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The Third Charm Kdrama Live Recap Episode 3

Pained Seo Kang Joon looking at Esom with red eyes in The Third Charm
I have fallen in love with this show hook, line, and sinker. It only took two episodes. Y’all, this is a dangerous thing. I was the same way with Fight for My Way until it fell off after episode 10-ish and left me so sad. Don’t do it to me TTC.

Esom and Seo Kang-joon were wonderfully delightful in their innocent youth. I love them both so much. But as The KThree mentioned in their podcast, at the New Years party, they are opposites to their former selves. He is a take charge cop and she was waring pearls? What happened? We will find out today!

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We open at the cops walking to the club. They are marching in and getting ready. But they have to storm in because the bouncers don’t want them to go inside. So they all run inside and push all the bouncers out of the way.

Upstairs, the druggies are all druggied up. In the main room, it is countdown time to New Years. They talk about arresting everyone here, but then Joon-young sees Young-ja and everything stops. She also sees him when all the confetti drops. It is slow motion as men run around them.

VO- There are two kinds of women in the world. The ones the should meet and the ones you don’t have to meet. Today I met the third, the woman you should never meet again. That bad Btch.

Cut to all the people walking out. The police seperate all the guests into women and men. Women to the right and men to the left (or vice versa). But Jooran lost one of her high heels, it is 12 months payment! But the cop tells her to just keep going.

They all go to the police department. The women go to the female police and the mailes go to the male police. they need to collect their urine samples. If you cooperate then you can all leave. But Joo-ran had her scarf taken by someone so she wants it back. But this guy passed out on the couch. So she lost her shoe and her scarf.

All the men pee in the bathroom with all the cops looking at them. They basically tell them all to hurry up and don’t steal someone elses pee.

In the woman’s bathroom, Joo-ran says that she can’t pee because she is so nervous.

In the cops interview room, Joon-young sits at the table with the celebrity. There are four people in the room. The celebrity is so high, he can’t even look up. Joon-young is on the computer and his partner is doing all the questioning. The drug dealer calls in and deny’s everything.

The celebrity is all like, huh? He denies everything? How much drugs did I buy ~. But the manager shuts his mouth and tells the cops that he is not normal right now. Joon-young asks his partner if everyone is released yet. His partner says that anyone that is innocent should be released.

So Joon-young leaves and geos to the hallway. It looks like he is looking for Young-jae. But she calls his name first and talks to him as if they had a great last meeting. She tells hi mthat he changed a lot, where are your glasses? He tells her that 7 years passed. She smiles and says 7 years passed. how do we meet like this. He asks her if she is happy to see her?

Her friend comes out of the bathroom at the same time that the celebrity comes out so all the reporters take her photo. She yells, it is not me, not me! So Young-jae comes to her aid and holds her as they walk out together. But she looks b ack at Joon-young and smiles as they walk out.

Later on, Joon-young sits at his desk while everyone else eats ramen in the backround complaining about how they should eat dukguk instead. They want the team leader to join them, but he is far away in his mind.

At home, Young-jae lays awake in bed.
Radio – It has really become Spring. How are you doing? What do you do this pring day?

Cut to Lee Young-jae at work, she is a hair designer (or works for the designer). Her friend Joo-ran talks to them all and tells them that being a hair designer is the same as someones clothing. hair is life. You should be afraid of scissors on your hair more than a knife on your throat. She walks to one of the hair designers and asks them if they are afraid? You should suggest to the customer what they want. You should study them, okay? I will give you a quiz! This will apply to your promotion. Is no one answering!

Everyone is all like, ah…this again?

They all start working with their clients. Montage of hair styling. This hair salon looks very big and important, so it is a huge step up from where she was 7 years ago.

During a break, Jooran asks Young-jae if she has an appointmnet? No right? Lets go to the shaman.

they go to a shaman, Jooran is very into it. The shaman tells her that it is not good, not good. It is veyr very bad. How can it be this bad? you are dumped by your first love. Aigoo, how many? Almost every year you are dumped by a man. Joo-ran is eating it all up, yeah, yeah.

the shaman tells her that there are a lot of nice guys around, how come you don’t date one of them. But then she looks at Young-jae and tells her that she has good energy. Give me your birthday. Joo-ran gives her the birthday. August 1, 1987. the shaman sees that she is year of the rabbit. She has a good fortune this year, she will have a man. But not one man, two men.

But for Joo-ran, you should not be too happy for someone else. You will be lonely, lonely, you have a lonely fate. is there any other way? Don’t spend money here, go to a club with a lot of men. Leave, I am going to smoke.

They leave and drive back. Joo-ran thinks the shaman is a farce. She is a shaman? is that a hobby club? I did not expect this from a shaman that I had to mke a reservation? Should I add her name to that internet cafe? Young-jae mentions that she dates so much. Aren’t you tired?

Joo-ran tells her that she is tired of dating so much, she is in her late 30s already, she is almost half of 70. I want to get married right away and have a daughter, that is my goal. Young-jae tells her, if you have a duaghter like you then she will be happy. But JR says if her daughter looks like her then she will have to start a bank account fund for plastic surgery. They both laugh. they keep tlking about men and dating.

The boss says that she is glad that she is her boss and not under her. Your staff members are all stressed and losing weight. they stop the car. Jooran says she is lonely, lets have a drink together. Young-jae asks her ……you are lonely….are you menopausal? Joo-ran kicks her out.
Cut to Joon-youngs sister, On Ri-won (like Only One). She is a waitress at this place and looks pretty good at her job. She goes back to the counter and sees Hyun Sang-hyun. He asks her how she looks the same and maintains her look from when she was little until now. He jokes with her about how female customers with be happy to see her, their boyfriends will not look at her. She tells him that she is the #1 part-timer. Do you know why I work here?

Becuse the owner is attractive? (he is the owner)

The only reason I work here is because of capitalism, you pay me more than any other place.

two foreigners come in so Sang-hyun runs over to talk to them in English. These girls are from Sweden so he tries to talk and flirt with them at the same time. he goes back to the bar where RW. She asks if he does not care about foreigners? he tells her that this is an oldfashioned way to talk. there is no boundary for sex.

But then Joon-young comes in looking like death. SH says, look at him, look at him. He is coming to this bar after his last night of vacation. Is this genetic, you and your brother never change.

Meanwhile, Young-jae in in a subway and helps a man in a wheelchair grab his wallet that had fallen. She also helps him into the subway because a lot of women cut him off. In the subway, she tells them that they should apologize. But the man tells her not to do that, it was his fault. But these girls are so rude and blame the man for scratching their bag or coat and complain that he should not be in a seubway in a wheelchair.

Young-jae geos up to them and tells them to apologize. She is right in their face. They try to ignore her but she pulls their bag and tells them APOLOGIZE! They bag rips.

Jon-young drinks and drinks. His friend comes up to him and asks if he is thinking about that woman? Of course, you can think about her since you are that kind of person that never dated. Joon-young says he has dated! But his friend talks to him about how he met that woman again after a long time, like a movie. But you will never meet her again. Snap out of it. You became a police man and quit university all becaue of her. You being a police man? that does not make any sense!

Why not?

Listen, do you think I am a monk or a priest? What do you think?…..See that is what I am talking about. (So, like, he would never be a monk or a priest).

The sister asks if that is the reason that he left university? Because of that woman that made him stay out over night for the first time in his life. This is news to the friend, What! Did you sleep with her! Did you ask for her number? Am I still the #1 in your cell phone shortcut???

He shakes Joon-young and asks him. They start to talk about 2 oclock and then the sister to 5 oclock. He sends her away to a customer. Then he tells JY that he is going to show those customers his handsome face again. Forget about that volcano-ish woman, okay?

Young-jae goes back to the polcie department for shredding that womans bag. Young-jae says the man almost got hurt because of these animal like women. the polcie say that it did not sound like a big thing, so just pay each other money. But the woman thinks Young-jae is doing a scam with the wheel chair man.

Another policeman comes in. This one is actually the boyfriend to the rude woman. The rude woman says that this girl is crazy, she does this all the time. They ask Young-jae for her ID. But Young-ae says they should get hers first!

Cafe, Joon-young continues to drink while his friend flirts with the Swedish women. But then Young-jae gets a call. He wonders who it is and his sister wonders as well.

Cut to the police department, Joon-young shows up and tells the polcie that he is the violent squad team leader. The other cop is all like, oh no, I’m outranked (Lol).

Joon-young is still a bit drunk, but he is keeping it together and appears normal at first look.

He leaves and goes outside to talk to someone on the phone. It looks like it is work related. His colleague tells him not to come to work tomorrow due to a case. Joon-yung agrees and then walks over to Young-jae at an outdoor drinking place.

YJ is so upset, she thinks Korea is all corrupt. Joon tells her that she has not changed at all, she gets into other peoples life. But Young-jae thinks they are all trash, good people are blamed because of those bad people. She drinks, but she asks him why he is not drinking, she is buying becuase she is so thankful to him. He gets up to leave but she tells him that he has to drink it all before leaving.

So he pours the soju in a large cup and drinks it all. She tells is amazed and tells him that he became an adult, it is a compliment. But he looks at her sternly and asks if she feels anything. Cut to him super drunk 5 bottles later.


He grabs his heart and tells her…that time….I was thinking…should I call you or should I visit you….I hesitated so much. For 7 years…..you never called me….you just called me when you needed me….as if nothing happened…..and you called my name and drink….what am I to you?

She smiles. He asks her why she is laughing. She looks very happy and tells him that he looks handsome without glasses. Do you have contacts?

I DID LASIK SURGERY!……did you dump me because I wore glasses?

She laughs.

then why?……because I had braces? You were embarrassed?

No….you were cute.

I was ….cute?…..So I was cute but why did you do that? You said from today it was day one. What did I do wrong? You dumped me like that.

You didn’t do anything wrong.


Well….back then. Just..I couldn’t help it.

You bad…woman (or btch)….I never told anyone. I am…..I became a police and government worker because of you….. I don’t trust women because of you…..Btch.

He keeps drinking. She just lets him drink.

I really hate you…..WHY DON’T YOU DRINK….more alcohol please…one fine day soju.

Later on he stumbles home. She walks behind him.

VO – I wasn’t normal. I also thought about you sometimes.

YJ – Are you okay?

He keeps stumbling and then has to go throw up on a tree. She mutters to herself that he did not change at all.

She goes to buy him something and comes out to find him sleeping in a little tub outside. She tells him that he canot sleep there! Then pulls out his phone. But it is password locked. She tries to get him to wake up. But he is out and he is too heavy to move. She wonders how she can move him.
Joon-young wakes up somewhere. He looks around and then sees her brother writing something. He has long hair now. JY hops up and pulls the covers over his body…..who are you? The brother is kind of monkish and asks why he is in his place? JY agrees, yes, why am I here?

the brother tells him that he has Hawaiian coffee, Mark Twain complimented this coffee. Your hangover will give you a headache so this coffee will release you from that hangover.

Joon-young starts to drink the coffee.

How do you like it?

It is really good.

Of course, it should be. that is like a brista champion made it. Do you know who that person is?

No, I dont’ know.

It is me.

Joon-young picks up a coaster that says AMOR FATI on it. In Korean is says “Shut up and love you fate first”

Soo-jae tells him that this is his business card. It will be useful someday so take it. Joon-young is all like, okay. The brother tells him to read it (a notebook). JY asks what it is.


Joonyoung starts reading it, it is kind of like an erotic novel.

How do you like it?

It is….kind of bad….

Well. I am successful because this crime thriller novel you say is bad. that is the story of a psychopath serial killer that killed 14 people. It is based on a real case. Do you remember that serial killer.

Yes, of coure I remember it.

That day he was arrested reminds me of that day….young-jae

Young-jae? Do you know Young-jae?

Young-jae asked me to wake you up at 8am.

Joon-yung looks at the clock, it is 9:30. He thanks Soo-ja and runs off. Cut to him in his friends car talking about work. they have to go to a certain case first before going to work. The partner thinks this is useless, he is probably gone. But he is actually still in his apartment, so they burst through.

But he hops out of his window so Joon has to chase after him. But Joon can’t run as well as he normally does. he has to throw up. But he keeps running. He has not thrown up yet. It is a foot chase through alleys and around houses as Joon tries to stay on his feet and keep from throwing up.

He calls the man’s name and tells him not to run unhill, run downhill! But then the partner shows up so Joon hops out of the way and throws up. His partner arrests the guy and asks Joon what he ate.
Cut to Joon’s home. He is about to have dinner with his family. His parents talk about the stock market and Umma also tells Joon to join their dinner. But he says his stomach does not feel good. The sister says that he spent the night out. The parents are all like WHAT!

He says it was work related. But the sister says that he always takes new socks and underpants and everything when he is undercover, but he came back in his old clothing, so he stayed out. Joon-young tells her that he was working!

His father tells him not to date teachers or gongwon, they become authoritative over time. Then he looks at his wife. the mother says this is the same feeling as when he stayed out 7 years ago. The sister asks him if this is the same as then? JY walks away. But Umma and the sister are happy.

His siter calls him in his room and asks him if it is a serial staying out thing right? It is the same woman right? he runs out and sees his sister smiling at his room. She tells him that he came home this time of the day and you are after work so it means I can use your car. She grabs his key happily and leaves.

He shuts the door while muttering that she is crazy, but then he sits on his bed and thinks about Young-jae. She smiled at him and told him that he is an adult, he changed a lot. But he was a drunken babbling fool that yelled at her and asked her why she did that. Her response was that she couldnt help it.

Elsewhere, Young-jae works.

VO – All day, I feel like I am walking thorugh a thick cloud, 7 years ago, that moment followed me.

She thinks about that night at the club when her “friend” belittled her so she slapped her and they fought. Joon-young divided them but helped the other firl.

VO – Everyone said that you were a poor girl that lost her parents early and was raised by your halmoni.

JY – I will wait for you!

VO – After halmoni died, oppa and me became the only two poor people.

She picks up the phone.

VO – But I was okay, I did not care, I had oppa.

She runs to the hospital.

VO – Oppa is my mother and my father and my grandmother.

At the hospital, the girlfriend is crying a lot in the hallway. Joon-young starts to worry int he hallway.

VO – It was enough only with oppa. It was good enough.

She is pulled out of her thoughts when one of her hair dressers comes in and tells her that she has to go home because her mother is sick. Young-jae quietly tells her that is fine. The woman looks so happy as if she did not expect Young-jae to say that.
Right then, her friend/boss comes in and sits with her. She asks what happened, you always give them a hard time. YJ says it was all lies but she should have her own reason. it looks like an entertainer is coming to get their hair done so they have to wait for that person. her friend asks her why she looks so depressed. YJ tells her that she knows her well.

Elsewhere, Joon-young looks at the AMOR PATI card that the brother gave him. He thinks back to the brother telling him about the serial killer and that on that day he and Young-jae’s life changed.

Joon-young remebers the day he waited for Young-jae and the serial killer was on the news.

Young-jae was in the hospital. Her brother fell from the 4th floor.

VO – Something happened to his nerves. It was so tragic and cruel, I did not understand what they were talking about. I could not believe anything that they said. I did not want to hear it.

Young-jae thinks about this as she waits.

Meanwhile Joon-young finds AMOR PATI. It is a very tiny outdoor cafe that is set up in a van.

Someone asks him if he is there for coffee? he wheels himself up to him. He is in a wheel chair now. Joon-young has a question.

The voice over talks about how the brother has a lower body paralysis.

VO – the hallway to his hospital room, I did not want that to end forever.

She hears him yelling her name so she runs in. He is on the floor. He yells, my legs! What happened to my legs! His legs are all broken and he screams WHY! WHY! As she tries to help him back into his bed.

Afterward, she walks the street back to her place. This is that moment went Joon-young met her on her rooftop. He apologized about that day. But she told him that she was the one that lied. He says that he does not care that she lied and she is not a college student or anything. But she told him that she is nothing, he saw how she lived. She is different from him. She should not have tried to hang out with him with her situation. She also hate him for making her humiliated like that. She hates someone like him that does not know things. Don’t you understand? Go away.

He is completely heart broken and goes away.

VO – that day, for the first time, I pitied myself.

She sits on her pyongyang as it starts to rain. the cames down hard but she stays sitting there.

VO – I pitied my oppa so much also.

Young-jae keeps thinking about this in the salon.

At the cafe, Joon-young must have been told the truth.

SJ – Are you surprised? Young jae ha a really hard time.

But then another customer comes up so he has to go help them.

Joon-young is stunned and stays sitting on the bench by the tiny cafe. But then he gathers himself up and starts to walk away in that same bewildered way.

He thinks about that night again. He told her, Your phone is off, I worried about you a lot. But she told him that she does not have time to drink or have fun like you guys. Don’t call my name. I hate people like you that don’t notive things. Don’t you understand, go away.

But he also thinks about his recent meeting with her.

VO – Back then…I just couldn’t help it. You didnt’ do anything wrong.

He starts to run.

VO – 2006, April 22nd. that day. Everyones eyes were focused on that unprecedented serial killer. Some kid like me complained like a little kid.

In the hospital, Joon-yung called Young-jae. She let it ring.

VO – a 27 year old young man lost his legs and only Young-jae, who just turned 20. Became the head of the family of that little house.

he keeps running until he gets to her new salon.

She tells him that she is sorry but they are closed. But then she sees that it is Joon-young. He is breathing hard as he slowly walks to her.

JY – Why, why didn’t you tell me 7 years ago?

He keeps catching his breath.

JY – I am sorry. I am very sorry because I didn’t know anything.

He almost has his breath caught. She just puts her head down and tries to keep her composure. She walks over to him and tries to say something. But she can only smiles.

YJ – Where do you do your hair?

She messes with his hair a little bit.

VO – Young jae said it wasn’t my fault, but I feel like it was all my fault. I wish it were all my fault. I am so sorry, really really sorry. She is so pretty to try not to cry. My heart was about to explode.

He quickly kisses her. Then they put their forheads together as he looks at her, but she looks at the floor. then he kisses her again deeper this time. And they continue kissing as the camera shows us from a distance through the window of the salon.

Fade Out
We are back on the same page! The secrets are all out. Wow, this show movies at lightning speed, I love it. That is one of the things I loved so much about Something in the Rain, lets get to the kissing and dating and butterfly part of the romance. This show also manages to balance the humor well also. For instance, Joon-youngs drunken confession to Young-jae was so out of the blue as if he had been holding that all in for 7 years, which he had. But he also had really funny moments like when he told her I HAD LASIK SURGERY, lol, that had me rolling.

That on foot chase scene where he tried not to throw up was funny as well. But the touching moments are also touching without being heavy handed. Now we know that Young-jae’s already tough life was made that much harder now that she had to take care of her brother as well. In light of all of that, his broken heart seamed like nothing in comparison.

I need to rewatch this episode. I missed a lot of the longing stares that I want to sink into.


Young-jae – This is day two, after 7 years.
JY – More precisely, 6 years and 11 months
VO – Is it yur first time here? If you follow me then I will be your pace maker.
JR – Thank you.
YJ – Eunnie, today you are an honest baby
JR – I am making a man now.
JY – Good morning!
Policeman – Did you have a dream of your first love or something.
JY – I heard dreams can be realized.
JY – Lets take care of dinner and a movie at the same time.
VO – Joon Young
JY – My parents!

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  1. Melissa
    October 5, 2018 / 8:14 am

    It had a great start, let’s hope for the best in the next episodes, thanks in advance for the recap!

    • Melissa
      October 5, 2018 / 10:38 am

      I’m loving this drama! I’m happy the secrets are out 🙂

      • V
        October 5, 2018 / 11:03 am

        Me too! I really wonder what the second event is that pulls them apart. My guess is that his parents might not want him to marry her due to her circumstances.

        • Melissa
          October 5, 2018 / 2:27 pm

          Yes!!! I’m really curious about the second event!!!, It’s the kdrama world so I think your guess is the most likely to happened jeje, personally I hope they’re supportive of their relationship, but I’m not holding my breath…

  2. Casserole
    October 5, 2018 / 9:07 am

    I can’t wait! The first two episodes were amazing! So much chemistry! Thanks so much for live recapping this.

  3. Rose
    October 5, 2018 / 10:25 am

    Oh my dear lord….it reminded me of Something In The Rain. Not for the story but the early sweetness of this drama….so far so good. Hope it goes well as the episode goes. Thanks for the recap! 😊

    • V
      October 5, 2018 / 11:02 am

      It is so funny comparing is to Something in the Rain because we all know how that story fell apart with the Mother 😬

      • Rose
        October 5, 2018 / 11:33 am

        Yup….and thats what i am worried about. I hope the story has a smooth flow on it up until the end. 😄

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