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The Third Charm Kdrama Live Recap Episode 7

Esom and her brother look out the window in The Third Charm
I loved the moment in the above image where brother and sister just sat together. He knew she was going through some things and probably didn’t want to talk about it, so they just chilled. This show has so many great scenes like this. I especially love how this drama is showing how a relationship can break apart even when both people still love and care for each other AND the family members also love them.

In this case, both sides are doing tiny little upsetting things that seem small but make a huge difference emotion wise with the other person. And even though they try to make it up for each other in amazing ways (like the the surprise beach trip or making dinner or bringing food to the parents home) if these tiny biting things continue, the relationship will not last. Aaand, we also know that they are going to break up again so there’s that.

But, there is still a lot of cute to come because I saw a teaser yesterday that showed them on a motorcycle together!

*For anyone who watched this show on Dramafever and are wondering how to watch it now, there are some great comments at the bottom of this post. One of them is that you might still be able to pick up Dramafever shows on VRV. I do not know what VRV is though.

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Young-jae walks outside to meet with Joon-young. He asks her what she is doing there. She says that she wa earing. He tells her that he knows that, but are you doing this on purpose? What are you doing here? She asks why he is so angry. He tells her to put herself in his position. She tells him to do the same. They argue about their two points of view. He tells her that he can’t call her because she did not clear her position with him.

The other guy comes out and tells Joon-young that they are not done eating their dinner. Joon is all like, our dinner? Young-jae thanks him for eating with her, he smiles and tells her that he is happy that she used him like this (oh no he didn’t!). Then he walks off.

Joon tells Young-jae that he trusts her, he knows that she is not eating dinner with him like this because she likes him or that she is doing it on purpose. She tells him that she did it becuase she was angry. She wanted to be with him, that is why she made an appointment. But this important birthday, you don’t even call me. I dont’ understand it at all.

She walks away thinking about him talking about her important birthday and how he can’t understand why she was sitting there like this.

he is walking behind her thinking about how she said she did it because she was angry. She wanted to be with him and made a reservation, but he did not even call her. She did not understand it.

Young-jae gets home. Her brother asks how her meal was. He notices the mood and tells her that she ruined it because she got angry again.

Joon-young got home and just sits on his bed. His sistr comes in and tells him that he wanted something from others because he loves them, but you have to know the essence of it, that is the important thing.

Back at Young-jae’s place, she starts to give her brother a little haircut so he can see better to write better. He agrees. He also starts to tell her that all men are the same, they are timid and narrow minded and jealous. We are all the same. You can be happy again, just hug him. If he does it again, just leave him alone and pat him a little. If he is like a little kid, just let him be. When he is okay then you can adore him again.

She tells him that she wants to cut the back a little bit, he jokes with her that his inspiration is really coming out now.
Joon-young goes to work and looks serious and upset. His team thinks he must have really broken up with his girlfriend this time. But of course, they think about eating. Joon stands up and gives them money to go eat meat by themselves. He walks off. The police think that their boss is a poor guy, but they are happy that he gave them a lot of money.

At the salon, a gangster looking guy is very upset that his clothing got wet. He makes a big fuss and kicks over a lot of equipment and supplies at the salon. His friend also bothers the workers there.

Young-joon gets to the salon but sees Ho-chul outside. He might actually be going inside to see Ho-chul. But he hears a scream at the salon so he runs over there. He is able to put the main guy in an arm lock. Ho-chul is able to put the other one in an arm lock. So the two of them saved the day.

Cut to them all having lunch with Joo-ran as well. Joo-ran is so happy that they came to their rescue, so she is buying for everyone. They all toast to their drinks. Joon-young drinks all his in one go. The mood is also pretty strained. Joo-ran pulls Young-jae to the bathroom and asks her what is going on. But Young-jae says it is not what she thinks.

In the restaurant, Joon-young and Ho-chul kind of talk and apologize. But not really. Ho-chul takes a big drink and tells Joon-young that he likes Young-jae, it is one sided. Joon tries to hold his emotion back at hearing it. He asks him if he thinks he can just tell him that? Ho-chul explains that he will feel less like a coward to himself.

Joon-young drinks another big cup of alcohol. Then Ho-chul does the same. This could end badly. They keep drinking cup after cup over and over and over again. The situation is spiraling into comedy zone as they drink 3, 4, 5 bottles of beer as the other girls are in the bathroom.

The ladies come out and peek at the men, what are they doing? Joo-ran comments on Ho-chul’s sexy adams apple. But seh also tells Young-jae that she loves Joon young so she should apologize first. Young-jae agrees. Joo-ran says that she will leave now, she does not want her boyfriend to see know that she is having dinner with these two handsome men.
Young-jae sits at the table and tells them to stop drinking. At least eat the meat first. She tires to cut the meat, but the fellas are just drunk. Ho-chul starts to talk about how veggies are good to eat with oily meat, but hot pepper is especially good with its capsaisen that protects your stomach. Joon tells him it is just pepper, stop bragging about it. HC asks him if he likes peppers? Young-jae tells him that Joon does not eat spicy thing.

WHO SAID THAT! He grabs the pepper and eats it right away. The entire pepper. Young-joon looks concerned but Joon says he is fine. But he looks worse and worse and then passes out! They rush him to the emergency room. The doctor asks what is wrong? Suicide? Young joon tells him no, he ate spicy gochu!

Joon wakes up to Ho-chul who tells him why he passed out. His blood pressure went up too quickly due tot he spicy food. It is not common, but it happens. Joon fumbles out of the hospital, sad and embarrassed.

The polcie station is crowded and crazy. A young recruit is in looking at all the commotion. This person is Min Se-eun. One of the team members sees her and introduces himself, he tells her that she should talk to the team leader, Ohn Joon-young. Saeun goes to talk to him. She tells him that her chief wants to move a case to his department. She gives him the file. But she also looks at his desk that is so pretty and organized with flowers all around.

Joon mutters, thank you in a way to make Se-eun leave. Se-eun goes to her desk, her desk is very organized and has plant around, just like Joon-young’s. A woman comes out and asks her if the violent team was as scary as they say it is? Were you super surprised? Se-eun smiles. She is actually in the public complaint department.

Later on, Joon goes to Young-jae’s house, but she isn’t home. So she goes inside to talk to her brother. The brother waxes poetic about their love not being firey anymore. Joon thinks back to the book that Soo-jae was writing. He sits. Soo-jae starts to tell him that he has a main person, policeman A had a girlfriend but did not have a chance to call her so the girlfriend had dinner with someone else….you know what I am talking about right?

What should my policeman A do? He gives him a soju as they wait. But Joon-young says he is okay. Soo-jae looks at him for a moment and then wonders if he should mention it again? Joon-young wonders what he is talking about, but then remembers saying that he will do everything for Soo-jae. So he grabs the soju and drinks it.

Soo-jae is happy and starts to thin…should policeman A apologize….apologize…if that is so. Why, why, why, can’t he apologize? Joon keeps drinking shot after shot and then tells Soo-jae that he would like one more cup, please. He drinks another cup. Cut to a very flushed and drunk Joon-young. He drank 5 bottles of soju! He tells his hyung-nim that he will go home.
Soojae tells him to stay, Young-jae will come home soon. But Joon is stone drunk and about to pass out. he tells him that he can’t stay…because Young-jae is comming….I have to leave….I must leave……

He tries and tries and then gets to the door which is only like 4 feet away. it took him forever though. then he stands and turns to Soo-jae with a proud smile that he made it.

Joon-young wakes up right back inside the apartment and under a blanket. Soojae is right them with him. Joon asks what happened. Soo-jae says he has that same question. in Memento there is this like “We only remember what we want to” he gives him a coffee. Joon mutters that it’s good.

Flashback to that night that he stumbled away drunk. He muttered that he can’t forgive her as he walked around stumbling. Joon-young was right there and called his name. Joon sees her and hugs her right away. She asks him if he drank with Oppa? Joon says that he was not about to apologize and just leave. But Young-jae, you should know how much I love you! YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS. Someone yells to be quiet. Joon apologizes to them and tells them that this is an important moment!

She tries to pull him away but he tells her that he just wants to hug her so he does. It is hard for her to pull him inside.

Inside, Joon is Kavanough level passed out but manages to mutter an apologie on the couch, drunk. She tells him that she is sorry that she did not apologize to him soon enough. Then she tucks him in.

At work, Joon smiled at her desk as she thought about it.

At the plastic surgeons, Ho-chul meets a woman who he is uncomfortable with seeing. He doesn’t even look her in the face as they sip their tea. But they are nice to each other. She tells him that he changed, his hair. She also starts to talk about how she will be at his friends wedding. She wanted to tell him that just in case it would be awkward. She also asked him if he is dating anyone. he says he has someone. The woman smiles and asks if she can see that person and say hi? Ho-chul looksuncomfortable and nods.

Elsewhere, Sang-hyun is off flirting with another girlfriend and buying her things. But the girlfriend does not want him to buy it for her. He tells her that he would be happy to buy it for her. But she goes outside and says that she wants a sale item. Sang-hyun wonders if he should break up with her.

At work, Ri-won talks to Sang-hyun’s dad about the business model and how their is a profit this month and all those things. Appa is happy that this part-timer is really different from her son. He likes her a lot. Sang-hyun is a more than annoyed.
Young-jae gives a test to all their employees. it looks like it might be for internal promotions. Only one girl fails. Young-jae asks her if she knows what her problem was. The woman says that she dropped her scissors. YJ tells her that this is not a problem, that was a mistake. the real problem was that seh died the woman with two tones that is very noticable. She cannot charge money to customers.

The woman starts crying. Young-jae tells her not to cry, you need to change your personality. You want to be successful before all your friends that went to college. If you do this then you will not be successful, think of your friends spending all their time and money on college. We are going to norebang, you can’t go with us. The woman says that she wants to go with them.

young-jae goes home and sees a note from Joon-young.

Note: Sorry for the late birthday gift and sorry for my hangover. – bandaegi sogaldacchi (small hearted man)

Young-jae smiles and opens her gift. It is a necklace that Joon did not give her the last time. She takes a photo with it on and sends it to Joon. he smiles happily at his text message photos and giggles as he looks at all the photos over and over again. then he decides to call.

She answers right away and tells him that he is a drunk guy, are you okay now? I was so embarrassed, I should move. But you sound okay now. Should I make you not angry anymore? He tells her that he won’t be angry anymore and asks if she ate. But he has to get off the phone quickly for something work related.

Young-jae is happy and answers the phone when it rings, thinking it is Joon, but it is actually Ho-chul. He says she must be back with her boyfriend, are you busy? She tells him that she cannot hang out with him becuase she does not want to make her boyfriend upset. CLICK

Young-jae ends up going to the wedding anyway, it looks like they are there to do the hair of the bride or bridal party. She has the one girl that failed her test with her. Both are happy to be there.
Ho-chul shows up at the wedding so the two bump into each other as they walk around. They are friendly and talk about how this is a big coincidence. But then the ex-wife pleasantly walks up with her new man. She politely greets Ho-chul and introduces her husband. Young-jae kind of feels something going on between the two of them so she greets the wife as well.

Later on, they walk around. She tells HC that she wanted to use her so that he did not use pitiful to his ex-wife. he comes clean and says that is why. He did not know that he was still a loser like this, he thought everything was fine. He tells her that his ex-wife was a cellist. they got married becuase he thought she was cool as a cellist. But after getting married I wanted her to be a wife and not a cellist. I became a doctor so we didn’t see each other and fought all the time. I was a bad guy.

He knows well now, the relationship fails if he wants something from the other person. Young-jae tells him that he became an adult after getting divorced. They decide to grab an icecream from a shop and then continue walking around this market area. It kind of turns into a date because this area they walk around at is active with street musicians and carts and people walking around.

They end up listening to a song that is a song from Moulan Rouge. HC says he promised his ex-wife that he would sing it at his wedding. But he couldn’t because it was embarrassing. YJ tells him that he should feel sorry. He says that he does, he feels sorry to her and to himself that could not sing it for her. He ends up sitting on the ground, so Young-jae sits as well (a bit reluctantly at first). She smiles though and enjoys the song.

Youong-jae wakes up groggily and hazily looks at the clock. She’s late! She hops up and runs to get ready. Joon calls so she picks up and tells him that she is late! there is a lot of traffic! He asks if he should pick her up?

This is important because this is for her interview. She walks to the door for her shoes, but she also stops to tie her brothers shoe-laces on his shoes. Then she runs out. But the elevator is broken again. Sh emutters about it being broken all the time and runs out.

Joon drives up at that time with a motorcycle and tells her that he borrowed it from another detective. Then he gives her a coffee and tells her that she is numb all day if she does not drink it. Let’s go!

They drive off.

VO – I am nothing, but when I am with Joon-yoing I feel like a special person. that is why I am the happiest person.

Joon asks if she is nervous? that is why you didnt sleep well. But if you can’t do it then you would say no. Young-jae says that you should say you are busy. Hold on tight.

They end up getting stuck in traffic, Joon does not do illegal things even though all the other motorists are cutting all through the traffic. Young tells him to do it but he says that it is a 40 point deduction! She says that they should take the sidewalk but he says it is a 10 point deduction and fine!

Young-jae is worried that they will be late, but he says she won’t. they end up getting there in enough time and popo and saranghae as she runs off.

At home, Soojae calls all the publishers that he sent his book too. All of them say that his project is not good for them. But one of them says that they did not receive it. Soo-jae stutters as he tells them that he can give it to them.

he ends up going to the business to give it to them. The man receives it and apologizes for losing it. he also gives him a coffee for coming all the way over there. But the PD is pulled away to another person. However, Soo-jae sees that they actually did receive his script, but it was used as a ramen tray and not looked at.

He leaves, stone hearted, and goes to the bus stop. A little kid is curious about him but the mother tells the boy not to stare at him like that. So Soo-jae keeps sitting alone as the bus comes up.
The concept of this magazine is “The Person That Makes Stars.” Young-jae looks pretty happy to be the one that ets her hair done. She goes to the shoot area, but looks a bit uncomfortable to be in front of the camera. They tell her that she should sit on the bench and wait for someone while looking sexy.

Young-jae is not all that great at it so they tell her to relax. It is just like you are waiting for someone. They take a break and look at the photos. The camera man tells her to stand up and smile. Now, Young-jae starts to loosen up a bit and the shoot becomes fun. The photographer starts to get into it a lot more too.

At work, Joon young tells the cafateria people that they have good side dishes, this is a great menu! the cafeteria lady just looks at him sideways as she gives him the food. His team members also think that he must be back with his girlfriend.

The chubby teammate lets Se-eun and the other woman officer cut in front of him in line. They all sit at the table together. Joon-young thinks the food is salty and adds water to ti. Se-eun does the same thing. The older teammate notices and says that they are the same. Poeple think your taste is not important, but you shuold marry the person with the same taste. (Lol, the chubby guy has so much food on his plate). The chubby guy is not happy that Se-eun is being coupled with Joon-young so he tells everyone that everyone adds water to their food!

Back at the magazine, the interviewer asks her last question, what hairstyle will be popular this fall? YJ says that you have to find your own style. Everyone has their own match. The interviewer says it is like dating, are you a good match with him. YJ laughs and says no, but dn’t include that, he will not like it. She asks the interviewer if she is a good match with hers. The interviewer says that people say when you spend time together then you become similar, but I don’t think that happens. Similar people should date from the begining. They both laugh.

Later on, Young jae goes back to the makeup room and sits by herself. She looks in the mirror and thinks, then checks all the text messages that Joon sent her.

Did you drink the coffee?
Are you doing okay?
I believe in you!
Dont be nervous
Young-jae, fighting!
You finish late.
Did you eat?

She smiles and calls him to let him know that she just finished. He asks how it was, it was really difficult right? I told you I didn’t want you to do it. She smiles and says it was hard, her feels hurt from the heels. But thank you for brigning me.

They both laugh.

VO – I am nothing, but when I am with Joon-young, I become a special person. Why wasn’t I more thankful for the everyday mundane things?

She keeps smiling as she talks to him.

Fade Out

Okay, I love that they are back on even footing now. One thing I really love about this show is that Young-jae is not the one that stays quiet and makes the situation worse. That is so aggravating in Kdrama’s. Of course it is also annoying that Joon-young is doing it, but he seems to come back around once Young-jae sincerely apologizes to him for whatever happened to make him upset.

Speaeking of Young-jae, it was so great when she basically hung up on Ho-chul because he wanted to spen time with her. She was upfront and said that Joon-young would not like it. Unfortunately, she hung out with him later on due to fate like situations. That could have ended badly if Joon walked up on them. But I think that scene was only to show us easy a fit Ho-chul and Young-jae are.

But now we have this extra woman, Min Se-eun! In our character sheet, she is supposed to be Joon-young’s love interest. She is also adorable and exactly like Joon-young in every way imaginable. They are really a perfect match. I don’t know if Joon will start to care for her, but I can see Young-jae getting upset if she sees Joon with her. Even if he does not mean it in a malicious way. But that will be a little taste of Young-jae’s own medicine actually.

I also really enjoy the brother, Soo-jae. I wonder if he is actually a good writer or if he is a terrible writer. Or maybe his writing style would be best for a makjang? It sounds makjang ish whenever we hear clips about it. His story (that he is writing) also makes me think that he might actually get it published at the end of this drama and that this story might be called The Third Charm. Could it be what brings Joon-young and Young-jae back together in the end? For instance, could Soo-jae tour with his book so Youngjae goes along and they meet Joon-young somewhere (poster image). I’m curious about that.

YJ – I am going to spread the magazine everywhere at the police station when it comes out. Of course, because you are my girlfriend, I should brag about it!
Men – team leader! Your girlfriend it great!
JY – This is not just a pictorial , it is an adult pictorial!
YJ – You jealous bandaengi sogaldaecchi. Why did I even date you at lunch?
YJ – I came here because I want to see you.
YJ – Jealously and bandaengi sogaldecchi is his attractive point.
JY – Check his face and then go to the restroom and call me.
SE – Yes, he is the guy.
JY – Gamoolchi! (The gangsters knickname)

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  1. Rose
    October 19, 2018 / 11:31 am

    I love that this episode is a feel good episode. I guess this is not yet the 2nd break-up. What happened is more like a lovers quarrel. If i read inbetween the recap and clips, if there will be major reason for their 2nd break-up it will be their careers, especially YJs, who looks like will soon be famous and will be surounded most probably with men, which will fuel JYs jealousy (here i am again with my theories, i apologize in advance, i just like sharing my theories 😅 )

    Anyways, thank you again V for the recap. I just hope the sub wont be like Terius that it came out really late coz they were both from drama fever (i hate you dramafever! Now i have to wait like 12hrs for the sub to come out! 😪)

    • V
      October 19, 2018 / 12:34 pm

      I love this theory and I think it makes sense! The show has already established that Joon-young gets extra jealous and disappears for days on end due to that jealousy. They also established that Young-jae is amazing at her job, though she is hidden amazing. After this magazine comes out she might start to get some big names coming to call on her. Perhaps she could even go overseas for a few jobs.

      In addition to that, the drama also established two other love interests that match perfectly with our leads. So when the main relationship starts to get hard, I can see the leads turning to their other colleague/person just because they are so similar.

      This drama is so wonderful, I wish more people were watching it.

      • Rose
        October 19, 2018 / 12:47 pm

        Yup, those 2 other love interests will surely add up to their 2nd break-up. And i do also think that YJ will have to work overseas basing on the poster, coz it looks like it was shot somewhere in Europe (the one with the train behind JY and YJ while they are walking)

        • V
          October 19, 2018 / 1:26 pm

          I was thinking about that Poster, too. Is that Prague? I also think that he is the one to initiate the breakup because she does not look that thrilled to see him.

          • Rose
            October 19, 2018 / 8:00 pm

            Im not sure where is that. But it doesnt look like its in korea (unless its a studio or something)

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