. The client cuts a mango for JE and then explains her dolls to her. She says their names, they are Bari Bari dolls. She is the only one that owns this many. Someone even wanted to do an exhibition with them, but she doesn’t want them to leave her house. But then they cut to the chase and start talking about what she likes in a man.

Age – under 35
Height – 180 cm
Body – Good proportioned, not too muscular, 6-pack (choco-abs)
Looks – not too handsome like Lee So-jin (Yoon’s Kitchen)
He should have swagger
He doesn’t’ need to have money because she has it, but he should have Jonse rent in Gangnam (big money down rent, like a year’s worth of rent but you get it all back).

YE looks through her list, they are all wrong so she doesn’t want to show them to her. She pulls all the pages out until she gets to a bald man who is 37, writes poetry, lives on a farm, doesn’t like money, he is basically all wrong. She folds his hairline and tells her that he is a 37-year-old artist.

Elsewhere, HN gets a call about the other gallery trying to get the client as a client of there’s

Back to the client and JE. HN shows up and gives the client a pen. He introduces himself as Hoon-nam, the person who called you. All the dolls blink their eyes at HN.

JE basically tells HN that he shouldn’t do this, but HN is not concerned. The client tells JE to wait outside so she and HN can talk. They talk, but we don’t know what happens. It looks good for HN though.

Afterward, JE quizzes HN on what happened. he basically tells her that it is none of her business. She thinks he took her contract so he should at least tell her what happened. he thinks it is a competition. She thinks they should have common rules. He tells her that her forehead is red (from when he accidentally bumped it with the door earlier).

JE keeps running after him and tells him that he always remember grudges. She hops in the taxi with HN and tells it to go to the airport. He tells her she can pay for the taxi then. On the drive, she talks really fast about HN’s bad manners and his personality and how they aren’t hyenas eating rotten meat. She is very noisy, the taxi driver has to put in his earphones.

HN sits on the airplane, the flight attendant gives him a letter. It looks like she is taken by him. But when he opens it he sees a very angry picture that says, “I am watching you!” he turns around and sees YE signaling that she is watching him.

They get off the airplane and JE follows HN around everywhere. But then JE asks one of the flight attendants/workers to give a woman in Jeju her umbrella back. But in doing that, she loses HN who got into another taxi and left.

Cut to her boss yelling at her. Why did you leave! She told you to wait! She is coming to Seoul later, I will get her to sign. JE thinks back to the client telling her that she had a gallery appointment that day she deduces that HN was from that gallery, not a rival agency.

JE is stunned. Her boss just pats her on the arm and tells her to go home.

The goes to a café bar instead of going home and meets up with her best friend Joon-su (JS). She recaps how bad she was to this stranger and how it is all messed up. JS tells her not to worry, it is difficult to see strangers again. JE makes a lot of mistakes in how she speaks but her friend understands everything she wants to say.

Her appa comes into the drinking place super drunk. He sees her and makes a big deal about his daughter that was on the Korean diving team. She used to get all the metals, but now she doesn’t even go into the bathtub. When she was little I washed her in the tub ~.

Appa is really beyond stupid drunk so JE and JS pull him out. JS puts him on his back and JE pays the bill. The owner thinks her and JS are dating because they always come in there together. But she just smiles, they are just friends.

The two best friends walk home with JE’s father, SR on his back. While walking, they talk about dating and how JE doesn’t date but always talks about it. JS tells her that she is not good at dating at all. JE tells him that he is the worst, he was crying so much when his sunbae got married. She picked him up super drunk from the street. They keep walking and talking about that. They know everything about each other.



HN walks to his gallery and goes inside. The gallery is huge. Yook-ryong comes out and talks to HN. HN lets him know that they got a successful contract. YR looks so sad and starts crying. They go inside and drink their drinks. The music playing is a romantic song (Extreme – More than words). HN asks him why he ate fish soup? that is not a good choice when you are confessing. Are those pants mine? They don’t look good on you. You have 5 sisters? He nods, that is why he is Yook-ryong (the 6th dragon). HN tells him that dating is man and woman with their needs, it is a business, to have this successful business then both of you should benefit. You have to make yourself worthy, that way they will invest in you and once they invest in you, they won’t retract it so easily. You have to make it so that they want you, not just give it to them. Okay? YR agrees solemnly.

The duo is able to get her father to his room. JE puts him to bed and takes off his socks. Then she sees the vitamins that her appa didn’t even take yet. She puts them by his head and leaves. Appa smiles, he was pretending like he was sleeping.

JE goes outside to JS who is playing with the dogs. They go out and start running around the playground.

Playground fun montage!

After all the playing on the playground, they both sit on the step-like bleachers to rest. JS asks her if she feels better now. When her thoughts are heavy, she always goes to this playground. JE says she tried to jump into the water today, but she failed. She thought she wouldn’t die, but then she couldn’t do it. She isn’t ready yet. JS thinks she is halfway there. It is not her fault physically, it is a mental thing.

She says he doesn’t’ have to comfort her. Someone told her that giving up is also courageous. She will just do what she can do and go forward little by little.

She sees a cigarette on the ground and yells about who put it there, and then sings and hops back to her place. they get to her place and tell each other to have a nice night. Then they both go inside the building and go to their separate rooms. It looks like this is a traditional house style where there is a house that is separate from an outside room though they are all connected.

HN sits at a table drinking at a café. Then a melo song plays. (song by Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud). He is there meeting someone, it looks like this is his best friend, Charlie (CH). Charlie came from a shoot and cannot remove his hat for some reason. HN hands over the new script. Charlie starts reading it and says that HN is talented in this thing.

This sends them into a flashback where CH is a young writer. His editor is all over him about the report that he is supposed to write. CH mentions his army friend that is helping him and is coming now. The editor rolls her eyes, she thinks it is funny to hear him say Army. She knows he works hard, but is he a good editor? how long should she wait? I don’t think you are good enough, I don’t think you are good for this industry.

The woman walks off. HN sees all of this happen. He also sees a poster about men and woman ideas for the magazine. Later on, CH’s column is picked for the magazine by the editor that talked bad about him. She laughs as she looks at the script and says this is comparing the law of dating to old Korean script. Now I have a reason to hold you here, we can put you in the column as a regular.

HN tells Charlie that this is his last script. It is his so he can start writing it. CH goes to his side and tells him that he shouldn’t say that. He strokes his hand and says One more time. HN tells his friend that he tells him one more time so many times. It’s enough. But then his friend removes his hat and we see that he has a little bald spot forming. HN takes pity on him.

Elsewhere, JE busy herself passing out surveys about marriage that she wants men and women to take. She is working her but off as she gets people to fill out the survey one by one. One of the men selling something asks her what she is selling. It seems like he might be a foreigner and have Korean as a second language so they don’t understand each other fully. But they interact happily until the government shows up and they have to run away.

HN runs off and meets with Coach Yang. She mentions that things were going okay until the government stopped them. Yang is eating and listening but mostly eating. JE asks yang about her love life and tries to talk her into becoming a customer of their dating service. Yang is not interested in the least. JE tells her that she might meet a good person, who knows! the important thing is your record.

Yang asks her if this is her first job after she quit her competition? JE says yes, she only had part-time jobs before. Yang tells her to give her the form and tells her to stop doing part-time jobs.

Meanwhile, YR is cleaning the gallery and stumbles upon the holy grail for the undateables. it is on HN’s desk. HN comes in at that moment so YR reads about it. Chapter 1: before you prepare condoms you should have a plan (script). HN tries to take the paperwork from him but YR manages to keep it away. he says, what do you want? YR asks for his jacket and he asks to help him date someone. HN is all like, forget about it.

YR gives him back his jacket and tells him that he lied to him when he said he goes to the dentist on Saturday, I have a blind date. that woman has to drive. She bought me a Korean dish, it was so good so I bought a bag and shoes, but she doesn’t answer. I heard a rumor that buying a woman shoes means she will run away from you, is that true? Ah, I shouldn’t have bought it! I should have bought a belt. What should I do? Should I wait in front of her company?

HN tells him that he needs to take off his slippers first. HN throws away the slippers and then goes out with YR and picks out a lot of clothes for him. he also helps him get a new hairstyle.

Later, YR tries to sell a toy in their gallery, but the woman says she will think about it and walks away (was talking about which one is cheaper). Then HN approaches her and asks her if she likes Winnie the Pooh? (First, you have to make a common ground.) This is the Tiger version and the other one is the Eeyore version. HN talks about how these version s have something special. (Don’t use negative sentences like “Not having something, use positive sentences about “having something”).

HN says these are both important friends for Pooh, which one do you think is the best one to take home, the Eeyore version or the Tiger version? (The question shouldn’t be a closed question like “yes” or “no” it should be an open question where she has to make the choice of one or the other, if you are lucky, she will choose both). She says she will take both.

YR is amazed and follows HN around with a notepad and pen. He says he has two women to chose from who are very different. HN tells him to meet both of them. Cut to YR meeting both women on various dates. He is also able to go home for one of them. it looks like this one might be coach Yang? they sleep together and Yang’s foot flexes so much during climax. That foot stays in the shot and turns into a pedicure at a boutique.

Yang is at the salon with HN. A fun song plays. (song iKON – Love Scenario). HN asks her if she likes him that much? She looks like a completely different woman. She agrees that she is very happy with him. He is like the man of her life. JE is happy about it since she basically forced her to join their dating service. the conversation turns to JS. they kind of dated when they were preteens, but he said that she wasn’t her type. Now it changed, she doesn’t like him now. From her point of view, people should meet men of their own grade. He is a triple A score, but she isn’t. Based on her statistics, it won’t work.

Yang tells her that she can overcome it with love. JE doesn’t think that is true. But Yang is adamant, did she already forget that she wanted to catch her ex-boyfriend and ran away from the competition? JE stops her from talking and asks her if she meets that guy today? Yang says this is just a once a month reporting day.

YR give a report to the team and lets them know how much money they are making with their exhibition and sales. The woman is Ko Eun-nim (EN), HN’s stepmother. She thinks they made a lot of money. Jung-do (JD), HN’s father, comments on how they make money off of art. EN continues and tells HN to have an elegant exhibition, YR to call HN, CEO, even though he is his cousin hyung, and to not bring women (that might before everyone but she looked at appa when she said it).

Later on, two super cute kids run into the dinner table and ask their appa why alpha go is so smart, he says it is because they put a lot of money into it. Appa looks at HN. After eating, the twins jump all over their uncle and their appa. This guy is HN’s real hyung. HN asks him if he likes living like this? Hyung mentions that he is not like this every day. besides, the end of responsibility is the end of love. HN doesn’t want to live like this so he won’t start. He doesn’t want to run away or not take care of something so he won’t start.

Hyung is getting a mustache drawn on him and says not to change things due to appa.

Afterward, HN leaves with Glasses drawn on his face and YR leaves with a cat face complete with a tongue, lol. They talk outside, YR admires his uncle, JD because he has an affair with young women at his age. HN just shakes his head and walks off.

HN sleeps soundly at home. he wakes with the alarm and a bubbly song starts to play. He gets up and goes to his fridge. His drinks are nicely laid out and organized OCD style.

At Jung-eum’s place, she wakes with a phone call. Someone tells her that the Han river looks pretty today. it is coach Yang. She is standing at the Han river and tells her that love faked her out. he said, he went to a motel with another woman……even though he told me I am the only one…….waahh wahhh w-w-wah. Poor yang cries her tears out while looking at the Han river. (the song is Kim Gun-mo – My love is leaving).

JE sits up just as yang tells her to have a good life. JE wonders what she is talking about. She calls back but the phone is off and goes straight to voicemail. JE hurries out of bed.

She runs to the park as she looks for Yang. HN is running around the park as well. JE thinks she sees her but it isn’t her. Then she hears something yell, “you A-hole!” all heads turn to the woman on the bridge.

Yang hops up on the rails and says she will do her best performance ever. She throws her glasses off and then does a free-form dive into the water. She spins several times and the caption reads 10 10 10 10 10 10. JE wants to run into the water, but she can’t hop in due to her phobia. She yells, can anyone swim?

HN raises his hand, be he is stretching, not saying yes. he has his earphones in and didn’t hear anything. But JE just runs up to him and throws him in, LOL!!! HN cannot swim and is about to drown in the water. The friend, Yang is meditating underwater and sees HN in a state of panic. She swims over to him and pulls him out. JE check to see if yang is okay. She says she is fine, but it looks like he might be dead?

JE freaks out and starts giving HN CPR. She is horrible at it though. HN wakes up and sees JE in frn=ont of him, they both have a flashback to seeing each other

Dating is “ㄱ” (Kieuk), when you flip it, it can be “ㄴ” (Niyun) also. Same time, different memories, that is dating.

HN hops up in shock and pushes JE off of him.

OST Part 1 Nick & Sammy – Only You

Fade Out

Cute cute cute. Lots of over acting, but I think that is the entire point of this show. ^_^

Nick & Sammy – Only You
Extreme – More than words
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
iKON – Love Scenario
Kim Gun-mo – My love is leaving

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      We plan on continuing it! Check back in a little bit later and we will have the next episode posted 🙂

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