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The Third Charm Kdrama Live Recap Episode 1

So excited for this show! I am draaaaaaaging this morning due to being up way too late last night (worth it, though) so bear with us as we try to get everything going. We should start the recap soon! Check twitter for when we will actually get it going.

In Terius news, It was a fun late night last night with our Terius Behind Me livechat and then afterchat. I had a very fun time with our watch group so I hope we can do it again! Premieres seem like the best opportunity for a live watch because no one knows anything so the shock and aw is real. ^_^

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New Year eve 2012 going into 2013. Lots of couples and people are walking around at night as they enjoy the festivities of New Years. Our main guy, Joon-young, is in a car on a stake out with his partner who looks like he did not bath for several days if not weeks. Joon-young has to open the window when his partner takes of his socks to smell them and then say that he can wear them for another day or so.

Inside a building, a rollicking new years party is underway in a club. Our main girl Young-jae is there dancing and having a good time with her friend Joo-ran. They both sit fora moment. Joo-ran tells Young-jae tht one of the woman there dancing is a weather newscaster, she is soooo surgery looking, all the entertainers want to come to this party. YJ asks, hey do you want to be background for these kind of stars? JR is definitely more club polished than Young-jae. Young-jae is business polished.

Outside, two other policeman in a car talk about Joon-young and mention that they don’t like him. he knitpicks a lot, he is higher ranked than us, but how can he become the team leader in the violence crime department? They talk back and forth about how the violence department needs a young leader for it’s image, but they need a bull dog, not this young guy.

Inside, Joo-ran tells her friend that she should date.

Outside, Joon-young tells his partner that he has a woman that he thinks about, of course. But she is violent and has a good temper.

Inside, Young-jae talks about this guy that makes her mad all the time. Joo-ran hopes that he at least makes a living. You don’t need cute guys, you need tigers.

Outside, the partner tells Joon-young that he has a lot of heart break. But JY says he does not remember her, it is all done. However, he knows a lot of details about her so his partner calls BS. He wants Joon-young to come to his church to get some healing from his heart ache. JY is all like, shut up.

But then their target shows up. Joon-young calls it in and says they need 30 minutes to get him, stand by. There are several secret police cars nearby.
Inside, there is an entertainer who shows up to the party. He looks like a big celebrity and has a girl on his arm. He waves at Jooran who thanks him for inviting her. It looks like Jooran is a big time hairdresser and is the hairdresser forthat singer, so he invited her to the party.

The singer goes upstairs to a private room that looks a bit sketchy. the perp guy goes to the same room. Inside, we see the perp counting money as the singer does drugs in the background. It is 11:51 pm.

The police decide to make their move right now, they all get out of their cars and walk to the front door. The club people try to stop them, but the police officers just put them in arm locks and run inside to bust the perp and anyone involved. They break open the door to the club and manage to pry themselves inside just as the New years music starts to play.

Joon-young spots the perp and is about to run to get him, but the countdown has started so he is distracted for a moment and sees his ex-girlfriend. Time stops as the confetti falls and he watches her. She looks at all the confetti falling, smiling, and then sees him. The smile fades from her face. Meanwhile, the perp is resisting arrest in another part of the club. But one of the cops sees that JY is not doing anything and just staring at this person.

VO – There are two types of women in this world. The one you should meet and the other that you should not meet. But today I met the third type. The one you should not have met again. That bad woman.
Joon-young is much yunger and crazy nerdy. He tries to get off the subway but he is too timid and misses the exit due to all the people on the subway. He thinks it is okay, there is 4 mintues to the next one. If I walk fast I will have enough time (he calculates all the time and moves in his head). Then he starts to think that there is adrenaline that makes your heart pump.

But someon says, can you just stop? He turns his head. It is Young-jae. She says it again, stop touching! She grabs a man by the wrist and pulls him out of the subway. You touched her butt! Someone like you should go to jail!

JY gets off the bus and thinks that he hates women like that that matter in other peoples lives and has a high pitched voice. I really really hates people like that. Then he hurries to school.

Young-jae goes to the polcie station with this touchy feely man. He yells that he is a doctor, she ruined his patient visit. But she says that he touched that womans butt. he asks her if she has any evidence? You accused me, I am innocent. But YJ does not back down to this guy or cower in any way. However, Joon-young shows back up, he has a recording!

He shows the police the recording, very timidly. Young-jae grabs it and says that is the evidence! SO WHAT NOW? ARE YOU NOT SAYING ANYTHING NOW? HERE IS THE EVIDENCE. Joon-yung tries to get his phone back and kind of gets dragged intot his entire thing even though he wants to leave. The police man tells him that he should stay for the statement and all those things.

The officer even mentions that they have the same yellow bag, are they a couple? But they both really need to leave, they are both late for their exams. Cut to them both running out of the police station in the subway and to their respective campuses. Joon=Young has an oganic chemistry exam that he is late for. He is able to get there just in time to get his test and start solving the problem.

Young-jae is very late for her hairdresser exam, but she gets there just in time to start.

Joon-young starts taking his exam. He has memorizing the norepenephrine things and all that in the subway, so now he is putting all of those things on the paper. People are cheating and tapping each other on the back during this exam. Young-jae is also working hard, she is a bit clumsy, but she looks hard working and focused.

Later on, Joon-yung goes home and organizing his room in the exact way he wants it. he is very organized and neat. His sister comes in and yells that she is hungry. Make food!

At Young-jae’s place, the environment is so much more relaxed. YJ eats with her brother and his girlfriend. they talk about what happened on the subway. The brother completely understands that Young-jae cannot just stand by and watch that go on. The conversation is also about hair. She is good with cutting, but the manequin does not have feelings, so she has no feedback. But the brother says she has clumsy hands.

Young-jae looks at the girlfriend as if she wants to do her hair, but the brother tells his sister not to even think about it! They feet fight for a moment. Young-jae says she will just get a boyfriend. But the brothe thinks that no one will like her, she is too much like a dude.

Cut to Joon-young who is a man who likes to cook and is more on the beta side. Joon-young cooked for the entire family, including Mom and Dad. Th sister says that umma is not good at cooking but Joon-young is. However he is awkward, she thought he would change in college, but he has not and doesn’t go out at all.

The sister says that she thinks the parents oldest son is gay or at least confused about his identity. No one looks shocked. Umma says that her son is a handsome guy, a lot of women would line up to date him. The sister says, the problem is that he wears glasses and has braces. Umma tells them that their grandmother went to the Miss Korea competition.

the sister keeps getting phone calls from a boy that likes her, but she ignores him. Umma and appa ask her wuestions about it, but she says it is her private business. She even tells them that she is hiding her identity at school becuase her parents teach at that school.

Back at Young-jae’s house, the brother cleans the dishes as Young-jae tells the girlfriend that she is too good for her brother. The brother is all like, stop talking about me. Youong-jae gives her brother some aegyo and asks for coffee. I WANT TO DRINK OPPAS COFFEE!” Her brother just rolls his eyes. But he makes coffee for all three of them.

They sit outside and sip the coffee as they talk about how they like the octapang. They can sit outside, drink coffee, and look at the stars. Young-jae tells the girlfriend that she thought she would dump her brother when he went to the army, but maybe she is not normal because she smelled his feet and still dates him. The brother puts her in a head lock to smell his feet and says that his feet smell beause he was making money to raise her! They start to playfully wrestle on the octapang.

Later on, the brother walks his girlfriend out. She put food in the fridge and tells him to eat it. He tells her that he will marry her right away when he passes the policie exam. They playfully do cute couple things as Young-jae watches them from the octapang. They spot her so she waves as they continue walking out.

The next day, Joon-young tries to grab a few books in the library while another guy talks to him about women. Joon-young could really care less. But his friend really wants to hook him up with a girl and for him to go on a blind date with him. Are you doing anything this weekend? Joon-young says he has an appointment. But his friend says he knows him well, you don’t actually have anything. But Joon-young says he has something, he will harvest some food on the weekend. His friend is all like, is namul that important? there are a lot of women around. If you don’t have a partner in our festival then you have to clean dishes all day.

Joon young tells him that he likes dishwashing, it is so clean and makes a squeaking noise. I have a bit of ecstasy when I clean dishes. The friends all go to sit at the library. there are four total. they really want Joon-young to go find women with them, but Joon young is just not into dating at all. However, one of the guys has contact with a girl who might set them up with a blind date with her friends. They leave the library and talk only about that as they walk off. Sang-hyun thinks they should have some fresh faces for their bar at the event. He hops in his red convertible and yells, 2 ocklock tomorrow! Then dries off.

Cut to Joon-yung preparing at 9am. His sister comes into his room dressed like an ajumma who is going to pick pounds of namul. It is their family event. Joon-young quickly runs out. His sister smirks that he changed a little after going to college.
Young-jae is about to die someones hair, but her father will kill her if her father notices it. So Young-jae says she can die it blue-black so he won’t nervous. So-hee tells them that black-blue hair is out of style now, as she flips through a fashion magazine. One of the friends asks her where she gets her hair done. KSH informs them that she gets her hair done in Gangnam. they ask why she is there so KSH tells them she is there to help her friends with style. Young-jae starts to wash the dye out of her friends hair. The friend tells Young-jae to put on more makeup because she was actually more popular than KSH in high school.

But Young-jae is not into it. She asks her if she would like to go to a good ddukbogi place, but the friend says they are not available today. Cut to the three friends leaving, they feel a little bad that they cannot take Young-jae to the blind date. KSH is a bit smug about it and says that she cannot talk to YJ anymore since she is not in college, their classes dont match anymore. So it seems like the three friends are slowly distancing themselves from Young-jae because she is not in college.

Scene change directly to blind date awkwardness. There are four boys and three girls there so the numbers don’t match. The girls says they can call one more person so the guys excuse themselves so that they can make the call comfortably. they all go to the bathroomand talk about which one is prettier and who gets to date which one. One of them wants #3, but I’m not sure which one is #3. They then notice that Joon-yung wore cologne and tells him that isn’t good. But Joon-young just smiles and smells his cologne, he likes it. Then he continues cleaning his hands like a surgeon.

Back at the hairsalon, Young-ae talks to her boss about her friends. they were friends in college, but now her friends are in college. She seams to know that their friendship is getting taxed right now due to that. But she gets a call from them saying that they have one person missing. Young-jae turns them down and keeps helping her boss fold towels However, her boss tells her that she should go. Young-jae thinks she can’t go because she is not a college student. The boss says no one knows that, just go and have a good time before I change my mind. So Young-jae happily takes off.

She rides the bus to the blind date spot and listens to a CD player as she smiles and looks out the window. At the blind date, the students do not want to wait and all decide to point to the one they like. they all point and match up evenly, but no one points to Joon-young so he holds his hand back. So now he has to wait on Young-jae to show up. he is waiting and waiting and waiting as Young-jae happily rides the bus there.

But the shop is empty. Joon-young decides to move to a smaller table by the window and continues waiting. Then he sees a woman about to walk in. He quickly fixes his shurt and stands, but that woman is not for him. He sits again and looks out the window. then another girl shows up so he looks expectantly at the door as she comes in, but she is not for him either. To pass the time, he decides to get out some books and study.

That is when Young-jae comes in brightly. She asks him if this is the girl college meeting place, righ? they both look at each other and immediately know that they are the two people from the subway. YJ can’t believe that they can meet like this, where is everyone else? JY tells them that they already left. YJ tells him that she wants to have a lot of fun today, so lets just go.

One of the other couples is at a movie theater. the boy gets slapped for touching the girls hand in the popcorn. Another couple is eating bulgogi. the woman is so happy to eat a lot, but it looks like the man is worried about his wallet. However, he tells her she can eat it all (I don’t think he eats). And the red sports car guy (Sang-hyun) drives So-hee around in his sports car.

But Young-jae wanted to have fun at the park, so we cut straight to them riding roller coasters and playing bumper cars. Joon-young is definitely out of his element, but Young-jae is right were she belongs. But She helps him relax a bit on each ride as they have fun. Later on, they go eat. She tells him that she will pay for this one and also tells him not to use jongdaemal, it makes her uncomfortable. They introduce themselves to each other for the first time while eating.

Joon-young is about to tell her that he has a hard time eating spicy food, but Young-jae just starts talking and says that she does not understand people who cannot eat spicy food. Just eat and release stress! He timidly says okay and starts to eat a ddukbogi. He tries to scrape off all the spicy part off the ddukbogi and then eats it.

She asks how he likes it? It is cool right? he says he is d-dying. She tellshim that he should not die yet and then adds gochujang (“the sauce of death”) to the soup. Joon Then she shovels some into his mouth. Young can not handle it, he is about to die! he runs out and grabs the first icecream he can unwrap then cools off his tongue.

he runs out and asks if he is okay, you shuold tell me if you cannot eat spicy foods. But he says he is okay. Then he sees a beer drinking competition and runs over to it. He takes a up to the head and gets first place. Everyone is all like, wow! Okay, now it is semi finals, get your drinks and drink!

Joon-young can barely wait for the next cup and grabs it immediately to help cool off his tongue. He takes it to the head once again. So now he is int he finals. he is up against a marine and already looks worse for wear. But he picks up his cup and immediately drinks it all. He wins first (lol, so random!). The announcer tells his girlfriend to come up so Young-jae comes up. The announcer gives her a stuffed animal and says that they are cute with their couple backpacks. He also gives Joon-young a trophy cup and starts to take their photo.

But Joon-young is crazy drunk y’all, he looks so sick. He tries to open his eyes for the photo but it is too hard because he is also trying to keep all his drink in his belly. However, he loses and throws up all into the huge cup trophy. But he is a gentleman and apologizes immediately in a very prepubescent cracky voice.
Later on, Young-jae and Joon-young happily ride the bus home. Joon-young is still tippsy. he is also sleepy and sick looking, but also happy. Young-jae is so happy. She asks him if he is okay and tells him that she got to release all her stress today because of him. They both happily start to nap with Joon-young resting his head on her shoulder. They very cutely fall asleep.

But then Young-jae wakes up and realizes that they are at her stop. She tells Joon-yung that she is leaving! He drunkenyl waves goodbye. She stands at the exit door and smiles at him as she tells him to wake up. He smiles as well and tries to wake up, but he falls back to sleep.

Young-jae gets home to a sleeping brother at his study desk. he fell asleep while studying for the exam. Young-jae wakes him up and wonders if he can continue studying like this (he has a day job). She tells him that he should get some rest which he thinks is a good idea. Then she goes to her room and sees that she has the wrong bag. She has a chemistry book and a notebook in this bag, where is all her stuff? She flips through teh notebook, the handwriting is very neat and orderly.

Joon-young gets home and puts his trophy on his desk. His sister comes in and sees it. Then seh sits on the bed with Joon-young and tells him that it is okay to be gay, is it that one guy….I always thought it was him. Joon-young drunkenly pushes her out of his room and passes out.

The rest of the family is outside watching a drama. The couple on the drama is about to kiss, but it is taking forever for them to kiss. then it stops right when they are about to kiss. The sister says this is trashy capitalizm so they will tune in next week. But then Joon-young screams. The family runs in and sees the head of a manequin on the floor. He throws up and passes out.

The four friends all meet and talk about how their dates went. Sang-hyun gives them all tips on how to kiss a girl. The atmosphere needs to be good and her lips need to say, “kiss me know.” Then there is a certain timing, a timing where you hear her voice. But the friends think that their dates did not go well. They all bombed. One of them spent their entire allowance and did not even get the phone number. They are really curious about Joon-youngs date though.

Joon-young asks if they know his girls phone number. The friends are soooooo shocked that he wants a girls phone number. He is all like, yes, we switched bags. So they all drive to meet Young-jae so they can switch bags. the friends think she must be clumsy like he is and ask if he liked her. He says she is not her type….but she can be pretty. The faec is not important, the entire woman is important. But his friends just mock him about liking a womans face. Joon-young tries to ignore them.
Cut to the girls. The three college friends are together talking about their dates. One of them says that the guy didn’t even ask her phone number. The other girl says she removed a bomb and died (so they thought their dates were bombs). But KSH tells them that he might have thought the same. The friends look at her like she is a B.

But right then, they run into the other guys. KSH walks up to Sang-hoon and asks why they are there. She thinks he is there to see her, but he says he is actually there to see Young-jae. KSH is a bit jealous about that. SH tells them that he just needs Young-jae’s phone number? It is about Joon-young. Joon-young asks if Young-jae’s class is out yet. KSH says she does not know her phone number, but she knows where she is (in a very underhanded way). They all hop in the car.

Meanwhile, Young-jae is cleaning up her shop. It is dark out. She looks at the yellow bag and calls one of her friends to have that guys phone number. But then Joon-young shows up with the bag, a button up, and trousers. He looks nerdy good. He says he is there to return her bag since she was not at school. he also jokes that he was really surprised to see that head.

He looks around and asks her if she has this job because she is in the media deaprtment? Young-jae is about to tell him the truth. But Joon-young tells her that his parents still pay for everything, she is so cool.he asks for his backpack so she gives it to him. Then they stare around awkwardly for a moment. Young-jae is a bit questioning and Joon-young is a bit bashful. He waves goodbye in the nerdiest way possible and takes off, but she calls his name so he stops.

Cut to Young-jae’s brother getting home after a busy day at work and drinking out with collegues. It looks like he is a construction worker. He says bye to his friends and calls his girlfriend to meet him. He says he will pick up Young-jae and then by chicken for them. But he sees Young-jae working with a guy and smiles. He tells his girlfriend that it might just be the two of them.

Inside the hairsalon, Joon-young is giving Young-jae that unfortunate perm we all saw in the trailers. She has done his bangs and is starting to work on the rest of it. He wonders if perms are good on guys so Yung jae shows him a picture of Leonardo Dicaprio with waves. Joon-young tells her that he is blond…..so Young jae shows him a picture of Lee Jung-jae and says it will Open A New World for him (movie).

Joon-young says that Lee Jung-jae is an actor and is handsome. Young-jae tlels him that he is handsome….YOU DON’T TRUST ME? He looks at her and tries to smile as he says he trusts her, but his poor hands are questioning. She finishes curling his hair, puts a cap on him, and tells that he has to wait for one hour and forty-five minutes.
Cut to them both awkwardly waiting in the sitting area. She asks him if he is hungry, do you want coffee? He says okay. But he tells her that he does not drink mixed coffee (stick coffee). She has to think for a moment and then gives him a beer instead. But she tells him not to drink too much this time. he kind of coughs up his beer and tells her not to remember that. She chides him about being picky and not eating spicy foods or drinking stick coffee. He says he is just sensitive to it, not picky. He can’t drink mixed coffee and it is prejudice that men should eat spicy food.

She tells him that he is picky and sensitive and his handwriting is prettier than a womans. He asks her if she searched through his bag! She says she did, he also looked at her manequin head. He he all like, yeah, and then tells her that he has to have good handwriting so he can take good notes. They start to talk about future jobs. She mentions gongwan jobs and says he is the type that wouldn’t take bribery money because he is not flexible. It is a compliment.

He smiles since it is a compliment. he asks her plan. She tells him that she wants to be rich. He wants to now how? You have goals but no plan. She tells him that everyone gets their hair cut. thee is no stylist with three hands. Haircutting is not equal to everyone. I will work hard when everyone is partying. He mutters that she is not like the average girl. She takes a sip and quietly agrees, she is very different. But he smiles to himself and says it is a compliment.

She hops up at that moment and tells him that it is time! Cut to a lovely moment of her taking out his hair. It is soft and caring as he looks at her in the mirror. Joon-hyun thinks about what his friend says about knowing the perfect time for a first kiss. The movement, atmosphere, and details of her lips. that meloncholy mood, that is the time. He watches her in this very quietly magical moment. Her lips are right in front of him, she is leaning in. He is thinking about kissing her.

But, she is the one that leans in and kisses him first. It is a nice long soft kiss.

Fade Out.

Oh my goodness, this TV show has just put me in the best mood. What a lovely way to end this first episode. When the friend was talking about that perfect moment to kiss a girl, I immediately thought, this is probably going to go horribly wrong for someone. But in actuality, she was the one that noticed the mood and softly kissed him. It was magical and emotional and I loved it.

JY – I thought we were dating, we kissed.
JY – Do you have time tomorrow? I have a plan.
YJ – Who decided? If I show up that day then I am dating you. If I am not there, then we are not dating.
YJ – Ohn Joon-young!
VO – Dance Couple!
YJ – By the way, I have to tell you something. It is day one from today.
JY – What was that?
YJ – From today, we are day one!

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