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The Third Charm Kdrama Live Recap Episode 5

Esom huggs Seo Kang Joon in Korean Drama The Third Charm
Trouble is definitely brewing for our couple. Joon-young has his first taste of jealousy and distrust in Young-jae. At the same time, Young-jae has a lot of work related stress due to So-hee, aka that girl that gave her the worst humiliation of her life. It would be nice to have a bit of strength in her relationship, but I don’t think that Joon-young is going to give that to her. Hopefully he does though, I want the summer part of their romance to last!

We are working on another drama food post for later on today! This one will be ddukbokki which is very The Third Charm related. Just in case you didn’t notice, ddukbokki is that very spicy treat that Young-jae loves and Joon-young tries to eat for love. Hopefully we can have it up by the lunch hour.

*Update* Drama Food: Spicy Ddukbogi!

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Ho-chul asks why he walked around like that before. It is after his hair do. Young-jae tells him that he knows he looks handsome, he was walking around like that because of his look. he laughs and thanks her for making him polished. She tells him that he smiles a lot. He says that smiling is good for his customers. Then he goes to pay for it.

He pays, but there is a moment were Ho-chul looks at her and a song starts to play. She asks if she has something on her face? He says she has a piece of his hair, then he leans in and starts to kiss her (kiss me darling tonight plays). But we find out that this is actually Joon-young’s imagination as his sister looks at him like he is crazy.

Back at the salon, Young-jae calls Joon-young. He is upset as he drives and does not answer the phone from Young-jae, it is a bit of a temper tantrum. The next day, he is cranky to everyone at work. He talks about all the mistakes they are making in the words they write. This is an official letter! People won’t trust us, okay! And, this long sentence has to be cut, okay! Do you want to just kill someone by reading it?

They start correcting their sentences and wondering what is going on with Joon-young. In the cafeteria Joon-young complains about the soup being so salty, why is there so much sodium! is it only me? Only me? THE NAMUL IS NOT SEASONED. THERE ARE ONLY CARBS HERE. CARBS, CARBS, CARBS. The women in the kitchen laugh and complain about how single men are so cranky and picky, noone will want to live with a man like that.

At the salon, a customer complains about his short haircut. He thinks the hairdresser made him look like a gangster and not Won Bin. So he gives the male hairdresser (barber?) a hard time. He goes back and complains to the owner who tries to comfort him a bit. Young-jae is there as well. They both look on the news where Ho-chul is on the tv.

Young-jae is all like, what is he doing there? Joo-ran tells her that he is a famous surgeon. On the news he talks about how he got a nice haircut at this salon. Everyone should go to that salon and get a hairdresser. And thank you hair dresser for giving me this plastic surgery like haircut late at night.
Meanwhile, Joon-young eats with his team out. One of the team mates thinks that it is bad news for his girl to do someones hair late at night. That is bad news. Joon-young is so upset that he wants to cry, but then his partner tells him that it might not be so bad and tries to cheer him up (as his angel) but the chubby one tries to speak the truth (devil). Joon-young tries to listen the angel who tells him to trust him but the devil tells him that she will betray him if he trusts her. You have seen this alot in our line of work. Ou specialty is undercover.

So Joon-young goes undercover and stakes out the salon. He watches Young-jae leave the salon, but then she calls him so he thinks for a moment and picks it up. She asks him why he did not pick up his phone. What are you doing tonight? He says he was working and right now he is undercover. He is catching a sinner.

Just then, Ho-chul drives up. Joon-young thinks that this guy is coming when customer aren’t there! But he passes the salon and keeps driving. Joon-young starts following him and thinks tha this guy drives a nice car…and imported car? Does he need it to catch women? Is he saving money by filling gas himself?

Joon-young starts filling gas at the same place. But he keeps looking at Ho-chul so Ho-chul goes up to him and asks him if he knows him. Joon flashes his badge and tells him that he is a detective that is following a very bad criminal. Can I see your ID? Ho-chul goes back to his car (to get his ID?).

Cut to Joon talking to his best friend about this. He jokes that Ho-chul is a conman, but then says that Joon is not a match to that plastic surgeon. He is a meat eater, you are a grass eater; He is a lion, you are sloth; he will just eat you. You are not a match. It is difficult for vegetarians like you in this world. DOn’t try to do anything, just let nature decide.

He goes to her workplace but does not go inside.

VO – I know Young-jae well. She practiced hard until late.

He follows Young-jae as she walks home late at night.

VO – When the subway runs, she never takes a taxi, even when she is super tired.

On the subway platform, Young-jae is so tired.

VO – When she yawns, she never covers her mouth. I know that very well.

She texts Joon and tells him that they have not seen each other in 4 days. I miss you. Why don’t you text me back even though you read them? I will kill you.

VO – I know her well and I trust her, but I did not want to answer.

He keeps watching Young-jae sit there. But then a drunk halbae walks up as if he will throw up on her. Joon looks concerned but the moment passes and she is not thrown up on.

On the subway, she looks very tired, she wants to sit but is not able to. Joon only thinks about having Young-jae sit. Finally another seat becomes available. A man by Joon moves to sit so he grabs that mans hand aggressively so that Young-jae can sit. Then he tells the man that he thought he was his friend, ah, where is my friend.

But he is very happy that she got to sit. However, he noticed that she left her portfolio. He gets off the subway and runs to the opposite track so he can ride another subway back to get it. Two other people found it so Seo-joon has to run after them. He is so happy when he finds it.

However, Young-jae discovers that she lost her portfolio, her stress builds. She goes to work the next day, full of stress. her friend tells her that she should make everything digital, that is too old fashioned. But her friend is concerned. Just then, she gets a package delivery, it is her portfolio! happy music plays as she hugs her portfolio and talks about an angel delivering it to her.

Meanwhile, SO-hee is at Ho-chul’s surgery clinic arguing with someone over the phone. But she stops when Ho-chul comes in. Ho-chul heard her though. Outside, the nurses complain about So-hee, she is so rude and knitpicky even though she is not getting surgery here. But she wants to be a surgery wife. She is hitting on our boss.

Cut to So-hee talking to Ho-chul. She says that she was about to get surgery when she debuted, but he told her to not get it. So now she is the Asian face of a company, it is all thanks to him. She is happy that she has this face and is not a Gangnam Beauty, so you shuold be responsible for me and come to my fashion show. He almost spits out his coffee. A nurse comes in to tell Ho-chul something. So-hee invites her to the fashion show and the entire team.

At the salon, Young-jae instructs her team on how to cut hair. One of the students is not good at all so Young-jae has to tell her that she should not fail the test again, look at me. She starts to comb the persons hair. But then So-hee comes in. She sits to have her hair done. One of the hair dressers is helping her, So-hee tells her that she wants a coffee, but she only drinks coffee at this one place and she also wants something to eat from another place. the girl runs off.

Esom starts to do a blow out for So-hee as the girl runs back in with her food. But So-hee tells he that she is a vegetarian, everyone knows that. The girl runs out to get a vegetarian. Then another girl runs in with the coffee, but she does not like it, she wants a machiato instead. So she is giving everyone a very hard time.
So-hee starts talking to Young-jae about how this reminds her of when Young-jae used to work in that tiny place when they were younger. Young-jae tries to hold her temper. A salon patron comes up at that moment and asks for a signature. Young-jae is allowed a moment of calm, but is stewing.

At the same time, Joo-ran goes on another date at a very nice place. This kid says it is the first time he came to a Korean food place. It look slike Joo-ran is meeting a much younger man, so she thinks about how to deal with a younger guy. She thinks she knows how.

She goes tot he bathroom and talks to one of her friends about how this date place sent her a nice young man. She keeps talking about young men. Young-jae tells her, whatever, just quit your date quickly and lets eat something spicy. JR tells her to eat with her boyfrind. Young-jae tells her that he does not eat spicy things. But JR tells her that she is going to make this honest boy a man tonight.

Young-jae calls Joon-young, but he does not answer.

Joo-ran walks back to the restaurant and overhears the boy talking about how this dating group sent him an old lady. She flexes her stomach to hide her belly fat and wears so much makeup. Joo-ran slams the door open and gets comfortable sitting there. She unbuttons her skirt and sticks her leg up. Then she drinks all the wine. She tells him that he should buy. She also tells him that he needs to pour her drink. Do you do things like that? More more! The boy apologizes and sits properly.

Elsewhere, Young-jae walks to eat, but someone almost runs into her as they drive their scooter. It knocks all of her paperwork on the floor. Young-jae starts picking it up and is helped by the surgeon. But one of her drawings gets ruined by another car the drives along. She sighs as she sees that it is ruined.

The surgeon and her end up going to eat at a spicy place. She tells ho-chul that she has someone to eat with, but he does not like spicy things. Then she tells him that she thought he worked at a club. He tells her that he thought she was a loanshark gangster noona who cursed well. She tells him, okay, then we are the same.

He eats a lot of the spicy food, very quickly. She tells him he is good at eating it. He says he likes it, he is already sweating and it is good for his mental health. The soju comes and it has a photo of So-hee on it. Young-jae starts to talk abotu how this someone gives her stress, ugh, this fashion show annoying girl, can I have another soju? But she says that she can’t drink now.

Ho-chul starts drinking and takes two shots quickly. She tells him that he must have been stressed. They talk about stress at work and personal feelings that are good or bad. It looks like Young-jae has a lot on her mind. Afterwards, Young-jae leaves and walks home alone, she tells him that she does not have to wait for his driver. He smiles, very smittenly, as he watches her walk away.

the next day, Joo-ran works out furiously as she thinks about how that young boy was right, she will become an old unmarried woman if she does not lost this fat. Bugs also want dates, so I wil lwork hard. She keeps walking in the park and then goes to the bathroom. She talks about how she is not losing her tummy fat, but she is losing her face fat, what is this? A dog was licking her leg so Joo-ran jumps and then takes this dog outside to find its owner.

It’s owner happens to be this very handsome man. joo-ran was about to curse but she picks up the dog very lovingly and gives it to the owner.

meanwhile, Soo-jae waits outside under the veyr hot sun. He is waiting to sell coffee. Two people come up and buy a coffee from him, he makes them a gourmet coffee very nicely. But he does not take credit cards. he also does not have change for a 50 so he tells them that they can take the coffee, that is his fate. The patrons are all like….um….okay. They walk away. He starts to eat ice.

To make matters worse, he gets fined for not having a license to practice there. 400 dollar fine. In addition, his card does not work when he tries to get gas. He has to call Young-jae to find out if she is busy. His day is going very badly.

Joon-young walks by with his team and sees Soo-jae at the gas station. He quickly goes up to him and greets him, they are both happy to see each other. Soo-jae tells Joon-young that he is that style that helps people and gets yelled at. Joon-young is all like, huh? So Soo-jae pretends to yell at him, why didn’t you come earlier! But it is all a joke.

Young-jae shows up and sees Joon-young and her brother together. It makes her happy, but she pretends like she is upset when she walks up to them. Joon-young also kind of ignores her as well. Soo-jae starts talking about something which gives Joon-young a reason to step away. But Young-jae tells him to stop.

She walks after him and asks him why he is mad? He says he is not mad. She tells him that he is, she can see it. So he says he is, why did you like to me!
He told her what happened and told her that she promised that she would not wash a male customers hair. She says she did not have staff members and it was late. You were mad about that? He works at the hospital inf ront of our store. Joon-young starts to say everything about Ho-chul becuase he background checked him, lol. Then he tells her that everyone with good eyesight would hit on her.

She starts laughing. But he yells that she should not laugh. She kissed him and says that he is very cute. No matter who hits on me, you aer the only one for me. This melts his heart so he tells her to hop in the car. He tries to still be upset but Young-jae is so happy and pleasant that it makes it hard. He tells her not to make him suspicious. She tells him that she won’t when she finished her show he should stick to her all the time and forever.

then she cuddles with him and tells him that he is the plan man so he should make a lot of plans for them. I want to see the ocean, if I see the ocean and release my stress then I can focus more on the fashion show. She takes a great big yawn and sleeps.

She wakes up at the ocean. It is dark out so she looks at the ocean at night. Young-jae walks up to the car with a coffee. She asks him what this is. He tells her that she wanted to see the night ocean? But it is so dark, I can’t see much. But I can still hear the sound of the waves well. I hope you release all of your stress. After the fashion show, lets go far far away to see the ocean. then we can play.

Young-jae looks very moved by this.

But he tells her that it is time to go back by one oclock to not speed. She tells him that he ruined the mood by telling her that.

But then she leans over and kisses him very softly and passionately. They kiss for a long time.
Cut to the fashion show. It is go time so everyone is doing all the hair and getting all the clothing in order. The fashion designer is flipping out as a lot of flamboyant fashion designers do when they are stressed. But he calms himself when he talks to Young-jae and tells her to just do what she does. Hoever So-hee isn’t there so he yells WHERE IS SO HEEEEEEEE.

Outside, Joon-young is stuck in traffic.

Inside, So-hee finally arrives, she apologizes and says that it was the traffic. Young-jae hurries and starts to do her hair very quickly. But they are so late because all the other models are already walking out. Young-jae has to do So-hee’s hair very quickly. Oh no, this feels foreboding.

Outside, Joon-young is still stuck in traffic. It looks like there was a traffic accident. If you are not on that street already, then take a detour. But Joon-young is already on that street. He hits his steering wheel in anger and the camera cuts to a boquet of flowers.

At the fashion show, it looks like everything went well, thank the Lord. All the hair turned out excellent and it was a big hit.

Joon-young finally gets there, he parks quickly but it was not straight. That annoys him so much so he has to go back and park straight. he does that and then hops out and runs to the show with the flowers.

Int he back of the show, everyone claps at a job well done. The fashion designer tells them all that they were so pretty and did a very good job. he also thanks Young-jae and tells her that they can work together again next time. I love you so much! So-hee does not look happy with that. She sits to get her hair taken out and complains about it. Take it out quickly.

Young-jae maintains her professionalism and takes out her hair. But then the surgery team shows up. Ho-chul walks up to So-hee but notices Young-jae and starts to talk to her instead. So-hee asks im if he knows her? He says he does, he gets his hair done at her shop. So-hee starts to assert her superiority and tells Young-jae to get her a coffee, she asks Ho-chul if he wants one as well. Young-jae is not listening so SO-hee has to ask several times.

young-jae finally hears her and tells her assistant to go get a coffee. But So-hee tries to keep getting under Young-jae’s skin. Young-jae tells her to stop living this double life and to be confident in herself.

So-hee stands up and starts pushing Young-jae in the shoulder. young-jae takes it a little bit but then pushes back. They start to fight again just like they did in the past. So-hee pushes Young-jae to the ground, she hits it hard. Ho-chul breaks it up this time and tells So-hee to stop. Why are you doing this, she is hurt. He kneels and asks Young-jae if she is okay and helps her stand up. he also tells So-hee that he did not come to see her, he came to see Young-jae.

Joon-young gets there just in time to miss helping Young-jae stand up. He watches as Ho-chul helps her.

Fade Out
Okay, it is crystallizing that Joon-young is the one that is destroying/will destroy this relationship. He didn’t call her because he was upset at her, but he did not tell her why he was upset and he would have continued being upset at her if she did not confront him about it. Though he did make it up to her with that completely unexpected trip to the ocean so she can relieve her stress.

They were at a good point again, until the fashion show. If he had only not re-parked that car….then he would have gotten there in time to break up this fight and do what he did not do in the past, help Young-jae stand up and leave. That would have been a wonderful moment to fix a big mistake from his youth that caused him lots of anguish and pain. However, Ho-chul stole his moment and did for the first time what Young-jae couldn’t even do for the second, help Young-jae.

Honestly, he could have just burst in and pushed Ho-chul away so he could help Young-jae out himself. But we know that this is not who Joon-young is. Hopefully it will be who he becomes in their third meeting. Perhaps that moment will be the third charm.

YJ – Is it true that you are here to see me?
HC – I like you.
YJ – um…I have a boyfriend
YJ – Ohn Joon-young!
JY – I’m sorry I had to leave without telling you, I had a case. Don’t worry about it and have fun tonight.
VO – Joo-ran shi, pretending like it is not happening and ignoring it is not good.
JY – It is young-jae’s birthday, it is a good chance to call her, but why can’t you call her?
YJ – Why are you so complicated all the time?
JY – Yay!
JY – You loser…
JY – You should be sorry to a bandaengi, you have a super messed up bandangi heart (he is basically calling himself a loser)

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  1. mschoiyu
    October 12, 2018 / 10:18 am

    I have this feeling that they will break up because of Joonyoung’s constant jealousy and his habit to push away Youngjae when he’s mad. Maybe YJ will start to consider the other man because of this 🙁

    • V
      October 12, 2018 / 10:39 am

      You have definitely hit the nail on he head with everything I feel about this impending breakup as well.

  2. Z
    October 12, 2018 / 10:24 am

    I think who you mean in the comments is Joon Young and not Lee Young Jae?

    • V
      October 12, 2018 / 10:40 am

      Ah, let me double check!

      • V
        October 12, 2018 / 10:56 am

        Just changed it! thank you for letting me know 🙂

  3. Melissa
    October 12, 2018 / 10:29 am

    oh man the second break up is coming >.<', but in this case Joon-young is at fault for ignoring her instead of talking about it :/… thank you for the recap!

  4. Rose
    October 12, 2018 / 10:36 am

    I hope they wont stretch-out this lovers quarel into 2 weeks 😅

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