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The Third Charm Kdrama Live Recap Episode 6

Seo Kang Joon stares at Esom on a subway
Joon-young, Joon-young, Joon-young…will that moment from 7 years ago repeat itself and haunt you once again? I feel like yesterdays behind the scenes debacle was really a rewind but with adult stakes. In the past, they were friends at a club, but that moment was very important to them in that part of their life. Today, they are adults at a fashion show, and this moment is also very important in their life. The arrangements are different, but the situation is the same. Young-jae and So-hee got into it and Joon-young did not help Young-jae afterwards.

But this time, another man did, a man that Joon-young was already jealous of and whom everyone says is his better. Now that we know their personalities and what drives the characters a bit more, we know that Young-jae has a tolerance level for nonsense. It appears to be high. But when that tolerance is hit, she is done. In this case, that tolerance level will be Joon-young and his pettiness. Will she be able to stand it?

But do we expect a break up this episode? Things have been happening quickly in this drama (ie, a lot of rules of dramaland have been thrown out) which makes me think that a break up is coming today. But perhaps they can squeeze it out another week? I mean, this is a 16 episode drama right?

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Joon-young runs to the backstage area. He sees everyone standing in the makeup area and wonders what is going on. then he sees Young-jae on the ground. Ho-chul helps her up and tells her that her bon is fine, just sprained, but perhaps she should go to the hospital for a massage. Joon-young looks on in jealously but tries to hold it in. he hears Ho-chul tell her that he likes her. She tells him that she has a boyfriend. He smiles and says he thought that an attractiv woman like her would have a boyfriend, he likes her as a person.

Ho-chul wants to help her tie her shoes, but Young-jae says she ca do it. Joon-young comes up at that moment and introduces himself to Ho-chul, though they both remember their first meeting at the gas station. Joon-young ends up driving Young-jae home. he tells her that she should go to the hospital. She tells him that she is fine and asks him how the shoe was? She feels so good about it.

Joon-young just thinks back to Ho-chul telling Young-jae that he came there to see her. So he tells her that she looked happy today. YJ tells him that she feels like she accomplished something big since she was the head designer for this big house. They can do everything they want to do now. They can go on an overnight trip. He tells her that they shuold do it. He will plan it.

Cut to Young-jae with her team, they all celebrate the achievement as they walk the streets together. Joo-ran is also very happy and tells Joon-young he will kiss Young-jae okay? He is all like, okay…but he does not look all that eiager to celebrate and is the only one dragging his feet inside the club.

But he comes out a moment later and sits in the courtyard area. It looks like he has thoughts. Joon-young calls his name which makes him perk up as if nothing is wrong. She asks him what he is doing out there. he tells her that he is just getting fresh air, he will be in soon. But his demeanor falls when she goes back inside.

The doctor is also thinking as he drives home. He wonders, do I like her? Do I? As he thinks about the moment he told her that he liked her.

Back at the bar, Young-jae peaks back outside and sees that Joon-young is gone. She calls him but then she sees a text from him. He tells her that he is sorry he did not tell her but he had to leave due to a case. Don’t worry about me and enjoy the party.

Joon-young cleans his place.

VO – Young-jae said that she had a boyfriend. i also showed myself and said that I am the boyfriend, but what is this feeling. What is the cause of this feeling?

he scrubs manically. His sister is behind him and tells him that he is pissed off again. Why did he cancel all those over night plans and clean the house instead? He yells, how did you know! She tells him that she saw that he searched all the condos and pensions around the sea port. YOU SEARCHED MY COMPUTER AGAIN? She tells him that he is not going to call her first. Not because he has great pride but because his heart is bandaengi sogadechi (so narrow).

He tells her not to cut her toenails in his room. She just says that she will call him first, but that does not mean that she loves him more, it is just because of personality. Cut to Yoyng-jae calling as soon as the sister finished saying that. She tells him that he didn’t tell her anything, how can he just leave? How was the cae? How come you didn’t call me this weekend? Did you make all the plans?

He thinks….ah….plans….I don’t have time on the weekend, I have so many cases. She asks where he is and he lies and says he is at the polcie station. But his sister comes in and yells that she wants to eat ramen, do you want to eat ramen? If so then make me some too.

He is busted. Young-jae mutters, okay, you are at the polcie station? Bye.

They hang up with a flustered Joon-young.

Elsewhere, Joo-ran watches this new man (who had the cute dog) rock climb.
Then he teaches her how to do it. She is so happy to be instructed by him (and touched by him) as he helps her climb the rock wall. Afterward, they go to a dog cafe where dogs run around inside the cafe happily. But he cannot eat what he wants because he has a competition. he tells her to eat.

But it looks like Joo-ran cannot eat with all thee dogs around. he asks if she likes dogs? She says yes so he tells her that is good, his ex did not like dogs at all. He also likes that she likes to sweat, his ideal woman likes dogs and exercise. Joo-ran tells him that is her, hahaha. But afterward, she barely is able to hobble into her place as she gets out all the icy hot patches and painstakingly puts them all over her body. Poor thing.

At home, Young-jae is pissed. She thinks back to Ho-chul telling her that he liked her and then Joon-ran walking up to them. She wonders, maybe he heard it? But she shakes the thought away and starts to check on her cut as she mutters, i wonder if there is a scar here. But there is a ring at the door at the same time so she yells for her brother to get it.

It is So-hee who looks at conceited as ever. They end up going out for a drink on the street. So-hee tells her that everyone talks bad about her behind her back, why are you so confident? I really hate you. Do you think, with your career, that is makes sense for someone like you to take that big job? I recommended you for something bigger than you can handle. You should complain and when I yell at you, you should go home. I wanted you to know who you were, But you didn’t give up. Lee Young-jae, chalata (good job).

Young-jae asks why she is there. So-hee tells her it is because of Chae Ho-chul. I thought he was the same level as me, but he went after you so he is your level. Do you think I would get hurt byt hat? You are not important to me, F-you. Young-jae tries to pout So-hee a sdrink, but So-hee just pours her own. So-hee tells her that she came there to tell her that she is an a-hole to her. Whatever you do, I don’t care because I will be famous anyway.

Young-jae asks her, I thought you were a vegetarian? (she must be eating meat). You live your life hard. She walks her to her managers car and waits as she drives away. (it looks like they might have formed a strange friendship just now).
Young-jae goes to Joo-rans and talks about So-hee. She tells her that it is a bit understandable, she did not realize how much she hurt her pride in high school and at other times. I was against her all the time. Joo-ran says that she has never been that pretty so she does not understand. But Young-jae tells her that she is pretty too. They both smile and get into making a lunch for the new guy. Young-jae wants her to be herself, but Joo-ran says that no man wants her to be herself. When she shows her natural self, all the men pass me by. Men only like those women who are pretty-pretty all the time.

She starts to talk about her “iron-man” he has an iron man chest and maybe he has an iron man……thingyyyyyyy. AHOOHAAA. Young-jae tells her that she met the perfect man, he is so perfect that he is not even human. Joo-ran asks her why she is not seeing her boyfriend and sleeping over there. Cut to them with face masks on. Joo-ran says that every man would be upset at another man hitting on their woman. have you made a lunch box for him? Never. Joo-ran tells her that she is too confident. He does everything for you. Don’t you know give and take?

Young-jae thinks about this and says that she gives love. Joo-ran talks about her Iron man and says that he isa happy man. Cut to the two of them looking at Iron-man the next day as he runs around with his dog next to the rock wall. Young-jae agrees that he is handsome. Go ahead.

Joo-ran sits with her iron man otuside and shows him the lunsh she made for him. She tells him that she eats like this all the time at home and hopes he enjoyes it as well. He takes a bite and says that it is really good!

Elsewhere, the plastic surgeon plays tenis with his friends. His friends complain that he is too busy, they all have to tell him that someone is getting married and then he will come play with them. Hilariously, his friends are all ajusshi looking men. So of course the girls around flirt with ho-chul. After playing, they all take a break and talk about how Ho-chul’s body is too tight at his age. they also ask him if he has met a woman recently, it is two years since his divorce. Your wife divorced you though so no one will date you. Who is the woman? But Ho-chul says it is a secret.

Cut to Young-jae walking up the street. She stops to read a sign. Meanwhile, her brother is sitting in his cafe van as he looks at the street police giving tickets to street vendors. He thinks that maybe they might give him a break due to his legs, maybe he can get a pass? it is a hot day after all. Maybe I can do that? He goes over to the officers and gives them a cold drink, then goes back to his van.

Joon-young is at home gardening. His sister is laying out on the pyongyang and his father is dying his mothers hair outside. It looks peaceful, but then Young-jae shows up peaking her head through the door.

Everyones heads turn to Young-jae. Joon-young’s eyes grow wide and the parents look very happy. Young-jae smiles at them all. Cut to Joon-young washing one leaf at a time inside the house as Joon-young talks to his family outside. They tell her that she is dating this picky guy. Umma also tells her husband to stop eating all the garlic. He tells her that it is for man power but she says not to breath on her when they sleep. They comment about how long Joon-young will wash the lettuce.

he comes out at that moment just as appa says that this food will takes good becuase Joon’s girlfriend brought it. Young-jae tells appa that she will cut the samgyupsal. They all talk about how her hand strength is great since she is a hairdresser. She tells them all to come by her salon, she can do their hair.

It is a nice family moment, but Joon is still not talking to Young-jae. Afterward, he gives her a ride home. In the car she tells him that she did not tell him because he might not have liked it. He tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong, he was just not happy. It is all about him.

She says okay, okay, okay. If you don’t want to say it then you don’t have to say it. But why are you so complicated all the time? She sighs and looks out the window. he is a bit upset and says that he will tell her.

JY – I had to park my car again, that is what made him support you. And I saw you and him smiling at each other. What do I do, why is he over there? that is what made me mad.

YJ – He did not do anything wrong, he just helped me.

JY – Are you on his side?

YJ – Just stop here.

JY – You stop, you know how I feel but you are on his side?

Y – how come you are so bandaengi sogaldechi? (smart hearted) That is nothing, it just happened.

J – Why is everything so simple and easy?

Y – Stop the car.

J – Fine, I will stop the car over there!

She gets out right away and starts walking away. he yells, YAY, after her and then unbuckles his seat. Then he walks after her.

VO – You loser, Young-jae is right. I can’t stop myself even though I am the loser. I am bandaegi sogaldachi. I am a super loser.

He gets back in his car and drives off. She goes to Han Gang river park as he drives away.
Jo-ran is in the bathroom and says that she did not expect this moment so soon. Why is my underwear so plain today? She sprays a lot of perfume and mouth freshner and then walks back inside his place. This mans place is very clean and organized with a lot of awards all around. he comes out and tells her that he did not have a guest for awhile so he did not prepare that much. They toast wine on the couch as Halo plays in the background.

He kisses her softly. She is so happy to be kissed. He lightly pushes her against the couch so they can keep kissing, but the dog comes in and starts licking her leg which ruins the mood a little bit. But Joo-ran wants to keep kissing so she tries to shoo the dog away. Ironman notices his little princess and thinks she might be jealous so maybe they shuold stop. He picks up his little princess and apologizes to her a lot, appa is sorry, so sorry~.

At home, Soo-ja writes his novel but takes a break to go to the living room for a drink. After his drink, he is about to go back to his room, but notices his sister looking out the window. He goes next to her and asks if she is not going to sleep. She quietly asks why he cremated mom and dad, if she has a question then she cannot ask them.

He says they needed money to bury them in the land. Esom says that they should haev lived longer, she could have bought a house and lived longer. Oppa wonders if something happened. She asks how their parents relationship was, she does not remember. He tells her that they had a good relationship, that is why they died at the same time on the same day. Esom thinks, maybe if they were still alive they might have blamed themselves and gotten divorced at some point. Oppa does not know. Esom asks why men and woman are together if they fight all the time. It is just a cycle over and over again.

Oppa says that is dating. Esom asks if her brother every thinks about those things and their parents? He doesn’t say anything and just sighs as he looks out the window.

Joon-young sits in at a meeting, but he does not look like he is paying attention to it. The meeting is all about crimes that go on around the city. Most of them are small crimes so the team leaders are being evaluated about them. Joon-young’s team is #1 this evaluation. They dont have any complaints and his report is so meticulous so they don’t have any requests to investigate further.

Joon-young goes back to his teams office and looks at his calender, Young-jae’s birthday is coming up on the 1st. His partner talks to him about catching criminals and about how they should go to dinner. he agrees. But then Joon-young gets a call, he has to leave right away. The team all look at him, no more dinner for them.

Cut to SOo-jae holding his van. It looks like his car might be broken? He talks to his car sadly about how it is their fate. Another man tells him that they should go, but Soo-jae just holds his hand up and talks to his van. Joon-young walks up at that moment. Ah, it looks like Soo-jae sold his car. Joon-young asks why he did so Soo-jae tells him a proverb from a movie about how loving someone or something does not mean that they shuold be next to you all the time. You cannot stop the wind even if you love the wind.

So he tells Joon-young that he will just repay the money he owes him. Joon-young tells him that it is good because his job was super duper illegal, it bothered him a lot actually. Ah, this is good! he stretches as if a weight has been lifted.

Cut to Joon-young and Soo-jae walking to the grocery store. Soo-jae yells at him abotu Joon-youngs birthday, he needs to prepare!

Montage of the two of them shopping at the grocery store
The brother ends up paying for it all, reluctantly, lol.

Joon-young takes him home and helps him get inside with the packages, but then they see that the elevator is broken. Joon-young tells him to hop on his back, he has good muscles, hyung-nim! Hurry!

Hyung-nim looks reluctant, but he hops on Joon-youngs back. Joon-young walks sturdyly up the steps. Soo-jae tells him that the scariest thing to him is that he will become a burden to Young-jae, not how people look at him. And now he feels kind of bad that he is a burden to Joon-young as well. But Joon-young tells him that he is okay.

He runs back to the elevator and gets all the groceries. Upstairs, they both cut the groceries. Soo-jae talks to him about trying to make money. He wonders if he can under his circumstances. He also never made his sister a birthday dinner after his injury. He starts to tear up but blames it on the onions.

Later on, Young-jae comes home. Soo-jae is on the couch with his computer. he tells Young-jae that he sold his coffee truck. She thinks for a moment and then tells him, okaaaaaay, writer Lee, you should finish your book instead. He says he will work on it so it will make them money. But she tells him not to think about making money, lets just eat.

Soo-jae tells her that Joon-young made all the food. he knows what you like more than me. he even added clams. I told him to wait for you, but he said he has a case and left. But it seems like he does not have anything to do tonight. Youngjae goes to the table and sees this amazing spread of food under a cover. Soo-jae tells her to call him. She says she will.

At home, Joon-young thinks about calling Young-jae, but he does not and falls back on his bed instead.
The next day, Young-jae talks to her team while at work. Joo-ran mentions the fashion designer magazine thing. That magazine wants you to have an INTERVIEW!!!! OF YOU!!!!! They want to have a pictorial of you for a special edition! Everyone is exited about that. Joo-ran sits with her and tells her not to betray her. If she is scouted, I will give you 100 more. This is the best birthday present!

At work, Joon-young holds a case that looks like it could be a ring case. He thinks that this is a good excuse to call her, but why can’t you call her? being #1 at the police station does not matter since I am a loser at dating.

But he is pulled out of his thoughts by his partner who asks if they are going to eat today? the team all look at joon. Joon thinks for a moment and tells them, lets go.

At work, the entire salon gives Joon-young a lot of gifts for her birthday. Joo-ran tells them that her boyfriend should make the best plans for her, so lets let them date. Let’s go home since we have no boyfriends or girlfriends. They all leave. Joo-ran tells Young-jae not to play too hard since the summer nights are long. Young-jae smiles and thanks her, but her face falls when she looks at her phone. Joon is not calling.

At that same time, Ho-chul leaves work and sees all the salon employees leaving at the same time. he looks at the salon and sees Young-jae by herself. Inside, Young-jae talks to her brother about not worrying about her, it is normal for kids to fight (she might be talking about her and Joon). They hang up at the same time that Ho-chul comes in.

Elsewhere, Sang-hyun sits at a very nice restaurant with a pretty woman. She asks if he has ever brought another woman there before? he says that he is there with her now, that is important. they toast and drink wine. Young-jae comes in with Ho-chul at that moment. She is the one with the reservation.

Sang-hyun sees her with Ho-chul and hides his face.

Meanwhile, Joon walks with his team as they try to find a place to eat. They want him to pay for a good spot since he got a raise/bonus. They found a place and want him to go inside, but Joon gets a call at that moment from Sang-hyun. he has to leave. The poor cops are left with no food once again. They dont eat and just smell the food instead.
At the nice restaurant, Sang-hyun sends his date a message to come outside. She goes outside to meet him and tells him that they did not eat dessert yet. He tells her that it will be scary here soon, so lets eat our dessert at a better place. Lets go.

Inside, Young-jae sits and eats with ho-chul, but she is very bummed. He tells her that her food will not digest with all that anger that she has. He is being a bad guy leaving his girlfriend all alone. She tells him that she reserved this place to go there with her boyfriend, but he has a case.

Meanwhile, Joon-young races the street to get to her.

VO – It wasn’t the apology or asking to get back together, the thing that moved me was anger – just anger.

In the restaurant, Ho-chul tells her that she looks at her cell phone more than she talks to him. Did you have an argument? It is not that you are just busy. Do you like him a lot? She says of course and smiles. he is her boyfriend. Ho-chul tells her that is enough. They toast just as Jooon-young comes in. he calls her.

She looks at it. Ho-chul tells her that she has the phone call that she waited for all day. You shuld take it. She takes it. Joon asks her where she is, she says she is eating. He tells her to come out so they can talk. She looks around and sees him standing there byt he door, very upset. he looks at her and then at ho-chul.

j – What are you doing?

Y – What?

J – What are you doing here?

Y – eating dinner.

J – I know that. Are you ding this on purpose? Why are you doing it here?

Y – Why are you so angry?

J – Put yourself in my shoes. For my birthday I am eating dinner with another woman and you saw me. Wouldn’t you get angry?

Y – Of course, but you shuld put yourself in my place. On your birthday I don’t call you. You arent sad?

J – Of course I wuold be sad, but I canot call you because you didnt clear it up and mad me jealous and suspicious.

Y – Okay, so you dont’ trust me?

J – Dont’ trust you?

But then Ho-chul comes out and tells Joon that they did not finish their dinner yet.

J – Our dinner?

he looks at Ho-chul as if he wants to punch him. His eyes are red.

Fade Out

The break up is nigh. Joon-young is jealous and doing jealous things. Young-jae is doing all the wrong things as well, even though she does not mean them in the way that Joon-young takes it. They both do little things to make up for it, but they never completely clear the air between them.

In all honesty, she knows the type of guy that she is dating. He does everything for her and is jealous and heartbroken easily. So just don’t wash another mans hair okay?

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  1. Lily
    October 13, 2018 / 10:31 am


  2. Rose
    October 13, 2018 / 10:45 am

    If you ask me, the most annoying one here is the dr. Im pretty sure he sensed that there is something wrong and then he goes out there saying “we havent finished our dinner” in joon-youngs face, like he’s doing it in purpose so the misunderstanding gets worst, and he’ll have a chance to steal the girl! I hate people who pretends to be a good guy 😕

    • Anonymous
      October 13, 2018 / 11:39 am


    • V
      October 13, 2018 / 2:53 pm

      Right! That was uncalled for and completely moves him into bad guy territory.

  3. missjb
    October 13, 2018 / 10:45 am

    Solid episode for the third week. Thank you and forgive me for doubting You writers.. Believable build up for their conflict. Good acting Performances by Kang Joon. I though he would be waste here…. This drama remind me so much like A Fairy Tale… Off course I’m still think Like A Fairy tale is a better drama, SInce the directing is better and Both lead actor sell it, While in this, I only like Kang Joon and 2nd male lead performances among the lead. Let’s see how it’s goes.

  4. Rocat
    October 14, 2018 / 2:26 am

    Hehe…I was reading your recap and spotted this right after Jooran’s iron man rant …I was so amused.

    ‘Elsewhere, the plastic surgeon plays tenis with his friends.’

    Were you thinking of something else? Or was I? 😂

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 12:23 pm

      LOL, OMG. 😳😂

  5. Anonymous
    October 15, 2018 / 3:58 am

    am sure ho chul knew they were arguing before coming and saying we have nt finish our dinner.young jae is also at fault she doesn,t knw hw to express herself and joon young really likes her

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