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The Third Charm Kdrama Live Recap Episode 4

Esom doing aegyo and looking oh so adorable in Kdrama The Third Charm
Brace yourself for dating cuteness and parental cock blocking in this episode. I love that we will get to see some more of Joon-young’s adorable geekiness that is still hidden underneath this sexy cop. I also love how Young-jae’s delightful smile and demeanor will be back as she continues to hang out with Joon and relive a time when she did not have mounds of responsibility on her back.

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We start with the two of them walking down the street after they shared their kiss. He says, so we are day one from today? She tells him he is childish. He sys dating is childish, but actually this is day two. She agrees, it is day two. But he says to be more exact, it is 6 years and 11 months.

they both laugh.

At home, Soo-jae relaxes by the window and sees Young-jae walkinng up the street with Joon-young. He pretends like he knows what they are talking about:

Can you stop doing the police

It is so scary

What about you, me, I can’t stop until I find that guy and catch the criminal, don’t worry, I will protect you.

The dark shade watching them already in this dim moonlight. that’s good..good..good.

But then they kiss outside so the brother looks shocked and also happy.

Outside, Joon-young happily smiles and awkwardly waves goodbye to Young-jae as she walks in.

her brother playfully asks her if she is with him now? Is he a policeman? Young-jae bashfully says yes. The brother kind of avoids the topic (he wanted to be a policemean before) and happily goes to his desk to work.

Joon-young is so happy in the police department. they all wonder why he is so happy. Did you dream about your first love? Joon says that dreams come true you know, hahahaha. he gets a phone call so he walks over to someone elses desk to answer it. It looks a bit serious possibly.

When he leaves, he talks to Young-jae on the phone about seeing her brother. He just wants to see him. She tells him that her brother was preparing for a police exam before the accident and I told him that you are a polcieman. It makes me a bit concerned. Joon-young tells her no, she shouldn’t be.
Joo-ran goes to a riding club were they are all riding around Seoul. She is wearing a very revealing and sporty outfit. She also checks out the other women and thinks that they are not ready for this fight (their clothes are not on point).

One of the guys she talked to earlier tells him that he can be her pacemaker since it is her first time. But then the girl without the sexy clothing tells oppa that he is too slow, lets speed up.

On a break, Joo-ran is out of breath and sweaty, but she still tries to make herself look good. The guy tells her that they can get makgoli together afterwards. Then they all start riding again, but Joo-ran can barely stay on her bike and tells him to go ahead.

Joon-young sits with Soo-ja and is promptly quized about his family. Joon goes through his entire family and all their specs as well as his specs. His hobby is cleaning and his specialty is cooking, he was born in gungido, he lives in youngnam, he likes to eat everything, no hot food, no diesease, no allergy, I took the police exam once, 50 out of 50 for my physical.

Okay one last question, as a policeman, if there is a murderer who killed your girlfriend, what would you do? Joon is caught off guard so he is given the manuscript scenario that Soo-jae wrote. he says no one can read it because he is not famous. So he wants Joon-young to edit it for him. Joon tells him, hyung-nim, I will do my best! Then he starts reading through it.

Poor Joo-ran is so tired that she crashes through a fence into an empty field somewhere outside of Seoul. There are cows around. She ends up having to flag down some cars to hitch a ride back to the city because her cell phone is broken. But then it starts raining.

She is able to get a ride with an older group of farmers, but she has to sit in the back of the truck with a pig. Poor thing.

Joon-young is undercover somewhere but he is talking to Young-jae about watching a sad movie. She says she hates sad movies but he ells her that it is his time to pick the movie. She says okay and then jokes that the criminals need to be caught on time. Howver her boss suddenly shows up and yells at them all to get to work. So Yung-jae has to hop off the phone quickly.

Joon-young also gets approached by one of the other cops, he says he was talking to the chief but the cop is all like, no one smiles when they talk to the chief. But he says he will not talk about it, my mouth is like a lock. But he ends up telling Joon-youngs partner so the partner tells him that that cops name is broken lock.

Joon-young is steamed about it but then the bad guy comes so he chases after the man on foot quickly.

Chase scene!

These chase scenes are very fun. Joon-young is able to do a jump kick over a bicycle and then poses as he kicks the perp to the ground. he quickly puts him in handcuffs and tells his subordinates to take care of the rest. And he is gone with a blow of his bangs.

he shows up on time to his date huffing and puffing. The first thing he says is, I am not late right! She says he is not late but….you are bleeding. He looks at the blood in shock. they go to the store to by isopropil and one time use gloves and bandage. She asks if he has a big injury, He says yes and shows a very tiny mark on his forehead. He also asks for antibacterial ointment.

he tells Young-jae that this looks small, but there are a lot of germs around. Young-jae is a bit bummed becuase they will miss the movie.

Joon-young gets a text from his mom. She is out for a late dinner and his sister is also out for work. Joon-young smiles.

They end up going to his family haouse where he cooks for Young-jae. She sits at the table as he happily makes her something yummy. Cut montage of him making pasta. Then he pulls out a pasta and throws it against the fridge to check it. Its good!

they start watching Mission Impossible, but Joon looks like he douesn’t like it. He winces a bit. He says that they always fight like that but the main guy always wins, it isn’t fun. She asks what is fun about romance TV shows were they always fight thorught the movie and have a happy ending?

He tells her, wait a second.

he runs off and comes back. Then he tells her that he passed gas. She is all like, you can pass gas here. he asks how he can do that in front of someone he loves. She laughs and tells him that he is so cute. Then she asks him if his scalp is his sexy point? She tells him not to arrest a female. He agrees. She tells him that she won’t wash mens hair, that is for staff members.

But she asks him his sexy point, where is it? She starts touching him in different ticklish spots so he get really tcklish.. But then they have a moment of sexual tension and they start to kiss. They even relax and kiss on the couch with him on her. But the bell rings. DING DONG.

His parents are home sooner than they said they would be. Pandemonium ensues as they try to hide Youong-jae and cover up all their dinner and a movie evening together before the parents come in. Lucky for them, it took his parents forever to think he wasn’t there and then find their key to come in.

Joon is able to clean the extra dish and throw Young-jae’s shoes under the couch and then pretend like he is eating by himself as Young-jae hides in his room. Umma looks at the movie and wants to watch it with him, so they both sit and watch.

Joon sends a text to Young-jae, but her phone rings TEXT MESSAGE TEXT MESSAGE. So joon yells TEXT MESSAGE TEXT MESSAGE. Both his parents hop up at the sound.

Young-jae’s stomach also growls as she waits in the room. Joon-young asks his aprents if they are going to bed but they say that they want to finish the movie. Finally the movie finishes.

But Umma wants beer. He says that he drank all of it! Also, I will clean up! But the sister comes back early. Joon-young is super alarmed. The sister peeps the scene and sees Mission Impossible. She thinks this is very suspicious.

Step one: logical doubt.

She stares at Joon-young and asks who it is?

he says what? But she says that Joon-young will not watch action movies. Someone is here.

He says no! His parents are all like, why are you sweating so much? Is it hot?

he tries to wipe his face.

Step 2: Searching is basic for investigation.

She is extra suspicious, maybe she is int he restroom?

Young-jae hides in the room. Joon tells her to shut up and go to sleep. But the sister is still looking around.

Step 3: The clue is always at the scene.

She points at the pasta on the fridge and asks what that is. He says it is just pasta. She tells him that he is super super janggum, did you test this as a begginer? People do this to show off with someone else.

He is busted, but he tells her that is not it…what are you talking about….blegh…he tries to walk off. But the sister finds a hair.

Step 4: The criminal always leaves marks behind.

I got you. DNS evidence. The paretns are all like, what? She shows them a long straight hair that they should not have in the house. His mother is so happy, he has finally brought a woman in the house. The father asks, what woman?

Step 5: You should read the brain of the criminal. She is about to go to his room. But then Young-jae runs out and says that she is so sorry! I need to go to the bathroom! She runs right to the bathroom.
They all wait quietly as she pees. Then Young-jae bashfully comes out and greets everyone. Nice to see you. The parents both smile. Joon-young walks to her side and smiles as well as they stand in front of his parents.

On the way home, Young-jae is so embarrassed, her first impression was the bathroom. He starts laughing. he tells her that his sister is really strange. But Young-jae says she is cute, he has nice parents also. She nver thought she would miss her parents, but today she misses them a little bit. He holds her had so she smiles and holds his hand that is holding her hand.

The next day, Sang-hyun takes a yoga class that is filled with women. But he is really only there to see all the ladies. Afterward, he tells one o the women that it must be hard to do yoga, you are good. This woman is japanese so Sang-hyun looks happily surprised and starts speaking Japanese to her. But his father calls (the owner of the building) and yells at him about leaving work during work hours!

Sang-hyun has to go meet with his father and get yelled at about talking to women. Ri-won is there and tells the father that his son is actually good at business even though he does not look like it. they are slowly increasing their income. Next month they will have profit, but if you retract then they will lose money. He asks her who she is. She says that she is a parttimer, but she goes to Hanguk University business school. Her universities boundary is expanding so it will reach there soon. For college students, drinking is better than Hogwon, so it is better to stay here before all the people come. You will make a big profit in the future.

Abogi is very happy and tells his lady that they can leave. After they leave Sang-hyun yells at the appa about having a new woman on his arm all the time! that is why umma left you!

Then Joon-young comes in with Young-jae. He is so happy that Sang-hyun can’t be mad anymore. The ladies end up sitting and talking while the men sit and talk. She gives the sister a gift as Sang-hyun tells Joon that it is amazing that he not only met that girl again but is dating her. Joon wants to leave, but Sang-hyun has a cake for them to celebrate.

VO – As if we get rewarded for the 7 years that we did not meet, we decided to meet everyday. We meet at lunch. (but he can’t handle spicy food), at night (they eat while he is on stake out, they even kiss and the other guys are so shocked), we meet until late at night, sometimes we meet twice a day (he drops her off at home but she runs back to give him a hug)

They continue dating and go to an arcade where they try to win a stuffed animal from the claw and then play a racing game. On another day, they paddle boat around the Han river. They feed each other as they paddle. Then they go eat cake somewhere and talk about the taste. On another date, they walk around the park and then sit on a bench to talk and rest together. On another date, they go on a picnic at the Han River and lay on the picnic blanket holding hands. they are looking at the sky, but he wants to look at her instead. They both kiss each others hands. They stay there until late into the night. She looks at the night sky facinated, but he turns her head to him so he can get a good look at her.

he traces his hand around her face and kisses her.

VO – While spring became summer, it was as if we found an oasis in a desert and jumped in. Now, summer starts.

He buys couple shoes and makes a lunch box for her that says 100 days, The sister is so disgusted, lol. She steals one of his beans that makes a heart.
Young-jae happily eats her lunch with her employees that are under her. they tell her that they envy her and even peeped her couples shoes. But Joo-ran says she should not do this in front of this lonely eunnie.

Flashback to her going to a poolhall to play pool, but there are only very old ajusshi’s there. Poor thing. there is also one halmoni who looks jealous.

Joo-ran talks to Young-jae about her sad dating life. But she has not given up, I will meet a real professional!

Flashback to Joo-ran at a dating company. She wants to marry someone that has a job and looks like a bear. She says that she has someone like that.

So Joo-ran tells Young-jae that she is going to meet him. She is going to meet her match at this restaurant. Young-jae tells her good luck. Joo-ran tells her, of course, I spent so much money on this.

She shows up to the date, but is dissapointed in the ajusshi that meets her who looks more like Winnie the Pooh than Smokey the Bear. He is even worse when he talks. He is so amazed that he is meeting a pretty person like her! He is so loud when he talks too. She bring it up but he just says YES ALL THE POLCIE TELL ME THAT I HAVE A MANLY LOUD VOICE.

Later on they start to eat bulgogi. He tells them that he answered the questionaire truthfully, he even talked about his prostate, but don’t worry, it is all cured, my pee comes out so well now! You said you had plastic surgery? i am okay with that! Pretty is just pretty! How is it so natural looking? Oh, this is all burnt, excuse me, this is all burnt! Reduce the heat!

The waiter runs out to reduce the heat, but he and the man get into a little disagreement which causes Joo-ran’s scarf to catch on fire. She gets kimchi thrown on her to put it out, worst date ever.

Young-jae meets with her high school friends and has a meal with them. They ask her about SOng Hae-kyo visiting her shop. They envy her because she does what she wants and makes a lot of money, how much money do you make? Young-jae smiles but tells them to eat a lot, it is getting cold.

So-hee is ont he TV so Young-jae asks if they talk to her. they say that she does not talk to someone like them. Biatch. She is bad at acting as well. Young-jae says that they were her friends right? But they say that everyone hated her, they were in the same department so they hung out, but we all hated her.

Joon-yung shows up with additional food and gives it to them. he says he was in the area. Young-jae introduces him and says they should remember him from that night. the friends are all like, that student with the braces???? He nods and says he has to leave so he wil pay for it. But the friends also say they have to leave.

They all leave together. Joon-young and Yung jae drive off. She tells him that he was really cool back there and also says she will touch his sexy point (his forehead). they both laugh, btu they also both get a call at that time. She has to go and he also has to go. So he tells her that he will drop her off.
Joon-young goes to meet with his police guys ad partner while drinking. the guy on the date with Joo-ran is one of the guys, lol. So he is talking about his failed date with them. Young-jae calls him and tells him that she is going to sleep at Joo-ran’s house tonight, she is also talking about her failed date, lol. Joon-young is sooooo happy to talk to Young-jae and says he will see her tomorrow, he even kisses the cell phone.

The other two cops are all like….uh….are you this happy that you can die? Joon-young giggles and says he is so happy that he should not die. He starts giggling. The poor guy that went on the date is so pitifully sad, he asks Joon how it feels to meet his ideal woman. But Joon says that she is not his ideal woman. Joon starts talking about oxytoxin and how it cures stress and all those things. But the other detective never dated so he does not know anything about that….sob sob sob….

With Joo-ran, she talks to Young-jae about how she could not find anything good about this guy. She really tried because she is desperate to meet someone, but she couldnt’. She is pitiful and he is pitiful. She asks Young-jae about her boyfriend. Why do you like that guy? He does everything you don’t like (like claling a lot and stuff). Young-jae thinks that is true. But then Joo-ran smells heself and thinks that her kimchi smell does not go away!

Later on, Young-jae tells her brother that she cannot go home due to her boss so eat dinner and don’t wait up.

Later later, YJ and JY talk on the phone while brushing their teeth and asks each other what they like about each other. He has an electric toothbrush. He hates jajangmyun and jangpong, he hates mountaisn and the sea (they are sweaty). She asks white or yellow peach, he says white and she says yellow. She says yellow peach is the best, he says he only eats white. She tells him that they really don’t match. he asks if she doesn’t like it? She says she likes it.

You like melo, I like action
You like ballads, I like rock music (he has a nose thing on his face, lol)

He tells her that unmatching couples end up well.
Are you soleda when you see me? He says no.
She wonders if they are having a problem? He says no, that soleda is from neutrofill in your blood, it goes away. Ocytocim lasts longer.

She rolls over and goes to sleep as he starts talking about a lot of scientific studies about oxytocin and neutrofil so feeling comfortable is better than soleda okay? Yong-jae? Young-jae?

She is snoring, so he listens to her snoring.

You snore, I don’t snore, that is a good match okay? Goodnight Young-jae.
A man is looking at himself in the mirror, he looks like he is way into the fashion industry. He wears makeup and his skin looks gorgeous. Joo-ran runs up to him excited so he tells her that he has a new show. He wants it to be fresh.

Cut to Young-jae talking to Joo-ran about it. Joo-ran thinks Young-jae will be under a lot of stress if she does this fashion show, but Young-jae says that she really really wants to do it. Joo-ran says okay, he is not sure how he picked her, but if you do a good job then your career will fly, so do your best. Young-jae is so happy, I will do my best!

Young-jae goes to the mans boutique to see all the models. They wait for the final outfit person….and lo and behold, it is So-hee. So-hee is actually the one that recommended her for the show. Uh oh.

Everyone sits to talk about the makeup and hair. The designer likes it but So-hee does not. She actually does not like anything so she is a big pain. Afterwards, Yung-jae calls someone and tells them that she cannot work with that Biatch, she will just kill her! You know I canot go to the police station again, eunnie (she sounds like a gangster)

there is a man int he background who is super shocked to hear Young-jae talk like this. She asks him if this is the first time he has heard a woman talking like this? he does not say anything. Young jae tells the shop woman that she wants something super spicy, so spicy that she will die.

She walks outside, the man kind of follows her. An older woman drops some apples that rolls everywhere so Young-jae helps hr pick them up along with this guy. She thanks him and leaves.

But their food gets mixed up. He gets the extra spicy one and she gets the non spicy one. We also see that this man is a plastic surgeon. After surgery he starts to leave work to go home. But his owner or secretary tells him that he represtents their hospital so he needs to look good all the time. She needs to have a good light baord on his face at all times.

He goes to his office and looks around for a moment, he has a very nice small office. In his office, he looks out and sees Yung-jae at the hairsalon, they work across the street from one another.

Cut to Joon-yung calling Young-jae, he tells her hat they havent seen each other for 3 days, should he go to her shop? She says no, she needs to focus. He says okay and hangs up, but his partner tells him that he is not a boyfriend if he does not go there when she says not to. that is what they want. But then he gets shocked by the bear looking guy. He tells them that they have their snacks now.

Later on, Young-jae is working hard at work when the new guy comes in and asks if he can get his hair done. She tells him that they are closed, but then she sees who it is. Meanwhile, Joon-young happily buys amazingly spicy things for Joon-young, all her favorite things.

In the salon, Young-jae cuts the mans hair. He tells her that he thought she was really scary. She says that she was upset then. She asks him what he does working this late? He says something dubios that makes her think that he works for a club. He says his field has a lot of competition and he should have a look that women like. his field is hard but rewarding, women customers are happy.

She tells him that she is done with his cut, shampoo time.

that is when Joon-yung shows up and sees her washing his hair and smiling at the man. Joon-young immediately has a jealous look. he thnks back to telling her not to wash male customers hair! i am not jocking! She says that staff members wash customers hair.

Poor Joon-young looks pissed, he starts to walk away, but then thinks better of it and calls Young-jae instead as he hides behind a bush. he asks her what she is doing, she says tha she is working. He asks if he can buy her a late night snack. She says no that is okay, I am busy, I will call you later.

But she is laughing with the man in the background so Joon-yungs eyes grow big with rage.

Fade Out
This is my absolute favorite show right now. I have to run, but I just wanted to tell the internet that. I love love love this show. Plus, Jealous Joon-young is hilarious and adorable.

JY – Excuse me, we are following a very important criminal.
JY – Can I see your ID.
JY – Yes, I am mad. Why did you lie to me?
YJ – Lie?
YJ – Who is that guy? You promised me you would never wash some other guys hair. But who is that guy! Why are you washing his hair! Of course men with eyes will like you.
Jy – It does not matter that I have the most points for promotion becuse I am pitifully last in dating.
YJ – When men and women fight like that all the time, why do they still stick together?
YJ – Whoever hits on me or not, you are the only one for me.

The top Image is by Esom and edited using PicMonkey.

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      Lol, that scene was so hilarious, too! Can’t wait till you see it 🙂

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