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The Third Charm Kdrama Live Recap Episode 2

Nerdy Seo Kang Joon with glasses in a cafe in Korean Drama The Third Charm
I loved the first episode of this show. The spring romance was so wonderful and that first kiss was so precious. I cannot wait for todays episode.

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We open with the perm scene. Joon-young is still sitting int he chair getting his hair rollers taken out. Young-jae looks at him in the mirror a few times, she looks a bit nervous. He also looks nervous. She goes to the front to take out his front rollers. But then she thinks, this is a good time, right now. And she leans in and kisses him.

they both share the soft and very innocent kiss. But then a song starts playing on a tv and the magic spell is broken. they both clear their throats and get back to doing what they were doing with the hair.

Cut to Joon running out looking like Michael Jackson from the 80’s. His hair is so big and curly and has jery curl written all over it. He turns around as she says goodbye and she also tells him to wash his hair or it will all fall out. Your hair will be less curly tomorrow also!

Joon tells her okay! In a very nervous way and then continues running home. Young-jae walks home as well with a mix of happy embarrasment. But that turns into full on embarrasment when she sees her brother still awake at home. He plays with hr and asks how she can be home so laaaaaaaate….and not be huuuuuungry…..who is that guy that gave his hair to youuuuuuu? She tells him that he is just a customer and runs off to her room.

But while in her room, all she can think about is that kiss as she looks in the mirror. Joon also looks in the mirror at his perm. Good thing he is handsome. He thinks about the kiss as well and bashfully smiles as he takes off his glasses. then he walks out to the kitchen, but his mother also walks out and sees him.

WHO ARE YOU……umma? *thud*

Joon goes to his room smiling. His siter comes in and says this is the first time he has stayed out all night now that another day has started. He tells her that he is going home now. But she says it is after 12am so that means he spent the entire day out. Joon asks her if he looks like Lee Jung jae. She tells him that he looks as crazy as he actually is.

Joon is not bothered and smiles as he goes to bed for the night. He even does a little dance with his legs as he goes to sleep. The next morning, he happily makes breakfast while shaking his booty with his sister looking on wondering what is going on.

Young-jae is equally happy getting ready that day. Montage of Joon being happy on a crowded subway and happy in class not even paying attention to anything. Young-jae is happy with ajummas as well. But then Joon sees a flyer for a one day drinking bar with a partner. he thinks about his friend trying to pair people together for the event and smiles. But he catches himself as he looks around.

that night, Young-jae and Joon get home. they are both still very happy. Joon pulls out his cell phone, he only has like 3 numbers saved to his cell phone, lol? He thinks about calling Young-jae but locks his door before calling her. then he smiles as he is about to call. But his sister easily opens the door with the key and asks him if he is watching a sexy thing! Don’t watch it! i will open this door and check!

Joon pushes her out. Young-jae calls right at that moment, he asks whatls up. She says he called her and hung up! He tells her that is right and tries to make small talk, but she is all like, is that why you called? So he says something about what shampoo he should use for his hair and wonders if she has time tomorrow? But he puts his hand over his mouth in embarrasment.
Young jae’s brother works hard for the money at his construction site and calls his girlfriend to help his sister find some nice clothing to help her with a guy. He knows that she would never buy anything expensive, so you can pick it and I will pay for it. the girlfriend smiles and says that she will pay for it. Then she meets with Young and tells her that she heard she had a boyfriend. Youngjae is all like, ugh, that big mouth brother. But the girlfriend just happily tells her to pick what she likes and try it on.

Meanwhile, Joon is looking for something to wear but the thing he wants is getting washed at the moment. He runs in to grab it all drenched from the washer leading a trail of water to his room. But then he comes out and quickly mops that up.

At the store, Young-jae tries on a red polkadot dress that looks adorable.

Joon tries to dry his shirt with a hairdryer while thinking about what they can do that day. maybe they can eat and watch pride and prejudice….no….that movie will be too sad. he reaches into his very organized drawer and pulls out some notes. then reminds himself that he will tell her abotu that one day bar thing. After all that, he look in the mirror and gives himself a thumbs up. Perfect!

he meets with Young-jae outside just as she gets off the underground. Young-jae smiles a bit at his hair and tells him that it looks good. He happily nods and says she did it, with a big smile. He tells her that he couldnt’ call her about this, they should do it face to face. She asks what he wants to do now? he says he will ask her first.

So ask me!

Well…my plan is…..

Cut to her telling him that she does not like his plan. She just ate and only drinks sweet mixed coffee. A movie is good, but not that movie, Pride and Prejudice…it sounds boring. But we do have a super cool movie!

Cut to them watching SAW in the theater. It is at the moment where someone is literally getting sawed, I think when they have to cut their own leg or arm off. Joon can barely contain himself. Youngjae loves it though.

Afterwards Youngjae wonders how Joon can be a government policeman when he is always scared. He says he can do it, it is not like he can’t do it, it is that he is not doing it. She tell shim, okay, okay, you are not doing it. Joon stops and says, But….what I want to tell you is….our department….would you like to be my partner in our daily bar….if you are busy then you don’t have to come.

then I won’t be there.

Because of your job?

It is too much pressue as a partner.

But I thought we were dating…we kissed.

…..kissing does not mean we are dating.

Okay…..I bought this to give it to you. It is Sung Shi Gyung’s best album.

I hate that guy.

Joon looks stunned. But then Youngjae says it is her prsent so she will take it. Her bus comes so she tells him, if I show up then we are dating, if I do not show up then we are not dating. Bye bye.

he smiles a great big smile and waves goodbye.
At home, it is Youngjae and her brothers Gerandmothers memorial day. they bow to her and look sad. Later on, they talk about how they only miss their grandmother because she raised them. Their parents died so early so Youngjae does not remember them and does not miss them so much. the brother tells her to be thankful to their parents becuse they are healthy. Especially since she does not want to go to college and just wants to make money right away.

he then tells her to bring that boy home so he can meet him. he has a duty to meet the boyfriend as the head of the household and you have a duty to show him to me because men know men the best. But she just says that he is not her boyfriend now. He chides her, when then! When! they splash water at each other.

Later on, Young-jae opens the CD Joon gave her and smiles. Then she starts listening to it on her octapang as she looks at the sky.

It is time for the big event. The men prepared a lot and even created a little ground trail sign to help direct people to the event. Inside, Joon waits longingly for Youngjae to come. His friends are all like, look at your hair? Do you think she will really come? Why would someone make your hair like this? They think he will have to join the dishwashing group soon.

KSH shows up as Sang-hyun’s gues and another friend shows upas the other friend’s guests. It looks like only Young-jae did not show up. The party gets going with a Peppero event were the couple have to eat Peppero together. Poor Young jae is told to go somewhere. he walks to the door sadly.

But then he hears his name and looks up, it is Youngjae in her red dress and with her yellow backpack. His smile is so bright. Cut to all the friends sitting around the same table and talking. Youngjae looks over at Joon and tells him, from today we are day one. But he does not hear her so she says it louder. FROM TODAY WE ARE DAY ONE.

Everything freezes for Joon at that moment and a spot light turns on him. But then Youngjae says she has to tell him something. Not now though, I will tell you later, I have to use the restroom. She hops up and leaves. KSH looks at her leaving jealously. She gets even more jealous when Sang-hyun congratulates Joon for having a girl thta likes him, especially with that hair.

But in the bathroom, KSH purposely asks why Youngjae is there. Youngjae comes out and tells her not to talk badly about ehr behind her back, say it to me. KSH asks her if she is meeting him, that is funny. Youngjae tells her that her hair is funny, it is out of fashion. That gangnam hair salon is not everything. She walks off.

Back in the club, the party gets pumping with a couple dance competition. The first two go up and showcase all their dance moves. It is embarrassing and fun. Joon can barely handle the second hand embarrasment. the next couple goes up and does well. then the next. Hyun does not want to do it, he tells KSH that he can just buy the ring, but KSH pulls him to the front to dance. They end up doing a choreographied dance that goes across really well.

Youngjae is happy that their dance went over well and cheers for them. She is clearly not a petty person. She asks Joon if he wants to do it but he says no, he can’t dance. However, the MC calls for Young-jae to come to the front to dance, so she does and starts doing a solo dance. Joon is so dorkily happy that she is dancing. But then she comes to dance next to him which embarrasses the living daightlights out of him.

then she pulls him to the front to dance. he is so bad to an extreme level. But Youngjae is good. The friend gets more and more jealous of Youngjae even though her dance was better. Finally the couple poses. They both had a fun time and smile happily to each other. But KSH looks pissed.

It is finally time for the winner of the dance. It is the sexy dance couple! Which is Youngjae and Joon. They get the couple ring. The MC thinks Youngjae is a new freshman and asks Joon how he brought her. Everyone chants interview. So the MC asks Youngjae her name and dpartment. But Youngjae actually does not really answer and just looks cute. But she does say that she does not go to that school. He says he knew this, this pretty girl, he would have noticed. So one more question, what school do you go to?

Youngjae does not get a chance to say that she does not go to school though because her “friend” says that she does not go to school. Can’t you say that? Then the friend dumps Youngjaes things all on the floor. YOungjae slaps KSH for dumping her things and saying mean things about her to everyone. They start to hair pull fight.

Joon is able to break it up, but helps the other girl. Youngjae leaves quickly. Joon runs after her just as quickly, but she is already gone. He looks around for her, but he knows that he messed up. So he resigns himself to slowly turing around and walking back up the street as he continues to look around for her.

Youngjae is at the bus stop. She is still breathing hard as she thinks about all of this. Jon goes back to the bar and grabs all of Yungjaes things and puts them back into her bag. He picks up her scissors and holds them for a moment. Then he friend comes in and sadly looks at Joon. But KSH calls him. She tells him, if you don’t come then we are done!

he tells her fine, I hope this is the end of us. then he goes to sit with his friend Joon as he holds Youngjae’s bag. Joon is so sad and stunned. His friend pats him on the back.

Later on, Joon waits outside the hair salon. He sits on the curb and cleans Yungjaes instruments (especially th scissors) as he waits. then he puts all things away and continues waiting.

Yungjae is asleep at home. Her brother comes home with his girlfriend and tells her that he has spicy ddukbogi. But they see thta she is sleeping (even though she is awake). The next day at work, the boss tells Youngjae to look over there. She turns around and sees Joon outside with ehr backpack. But she does not look especially happy to see him.

She does go outside to get her bag though. But then she turns to go back inside and says she has to work. He asks her when she will be done. he will wait for her until she comes. She goes back inside without a word.

Joon goes to a cafe and waits alone.
he waits and waits and waits until the pace is empty and it’s dark outside. she does not come so he goes back to the hair salon, but she is gone. he stands outside looking into the dark hair salon for a minute. But he is really looking at himself.

then he goes home and curls into bed. He is miserable. His sister even realizes it and does not bother him.

That morning, Joon can barely walk up the street. He can’t focus in class and only looks at his phone with so many Lee Young-jae calls. His friend tries to get his attention to ask whats up, but Joon just shakes his head. Later on, he goes back to the hairsalon, but youngjae is not working there that night. he looks at the salon for a while and then leaves.

But then we see that he did not go to school the next day. His friend looks concerned. All Joon is doing is sitting outside calling Lee Youngjae. But she is not taking his calls. he goes home sadly and sees a lot of beer in the middle of their living room. He looks at the note, aw man, it looks like this is all the beer that they got for winning the drinking contest. In the card is a winnign photos of him with Lee Youngjae.

Later at the dinner table, Joon is still depressed. The sister talks about how she does not talk to that guy anymore, he betrayed her. The mom thinks kids now are, tsk tsk. Appa thinks these kids don’t have romance now. In my time we would go to the house and wait and wait. If you dont see them you would keep waiting. We did not have cell phones.

The daughter tells him that if you do that now then you are a stalker. Appa asks why Joon is not eating. The sister explains that he is going through puberty right now, don’t bother him. Joon stands up like a zombie and says he has to go somewhere.

the parents want to know where he is going, but the sister says to not worry. Just let him go.

Joon goes to the hair salon. The woman ask if he wants to get his hair done? The owner went across the street. Joon asks them if they know the girl that works there/ the ajummas says that they do but they haven’t seen her for a few days, the octapang girl? is she sick? Where is the hairshop eunnie?

Cut to Joon waiting on Yungjae’s octapang. He is there when she gets home. She asks him hwo he got there. He tells her that her phone is off, he worried about her a lot. She isn’t going to work now? She tells him it is none of her business. He tells her, if this is becuase of that day, then I am very sorry.

She says she is sorry. he tells her that he does not care that seh is not a student. But she says that she is different from them. She does not have time to drin and date, thank you for letting me know who I am. Joon says her name but seh tells him not to say her name. She is so sick of herself for not knowing who she is. She also hates him for taking her to a place like that.

She hates people like Joon who don’t notice things. Don’t you understand? Just go away. Poor Joon does not know how to respond and looks like his heart has been ripped out and shredded. He slowly walks away like he is walking though cement. It takes a long time for him to walk home. The entire time, he looks like a zombie.

He thinks about Youngjae as he walks and all their fun and happy moments in their brief time together. he recounts everything she said about him about being the perfect gongwon type, it is a compliment to him.

It starts raining as Youngjae walks, but he does not notice. Everyone else around runs for cover, but he just continues thinking about young jae kissing him, smiling at him, whispering that they are day one from today. He goes to a street cafe and pours himself soju and drinks shot after shot. Possibly for the first time ever, but he already finished 3 bottles.

His friend shows up and wonders how he can drink that much. He chides him for not calling him earlier. But Joon is too sad and is just all teary. then he starts crying like his entire world has ended. His friend comforts him

VO – when the world was noisy with the serial killer, my one day love just ended. No one knew about it.

At home, he cuts the photo from the competition in two.

Later we see Joon Young back from the army on his furlow. He goes to the salon but she is not there. But he is met by his friend who introduces him to a girl and they go to hang out. He is a 1st class private.

Another year passes, he is on furlow again and is a 3rd class private. he is also with his friend who is flirting with a lot of girls. His friend tries to pull Joon in to the conversation, but lets him drink and not talk.

Later on, another year passed. Joon walks home but has to throw up. He has another class on his ranking.
Finally, Joon goes back to school. His friends are still in the army, but they are on furlow/vacation right now. Joon walks to a sign and looks at it. His friends think Joon will get a good job because he is #1 in his class. But actually, Joon is looking at a police flyer even though he never wanted to be a policeman before.

Now, he is studying for the polcie exam while still in school. he gos to the library and studies hard. Then he takes the test. he passes on his first try and goes to the police academy. He looks handsome inhis suit, but is still dorky as he closes his eyes all the time when the flash goes off. he tries to keep his eyes open to take the photo and looks crazy. then the photo goes off and he still closes his eyes.

But that last flash transports him back to the New Years club where he saw Young-jae. All the confetti falls around them as they look at each other.

VO – In the world, there are two kinds of women. Someone you have to meet and someone you don’t have to meet. Today I met the third kind, the woman that you should not meet again, that B.

Fade Out
So, he became a police officer because she said he would be good at that job. And possibly because he wanted to see her and tell her that he became a police officer. This poor boy fell in all out love for the first time and had his heart ripped out for the first time all in the span of one week. He was so wrecked that he joined the army. Y’all, that is wrecked. My heart broke right along with his, too.

We saw how he was in those weeks after that break up, but I wonder what happened to her and I wonder if it had anything to do with that serial killer? I hope not. The serial killer was on most of the news programs that were airing in the background so that makes me think that there is a chance he will come around again.

My guess is that we will find all that out in the next episode which will take Joon from hating to love her back into straight loving her territory. I love this show.


YJ – Ohn Joon Young, don’t you remember me?
JY – Seven years has passed.
JY – Don’t you feel anything?
YJ – Ohn Joon-young, you became an adult?
JY – Do you really not feel anything?
YJ – I thought about you sometimes.
JY – I am sorry. I didn’t know anything.
YJ – Joon-young?
JY – I am really sorry.
YJ – Where did you do your hair?

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  1. mschoiyu
    September 29, 2018 / 10:50 am

    My thoughts on the serial killer news and its connection with Youngjae’s behavior is the killer kills her brother’s girlfriend’s life and attacks her brother too, which explains the patient gown that is shown briefly in the teaser while Youngjae cries her heart out.

    I believe it’s not only the club fight scene that brings Youngjae to breaking down and pulling herself away from Joonyoung, but also something related to her family and the serial killer. When I saw that the brother has a gf he’s seriously seeing & the woman seems nice too, I got the feeling that something’s gonna happen to her.

    I love how fast the pace of the story is. And that kiss scene on the preview? Perfect to have me waiting for the new ep next week :”)

    • V
      September 29, 2018 / 11:04 am

      Oh my, that might be what happened to the girlfriend because I don’t think he is dating her in the “summer season” of this story.

  2. thistle
    September 29, 2018 / 10:56 am

    Oh this is gonna be a great show and a heartbreaker. I love it!

  3. Shayri
    September 29, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    What is an octopang? I googled it but couldn’t find anything, only dramamilk recaps showed up.

    • V
      September 29, 2018 / 2:56 pm

      It is the best kdrama trope in all of dramaland. You know how everyone lives in an apartment at the very top of the building which has that wonderful deck to play on? That is called an octapang. They are very cheap because there is no air-conditioning or heat. It is really just a way for the owner of the building to squeeze in a bit more cash from a renter.

      You can see some pictures at this link:


  4. Shayri
    September 29, 2018 / 12:58 pm

    Thank you for the recap. Do you mind explaining the class private thing? JY’s BFF is nice. He’s a Playboy but a good friend. I liked how he left that spiteful girl & later on comforted his friend. I had almost written him off in ep 1.

    • Anonymous
      September 29, 2018 / 2:30 pm

      I think it means he was the final rank which means he was almost out of the military.

      • V
        September 29, 2018 / 2:43 pm

        Yes, final rank! Every 6 months – one year you are in the Korean military you go up in rank higher and higher. Some people get promoted faster, but it is usually like one rank every 6 months or so, so you go up 2 ranks a year.

  5. Sharan
    September 30, 2018 / 2:14 am

    Kang Joon 😍😍 loved to see him again …Thanks V for covering.. I just had an hunch may be her bro was involved in the crime ….KangJoon is addictive type .. 😘😘 even in the perm and braces ..

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:34 pm

      The perm, braces, and glasses…I can’t deal 🤓

  6. Laure
    September 30, 2018 / 2:55 pm

    Thanks for recapping V!
    I was so in love with the first ep, but the lightning flash romance left me a little frustrated. Call me heartless but I don’t see how he would be so heartbroken as to radically alter his plans for such a short-lived relationship.
    It felt a little bit off for me. I hope the background story from her side makes up for it. I love the two actors too much to drop it and it’s my first time in years watching a drama while it’s airing, I’m excited!!!

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:30 pm

      I can relate to him so I completely get it. But I can also understand how it can seem like it is a bit too unbelievable. Stick in there a little bit! Hopefully the next two episodes are strong.

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